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The Third Conditional

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This video will teach you the form and use of the third conditional. Visit www.tefltalk.net for more teaching videos to help you improve your English.
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Text Comments (9)
paula mallea (4 years ago)
Thanks you!!!
Tota Alnuaimi (4 years ago)
Its kind of boring, but its helpfull.
miss fati (4 years ago)
Thanks too much it's very helpfull
daydream (4 years ago)
Thank you!
Mahmoud Abulhassan (5 years ago)
really without any compliments i benefited a lot from this slide show many many many thanks
kamal khan (5 years ago)
most understandable
Lucía Sanhueza (6 years ago)
Hi! thanks for your wishes, i really appreciate it. I hope you too have good luck in everything you're doing now, lots of greetings from Chile, byeeeee *_*
Billie Haase (6 years ago)
Hi Lucia, thanks for your comment. I'm glad my video has helped you to improve your English. Good luck for your future studies! :-)
Lucía Sanhueza (6 years ago)
Hi: i'm learning english and i must say that your slides i've helped me a lot to clear some dubts and also to learn a little more about third conditional which itself, its a part of grammar very difficult to understand and use for us students. Thanks and sorry for my grammar mistakes, bye

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