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Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013 Tutorial | CONCATENATE: Building Strings From Multiple Cells

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Text Comments (12)
Jas PureFun (3 months ago)
the best
culmalachie (9 months ago)
Huh, GREAT! Thanks for showing the SIMPLE way of doing this - < =C3&"-"&D3 > for me was the BEST way to do it - Had some fun o excel today - for a change after so many years !! :-) thankyou
Amalia Loarca (1 year ago)
How you delete original columns that no longer in use?
Dylan Blacklaws (2 years ago)
Well done good video. Clear voice, good pace and overall a good video!
Charley Ball (2 years ago)
Is there any reason to still use this now that 2013 has the "Flash Fill" feature?
meelanah (3 years ago)
Perfect pacing, clear to understand, loved it! Thank you!
Cynthia Szczepaniak (3 years ago)
I was looking to combine the IF function with different CONCATENATE scenarios depending on whether the IF was false or true. My issue became clear when I watched your video. Able to revise in minutes and it worked. Thank You!!
Sherry Chok (3 years ago)
Tq, best !
Google User (4 years ago)
I am unable to listen to the video right now, but your actions were so clear that I didn't need any sound. Thanks!
+Ashton Coe Glad it helped! Thanks for the feedback. 
hear fan (4 years ago)
thanks, that was so clear and easy to understand.
izgirty masoud (5 years ago)
hi there... thanks for the tutorial, very clearly explained... i have a question though, is it possible to Concatenate and use abbreviations in some cases? i.e i have a list of titles, some i'd like to use in full and others abbreviated... all using the concatenate formula... please advise thanks

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