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Make A Free Book Using Wikipedia's Book Creator Service

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In the last video I mentioned some thoughts about this. This video here is an example of creating a book using Book Creator. Build a respectable library today all by yourself. Wikipedia Website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Wikipedia Wegsites Book Creator Page, press "Start Book Creater" to begin making your PDF book: Add articles to you book by pressing the "Add Page To Your Book" link at the top of each page. You can also hover your mouse/cursor over links to then select that topic/article to be included in your book: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Book&bookcmd=book_creator&referer=Main+Page You can also get to this link on the left side of the Wikipedia page/website. It's found in the menu section. Look for Print/Export, and then Create A Book. You may with so hover the mouse/cursor over the link(s) on a page to confirm that the article was included into your book. When you have what you need select "Show Book" and then "Download" the file to your computer. The articles of the book will then be processed/rendered. When that is done, you can click on the "Download The (finished) File" to your computer. I right click on this and save the file right from there using "save link as" mouse menu option. ------------------------------- Some mass data storage options: 1. Computer Hard Disk 2. CD disk 3. DVD disk 4. "thumb drives" = (digital ram) "memory sticks" This is perhaps the best method available today. You can get a "gigabyte" (1 billion bytes of memory) for about a dollar now. Be sure to get as much memory and sticks as possible. 5. IPOD and other multi-media type devices 6. Ebook Readers. (check if yours can read/write "ebook file format", PDF files, etc. 7. Many digital cameras and mp3 music players can easilly store most computer files, and can be accessed just like a disk-drive from a computer! These devices are now often designed to work with common/simple computer file access methods. 8. Standard printing or printouts/hard-copy. A book is just as good as a computer screen in front of you and it does not require any electricity to operate. In fact, if you can, make a library of regular books - many of which can be bought cheap, and or free for the asking.
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