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Kelsey Learns to Open a Coinbase Account to Buy Bitcoin - Vlog3

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Kelsey takes us through the grueling, confusing and hilarious process of setting up her first crypto account on Coinbase. Very entertaining to see a typical newbie's first thoughts when signing up to an online crypto exchange to buy bitcoin. Join Us https://www.diviproject.org
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Dwayne McPherson (1 month ago)
No wonder it's hilarious. KYC is endless, u'll spend weeks on it
BARIŞ SÖZERİ (2 months ago)
Tell people how not to be scammed on Coinbase. It is more valuable information
Morty Schoonover (7 months ago)
Well it is a satisfying feeling when you create an account in any platform. Good luck.
Míra Kohoň (1 year ago)
There are many better ways to buy btc. https://steemit.com/blockchain/@michaliocze/the-lowest-fees-on-purchase-bitcoin-btc-coinmate-exchange
The Divi Project (1 year ago)
I would agree there are better ways to ultimately acquire Bitcoin. My favorite is providing a service and excepting BTC as payment(p2p), However Coinbase is probably the easiest and safest for the average person just getting started, that is if you don't mind giving all your information and letting the government track all your crypto.
Inquisitve m (1 year ago)
is anyone concerned about identity theft that can occur? has it happened to anyone? getting your money is stolen is one thing, but the worse thing is getting your identity stolen.
Excalibur Stoneheart (11 months ago)
The Divi Project hello there, after you buy bitcoins and received them after 4 or 5 days, do you have to open a private wallet or does coinbase already offers that? Please advise, Thank you.
The Divi Project (1 year ago)
One of the great things about crypto is you can keep you personal wallets anonymous and most crypto alt coin exchanges allow anonymous accounts.
Shane Swing (1 year ago)
I enjoyed the honesty of this video. Most videos skip to the technical and the hosts want to show their expertise. I, too, have set up a coinbase account. I had trouble with my main bank. Had to call them up and they told me they don't support crypto yet. So, I had to go to that bank, withdraw money and deposit it into another of my accounts at another bank that did accept crypto sites. During that time of setting up my account and transferring money, the price went up, so that's something people should be aware of when starting out. Also, my goal is buy and hold, and this is something that isn't talked about too much. I've heard that you'll incur short term capital gains if you buy and sell within a year, so I plan to buy and hold for more than a year. But capital gains is another topic that isn't mentioned enough. When I sell, I plan on selling some crypto and transferring to my coinbase USD wallet (which I didn't fully understand either) and then withdraw to my bank account and then withdrawn for cash for use. Keeping crypto on coinbase is risky because they could get hacked, so I'll eventually get a hardware wallet that I download my crypto to from coinbase (another thing I'll have to learn), but then comes the question of where do you store that - a lockbox, safe at home? More questions, and that's why I like the total newbie approach to these few videos I've seen. Carry on!
The Divi Project (1 year ago)
Thanks for that awesome insight. Ledger Nano S is probably the most popular cold storage hardware wallet, but there is a lot of debate whether having a newbie store their own crypto or having an established compliant insured company like Coinbase store it is actually better. If you lose your Coinbase password you can retrieve eventually, but if you lose your hardware wallet private key or seed words it is gone forever. FOREVER
Inquisitve m (1 year ago)
question. can i open a coinbase account and link my bank to it, but not buy anything? Then just open a gdax account and transfer my money to it from coinbase? Then not buy anything with Gdax , but transfer funds again to Binance to buy altcoins. I don't want to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Those are too high now. I want to buy the alt coins like OmiseGo or RDN or Gardano, etc. Also are there fees when you transfer funds(money)? Thanks.
Marian Murphy (1 year ago)
Something wrong you shouldn't have to answer those questions. I'm setting up on coinbase using chrome browser on my phone and I was asked none of that. You wouldn't tell your bank that stuff. You must have picked an optional link. Your passport, bank details (not your personal access pin) and or credit/debit card details is enough
The Divi Project (1 year ago)
Yes phishing is a problem. It is very important to double check the url address to make sure you are at the real website. Never click through a link from a random website or social platform I always recommend that people manually type in the website address in your browser address bar(not search box) to websites that store sensitive information or money.
Baldymtn Grizz (1 year ago)
You buy in coinbase the go to binance or another exchange and add your browser adress to buy whatever alt coin you would like. I am trading ethereum for Tron on binance
Inquisitve m (1 year ago)
what if i don't want to buy bitcoin? i want to just open coinbase and link my bank account and then transfer my funds to gdax to avoid costly fees. then not buy in gdax and transfer funds to binance to buy alt coins. i dont want to buy any bitcoin, ethereum, or litecoin. i prefer altcoin since they're low right now. the price for bitcoin is just too high. also, are the funds safer when you put in wallet?
Baldymtn Grizz (1 year ago)
Just use coinbase app on your phone. Takes 4 minutes to set up account without questions and your done. Then buy..takes 4-5 days to post to your account
Baldymtn Grizz (11 months ago)
Excalibur Stoneheart depends what you want to do, I would suggest a private wallet if you have a large amount on the exchange, or if its not much you can just leave it as is or trade to another exchange and leave it there or again, move back to private wallet.
Excalibur Stoneheart (11 months ago)
Baldymtn Grizz hello, after the 4 or 5 days of buying and receiving bitcoins, do we have to open a wallet account or does coinbase already offers that?
The Divi Project (1 year ago)
Yep Coinbase works great when it works, but as soon as you have a problem and need customer support......Crickets. hopefully they improve that aspect.
Sparky's Cove (1 year ago)
Hi Kelsey, I am a newbie to the crypto world, thank you for sharing your experience setting up your coin base account.  I have a question or two: Could both a bank account and credit card be added as a source funds for transactions, and can more be added later on, or change credit cards and bank accounts.  I have heard that having a hard wallet is essential for security reasons too.  Can an account be set up without a hard wallet and then add one a few days later?  I subbed to your channel and will view more video's.
The Divi Project (1 year ago)
In Coinbase you only have your online account wallet, but once you buy your Bitcoin, Ethereum or Lite coin you can then transfer it into your own personal cold storage wallet such as a Ledger Nano S. There is an option in Coinbase account settings to add more bank accounts.
rr tooley (1 year ago)
Hi Kelsey!...I am so thankful for your vlog as I was using it to guide me as I tried to get set up on Coinbase. Unfortunately I hit a wall when I was asked to provide my username AND password to my bank account. I and my wife are very careful to try and protect this information and not give it out, especially over the internet! Please bear in mind that we are in our late 60's and not very confident about how all this electronic digital stuff works anyway .Is there anything you can tell us that would give us some peace of mind so that we can get over this hurdle?
The Divi Project (1 year ago)
Yes Coinbase really lacks in customer support. If you have any more crypto related questions we have a lot of helpful experts in our Divi Discord community. Feel free to stop by if you have any questions. Our Discord https://discord.gg/KQdVYsF
john dixon (1 year ago)
At least it is a little clearer
Baldymtn Grizz (1 year ago)
rr tooley you will be fine, I just gave my bank and it scanned then asked for my password etc. Perfectly fine. If you are scared dont do it.
Claude Desaulniers (1 year ago)
Yes, its very confusing setting up an account.
The Divi Project (1 year ago)
Yes it can be, especially if you are brand new to Crypto.
Than Chau (1 year ago)
Thankfully. It's help me understand much more
The Divi Project (1 year ago)
That's great to hear, thanks.
49wendyg (1 year ago)
I am surprised.you did not have to copy I.D. If you are ask this you can use your computer or coin base app. Coin base is the first exchanged they only trade three coins. There are other exchange sites that are free and carry all altcoins to purchase. I use bittrex and coinbase. You can use several exchange companies. If you are not trading coins i highly recommend to purchase a hard wallet like trazer wallet best i find and you can purchase it on amazon. It is not safe to keep your coins on exchange site it can be hacked and several well known coin exchanges have already have been hacked in 2016 and 2017. Hope this was helpful as a female investor its great to see other women promoting finance. Good luck and great videp😎
The Divi Project (1 year ago)
Thanks, sounds like you are advanced in your crypto learning. Anytime you want to talk crypto stop by our active community https://discord.gg/KQdVYsF

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