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Coal Mining Blues-Matt Andersen
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Coal mining blues (cover)
Written by Matt Anderson
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Guitar: Coal Miner's Blues (Including lyrics and chords)
Today I am returning to The ToneWay Mountain Music Collection for another song from the repertoire of The Carter Family. It is a traditional song they collected from the singing of a number of miners. According to another site on the internet which lists and shows the lyrics of Carter Family songs: "Coal Miner's Blues" is on the surface only a cheerful and catchy rhythmic piece, but it is as well an accurate social reminder of primitive bituminous-mining days in the South. I'm not much of a blues guitarist, but here goes anyway.
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Coal Mining Blues - Matt Anderson (cover)
I was encouraged to learn this song and I really like it. It's a cover of Coal Mining Blues by Matt Anderson. Played on a Larivee D04.
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Coal Mining Blues - Cover ( Matt Anderson )
This song is about the hardship suffered by miners all over the world, growing up in a mining village myself, I feel their pain.
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Coal Mining Blues by Matt Andersen - Cover by Amy Bourdon
I had the pleasure of seeing Matt play live and had to cover one of my favourite tunes by him! Hope you enjoy!
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Coal Mining Blues by Matt Anderson cover by Mark Wakefield
original by Matt Anderson
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Coal Mining Blues-Ciaran Doherty Cover
Great song written by Canadian singer/songwriter Matt Andersen, hope you enjoy :)
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"Coal Miner Blues" on Guitar  (original)
Notation and Tabs now available at http://guitarjourney.tripod.com A tune i wrote in dropped D tuning for the 100th Anniversary of the Cherry coal Mine Disaster which took 259 lives. This tune is for all the coal miners past and present. This tune is also one i played at Springfield iL Presidential Lincoln Museum in Oct 2009.
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Matt Andersen performs "Coal Mining Blues" on the East Coast Music Hour with David Myles
New Brunswick's Matt Andersen is a powerhouse performer with a commanding stage presence. He's built a formidable following the old-fashioned way: touring worldwide and letting the converted audiences spread his reputation through word of mouth. He keeps up a gruelling pace, playing up to 250 concerts a year, from the lonely pizza joint in Amherst, N.S., to full houses in Berlin and Toronto's Massey Hall. It's an itinerary few others could match. Andersen keeps it up because he loves what he does, and with his giant voice and incredible skill on the guitar, his audience loves him, too. In this special in-house session from the East Coast Music Hour with David Myles, Andersen sits down and delivers one of his classic songs: "Coal Mining Blues"
1473. Coal Mining Blues (Matt Andersen).mov
This is the second of three mining songs I am uploading which have similar names. Matt Andersen is a Canadian blues guitarist and singer-songwriter from New Brunswick. He has said that the song "Coal Mining Blues", the title song of his 2011 album, came out of living in Cape Breton for a year and a half. Apologies for the mis-spelling of Andersen in the title of the video! You can see a playlist of my mining songs here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=CF909DA14CE415DF Lyrics and chords of this song can be found here: http://raymondfolk.wikifoundry.com/page/Coal+Mining+Blues+%28Matt+Andersen%29 For lyrics and chords of all my songs, please see my website: http://raymondfolk.wikifoundry.com
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Down in the Coal Mine - D minor Study Piece - Guitar Lesson
The full-length lesson comes with over 35 minutes of video, PDF tabs, and 3 audio backing Tracks. Check it out here - https://musicwithryan.com/courses/down-in-the-coal-mine-d-minor-study-piece/ Premiere members get access to over 350 full-length video lessons, all three courses, and my Video Exchange Program for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly fee. Learn more here - https://www.musicwithryan.com/memberships Here is a link to the band 'Signal Ridge' from Lawrence, KS - https://signalridge.bandcamp.com/
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Coal Mining Blues (Acoustic Cover) - Performed By : Robert Anthony
"Coal Mining Blues" performed by Robert Anthony. Song originally written by Matt Andersen.
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Matt Anderson- Coal mining blues
Amazing song.. I could only hope to sound half as good as the legend Matt Anderson. Had to cover. Hope you like it.
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Matt Andersen - Coal Mining Blues
From the album 'Coal Mining Blues' released September 13th, 2011. http://stubbyfingers.ca / http://www.smarturl.it/CoalMiningBlues
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coal mining blues cover of Matt Anderson
Cover of Matt Andersons amazing talent !
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"Coal Miners Blues"
Another tune from the Southern fiddle styles workshop at the Dance Flurry. This one from the Stripling Brothers " Coal Miners Blues" - sometimes the G chord hangs around like coal dust in a miners lungs....
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Coal Mining Blues
I first heard this song by Canadian singer/songwriter Matt Andersen about a week ago here on youtube. It is an amazing song about those courageous souls who toil beneath the surface of the earth to literally scratch out a living, and the toll it takes. In light of the recent mining disaster in Turkey, I would like to dedicate this cover of Matt's song to the victims and their families.
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matt anderson coal mining blues
matt anderson coal mining blues
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Matt Andersen - Coal Mining Blues  - live for Bluesmoose Radio (18-10-2017)
Matt Andersen - Coal Mining Blues - live for Bluesmoose Radio recorded 18 oktober 2017 at Studio Omroep berg en Dal, Groesbeek (Netherlands) Matt Andersen - Guitar/ vocals http://www.stubbyfingers.ca/ http://www.bluesmoose.nl video : Rob van Elst, Eric Jacobs, Edit Rob van Elst soundengineer : Piet Buitendijk
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1476. Coal Miner's Blues (Jim Owen cover)
This is the last of three mining songs I have uploaded with similar titles. Jim Owen is a country music star from Branson, Missouri, where he performs every day at the Country Tonite Theatre. In 1985 and again in 1987 he was named "Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year." He starred in "Legends in Concert" at the Imperial Palace on the strip for six years, one of the longest "runs" in Vegas history. He played the role of Hank Williams Sr. in two television movies, and his PBS special "Hank" was voted public televisions best show of the year in 1977. His songs have been covered by many well-known country and western singers. In his own recording of this song he gives the following introduction: I'm from Kentucky, coal mining country. I was in my hometown not long ago and this old man I know was playin' his guitar and singing songs about when he used to work in those mines. I listened awhile and every song he sang was bluer than the one before. I said, "Old man, you sure are down today," And this is what he said to me - He also speaks the following words before the last two verses: And that ain't the worst part, boy. Let me tell you. I decided not to include these spoken parts in my rendition. You can see a playlist of my mining songs here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=CF909DA14CE415DF Lyrics and chords of this song can be found here: http://raymondfolk.wikifoundry.com/page/Coal+Miner%27s+Blues+%28Jim+Owen%29 For lyrics and chords of all my songs, please see my website: http://raymondfolk.wikifoundry.com
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Coal miners Daughter Lyrics
These are the lyrics to coal miners daughter by Loretta Lynn, Decca Records owns the rights to the song Producer: Owen Bradley Recorded October 1, 1969 Released May 10, 1970(U.S.)
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Coal Miner Blues
Junior Whittinghill-Johnny Railroad
Views: 106 Brandy Roades
Coal Mine Blues (cover)
Here's me and my buddy Josh (banjo) covering Coal Mine Blues by IIIrd Tyme Out
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Coal Mining Blues
Matt Andersen performs with Symphony New Brunswick in the Imperial Theatre in Saint John, September 25, 2013
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Coal Miners Blues
By Jamey Murphy
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Cover of Flatt & Scruggs, Coal Miner's Blues by Ben Wentworth.
Views: 1543 Ben Wentworth
Coal Mine Blues by No Set Standard
Coal Mine Blues performed by Alex Gilliam (bass), Rick Gilliam (guitar), Ben Shavers,(mandolin) and Tim Robinson (banjo) The No Set Standard Band.
Views: 265 Ben Shavers
Coal Miner's Daughter  - KY Acoustic Series w/Lauren Mink
Lauren and I are visiting some unique locations around KY this year and shooting some videos while we visit - this video is from My Old KY Home Park in Bardstown KY..thanks for listening!
Views: 1929 tonedr
Coal Miner's Blues
Written by: Carter Family Performed by: Matthew Sabatella & Jennifer Veilleux Venue: Luna Star Cafe, Miami
Coal Miners Blues w/ Rustic Rhythms from India
Broken Valley Roadshow sings American folk songs with musicians from India on a balcony in Nanning, China!
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Coal Mine Blues
New song
Views: 36 Troy Heesch
coal miner blues cover AndersAH
me jamming coal mining blues
Views: 151 Anders AH
Coal Miner Blues
An old Carter Family song ala claw hammer. And yes I acknowledge the spelling mistake.
Views: 234 Simon Carroll
Matt Andersen - Coal Mining Blues (XM Session)
This is the title track from Coal Mining Blues, available on iTunes here - http://smarturl.it/CoalMiningBlues & at http://www.stubbyfingers.ca
Views: 44594 Matt Andersen
Coal mining blues by Matt Anderson  (cover)
https://m.facebook.com/john.bridwell.39?ref=bookmark https://m.facebook.com/JohnboywayneMusic?ref=bookmark Cover of one of my favorites! Also I'm open to any request so feel free to send them this way!
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Me and Bobby McGee Janis Joplin guitar chords
Me and Bobby McGee guitar chords how to play. Fair use non profit educational only. All copyright retained by the respective holders (CBS Records, Sony) Original lyrics music by Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster. Number #1 hit performance by Janis Joplin recorded Aug, Sept and Oct of 1970 released 1971 Sadly Janis Joplin died of an overdose before she could see her biggest hit climb to the top of the charts. She died October 1970 just 2 weeks after Jimi Hendrix Lyrics.. Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waitin' for a train And I was feelin' near as faded as my jeans Bobby thumbed a diesel down, just before it rained Rode us all the way to New Orleans I pulled my harpoon outta my dirty red bandanna I was playin' soft while Bobby sang the blues, yeah Windshield wipers slappin' time, I was holdin' Bobby's hand in mine We sang every song that driver knew Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose Nothin', don't mean nothin' hon' if it ain't free, no no And, feelin' good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues You know, feelin' good was good enough for me Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee From the Kentucky coal mine to the California sun Bobby shared the secrets of my soul Through all kinds of weather, through everything we done Yeah, Bobby baby kept me from the cold One day up near Salinas, Lord, I let him slip away He's lookin' for that home, and I hope he finds it But, I'd trade all of my tomorrows, for a single yesterday To be holdin' Bobby's body next to mine Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose Nothin', and that's all that Bobby left me, yeah But, feelin' good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues Hey, feelin' good was good enough for me, mm-hmm Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee ************************************************ Head over to http://chordbook.com for bar chord versions of the G, C and D. Much easier to play. Also the intro G-C G-C is easily played with bar chords. Just flatten your fingers from the G to C and back again. Then when the key changes for the second verse, just move up 2 frets and play the same chord pattern
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Coal Miners Blues - The Jaspers
Coal Miner's Blues performed by the Jaspers at the Broomfield Audi on 02/05/2011.
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Coal Mining Blues by Paul Henry, Shawn Rosseau guitar, Dan - Bass
A bit of the "Coal Mining Blues" by Paul Henry Dallaire (Loopen Cash), Shawn Rosseau guitar and plaid baseball cap, yep that's my real hair! The video is at my friend's cottage in Northern Ontario, Canada. An evening mist was settling on the lake and you can hear the crickets in the background if you listen real hard...for the full tune search up Loopen Cash or Paul Henry Dallaire...the man in black voice of CASH!!
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Matt Andersen | Honest Man
Matt Andersen performs the title track "Honest Man" from his new album Honest Man in a CBC Music First Play Live session. Subscribe for new videos: http://bit.ly/cbcmusicYT Matt Andersen is doubly blessed. Not only is his husky voice emotive and rich, but he also plays guitar as if he burst from the womb holding it. The East Coast-based musician has no trouble channelling those talents to captivate a room as a one-man show, as he did for CBC Music while promoting his 2014 album, Weightless. For his latest release, Honest Man, Andersen augments his immense talents with a stellar band. And thankfully his band for this First Play Live session was made up of some rock-solid Canadian music stalwarts. On the one hand, surrounding Andersen with more great players seems like simple math: Matt Andersen + more great players = richer, bigger sound. But the challenge with playing alongside someone as good as Andersen is being able to elevate his beautiful songs without getting in the way of his dynamic voice or guitar prowess. Well, Geoff Arsenault dazzles on drums, Chris Kirby dances on his keyboard and throws in guitar solos of his own while John Dymond is rock-steady on bass. All the songs on Honest Man are co-writes and two of them with Donovan Woods, who also graced the session to add vocals to "One Good Song." Check out CBC Music: http://www.cbcmusic.ca Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBCMusic Twitter: https://twitter.com/cbcmusic
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Brownie McGhee - Coal Miner Blues (1940)
Brownie McGhee - Coal Miner Blues (1940)
Views: 47 Overjazz Records
Coal Miner's Blues
81 year old man, wrote a song about memories.
Views: 155 Brandy Roades
"Working In The Coal Mine" - guitar arrangement (A.Toussaint/arr.11kralle)
Another early gem - transposed into the "shape" of e-major.
Views: 713 11Kralle
Matt Andersen - Coal Mining Blues (Union Street Cafe, 15 December 2014)
Matt Andersen "Coal Mining Blues" (Matt Andersen/Colin Linden) Union Street Cafe/The Wick Pub Berwick, Nova Scotia Monday, 15 December 2014 Matt Andersen: http://www.stubbyfingers.ca/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Matt-Andersen/39153635945 https://twitter.com/matt_andersen (@matt_andersen) Union Street Cafe/The Wick Pub: http://www.unionstreetcafe.ca/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Union-Street-Cafe-and-the-Wick-Pub/58316312942 SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC AND LOCAL MUSICIANS!!
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