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How to Use Group Policy Security Filtering to Apply GPOs to Selected Groups

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"How to Use Group Policy Security Filtering to Apply GPOs to Selected Groups" By default, a GPO affects all users and computers contained in the linked site, domain, or OU. However, you can use Security Filtering on a GPO to modify its effect to apply only to a specific user or the members of a security group by modifying the permissions on the GPO. By combining Security Filtering with appropriate placement in OUs, you can target any given set of users.
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Text Comments (24)
Kelvin Johnson (2 months ago)
Thanks for the explanation
Fayer Boll (3 months ago)
Does the security group must be in the same OU that you want to apply the GPO?
razcidia (3 months ago)
+Must be Noob thank you for replying. another question, can we apply the GPO to OU (e.g First_OU) that contains a security groups (e.g ABC group), but the users inside ABC group are at another OUs (e.g. Second_OU)?
Must be Noob (3 months ago)
Coolin 19 (5 months ago)
Will you try talk slower please. More normal please
Dimitri (5 months ago)
Oh god! Thank you, I forget to put my security group into my created OU xD I'm silly xD
Dimitri (5 months ago)
+Tangur Glad to know ^^
Tangur (5 months ago)
+Dimitri I added again auth users and removed them "apply group policy" and gave them only "read" and now its working lol
Dimitri (5 months ago)
Tangur Personaly, I don’t touch to « Auth users », in my security group, I put all users or computers which will get the GPO.
Tangur (5 months ago)
on first screen shot its not working - on second screen shot its working. It works only if I put authenticated users.
Tangur (5 months ago)
+Dimitri Naah I added :( https://forum.pasja-informatyki.pl/398720/windows-server-2016-problem-z-gpo There u got my 2 screen shots maybe u will know why its not working
Irv Aragon (7 months ago)
Yes, good info, but slowdown ....
Paulus van Os (7 months ago)
In tab [Delegation] you need also to add the computer (!) on which the user is working. Even when the Computer Configuration Settings of the GPO is disabled ! As you are filtering on Users or Groups, I suppose you can simply add in [Delegation] the "Domain Computers" group, with the default Read permission.
UB4000 (9 months ago)
Great explanation, thank you!
Abdalla Abdulrehman (11 months ago)
I thought i had my setting x2 speed lol but the video is much better on 0.75 speed. Overall, it was exactly what i was looking for and it helped a lot - thank you, sir =)
CES CES (1 year ago)
it does not work with deploying printers
Krishna Aryal (1 year ago)
Hi ! how to do this if user jason roy and Sales 1 were inside user folder not inside sales team.
IT HUB (1 year ago)
ty man very much
Lee Blevins (2 years ago)
Speak slower.
Balls Mahoney (4 months ago)
+Geek Forensic idontknowwhatyourproblemisicanunderstandhimfine
Geek Forensic (1 year ago)
Yeah I agree..He speak too fast.
Rajeev Menon (2 years ago)
Thank you so much.. Simply explained :)

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