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Impact of China and US Trade War on Bitcoin!

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Text Comments (38)
Seadreamer_ (9 months ago)
China holds a lot of US Treasury debt.
Trump supporter (9 months ago)
US hold China money LOL china aint too smart. If im holding your money you are my bitch
Doozy Angus (9 months ago)
Awesome listening to somebody with an understanding of international markets. Exciting times on the horizon eh?
wayne henry (9 months ago)
Thanks for your videos..nice..but I also want to use this medium to recommend a trader who I just started working with and has always kept on making me profit
david jones (9 months ago)
e made $400,000 from a $20,000 investment..how is this even possible
richard damien (9 months ago)
Lol. I already trade with him and really his customer base is expanding rapidly.
wayne henry (9 months ago)
His name is ric holman..technically he uses the most advanced strategies for trading binary.
trading wars, housing bubbles, EU debt and migrations problems. It will ignite the bull run again, like it did a few years ago. Same problems, but bigger then last time.
Chris Zehetner (9 months ago)
Thank you ! Great insight
Kiran (9 months ago)
Excellent news.
ION Community (9 months ago)
Interesting analysis on crypto v trade. Thx CBud!
Salomon Markovich (9 months ago)
always appreciate your insight, thanks man
bai ren (9 months ago)
Once again, an insightful analysis of macro economic factors and their possible effects on crypto prices - you are one of the few intelligent crypto you tubers - many thanks crypto bud!
Handy Rams (9 months ago)
Conbase opened, bullrun began.
healonyou (9 months ago)
What you think about the "New Silk Road" and the connection to all this? China is investing huge huge capital to this infrastructure to Europe.
RusticReflection (9 months ago)
Can you move your CB logo to the left side of screen, so it isn't over your face on every video?
Swordguy's Channel (9 months ago)
the trade wars are compounding. china sells to USA, which then sells to china, which then sells to europe, etc, etc,
Michael Mwakazi (9 months ago)
Great video
Kent Wrankmore (9 months ago)
Quality content as usual!!! Keep it up.
Zsolt Szalay (9 months ago)
I always enjoy your points. Thanks Man!
Vanguardas (9 months ago)
Hey CB, can you do a video about the impact of the upcoming overdue stock market crash on cryptocurrencies?
RigoRocks23 (9 months ago)
I work in construction and prices for materials have gone up very noticeably because of tariffs
Big A (9 months ago)
RigoRocks23 Just in the past month?
Mr_E_Man 007 (9 months ago)
Great video, lots of innovative ideas and concrete facts. Keep it up Cryptobud 👍
chuck c (9 months ago)
Great work your research is excellent and appreciated seems like bitcoin will be a flight to safety and this triggers the global reset pushing bitcoin 100k
m c (9 months ago)
no greater manipulator than the USA. Petro dollar is biggest crime in humanity
James Martinez (9 months ago)
Along with the Federal Reserve and and paying taxes.
subzero (9 months ago)
Been waiting for this update from you thanks CB!!
Berly Weaver (9 months ago)
subzero how are you doing? Yes that is good because that as hope me for me i makes 1% profit everyday
Sobuka (9 months ago)
Your channel is becoming one of my top favorite next to Modern Investor. And that says a lot in my book. Keep up the content.
Dustin Lin (9 months ago)
Modern Investor, Cryptobud, and (sometimes) Crypto Lark
Daniel B (9 months ago)
Sobuka very true. He maintains the same enthusiasm regardless of price.. priceless!
Koda Tay (9 months ago)
Sobuka definitely one of my favorite youtoubers but i wish Crypto Bud would engage with your viewers like he did in the past once upon a time.
David Halbleib (9 months ago)
The non crypto content is appreciated. It helps to paint a better overall picture for all investors. Keep it up.
marloesje (9 months ago)
I'm bored to death due to lack of crypto content on youtube, so thanks for the fact you're still making videos for us all! At least now I've got something to watch!
Na`guara (9 months ago)
Greetings from Venezuela.!!
Jimmy Wojeca (9 months ago)
YOU RULE CB!!!! thx for another vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric Anderson (9 months ago)
First view

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