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Filters in Power BI | Power BI tutorial

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Website: https://www.eclasess.com Mail:[email protected] Different kind of filters in Power BI Visual Level Page Level Report Level Filters
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Trey Drier (1 month ago)
Ok? Right. Ok? Right. Ok? Ok?
sunds alharbi (1 month ago)
Many thanks
priviya paulraj (3 months ago)
ur explanation too good, go ahead
ravi balupari (4 months ago)
hi, please explain difference between page level filter and slicer?
ravi balupari (4 months ago)
thanks for clarify my doubt...........
Page Level ,Vizual Level,Report level all are fixing at time of development, If user wants to filter data dynamically slicer can be usefull.
pavan yanugonda (5 months ago)
hi ur explanation is too good.I want more vedios from the basics of power Bi.give me ur contact pls
Thanks Pavan. Please share your contact i will call you
pavan yanugonda (5 months ago)
hi ur explanation is too good
Thank you
aibi Tan (7 months ago)
hi, can we change the sequencing of items in the funnel?
Praveen Jha (8 months ago)
Good knowledge sharing... [ Suggestion: Please work on your presentation style. ] Thums up for your effort.
Priya Ramakrishna (1 year ago)
Hi I really wanna share my thoughts here. Your videos are well explained, neat and thorough at a very basic level. It helped me a lot as I am gonna attend an interview soon it helped me to understand the core basics. Thanks Don't mind my small suggestion, avoid background noise scribbling too much(sorry)
Hi priyanka, Thanks for sharing your suggestion will take care when i am doing next time.
sukumar jonnakuti (1 year ago)
Can you please share your contact .
Hi Sukumar, Please share your contact number to [email protected], I will talk to you.

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