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What is Bitcoin?

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A quick guide on the Bitcoin blockchain and how to buy BTC with a wallet. How to mine cryptocurrency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9JIanRXsfU Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/ Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/austinevans Instagram: http://instagram.com/austinnotduncan Twitter: http://twitter.com/austinnotduncan Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austinnotduncan
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So Cool (1 year ago)
Who cares what it is? Is it worth it?
Kool Cool (20 days ago)
No. Sounds stoopid.
Hardeep Singh (2 days ago)
Way too volatile for my liking.
Dallas Richardson (3 days ago)
Can we take a minute and sexually objectify this guy? Because damn.
EL PETRO SOBERANO (4 days ago)
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X striker (6 days ago)
Alexa how to buy bitcoin
waynes karen (9 days ago)
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William LittleMoney (12 days ago)
The idea of bitcoin is rehashed bullshiticus petrol dollar think .... you must first buy the almighty bitpuke to be able to buy the digital coin you really want needlessly driving up the cost of your investment .... no thank you not interested in digital coin until I can walk in and buy the exact coin I want for cash .... what kind of Jew Con .... Con game is this ??????
Marites Fann (14 days ago)
I saw in a game the coins were named bit coins
Marites Fann (14 days ago)
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Bria Marshall (20 days ago)
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G D (22 days ago)
It's clever annihilation 😳
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jackomart (26 days ago)
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Brad (27 days ago)
Just the same as Schrute Bucks.
girlpinay grace (1 month ago)
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girlpinay grace (1 month ago)
mohammed 257 (1 month ago)
Hello Austin I’ve installed NiceHash miner application on my desktop pc & when it loads up, it comes with a warning sign showing: Supported devices not operational - We have detected the following supported devices that are not operational: GeForce GTX 1060 6gb. I want to Mine bitcoin from my GPU, although NiceHash miner shows warning sign: supported devices that are Not operational: GeForce GTX 1060 6gb. I’ve also updated my Pc for my GPU. What am I missing? Please will you be able to show me a step by step video tutorial, so that NiceHash miner 2.0.3 detects & operates on my GeForce GTX 1060 6gb GPU? Will u be able to upload on to YouTube. Please can you be able to help me with this technical barrier? Your videos are informative & educational 👍 Kind regards & hope to hear from u soon. Akbar Ali
msmyyaa (1 month ago)
In the nutshell it is a digital scam that can cause your funds to all disappear in the blink of an eye with a simple hack. Way to risky... I'm sticking to physical assets diamonds, gold, property etc...
Ginabing_Kokey._. (1 month ago)
Stereotype noisy. Didn't catch mh interest onset of the video.
Diana p (1 month ago)
How can I invest in bitcoin?
mostafagk (1 month ago)
They buy stuff from the dark wep
PAWEL KOLASA (1 month ago)
PAWEL KOLASA (1 month ago)
PAWEL KOLASA (1 month ago)
PAWEL KOLASA (1 month ago)
PAWEL KOLASA (1 month ago)
Bitcoin is a MAKE BELIEVE FRAUD that will tske away money from the STUPID! Tulipmania and Ponzi pyramid. Scandal that govt allows it! I will sue govt!
Paul Ajibo (1 month ago)
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Clemencia Knox (1 month ago)
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Blu Scorpio (1 month ago)
How much can I sell my vbucks for then
PHILIP WATSON 5 (1 month ago)
All yall stupid.
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Lulu monkiD (2 months ago)
Bitcoin will only work and take over our current credit system if everyone believes in it. Same as money: it will only be powerful if people believe in it. Don’t let money conduct the orchestra people💛 more wisdom on: Homo Deus and the Venus Project
PAWEL KOLASA (2 months ago)
BITCOIN is a FRAUD. Like Tulipmania in Netherlands. ponzi scheme. There is not enough stupidity in the world to express the naiv,ity of the gullible! They will pay for their delusions. Bitcoin is not even a coin or money, so it's the first lie. It's not a currency. Crypto currencies are not currencies but fakes. Bitcoin is an imaginary number on a computer. It represents waster electricity running "mining" programs. Except they have nothing to do with mining. Just sheer insanity
Euro (2 months ago)
i'll just... stay on paypal...
Rogue E (2 months ago)
Why isn't it worth it to mine bitcoin now?
The time will come... buy now and hold your bitcoin for a long time! you have nothing to lose!
Jane Pecker (1 month ago)
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SAL (2 months ago)
Because it is likely that whatever you spend on mining computers and electricity will cost more than you get in bitcoin.
Team Complexity (2 months ago)
I thought that’s what the black market used
SAL (2 months ago)
Actually, the black market uses dollars much more than Bitcoin.
Dr Wise (2 months ago)
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Dr Wise (2 months ago)
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l l (2 months ago)
pyramid scheme for millennials
w0zi (3 months ago)
wow exactly a year later
Brad Sylvester (3 months ago)
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jane walter (3 months ago)
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Jonahrenz Jacob (3 months ago)
i think this will get coins
Christopher Sewell (3 months ago)
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Hacker Brown (2 months ago)
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mohammed 257 (3 months ago)
Like your video. Very educational 👍👍
Marcryloves burgers :3 (3 months ago)
No i really wanna know what a bitcoin is.
Littlekalebird (3 months ago)
i think it shoulld be illegal i wish trump would make it illegal
SAL (3 months ago)
that won't kill bitcoin. it will be about as effective as the war on drugs (a complete failure).
Tartsia (3 months ago)
Bit Coin reminds me of Merits from that episode of Black Mirror. It was one of the first episodes. I think it was the second. (You should go watch Black Mirror, your view of life will change. It’s not a series, it’s just stories about what our future could be like, with different characters each time.) What is the point of Bitcoin? It seems sketchy, and easy to steal. Bitcoin is probably going to collapse. Don’t get into it. It seems very dangerous, and stupid. Buying money with money seems kind of dumb to me. It just feels like a waste of time. It’s definitely a cool idea, just not a very stable one. I wouldn’t start doing it unless you know exactly what you’re getting into. I’ll stick to paper money, because I think it’s more reliable than fake money. I personally would rather have something tangible. (I feel so old saying that.)
SAL (3 months ago)
The point of bitcoin is to have a monetary system not controlled by any government - which is very much needed as we can see by what is happening in Venezuela.
fun channel65 (3 months ago)
bitcone is fake money
SAL (3 months ago)
all money is fake money.
smol bean (3 months ago)
I'll just stick to my real coins, thanks ;3
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zhen yuan (3 months ago)
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Seidian-Belle Causey (4 months ago)
What is a bit coin ?
Seidian-Belle Causey (1 month ago)
+Fahad Garish Oh I see. Thank you!
Free Crypto Currency (4 months ago)
Bitcoin has finally made digital data unpiratable..
HYPERLINK Music videos (4 months ago)
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Saviour Itaman (4 months ago)
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Enid Pagan (4 months ago)
I don't understand what's bitcoin is?
tony hernandez (4 months ago)
What's so cool about it😐. And what can you buy with it. Is it worth it😐. I think of Pokemon card 🤔🤔is how the people are behaving about this bit coin😐
bryer06 (4 months ago)
This reminds me of Roblox trading
ameerarafath75 (4 months ago)
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Branwell (4 months ago)
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Branwell (4 months ago)
What if I tell you that was the cringiest shit I've ever read. No thanks Tony Robinson
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Born of Gods (5 months ago)
Mark of the beast is cooooooommmming
Hee Kee (5 months ago)
Bitcoin is great
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Stirling Silver (5 months ago)
In the real world they have ATMs that you wouldn't use?... Hmm
Jeff Oliver (5 months ago)
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Lisa 25 (5 months ago)
How I play
Bennyclay661 (5 months ago)
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Todd Soule (5 months ago)
It seems like there may be a lot of flaw, even though something is updated constantly with everything, there still is probably a way to change it if it is open source. It's a cool idea, but needs more secuirty, or it's own access instead of others.
SAL (5 months ago)
Anyone is free to change it at anytime, but once you do, you will no longer be on the same network as everyone else (if you alter the code to cheat, you will be out of consensus with all the other nodes and the network will very easily ignore you).
First Name Last Name (5 months ago)
I looked at my messages and it said you have 5000 euro bitcoin or something like that what does that mean
Anya Louw (5 months ago)
Haven't a clue what he is on about.

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