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Excel Video 33 Filtering Dates in Tables

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Excel Video 33 demonstrates some of many methods Excel offers to filter date fields in tables. When you filter a field containing dates, Excel recognizes the dates and customizes your filter options accordingly. The date filtering options you're used to seeing in Pivot Tables are still there, along with a whole lot more. In fact, the list of date filtering options is so long that my examples toward the end of the video don't fit on the page. Follow along with your copy of Excel to see the Year to Date and All Dates in the Period toward the bottom of the menu. One of the things I really like about date options is that when you update or add more data to your table, you can leave the filters on so that they persist in filtering new data. In other words, if you always want your table to show this week's appointments, for example, set the date filter to This Week and then when you download, refresh, or add new data, you'll always be looking at this week, you don't need to reset the filter.
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Justsoyallknow (3 months ago)
Pandharinath Vetkar (3 months ago)
Sir regards, I am not able to fine date filter option please see your video on 0.41 secs. Please let me know where is the error. in the same excel one sheet date filter is there but other all sheet it is not appears. I was make entire excel sheet in same term and condition hence I am unable to trace the issue Thanks
adi suryawan (1 year ago)
Thanks mate!
Megan Dimas (2 years ago)
Need help!! I have a lot of accounts in a spreadsheet, but how do I add on dates day by day of these accounts I visited without losing the information from previous dates?
Megan Dimas (2 years ago)
PivotTableGuy Thank you for your responce, but I want to continously add dates along with information for my accounts... but not adding another column. or is that the only way to achieve multiple dates without losing info
PivotTableGuy (2 years ago)
If I understand your question correctly, add another column. The first column is the date of your first visit. The second column in the date of your second visit, etc. Each visit goes in a separate column. That way you don't lose previous visit information. Hope that helped :-)
PivotTableGuy (3 years ago)
You need to group the dates before the Pivot Table will organize your dates by month and year.  Try watching Excel Video 4.  Hope that helps :-)
Ivan Zemlyakov (3 years ago)
Hi There, is it possible to have same filter for pivot table? when i try to filter the pivot it doesnt organize dates by year and month (collapsible)
PivotTableGuy (3 years ago)
Make sure Excel sees your data as a date.  If the data is stored as text (the formula ISTEXT applied to the cell is true) then you won't get date filters.  The VALUE function can convert text to a number so that the date filters will appear.
Phyllis Thompson (3 years ago)
My Excel 2010 does not offer the Date filters option. Please advise.
Sumayah Ghamdi (5 years ago)
THANK YOU, you saved me :)

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