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CHEAP HOT ALT From Corrupt Dictator!

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Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro orders state companies to accept Petro. Controversial Ethereum proposal seeks to bail out frozen wallets like Parity. Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain is rumored to have made $3-4 BILLION in 2017, even more than NVidia. Study finds that 34,000 smart contracts have exploitable and easy to find errors. This Week In Cryptocurrency: https://coincentral.com/this-week-in-cryptocurrency-february23/ Get Coin Central merch here: https://coincentral.com/shop/ What Is Nano? A Beginner's Guide: https://coincentral.com/raiblocks-beginners-guide/ Join me on Telegram: https://t.me/coincentral Subscribe to my NEW podcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Q-Uk6OKdgpt3Zn6uJXX_A I also make videos about poker: https://www.youtube.com/c/DougPolkPoker I'm on Discord every day talking crypto. Join us here: https://discord.gg/sj3uBvg Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dougpolkcrypto Twitter: https://twitter.com/DougPolkPoker Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dougpolkpoker/ Snapchat: http://www.snapchat.com/add/WCGRider Protect your crypto with the Trezor wallet: https://trezor.io/?a=coincentral.com Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies on Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/529fa0f298c10a166400013f Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.
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Doug Polk Crypto (10 months ago)
Many people think EIP 867 is dead, however, my understanding is that it's still alive. More information here: https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/pull/867
TYRANNICAL BIG TECH (10 months ago)
Yeah but look at the state of the Venezuelan currency. Maduros cronies will just steal the ico money. There oil is the worst quality and they don't invest in the infrastructure needed to get it out of the ground. 95% of there revenue comes from oil yet they can't even do that it's the most mismanage nation on the planet
Juni LEE (10 months ago)
The vulnerability from codes in Ethereum is where Cardano comes in (amongst other innovations that the Cardano team is working on); where the codes can be "mathematically" tested/proven to do what they do, etc.
OctoMan PC's (10 months ago)
Exactly! This coin is tied to a consumable. It's not like for every Petro owned, a barrel of Oil is saved and stored. Its not a ETF!
david b (10 months ago)
is there any way i can get in contact with you directly Doug?
Tomas Av. (9 months ago)
Sharon OSP (9 months ago)
They want to mine because of drugs so they have no ties directly! They are very attached to the drug world!
Matt Hartley (9 months ago)
I get how you can tie a crypto to dollars. You promise to redeem them for a dollar no matter what, and only print them when somebody gives you a dollar. How on earth do you do this with a commodity? Like, is Venezuela going to set aside a barrel every time somebody wants to buy some Petro? How exactly does one redeem it? Does Venezuela ship you crude oil on demand?
TheProfessionalAsshole (10 months ago)
C H A e P H O T AL T S .,
TheProfessionalAsshole (10 months ago)
tO tHe AlpHA CenTaUrI
Jake Cooper (10 months ago)
'An executive order signed by Donald Trump'... It's been over a year and these sort of sentences still seem so surreal!
Phil Bailey (10 months ago)
Dang, he really don't like XRP.
Ekemini Clement Essien (10 months ago)
Any coin that is mine is centralised.
Oda Swifteye (9 months ago)
Ekemini Clement Essien (10 months ago)
you are clueless then
Oda Swifteye (10 months ago)
Ekemini Clement Essien No.
Dirk Diggler (10 months ago)
Use Petro coin to fill up the LAMBO !!!!!
Fredrick Prisca (10 months ago)
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scott hannant (10 months ago)
Just curious, if venezuela's cryptocurrency fell on its face. Would they be willing to ship the barrels of oil that I am owed to Australia? If so will I have to pay postage?
BTC Phil (10 months ago)
When Lambo?
Horacio Porter (10 months ago)
I thought this was going to be Dr Disrespect coin
Chris Zehetner (10 months ago)
I love your channel Doug ! keep it up : )
Juni LEE (10 months ago)
The vulnerability from codes in Ethereum is where Cardano comes in (amongst other innovations that the Cardano team is working on); where the codes can be "mathematically" tested/proven to do what they do, etc.
ThanksMia (10 months ago)
Maduro is a morder and a scammer why would anybody invest into his coin?
Time Stamp (10 months ago)
What does 'backed by oil' mean? If the price of the crypto goes down, what does it have to do with oil? Must say however they're going in the right direction...
El Nino NMG (10 months ago)
Doug... You actually hilarious mayn
AxioM1721 (10 months ago)
ahahahahaha made me looooolol
Luis Donado (10 months ago)
If Maduro is corrupt, I wonder what's the word for our own government?
Oda Swifteye (10 months ago)
Luis Donado Less corrupt.
Olivier Campos (10 months ago)
Mate, keep it up, following for years and we both know you'll be the top 1 show presentator of decentralized TV. You have been choosen Doug, we both know it since you succed your 30 days/60days the workout challenge a few years ago ;) Cheers for the content, you must put ages to make the videos...
Asiatic Naga (10 months ago)
You idiot how about your government?!?!?!they are the most corrupted group in this plane..........
Oda Swifteye (10 months ago)
Asiatic Naga Venezuela is demonstrably worse. America is not run by a dictator, we do have fair elections, we have a constitution. We are are corrupt but we are far less than Venezuela. Deal with it.
kmkfan628 (10 months ago)
the number of clever puns in this video is severely lacking doug!
Bathcat (10 months ago)
Hey Doug, I think they are making the petro mine-able to offset deflation.
Mental Life Consultants (10 months ago)
At the very least we can say it’s interesting. Well here would be playing Devils advocate...What happens if America developed a YANKEE Coin? The TRUMP Coin. Would you trust it? I can hear the slogan “ Freedom went digital”. They will show every race looking at their 💻 with a look of hope. I just wouldn’t want to invest in any Coin backed by a country. Wall Street never has the interest of the average American. Venezuela is doing what any of these other countries are thinking of doing but just haven’t done it yet. So it makes no sense getting all emotional about it. Buy it or don’t! I grew up on Rocky 4 and Rambo 3 when Russians were bad and Afghanistan were freedom fighters...LOL. Every decade someone is gonna choose your hero and villain. Choose your investments wisely and let me know how it goes!
Oda Swifteye (10 months ago)
Mental Life Consultants A coin backed by out government would be LESS trustworthy than Tether. It could have a better marketing campaign but it would just be a target for pump and dumps. Petro isn't trustworthy and plenty of Venezuelans are saying just that. Whatever sort of nonsense you are on, you need to let it go.
gertjan van der meij (10 months ago)
LOL ... Bitmain made more money selling their machines , then if they had mined on it !!! LMAO
Oda Swifteye (10 months ago)
gertjan van der meij Made more money selling their machines than mining the machines?
gertjan van der meij (10 months ago)
Im not exactly sure what a CryptoNick is
gertjan van der meij (10 months ago)
HOT and CHEAP ??? I'm IN !!! Because that is the most important , Right ? XD
FrozennTears (10 months ago)
The graphic hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Scammer Hotline (10 months ago)
A+ for the "graphic" joke.
carlos Arredondo (10 months ago)
Do not buy Petro, i will briefly explain you why. I been living in the US for 13 yrs and i am from Venezuela a country with many minerals and wealth, Venezuela was once the richest country in latin America and the largest producer of oil in the world, boasting the largest oil reserve in the world, even more than Saudi aria. in 1998 dictator Hugo Chavez became president and started a socialist revolution in the country, by this time a huge demand from developing nation such as china, India and south Korea boosted oil prices and gave him the funds need it to pursued his economic strategy, this strategy prove to be inefficient in the long run, he funded social programs with oil money and he overspent trillions of dollars. Dictator and current president Nicolas Maduro follow in his footsteps. Corruption, restrictions on imports, and government regulations put the economy and downward spiral, his plans to transformed the country fail miserably and now Venezuela is in ruins. Twenty years later after this called revolution the oil infrastructure is fracture, some parts of Venezuela don’t have gas, wen went from producing 178 billions barrels in 2008, to less than 1 billion in 2017, this is not even enough to cover for Venezuela own consumption of oil. One Petro is back by one barrel of oil, there is no oil in being produce in Venezuela, not enough for the country and not enough to back this cryptocurrency. This is Venezuela second attempted in the cryptocurrency world to get some money to keep destroying a country that is already bleeding. Nicolas Maduro regime uses Venezuela’s wealth to buy its military and use it against its citizen, literally the military is killing civilians. Venezuela is dying of hunger, kids are dying of malnutrition, people are dying for lack of basic medicines, yesterday an elderly waited in line for two days to get his pension worth one dollar, but this elderly die of hunger before using his pension. Inflation is expected to reach 13000% this year and oil production is expected decrease 93000 barrels of oil per day. Buying this cryptocurrency will only worsen the situation in the country not to mention that there is no enough oil production to back it up, the fact that you can mine this currency makes this currency completely useless and obsolete. I am not and expert in cryptocurrency and this is only my opinion, do some research about Venezuela’s economy and make your decision. Great videos Dough, you are a funny dude!!!
Kevin D. Najera (10 months ago)
Thanks for talking about the Petro Coin! I really appreciate a YouTuber who listens to his subscribers... or maybe you had planned to talk about it anyway. Either way thanks!
LovesTheGash (10 months ago)
Who said he was corrupt? The US gov? 😂😂😂
Daswassup (10 months ago)
had to unsub after this, if id wanted to hear the same old propaganda against anything that conflicted usa interests, i wouldve just gone to the rest of the mainstream media for it, stick to crypto doug
William Ngo (10 months ago)
You should make that poster in the background into one of your shirts
3NkR1pT3d (10 months ago)
Maduro was a bus driver before he became "president".
pete275 (10 months ago)
"mining" doesn't mean emission, you could mine a blockchain that has no block reward, and if you do that you'd have to ask people to pretty please mine it for you because there's no incentive to mine it (other than to have a functioning blockchain). It's like if Bitcoin had no block reward, you'd still need miners to produce new blocks, but their incentive will be just so that the blockchain works (meaning so they can transfer tokens), that means the network wouldn't have the huge mining power it has today, it'd just be a few desktop computers
spsra (10 months ago)
Is that “Lambo” field on the wall?
Diego Jimenez (10 months ago)
I'm from Venezuela and always watching your vids. Plz keep bringing info about petro. Like a lot your content keep it up!
RJ2000 (10 months ago)
Dude i love your stuff. Keep it going
Julian Barraza (10 months ago)
Sean Thorburn (10 months ago)
a little bit of a grain of salt!
joeyglees (10 months ago)
I believe Quantstamp will be a decentralised erc20 smart contract code auditing service. May solve these issues you’re having with ethereum (but not the issues you’re having with your jokes ;)
The Last Son of Crypto (10 months ago)
I only got 2 questions about PETRO 1) Is it cheap? 2) Is it hot?
Heino van Rooyen (10 months ago)
You deserve more subscribers , always entertaining and informative.
Guyape (10 months ago)
Anyone with a little bit of common sense would know Petro is a joke and the latest scheme of the Venezuelan government officials to line up their own pockets with money. It would be incredibly naive to think any of the proceeds will actually help the Venezuelan economy or benefit the people. Even then, for the sake of argument let's ignore all the blatant corruption and pretend you are not funding an oppressive dictatorship by investing in Petro. Just look at what the project is in THEIR own words. The coin is supposedly backed by oil, which Venezuela clearly has a lot of. First problem, do you think they are going to stop selling that oil now because it's supporting Petro? Are they gonna hold it in some sort of vault? Of course not, so every Petro they sell/mine/whatever is essentially Venezuela selling the same barrel twice. This is like a bank allowing you to spend the collateral you presented for a loan. Second problem, a ton of the Venezuelan oil is essentially owned by China and Russia. These countries have given Venezuela gigantic amounts of cash advances in the past in exchange for oil they haven't even extracted yet. Conclusion: Maduro is not only attempting to sell the same product twice, it is technically also not a product they own fully. This is the clearest money grabbing scheme in crypto and I won't feel bad for anyone that inevitably loses their money on this.
Peizxcv (10 months ago)
Love the Queen Elsa bit!!!
Peter Pober (10 months ago)
Bitmain, more like Shitmain. don't send anything to these slimeballs.
Forever Crypto (10 months ago)
I should of invested in the hardware companies.
Forever Crypto (10 months ago)
Dont ever stop making videos bro. U will have 1 million subs from crypto in 2019
Iwan - BlockchainLabs ai (10 months ago)
How long has Doug been waiting to throw a frozen reference into one of his videos? :D
millyionnnn (10 months ago)
Too much FUD on Petro. Listen Maduro has issues but in all honesty, if this works it would change the landscape of cryptocurrency by nations states adopting this same route he has taken with other commodities. Which would then bring in not millions but billions of dollars in the market in rapid time. I'm still on the fence on the whole idea but if it does work expect big changes.
DropYourFace (10 months ago)
Watchu think about QSP, may solve these genuine hacking of smart contract cases by preventing them in the first place instead of relying on centralisation of the whole ETH network.
RIKZY (10 months ago)
never go full socialism
D4Real (10 months ago)
i always wait to hit the like button until you say something that makes me laugh.... it never takes long. Best crypto channel by far
Bruno Fehr (10 months ago)
1 PETRO is not backed by a barrel of oil, the correct wording on the official documents is: The VALUE of a barrel of oil in VEF. Keep in mind that VEF is worthless, so this is nothing more than a ponzi scheme. Bitconneeeeeeeeeeect!
TooLegit ToQuit (10 months ago)
Let's see if there is somethong that socialism CAN'T screw up 🤔
Pedro Sanches (10 months ago)
Who said Maduro asked banks to mine specifically PETRO?
Crypto Car Talk (10 months ago)
Youre great, keep up the good work.
Hustle Bones (10 months ago)
I made da ripple memez.
Phil Lam (10 months ago)
That Ethereum/Frozen scene 🤣
J M (10 months ago)
The rock solid value of the venezuelan currency. lmao
OctoMan PC's (10 months ago)
These are the issues with NEO and XRP, they're too centralized. The underlying issue is money by nature has to inherit some form of control, no? Everyday, ADA seems more and more valuable.
OctoMan PC's (10 months ago)
TooLegit ToQuit spoken like a neo holder
TooLegit ToQuit (10 months ago)
OctoMan PC's Please don't confuse a real coin and useless crap.
dadasTv (10 months ago)
Hi Paul let me explain this situation about the Petro to you I hope you read carefully what I have to say, the Venezuelan government have a lot so oil that is certificate that's minds that they are sure how many barrels of oil are underground the problem is that the government steal all the money when the barrel of oil was over a 100$ for barrel. This is a way to sell oil that they have no pulled out of the earth so having all that money in advance is great for them so they can steal more and more I am a Venezuelan that is living in Seattle because this f****** government that is full of bull***** so keep telling people to NOT buy this crypto currency because they will be financing murders and drug dealers thanks for that all Venezuelan community will appreciate
Zambino (10 months ago)
So, basically, you're clueless and speculating, which is far from your past videos. Now you are shaping minds with misinformation or lack of information. Step back and look at what you just did Doug. You're being...THEM.
Tom Prillo (10 months ago)
muh crypto (10 months ago)
What is it, Tron right? All-in!
muh crypto (10 months ago)
Man you are so awesome!!!! Keep it up brah🤘👊
Bennie Blanco (10 months ago)
Corrupt according to whom? What's the methodology behind the conclusion that "the Venezuelan government for a long time has had corruption at the highest level"? Is that by the same standards that declare the US government to be one of the least corrupt states in the world? Also, it's "home in"...
Bennie Blanco (10 months ago)
fuck off spastic
TooLegit ToQuit (10 months ago)
Bennie Blanco Go away socialist
Tomás Allende (10 months ago)
Mentally ill people in Venezuela are commiting suicide in mass because of the medication shortage, but let's trust the dude that did that!
Future Hendrix (10 months ago)
julien mottet (10 months ago)
that's why so many ico migrate to stellar lumens...
Tom Bartol (10 months ago)
im from EU (Slovenia) and i will buy it just because i hate Donald Trump and his Slovenian first lady :)
TooLegit ToQuit (10 months ago)
Tom Bartol Thanks !
ene831 (10 months ago)
viewer 40,217
blantant (10 months ago)
Thumbnail game A+!
monsterjaker (10 months ago)
Fart coin. It'll blow you away.
Spike Speigel (10 months ago)
ethereum's eip is the problem not because people are undecided on whether to bailout or not bailout, problem is that it's possible at all - nobody should have that power, the eip is a subjective judge and jury of ethereum foundation making it easier to tell them what to edit on blockchain. on a real blockchain that eip wouldn't be possible. eth is not relevant to decentralized cryptocurrencies as it's not decentralized. 72% premine made sure of that. dao bailout confirmed it beyond doubt.
TooLegit ToQuit (10 months ago)
Spike Speigel It is decentralized and you need a mechanism to enable code updates / updates Just like BIPs
James Lacek (10 months ago)
Corruption at the highest levels sounds familiar
Cryptoversity (10 months ago)
Like your vids Doug although your slight filming style change isn't as good IMO. I think you generally have good advice but with this one I think you may give swing traders a bad call. Surely, Venzuela could peg 1Barrel to 1 coin as a face value like you get with Gold/Silver coins, for each of the possible coins, e.g. 21Billion barrels of oil as well as appreciating value like any mineable currency.......or silver and gold. If you really think about it, you make it like digital bullion coins, and hence ib theory, could make one of most sought after. In fact, the only reason I will not invest is because I am a US greencard holder and would risk me fucking up my chances of renewal or citizenship in another 2 years.
TalesFromTheCrypto (10 months ago)
Lol 😂 funny stuff
Cryptoversity (10 months ago)
Yea, but Hugo Chavez was a good dude, the asshole now is only there because Chavez' sudden death
Alessandro S Silva (10 months ago)
Your channel is awesome. One of the best about cryptos. Keep the good work. Cheers from brazil
Nelson Perez (10 months ago)
I think you're giving the Venezuelan government too much credit here. I'm sure they haven't even thought of the contradictions you point out. In other words, they don't know what they're doing.
Echo omni (10 months ago)
Turkey and Iran also are coming out with there own crypto , crypto is now becoming big support to terrorists , gangster and slavery of the world, I'm out , can't support the evil of these countries.
marc combs (10 months ago)
So we should prepare our homes to possibly take physical delivery of barrels of Venezuelan oil in case of a Petro cash out.
AVLRECORDS (10 months ago)
tomorrow i buy 500 euros of ark again BOOM vote delegate BOOM freeeee moneyeeeeeeeconnneeecctttBitssss *GOOD* i didnt buy ethereum, its shit it seems after all lol
ToMMaaaYY (10 months ago)
Hey Doug I love your channel and have been following you since your Doug Poll Poker days and your Upswing Poker Lab really helped me with my love cash game! This crypto channel has been informative and funny in every Doug Pol way haha. But i haven’t seen many reviews of certain projects and AMAs. Will you be planning some in the future?
T D (10 months ago)
The Petro is paid out in Bolivars, and not actual barrels of oil, so its just a giant ponzi scheme.
Roberth Gómez (10 months ago)
Venezuela's minimun wage is less than $5 a month, the regular Venezuelan can't come even remotely close to afford a single GPU or ASIC miners, and the few who can afford it get persecuted and extorsioned by government officials. Maduro just wants to dump his worthless token on any idiot that gives him hard cash, when you try to redeem your Petro, you'll get worthless Bolívares instead of dollars (it's stated in the whitepaper), a scam in every aspect.
Gustavo Lagioia (10 months ago)
I am from Venezuela and I tell you, do NOT buy this scam. President Maduro has people looking into power usage on houses and any big jump in electricity usage he'll send a military group to take your mining rigs from you and use them himself. Fuck him and his dictatorship.
Monarch (10 months ago)
Yea just stay away from politics... Thanks
Peter Delincak (10 months ago)
Regarding bitmain well.. it was proven that almost any modern car can be hacked and shut down too.. why couldnt they do that for their own ASICs :)
Johnnie Walker (10 months ago)
Petro by Pedro.
Alfons Åberg (10 months ago)
Revenue and profits are not the same.
this guy right here (10 months ago)
Counrties without centralized bank. China, Russia, Iran, Iceland, Cuba, Syria, Hungary, North Korea, VENEZUELA. Not many allies of the UK (world bank) US (world military)....wonder why?
rob woods (10 months ago)
Doug is printing money with these vids
Sam Brown (10 months ago)
Have you thought about calling it Polker hands?
johnny cash0009 (10 months ago)
When we gonna see u playing 6max hold'em or hu battles..on stars ??!
Tomás Allende (10 months ago)
I'm tempted to make a Sound of Silence clip with the intro
Danielakasmart (10 months ago)
Bitmain against Nvida could get graphic lmao

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