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English grammar test

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This English grammar test will test your understanding of the present simple, present continuous, past perfect, past simple, articles, countable and uncountable nouns and other aspects of grammar. IELTS lessons with speaking and writing practice: https://goo.gl/JjpSbg Private English lessons and speaking practice: https://goo.gl/PVbgYi Here are some more English lessons: IELTS lessons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SPTbmew5JY Present simple tense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8lu4_5F0hg Present continuous: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjWd8U-6jbA Past perfect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZopcVLDCHg Going to future tense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZsFu3nyUiY Playlists: Grammar lessons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6BDo90oiwpS4_AM1c0s0ozpROeE2A9ff Listening lessons: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6BDo90oiwpRdmnAzmYwdc0Az0ZOG2XNA Vocabulary: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6BDo90oiwpTlYAYSitjwWn29BEdCBi9j Andrew, Crown Academy of English https://www.crownacademyenglish.com https://twitter.com/Crown_English https://www.youtube.com/user/CrownAcademyEnglish Photo credits: )"Teenager Girl With Opened Notebook" by | FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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Text Comments (76)
Tahani Alasaad (16 hours ago)
Hello teacher it was a great test lve got 15 out of 15 thnks a lot.
Miguel tvid (6 days ago)
This was a really useful video. I made 2 mistake's and plan on doing the DLAB test less than 2 weeks from now, I need more of this...
Michael Gameel (9 days ago)
I got a score of 14 out of 15...
Nikita Pavlov (22 days ago)
14/15 I've found my problem! Thanks.
Mary Abdansio leju (26 days ago)
Subscribe to open videos testing
Tania Hernandez (1 month ago)
Thanks i just missed one. 🤗
Gloria Gomez (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot
Ban Phorn (1 month ago)
I think it is really good for practicing my English. Thanks you so much
tot ala (2 months ago)
what the matter what the matter, what the matter with me one wish then i can let you learn one wish then i can let you teach mee!
Jim Bob (2 months ago)
It would be more useful for us if you would tell us what makes the answers correct and the others incorrect because we'll never learn anything from this but I guess it's a test and not to teach.
VortexPlayz (2 months ago)
That was a big mistake...
Jim Bob (2 months ago)
+VortexPlayz do you have the received pronunciation accent?
Jim Bob (2 months ago)
+VortexPlayz well its my only language. But I was the type that didn't like school but I'm now interested in learning better English.
tot ala (2 months ago)
VortexGaming when i was came first time in England about 3 years ago i didn't know anything i got some knowladge now after that period but no enough i remember first time when i got a gp and asked him: CAN I KILL YOU NOW? i defenitly wanted say: CAN I CALL YOU NOW ! if you find any wrong grammar issues there in my sentences please corect me thanks!
VortexPlayz (2 months ago)
If you want an explanation for one just ask me. English is my first language.
Krish Talreja (2 months ago)
Words r 2 small to read overall 4 stars
Mos Alazab (2 months ago)
tugcr nnu (2 months ago)
ahmad sadek (3 months ago)
Abo Faris (3 months ago)
I am wondering why there is the article a before difficult and not before good. I got the idea of not putting it before good, but why we add it before difficult ?
Abo Faris (2 months ago)
+Learn English with Lee dear sir thank you for your kindness, if you allow me I will contact you in person if you don't mind, best regards
Learn English with Lee (2 months ago)
Thanks so much. Please tell me if there are any topics you are interested in. I will make a video of it :-)
Abo Faris (2 months ago)
+Learn English with Lee I will enroll to your channel I'm glad to know someone whose native language is English.
Learn English with Lee (2 months ago)
@Abo Faris My pleasure. I know how difficult articles are for people studying English. I should make a video on this topic for my channel.
Abo Faris (2 months ago)
+Learn English with Lee Thanks a lot because I thought that a or an can be always used before any adjective thanks for your reply
Lajoie Sikitu (3 months ago)
Thank you, your videos are very helpfully.
Crown Academy of English (3 months ago)
It's a pleasure. Thanks for the comment. More videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CrownAcademyEnglish/videos Best wishes Andrew
the letters are very little
Hùng Lê Mạnh (4 months ago)
Hùng Lê Mạnh (4 months ago)
Awesome! Thank you very much!
English as it is. (5 months ago)
Satar Alanbari (5 months ago)
Please more and more
Budi Iballi (5 months ago)
Can I write something with you because I don't have anyone to write with him
JAYESH CHAVDA (5 months ago)
Hello sir please make a video on as if
alowonle olusegun oluomo (5 months ago)
my mother did not have a mobile phone when she was younger. i thought it should be had?
Sylvie Roca (6 months ago)
Thank you very much.
Raquel Navarro (6 months ago)
Oh my gosh!, youtube didn´t notify about your videos, I thought that you had abandoned us!...I missed you a lot!....Thank you teacher!... I am cheer up now! ;) :D .... Have a great day!...
Geriax (6 months ago)
yeaa saqué 13 de 15, que bien.
Yazmin Angulo (6 months ago)
I got a 100% give like if you got one too!
Pieracho (6 months ago)
Hi Andrew, I want to ask you something. Why did you use the letter "a" difficult decision? the word decision is uncountable? isnt it?
Learn English with Lee (2 months ago)
Hi, I'm from another English channel but I can help here. No, "decision" is actually countable so using "a" is okay :-)
Ahmet Keskin (6 months ago)
3 mistakes, thank for your exam.
aldafa yusif (6 months ago)
Thank you Andrew .. YOU´VE helped us a lot .. the tenses in English are 12 and you explained to us 8 .. I hope to explain the remaining tenses because I need them so much .. Thank you
Julian92ESP (6 months ago)
11,5/15 Why are almost all the answers are b xD ?
Goran Topic (6 months ago)
Good chanel, and good video. I made a few mistakes, but that's because i have option... If there wasn't option I will probably made 10 mistakes.... I dont like this kind of test, only because you can choose an answer... There is 33% that u will give correct answer, even that u dont know anything :) Generelly speaking, your chanel is great and I learned a lot of thing...just dont like this kind of test.... looking forward for next video.. :)
Fazil Peerally (6 months ago)
Dear Teacher Andrew ! Thanks ever so much for this review grammar test lesson. It is very interesting and helpful. The challenge in this lesson is how to avoid mistakes that are commonly made. As always, along the lesson you emphaise of how to focus about the correct answer, depending on the structure of the sentence and its meaning. That sounds great ! We ( the viewers ) are fortunate to have a good and experienced teacher like you. Looking forward to such kind of video lesson soon. All the best to you. Enjoy your weekend ! Regards, Fazil
tot ala (2 months ago)
Fazil please give me a tip my english is so wrong and i am under depression i want to know more than common phrase like ,, what is up nigga? or what are u doing,, i got over 3 years in England and unfortunetly i am still bad in english talking..
miguel graziottin (6 months ago)
Its an excellent kind of English class video! Please give us some more! Thank you very much!
Alexandr Padalka (6 months ago)
Nushi Marinova (6 months ago)
Only one I did wrong, I scored 14 out of 15.
ALI Ali (6 months ago)
Thanks for you
mm299 ayd (5 months ago)
Maria Clara Pedro (6 months ago)
Thank you, Andrew. I am a Brazilian sixty woman and I am learning a lot of English with your explanations. Thank you very much
Nhathuyen Nguyen (6 months ago)
Great video,thank you
nas nas (6 months ago)
Thank you very much! I really enjoyed it!! I’ve got 13 correct answers✌🏻😉
Fawzia Aman (6 months ago)
Thank you so much Andrew
Ousmane Camara (6 months ago)
Only one I did wrong. Please is decision countable or uncountable ?
Learn English with Lee (2 months ago)
"Decision" is countable. One decision, two decisions.
miguel graziottin (6 months ago)
Countable for sure.
فيديو مضحك (6 months ago)
Thanks you’re awesome
Malakai (6 months ago)
Hello teacher. I just finished the test. I have made four mistakes. See you later.
Jackson Chacko (6 months ago)
I want to practice speaking English every day, so I'd like to find a native speaker who really wants to help me make a friend... Who wants to help me?
It's a 👍 test. But I've done 2 mistakes.
Learn English with Lee (2 months ago)
Well done, but in English we don't "do" a mistake...we "make" a mistake :-)
Monica S. (6 months ago)
Hello Andrew. This was an interesting grammar test .Thank you a lot !!!!! You have such a sweet voice and i admire you so much. Thank you for all these video lessons and keep doing them. See you in the next video.
Nouna Massa (6 months ago)
Thanks for this useful review of grammar
Dario George (6 months ago)
Please, do more of these. Thanks
Abhishek Kumar (6 months ago)
thanks !
Tonino Nerone (6 months ago)
Thanks , I scored 13 out 15.
Ahmed Kazama (2 months ago)
Same lol
MyTuner Lock (6 months ago)
Thanks Andrew. Listen, about "lots of" you mean also positives situation?
Stas Lalka (6 months ago)
i was shocked when you said advice is uncountable... my result - 1 mistake well done
shagufta anbrin (6 months ago)
Hisham Rasheed (6 months ago)
Andrew is very helpful. He gave me a good grammar test 😉 Thanks Andrew👍
rakesh jat (6 months ago)
Hello sir I from india

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