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Text Comments (108)
Davis Hudson (5 hours ago)
Eventually 1 Bitcoin will be 1 Bitcoin, once all countries dollars become worthless; like in Venezuela.
Alexander Alldredge (11 hours ago)
Jackassery! Hahaha I'll ride that crazy train with you!
MoMoves SMART (13 hours ago)
Moonboy syndrome: Always thinking that Bitcoin needs green candles that stretch from the earth to the moon in an unreasonable amount of time. With that being said; I hope I never see your absurd speculations on my notifications in the future. Stick to the classical technical analysis to get some credibility on your statements. Until then, Bye bye and good luck out there.
CAMBO W (19 hours ago)
wow, no clickbait here? your a wanker m8, BTC to under 1k zero chance of ETF. WANKER.
Harry Gupta (19 hours ago)
I am glad, I unsubscribed your chennel long time ago. 👌🏻❤️ Feel better then before. But I am not sure why YouTube still recommending you videos🧐
go go (23 hours ago)
NO BTC it's XRP baby
N S. (1 day ago)
Lay off the CRACK PIPE dude...quit talking out of your ass...
Sukarno Nono (2 days ago)
I want invest...3Fq55g68ZfZPQG3nB3DcCHisPgksNPVsEk......thanks...
andy humphrey (3 days ago)
mike!! your obsessed with BTC. lol.
Rob White (3 days ago)
How about just some higher highs for now?
Mike (3 days ago)
Still trying to break 4k. Stop it! Your head is getting bigger and bigger everyday.
Sell the Dip (4 days ago)
...and I'm Tits Mcgee
anouar lyaazale (4 days ago)
bros 1 bitcoin has 8 zeros = 8 satoshis 1,00000000 each satoshi will be equal to 1 dollar 1 bitcoin equal to $100,000,000.00 easy time will tell
Troll Mctrollerson (4 days ago)
One billion bitcoin is about as funky as that music you play at the end of your videos.
Robin G (4 days ago)
$100k maybe...
Robin G (4 days ago)
Crazy click bait talk.. no way would the big corporations allow this to happen. they will make their own cryptos to use instead of using bitcoin if such a thing seemed probable.
Alan D (4 days ago)
Such garbage
jesse proett (4 days ago)
MegaMille97 (4 days ago)
Someone want to send me 10$ of BTC? LOVE YA BTC: 1C44dh57V6efJXAmmRxbYEC43dvoG7jaLU
Eligijus Dirzys (4 days ago)
what next number for BTC
Josh Wakeman, D.C. (4 days ago)
Can't speak to the 1B, but some things you mention are closer than most think. The first mass adopted crypto launches on 5/1/19. 250 major retailers from Buffalo Wild Wings to Home Depot are already on board. If you don't know about this, you're out of the loop. It's coming... Bitcoing will be digital gold, but it won't be the standard for payments.
Josh Wakeman, D.C. (3 days ago)
If you like this, message me and I will fill you in. Yes, even you video producer! Get in the know... seriously... you want tons of likes and views? Since this will be first to market, we can't even compare it to much of anything. 630.664.7436
Phil Kousoubris (4 days ago)
unsubscribed. I'm bullish but this premise is - nonsense.
Dan Du Plessis (4 days ago)
We need to focus on the applications and new tech to get BTC to $10k, exceed its ATH, etc
Kelvin Kate (4 days ago)
Assembling all I have acquired within a time frame of 7 months is almost $250,000. This man Mr Jeffery Ganzel is not ordinary, I feel sometimes he uses his money to fund my account just to keep his reputation,I mean 100% withdrawal, i have not missed a trade for 7 months , it's almost impossible, no that has to be what he is doing, but you know i don't mind because I am getting all I ever wanted FINANCIAL FREEDOM!. Best broker I have know, I can refer him any time any day hit him up on his telegram channel @Ganzeltrades01 for any crypto related issues.
Churchill ukoma (2 days ago)
I can connect with him on telegram
con seated (4 days ago)
Wow now I've heard it all.
icyboy771z (4 days ago)
1 billion? LOL!! I can potentially see millions, there's a case for it but billion is just nuts.
Dario Serna (4 days ago)
Nonsense hype. Do the math, 21M coins at 1B each exceeds by far all the money currently in the world, even after all the QEs that have been happening since 2008. Is your next video going to say 1 trillion per Bitcoin? Your videos are pure expectation, guesses with not a single numeric analysis. 19 Billions by FB would increase the price of BTC by less than 1000$, if they were to use bitcoin...
Retrofred ! (5 days ago)
Companies need to tokenize their company in the form of a protocol. They’re all scared because now they can all be crushed by a tokenized economy. Either they take the chance and hodl majority of their company tokens, or wait for mr. Joe to create a decentralized protocol that will wipe them out. Either way, it the fall of capitalism every where. Yayyyy!!
Just Chillin (5 days ago)
$1B per bitcoin? I see you've overdosed on your hopium today.
Doug Masta (5 days ago)
Why are you so obessesed with bitcoin you make like 2 videos a day geesh...
Danny Tran (5 days ago)
I never met a person who pumps as much as this guy...
Marco Pepino (5 days ago)
Dude seriously the market cap alone would exceed the GDP of most of western civilization. I used to like some of your videos, but but you have lost my subscription. Sorry but your smoking some seriously crack!
Dee Ballin (3 days ago)
+icyboy771z it will
icyboy771z (4 days ago)
Anythings possible with hyperinflation. By then $1billion might be worth alot lesser.
Phil Kousoubris (4 days ago)
I'm afraid to watch now - did he seriously say one $BTC= $1B USD? Maybe $1B Zimbabwean dollars if our debt collapse happens, and we become Zimbabwe but not at the current valuation, no not ever!
Millie Oreskovic (5 days ago)
Bitcoin to a trillion dollars i dreamt that last night 〰 chart shows 2 tits way better than head n sholdes
Gregg Bell (5 days ago)
With inflation and 1-200 years definitely
Gregg Bell (5 days ago)
It’s a billion dollars of Venezuelan dollars
LongDuckDong 1 (5 days ago)
I can see bitcoin going to 100 million, only if it becomes the global currency where 1 satoshi is 1 dollar. And people get paid and only use satoshi.
LongDuckDong 1 (4 days ago)
+e- serve im not a kid i just stopped responding cause of your broken English, not worth talking to someone whos opinion doesn't matter to me in the slightest
e- serve (4 days ago)
+LongDuckDong 1 you're a kid . talking about this stuff . no way 1 satoshi = 1 $
Johnny Martinez (5 days ago)
Man please .....like. My dad use to say ...YOU ARE FULL of chetto puff you know what i really mean.
lorddarthstar (5 days ago)
J.R.S.A - (5 days ago)
Let’s start with 10,000
Dave O (5 days ago)
Click-bait garbage, what nonsense this guy puts out just to get views.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Harry Gallow (5 days ago)
mr pavil conrad mining pattern are optimal.
Park sun joo (5 days ago)
we need more men like pavil conrad .
Jessica witherford (5 days ago)
+Stephanie Lawrence you can connect with mr pavil conrad via email [email protected] . com
Stephanie Lawrence (5 days ago)
how can i get hold of him ?
Harry Gallow (5 days ago)
+Arnie Vincent yeah
Mario Delva (5 days ago)
Jaaay (5 days ago)
Yeah, but a gallon of milk will be $1M, so no Lambo......unless you wrestle it from Mad Max .
Millie Oreskovic (4 days ago)
Cheese token look at the fundamentals cant go wrong 🏧
Millie Oreskovic (4 days ago)
+Jaaay cheese tocon to the 🌙
Jaaay (4 days ago)
+Millie Oreskovic Oh damn! I'm all in on Cheese Token!
Millie Oreskovic (5 days ago)
Ive been saying it get into milk coin to the 🌙
John Eric Horter (5 days ago)
Hyperinflation could make Mooncoin go to $1B each.
c y (5 days ago)
Complete JackAss-ury
John Phillip II (5 days ago)
LMAOOOOO. Bit coin is dead you just dont know it yet.
RUBEN MATOS SOTO (5 days ago)
As usual, the thesis in the title was not supported by any quantitative analysis. How did you reach the $1 million target as it relates to FB?
Alex P (5 days ago)
Why so conservative?
Laura Anderson (5 days ago)
Guys all we need do is invest seat and watch
Laura Anderson (5 days ago)
Nice video
SCOTT ISOM (5 days ago)
DGB load up
Raviv Shweid (5 days ago)
And what is near future ?
Harry Gupta (19 hours ago)
Millie Oreskovic @ 👍👍🤦‍♂️😂😂😂
Millie Oreskovic (5 days ago)
Do u have great grand kids?
Charlie Big (5 days ago)
Blah blah blah
Millie Oreskovic (5 days ago)
Im all in blah blah coin
rbutler8585 (5 days ago)
OK 1 Billion per bitcoin is nuts lol. I'd love to see it but come on. 1 million maybe but 1 Billion??? nah
Dee Ballin (3 days ago)
+Parley Cross bitcoin will collapse & it will be a new system in that many years
Parley Cross (3 days ago)
It will happen but not until you are 75000 years old.
Gregg Bell (5 days ago)
Let’s to get to 10k first
Paul Kunkle (5 days ago)
I do believe BTCs potential is unlimited but CBOE/CME has crushed timelines of that potential. It’s not matter of when but will it happen...
Laura Anderson (5 days ago)
Oh... Yes Mr Paul
factinator33 (5 days ago)
I'm killing it with litecoin, bought 200 @ $33, a 90% profit in the last month for me!!! I can afford close to 3 bitcoins, If I had bitcoin, it would have been like 40% maybe 50...
Rob Lenhart (5 days ago)
Michael don't quit your job at Chili's just yet. Get your ass back on the fajita grill.
Scylo Graphics (4 days ago)
elisocray (5 days ago)
elisocray (5 days ago)
Rob Lenhart lmfaooooo 💯
Paul Kunkle (5 days ago)
You need to mention that we have to bottom out first before we get that upward momentum swing before our next bull market 🤷‍♂️Potentials are nice but before that potential is discovered we need a re-canvassing of the market before it makes that strong move upward...
Hugo Cyr Theberge (5 days ago)
1B no way .....1T is better
no way it will be $1T......big chance it will be $1Z soon
Tom-Tom (5 days ago)
Naz Shah (5 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂 this is too much man.
Naz Shah (5 days ago)
+Millie Oreskovic 👍
Millie Oreskovic (5 days ago)
What are u laughing about im going cromofreeze myself so i can cash in later because it will take some time my issue is a loaf of bread will cost half million when i defrost?
Time2GetOdd (5 days ago)
Ok...now we're pushing it! 50years.....???

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