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How to BUY DiGITEX ICO TOKEN & How I Exchange BTC To Ethereum The Biggest ICO of 2018

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Hello friends , Join Digitex - Link: - https://goo.gl/ApB2i3 Myetherwallet Link :- https://www.myetherwallet.com DIGITEX telegram GROUP - https://t.me/joinchat/G61vbBLKGGXWzV0UP3WwSg My ICO Portfolio Below... Do Your Research.. Understand The Risks... So for me digitex is working on futures trading market with 0 comission for the trades and this is a brilliant idea which can really make this ICO go hit in 2018 and make biggest ICO in 2018 . So get in Digitex ICO if you are still looking to find your ICO for 2018 . Join Digitex --https://goo.gl/ApB2i3 ❌WARNING❌ I am trying my best to give uh some amazing and profitable contents 🤝👍 As you know this service is free! Its never 100% sure tht uh will always earn through my signals....☝️Service is totally free...m not charging a single penny... So its ur choice to invest or not❌❌ As m not geting a single penny in profit...so m also not responsible for any kind of loss❌❌ Its up to you to invest in any coin which i prefer as I m not forcing you to invest❌❌ Business Enquiries: [email protected] Hope you guys liked the video Do not forget to subscribe for more videos like this :D
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Web Mastermind (1 year ago)
MyEtherWallet: Example how to participate to a token sale To participate an Ethereum token sale you need to fill your transaction with following details Address - this is given you on the crowdsalse deposit page. Data - this is your personal reference number and it changes for every transaction. Do not share this with others. If you leave data field out your transaction is rejected. You need to click Advanced options to see this. Gas limit: 250600 - gas tells that this is a smart contract transaction and is more expensive than normal Ether transfer. Note: Double check your the gas limit field value after filling Data field. MyEtherWallet may reset the gas value to an invalid number after inputting the data field. Amount Fill in the Amount how many Ethers you wish to send, usually in a range 0.01 - 1000 ETH
Web Mastermind (1 year ago)
Muhammad Amjad (1 year ago)
Web Mastermind sir i m new to ico thats y askiing : token address to add token in list : ico mein coin buy kernay kay baad milta hay ? ya website pa diya howa hota hay: pehlay bhi add kersaktay hain ? just want to know for info
Musik Slow (1 year ago)
Luke McHill (1 year ago)
What is this languange????
Royal Opportunity (1 year ago)
Sir live vedio banaye . fir se Digitex ka ICO aa raha hai
Aidas Smilingis (1 year ago)
Free tokens https://airdrop.havven.io?kid=KZCRK
sandy Singh (1 year ago)
Good sir
gaurav sharma (1 year ago)
Best video ever
TOKENGO - a platform for tokenizing your business, includes many directions. A huge number of pluses. All the shortcomings of the Etherium of the site and the Waves platform, are solved here
T C (1 year ago)
All the token we’re sold in 20 minuets but we can still buy storiqa token . Use link to buy. https://tokensale.storiqa.com/?ref=75eef606a910898afe820b8f
sunil metri (1 year ago)
ico is close so wt we have to do ......? this ico will come agian or not............?
Web Mastermind (1 year ago)
sarian nur (1 year ago)
right .. i agreed. token karidne bad token add kase kare . and what is decimals and token contact address
sarian nur (1 year ago)
and after finishing ico if i want to send the token anywhere and if i want to sell them and if i want to transfer on a exchange or add on digitex exchange then how can i do that would you please help me by replying me or making a video .. making a video would be best what do you think please let me know . thank you
Web Mastermind (1 year ago)
my phone number i ill send you on whatsapp whatappme
Web Mastermind (1 year ago)
aap ke token histroy mai show ho rahe hai token
sarian nur (1 year ago)
i got it thank you . but token contact address konse du? Contract Information me dow address he.. ak contact or ak creator address so, i need to put contact address not creator r8
DAVID GUZMAN (1 year ago)
Mohammed Zulkhar (1 year ago)
Supper video sir
aapne digitex me send karne ka address ka se milega ye batayanahi...mail pe kese unka send address aayega ye to bataya nahi..baki sab aapne aachha bataya...
Web Mastermind (1 year ago)
sir wo jab aap website n karte digitex karte aapko mil jataa but ico close hoge hai now so ab faydaa nahi
Mahesh Vidhate (1 year ago)
Digitex wants to have gas price as 52.. but there were no option where i can specify that gas price Please tell me from where i can specify gas price in MyEtherWallet
Sir koinex se minimum kitne etheriam kar sakte hai
pranay singh (1 year ago)
v good info bro
Narayan Satapathy (1 year ago)
sir wo jo 30% referal comision kaise milega... plz bataiye
successfuture (1 year ago)
best in best sir
Web Mastermind (1 year ago)
after buy i il make a new video for live buy digitex and gas limit depeand on digitex ico
MD Abdul Samim (1 year ago)
Digitex kharid ne bad.. please ek aur video bna k..dena.. take.. aasan ho jai.. hume.. ki token ko kase arrange kre
sarian nur (1 year ago)
right .. i agreed. token karidne bad token add kase kare . and what is decimals and token contact address
Monuj Gogoi (1 year ago)
good video sir
The New Style (1 year ago)

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