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Altona Mining: Joint Venture Development of Cloncurry Copper Project with SRIG
Altona Mining: Joint Venture Development of Cloncurry Copper Project with SRIG. Company Presentation.
Mount Isa Mines: a video tour of the Glencore Mount Isa facility and the Mt Isa mines
Mount Isa Mines is one of the biggest mining operations in Australia. Part of the Glencore group, Mount Isa’s operations and products play vital roles in its local community. Glencore Mt Isa mining is the second largest producer of copper in Australia; our copper mines comprise the largest network of underground mine development in the world. Our operation encompasses underground mines, as well as a copper concentrator, copper smelter and supporting services. Mount Isa Mine is also home to Glencore’s largest source of zinc concentrate, as well as being one of the largest zinc mines in the world. Our zinc assets consist of two underground mines, two open cut mines, a zinc-lead concentrator and filter plant, a lead smelter, and supporting services. Our community development activities are a key part of our commitment to the Mount Isa community. These programmes help us develop partnerships with local community organisations, and give us the opportunity to support local art and culture, education, enterprise and job creation, environment, social and community development, and health initiatives. Since 2005, we have invested about $33 million through our community development projects and initiatives across our north Queensland communities spanning Mount Isa, Cloncurry, Camooweal, Bowen and Townsville. You can find out more about Mount Isa mining at http://www.mountisamines.com.au
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The Tragedy Of Mount Isa - 1965
Mount Isa, today very much a ghost town rather than Australia's largest copper producer and major source of lead and zinc. The industrial dispute stretching into months of deadlock has caused a complete shutdown of underground mining, and the resultant economic repercussion are little short of disastrous. Every working day this huge plant lies idle costs Australia a loss in export income of 135,000. Obviously, millions of pounds are involved. Intervening, the Queensland Govenment issued emergency orders in Council, principally aimed at preventing Labour Council President, McMahon, and unofficials miner's leader, Pat Mackie from returning to Mount Isa, after Trade union-Fund Raising discussions in Sydney. This is a memorial to Campbell Miles, who first discovered mineral in the Mount Isa area in 1923. In those days isa was a cattle town and transit point for the wide-spread stations throughout the channel country. It was, and still is, a hard, rugged expanse which could perhaps best enjoy the typical description of a "thirsty brown land". The hill country on the outskirts of Mount Isa, where prospectors search for the bonanza, and which, when it was found, turned out to be a virtual mountain of copper. Active mining commenced in 1932, and the first signs of a vast industry began to show. Isolated from civilization, the attraction of big money brought miners to work, and then to stay, with their families to work, as the town continued its growth. Preparing for compulsory conferences aimed at settlement, representatives of unions involved. JACK DEVERAUX, HARRY PEEBLES and COL. EMERY. Another official involved, the President of the Queensland Trades and Labour Council JACK EGERTON seen here with PAT MACKIE. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/2ca9f70be8134b618d7062aeff0fd328 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Mount Isa - Mining Blasts
A Short film on the awsome jobs avaliable at Xstrata
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Isa Smelt Presentation and Live-Cross to an Operation
This segment on IsaSmelt comes from our global webcast, “Flowsheet Improvements from the Real World”, May 31st 2018
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Employee profile: Georgia Clayfield, Dugald River
Employee profile: Georgia Clayfield, Mining Engineering Graduate, Dugald River #DugaldRiver #MMG
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Exceptional Young Woman in Queensland Resources
Mount Isa Mines
A visit to the huge Mount Isa mining operation. Both open cut and shaft mining for lead, silver, copper and zinc.
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Visit to Kennecot Copper Mine
This is a short video of some trucks moving in the massive open pit mine at Kennecot Copper Mine in Bingham Utah.
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Dugald River Overview
The Dugald River mine is MMG's newest and most exciting development. #DugaldRiver #MMG
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Mt Isa: Xstrata mining emissions causing lead poisoning in children
Mt Isa: Xstrata mining emissions causing lead poisoning in children
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The outback Queensland city of Mount Isa, mining area, vulnerable for flash floods
Mount Isa Region The outback Queensland city of Mount Isa has been cut in two by floodwaters following heavy rainfall. Mount Isa (/ˈaɪzə/ eye-zə) is a city in the Gulf Country region of Queensland, Australia. It came into existence because of the vast mineral deposits found in the area. Mount Isa Mines (MIM) is one of the most productive single mines in world history, based on combined production of lead, silver, copper and zinc.[3] With an estimated urban population of 21,821 as at June 2015,[1] Mount Isa is the administrative, commercial and industrial centre for the state's vast north-western region. Although situated in an arid area, the artificial Lake Moondarra[4] 19 kilometres (12 mi) north of the city on the Leichhardt River provides both drinking water and an area for watersports, birdwatching and recreation. Locals often refer to Mount Isa as "The Isa".[5] Due to the lead production in the city, Mount Isa has one of the most intensive air quality monitoring systems in Australia.[6] Concerns have been raised over childhood lead contamination and air pollution within the city.[7 More than 100mm has fallen over the city since Thursday t Isa Post Office opened on 1 August 1924.[10] A location for the town's hospital was chosen in 1929, with a small building completed the following year.[11] In 1931, a larger structure was moved to the site from the closed mining town of Kuridala.[11] Heritage listings[edit] Mount Isa has a number of heritage-listed sites, including: Camooweal Street: Underground Hospital[12] Camooweal Street: Tent House[13][14] Mount Isa Mining District: Bower Bird Battery[15] on Mount Isa Mine Lease: Mount Isa Mine Early Infrastructure[16] Nettle Street: Casa Grande[17] Governance[edit] Mount Isa at local level is part of the City of Mount Isa, at state level is part of the electoral district of Mount Isa in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, and at federal level is part of the Division of Kennedy in the Australian House of Representatives. The mayor of Mount Isa, after the 2015 Local Government Elections, is Joyce Mccullough. The City of Mount Isa LGA jurisdiction, covering 43,188 km2[18] (17th largest in Queensland), is one of the largest in the world in terms of area[citation needed] and takes in the border town of Camooweal, 188 km (117 mi) to the north-west of Mount Isa and 12 km (7.5 mi) from the border of the Northern Territory. Local industry and business[edit] Mount Isa's industry is largely dependent on mining. Xstrata Plc operates the Mount Isa Mines lease adjacent to the city, which comprises the "Enterprise" underground copper mine, X41 underground copper mine, "Black Star Open Cut" silver-lead zinc mine, and metallurgical processing facilities. Silver-lead-zinc ore is also mined 20 km (12 mi) to the north at Hilton from the "George Fisher" underground mine, and the adjoining "Handlebar Hill" open cut, which is trucked back to Mount Isa for processing. Mount Isa is in the top two of the largest copper mining and smelting operations in the country.[19] Copper and lead are smelted on site, with copper anodes and zinc concentrate being transported 900 km (560 mi) to the city and port of Townsville on the east coast. The lead ingots are transported to a refinery in Britain where the silver is extracted. The mine is the most significant landmark in the area, with the stack from the lead smelter (built 1978), standing 270 m tall, visible from all parts of the city and up to 40 km (25 mi) out.[citation needed] In 2008 a Queensland Health report found that more than 10% of children in Mount Isa had blood lead levels above World Health Organization recommendations. The mining operator Xstrata denied responsibility and stated that the town has naturally high levels of lead in the soil.[20] However, aafternoon and one car was swept off a causeway. Senior Sergeant Jeff Magnus told ABC radio motorists should stay at home, saying "if it's flooded, forget". beautiful city, , nice photographs of landmarks, skyline, famous buildings, street life nice city, tourist , toursm, beautiful, pictures, beautiful photographs, landmarks, street life, life, street, streets, aerial, famous, parks, statues, people, nice people, friendly , friendly people, amazing, train station, city hall, hotel, vacation, trees, green, technology, pituresque, wonderful, impression, happy people, photo, photo video,Youtube Red,
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Mount Isa's De Kruijff Says Mines Closed on Yasi Advance
Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Steve de Kruijff, chief operating officer of Xstrata Plc's Mount Isa Mines, comments on the closure of the copper and zinc operations as Cyclone Yasi advanced on the area in Australia's Queensland state.
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working in mt isa
working in mt isa
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Pawnbroker / Gun Shop / Secondhand Store - Mt Isa, QLD
MREV Listing ID: 403 - Mt Isa, QLD - www.myrealestatevoice.com.au/403 My Real Estate Voice is an independently owned Australian company that is not owned or affiliated with any real estate agency or group. Based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, we are Australia’s only property and business film listings website.
Altona Mining Roseby Project
Managing Director, Alistair Cowden, talks about life after Xstrata.
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North River Resources Namib Lead & Zinc Mine 1
A Virtual Tour of North River Resources Namid Lead and Zinc Mine in Sierra Leone by DOP Ben Marlow
Ruby-Ann digs up new Lorena Mine
Riding a CAT 777 in new Lorena Mine, 15km out of Cloncurry in North West Queensland.
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New Glencore report into lead levels in Mt Isa shows children at most risk
9/02/2017 Small children are the most vulnerable to lead poisoning through ingestion. Officers at Mt Isa's air monitoring system shut down the mine when air emissions reach high levels.
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Kiwi killed in Australian mining accident
A former Waikato representative rugby player has been killed in a Queensland mining accident while carrying out contract work for explosives and fertiliser company Incitec Pivot. Jordan Taurima is a former age group Waikato rugby representative. Both Xstrata and Incitec Pivot will be investigating the incident in conjunction with the police and the Queensland Department of Mines the incident happened near Xstrata's Mount Isa Mines Copper Smelter.
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MOUNT ISA...Outback Australia in the Early 1970s
Footage of our early family life taken by our Father and Lodge Brother in the 70's... Flying, Barromine, Standley Chasm, Simpson's Gap, Devil's Marbles, Fishing while camping at Potsville, ath the Junction near Mount Isa... Me taking Don Stewerts homebuilt Canoe for a paddle (still remember it! Was so unstable!)... Adrian Sailing and Denise Cain taking a mini-bike for a ride... Then Kuridala... a Historic mining town in NW Queensland.
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Queensland Mining (ASX:QMN) Dr Jon Gilligan Presents Part 2 at Investorium.tv
Geologist Dr Jon Gilligan Presents at Investorium.tv at the Basement in Sydney on July 4. Dr Gilligan presents in detail the Cloncurry deposits under the QMC exploration and development programme. Gold and Copper prospects were examined in detail including geochem and ground geophysics surveys. Dr Gilligan will be working with the extensive exploration portfolio and the systematic drilling of those assets to take QMC from an advanced explorer to producer.
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Outback Adventure! - Mount Isa
Jacqui and I hit Mount Isa! We had a wonderful time at Lake Moondarra and explored mount Isa town for a few days! Mount Isa is a city in the Gulf Country region of Queensland, Australia. It came into existence because of the vast mineral deposits found in the area. Mount Isa Mines is one of the most productive single mines in world history, based on combined production of lead, silver, copper and zinc.
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Mining the McArthur River
A short film about the push from Xstrata and the Northern Territory Government to mine and divert the McArthur River in the Northern Territory of Australia
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Destroying the Mcarthur River and Indigenous Culture
The river Xstrata wants to mine - part II A closer look at the McArthur River and the effects on Indigenous culture and the river if the mine is expanded.
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Glencore Xstrata rejects new Mount Isa lead contamination in children study
17/6/13 Xstrata rejects new Mount Isa lead contamination in children study
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Mount Isa Part 2: Classic Restos Series 35
It's a long way to travel without getting an idea of what the town is all about; Fletch catches up with local Brett from Mt Isa Mining Supplies who gives an insight, not on what's above ground but more about what's underground. Here are some interesting facts, they are mining 1,980 metres or nearly 2kms below ground, that's 26 levels down and counting. Underground there is 1,700 km of road and 1,000 km of railway. Mt Isa is recognised as one of the top 10 mining producers in the world with Copper, Silver, Lead and Zinc all sourced from this very remote site. Another fascinating aspect of the outback is the road trains, and Fletch stops road train driver for a chat. Steve tells us about his 2014 Kenworth 18 speed Road Ranger powered by a 600HP diesel engine, and all that power is needed to pull the 135-tonne payload in the 4 trailers that total 53 metres in length, with 18 axles and 70 tyres. Finally, Fletch finds a Rod Rat enthusiast Ricky and talks about his two 1930 Model A Coupe & Tudor that are in various stages of restoration. Mt Isa is full of surprises and well worth a stopover when you're next out that way.
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Mt Isa Mine Sunset
My 'Secret Lookout' views; Mount Isa, Queensland Date: 06-Jan-17 Camera - Samsung s7 (pro setting) Editing - iMovie Music - Kings of Leon, Revelry
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New Century Resources (ASX:NCZ) - Century Zinc Mine (Site Trip)
The Sophisticated Investor provides a virtual site trip to New Century Resources (NCZ.ASX) Century Zinc Mine in Queensland. We review the existing infrastructure at site and detail how the company will re-commence production from the substantial tailings zinc resources.
Bull Riding School ISA 02/03.01.2015
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Mount Isa Mines boost the perfect Christmas present: Katter
ROBBIE Katter has welcomed a multi-million dollar announcement to stimulate jobs and the economy in North Queensland. The State Member for Mount Isa said news of $15 million towards the re-brick project at Glencore was a much-needed boost for families before Christmas. “Through my discussions with Government on how to stimulate the region, keeping Mount Isa Mines alive and strong has always been front and centre,” he said. “Mount Isa Mines is the foundation for many other businesses in the region - outlined by being named in 2009, to have made the most significant contribution to the State’s economy since 1859.” Mr Katter said the announcement was part of a long-term strategy for the longevity of the entire region. “This is the result of many months of high-level discussions with the Government and Mike Westerman from MIM and I see it as the first step in a program to significantly add to the mine life,” he said. “It has been a high priority to see assistance for the mining industry - and at the very least ensures the copper smelter stays open until 2022 in Mount Isa.” “The bottom line is that if we can keep Mount Isa Mines strong, we can keep businesses in the region going and ensure a long and prosperous future.” “As the key driver for jobs and the economy, the mining sector needs Government assistance to give the mines a desperately needed boost.” “This announcement will mean significantly prolonging the future of the mine – and importantly, keeping jobs and families in the city.” “It also assists with keeping the copper refinery in Townsville open.” Mr Katter said the benefits of the assistance for the mining industry would be wide-ranging. “Particularly with Mount Isa Mines starting to smelt concentrate from other mines in the region it will have a positive flow-on effect,” he said. “It’s also key to ensuring we can keep high volumes of product on the rail line.” Mr Katter said enabling key industries was vital for the future of the region. “The Mount Isa electorate generated $300 million in royalties in the 2015-16 financial year – we will see this continue with Government support to drive this important industry.” “We’ve been crying out for the wealth created by the industry to be funnelled back into the region.” ENDS
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Community furious about Xstrata layoffs
Many Sudbury residents are furious that Xstrata Nickel laid off 686 workers Feb. 9 given an anti-layoff agreement the Swiss company signed in 2006 when it took over Falconbridge Ltd.
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Loader Loading Truck Open Pit
Loader loading truck on the bench @ Ernest Henry Mine 2011.
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Queensland Mining (ASX:QMN) Managing Director Howard Renshaw
(ABN Newswire) - FINANCE VIDEO: Queensland Mining Corporation (ASX:QMN) Managing Director and Deputy Chairman, Howard Renshaw, presented live to the Sydney Capital Markets at Investorium.tv, regarding QMC's copper gold play and development activities in the Cloncurry region of north west Queensland. Howard Renshaw founded the Company on 8 July 2004 and has been active in building the Company's business plan and securing the opportunities presented in this website. During the period 1997-2004, Howard acted corporately for international companies in the U.S. A. and Canada in mining, oil and gas, later as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Howard has extensive experience in corporate and capital markets - the funding of mining, oil and gas mergers as well as acquisitions, feasibility studies for major mining projects. He has also been appointed by governments for major restructuring of infrastructure and operations at ports, rail lines and related industries. Howard produced the prefeasibility study for the Burton Downs Coalmine, Goonyella, Queensland then he was subsequently appointed the Project Negotiator. He has raised capital for numerous Australian mining companies to assist in their development and operations. Queensland Mining Corporation,ASX:QMN,Managing Director,Deputy Chairman,Howard Renshaw,Investorium.tv,ABN Newswire,Copper,Gold,Capital Markets,Australia
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Global Zinc Mining to 2020
Australia, China, Peru, Mexico and the US have the largest zinc reserves and together accounted for 152 million tonnes (Mt), or 74.5% of the global total as of January 2016, although zinc ore deposits are found in more than 50 countries.
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Queensland Mining (ASX:QMN) Howard Renshaw - Part 1
Queensland Mining Corporation (ASX:QMN) MD Howard Renshaw Presents at Investorium.tv in the Basement - Sydney to an audience of investors, brokers and analysts. Queensland Mining Corporation has consistently been a copper gold play, concentrating its exploration and development activities in the Cloncurry region of north west Queensland. Exploration activity has been on projects both north and south of Cloncurry. The company conducted a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) in early 2008, to accelerate progress towards the objective of being a producer of both copper and gold.
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Emmerson Resources adds to gold mine portfolio at Tennant Creek Mineral Field
Emmerson Resources Ltd (ASX:ERM) managing director Rob Bills speaks to Proactive Investors about the latest news from the Tennant Creek Mineral Field, in Australia's Northern Territory. The explorer and producer holds a lot of land in the area, with a number or projects at various stages of development, from early-stage surveying work through to gold bar production. Bills describes RC drilling results from the Mauretania and West Gibbet prospects as showing, "thick, high-grade intercepts of gold, copper, and also we're seeing some bismuth and cobalt. Fantastic results, some of the best we've seen, certainly the best at West Gibbet." "Excitingly, the drilling has shown that there's a lot of gold quite close to the surface, so it's amenable to open pit mining, which is obviously quite economic... we've also intersected a new zone of mineralisation - ten meters at about 7.6 grams per tonne gold - a bit deeper down, a totally new zone we didn't know was there before. So it opens up that potential of having some shallow high-grade [mining] up higher, and then potentially opportunity for an underground development," explains Bills. Additionally, an airborne geophysical survey of the Northern Corridor at Tennant Creek has been completed, with results due to shore up targets for another drilling campaign next quarter.
chopper at Ernest Henry Mine
ramp shots blocked access to the sump so chopper were hired to fly the pump crew to the bottom pits to refuel and start pump
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Hairdresser Marketing Tips For Mount Isa Hairdressing Salons From Melbourne Web Marketing TV 03...
http://ReputationRankingReport.com.au Interview For Mount Isa Hairdresser Marketing Secrets For Mount Isa Hairdressers From Wolfgang, Hofbauer Melbourne Web Marketing TV 03 9018 5230 Wolfgang Hofbauer is an expert in the area of Online Marketing for Mount Isa Hairdressers. To get more information you can contact them at: 03 9018 5230 Melbourne Web Marketing TV PO Box 251 Toorak Victoria 3142 http://ReputationRankingReport.com.au
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Mount Isa Mines v Pusey 1970 125 CLR 383
go to www.studentlawnotes.com to listen to the full audio summary
More Mining M&A? - Bloomberg
Anglo American refuses proposal from Xstrata for merger. (Bloomberg News)
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Jack Layton condemns Sudbury Xstrata and Conservative Government
It was standing room only at the Quality Inn where 350 people listened to bombastic speeches by everyone from NDP Leader Jack Layton to Dwight Harper, president of Mine Mill Local 598/CAW workers
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Altona Mining - Das Little Eva-Projekt
Der australische Kupferproduzent Altona Mining (WKN A1C15Y) hat ein sehr informatives Video zu seinem Little Eva-Projekt veröffentlicht. Dieses ist Teil der Roseby-Liegenschaft und die erste Lagerstätte, die das Unternehmen entwickeln will. Für Little Eva besteht bereits eine Machbarkeitsstudie, die von einer Produktion von 38.800 Tonnen Kupfer und 17.200 Unzen Gold in Konzentrat ausgeht.
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