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How To Make A GIF Banner In Canva

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In this video, I show you how I make my GIF banners using 3 programs. I use Canva to actually make the banners. I use GIF Maker to create the GIF . Lastly, I use Post Image to upload the GIF file to receive a banner link. 3 WEBSITE USED IN THIS VIDEO: Canva: http://www.canva.com Gif Maker: http://gifmaker.me Post Image: http://www.postimg.org PROGRAMS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: 1) Lead Lightning - My Referral Link: http://7dollarmarketingsystem.tk - $7 one time fee - You receive a generic capture page and anyone who opts-in receives a series of autoresponder e-mail messages about Lead Lightning - Autoresponder also promotes your primary business(every 3 or so e-mails) - Earn $6 commissions per referral - Make just 2 referrals and you already profit - Earn $20 residual commissions, $100, and $400 commissions when you upgrade to Power Lead System - Also receive 50% matching commissions on what your direct referrals after upgrading to the Power Lead System - Paid every Wednesday for the week ending 11 days prior - Available worldwide 2) Leased Ad Space - My Referral Link: http://www.leasedadspace.com/register/index?aid=mcajeremy - Get started for a one-time $7 - You will be able to send a solo ad to the entire subscriber base every 28 days for life - Send solo e-mails more frequently when you upgrade - You also receive banner and text ad impressions on each level - You have 7 Levels with one-time $7, $17, $27, $47, $67, $87, and $147 payments - Receive instant 100% commissions to your payment processor(minus payment processor fee) on each level that you purchase - With a completely filled 8x7 matrix you'll earn over $300 million! - Payment processors are Payza, Paypal, and SolidTrustPay - Available worldwide 3) Pays4Ever - More Info Link: http://2dollarmatrix.tk/ - Get started for one-time $2(plus payment processor fee) - You have 6 levels with one-time $2, $4, $8, $50, $100, $250 payments - You receive 100% commissions directly to your payment processor - Only 84 downline members are needed to fill out your levels - You will receive $18,384 with a completely filled 4x3 matrix - With each level you receive an e-book, banner, and text ad impressions to promote your business - 2 payment processors are required(You have Payza, Paypal, and SolidTrustPay to choose from.) - Available worldwide 4) MyPayingAds - My Referral Link: https://www.mypayingads.com/ref/136409/signup - FREE to join - Has over 100,000 members - PTC ads are FREE to click on(you receive 1/10 of a cent per ad) - Adpacks start at $5 and you should earn $6 over time from revenue sharing(approximately 60 days) - You must surf 10 ads daily to earn from the revenue sharing - Each $5 ad pack gives you 2 clicks to your banner and 100 traffic exchange credits - Get to 10 active ad packs($50 cost) and you should be able to buy one ad pack per week from profits - Get to 50 active ad packs($250 cost) and you should be able to buy one ad pack per day from profits - Earn 10% commissions on each ad pack your direct referrals buy - No repurchase rule and you can withdraw up to $200 daily - You must click on 3 banner ads before you can buy an ad pack - Has many other ways to advertise your business(login ads, static ads, etc.) - Available worldwide 5) Really Simple System - My Referral Link: http://reallysimplesystem.com/dap/a/?a=10418 - FREE to join - Receive access to a portfolio of suggested traffic sources for lifetime traffic to your business - Qualified VIP membership is $3 per month - As a free member, you'll receive a residual commission of $1 per month on each referral that becomes a qualified VIP member - As a qualified VIP member, you'll receive a residual commission of $1 per month on each qualified referral and receive another $1 per month on each 2nd level qualified member. - Available worldwide SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jeremylbusiness FutureNet(Basically Facebook for marketers): http://jeremyl23.futurenet.club/ Twitter: @MrJeremyL_23 Instagram: @jeremyl_23 CONTACT: Phone: 985-492-0857(Call or Text) KEYWORDS: how to make a gif banner how to make a gif banner 2016 how to make a gif banner 2017 how to create a gif banner how to create a gif banner 2016 how to create a gif banner 2017 how to make a gif banner canva how to create a gif banner canva how to make a gif banner in canva how to create a gif banner in canva gif banner canva gif banner in canva
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Nice tutorial
Lauren Burrows (1 year ago)
This video is great!! I am recently employed to a marketing position which requires animated banners regularly. I have STRUGGLED on GIMP only to be screwed up at the end because it is far too advanced of a program for my knowledge level. Bannersnack costs money. I already know Canva so this will be great!! Thank you!!
The Lazzardman (1 year ago)
Lauren Burrows Thanks. I'm glad this helped.
Johnny B (1 year ago)
Great video brother. I'll definitely be using these sites to make some banners. Thanks for the informative video.
Johnny B (1 year ago)
No problem. You're welcome
The Lazzardman (1 year ago)
Johnny Best I'll check it out. Thanks.
The Lazzardman (1 year ago)
Johnny Best off and on affiliate
Johnny B (1 year ago)
I just came across another banner site called Google Webdesigner. It's even better than BannerFans and Canva. It's an all-in-one banner site. You can make animated banners, make them a gif file, and also get a link. This site allows us more options when making banners, therefore it's a bit more complex but after a day or two of messing around with the site, we should get the hang of it. Besides, there are youtube tutorials on it. I'll certainly be checking it out when I get more time. I'll probably just make my banner with BannerFans first since I want to hurry and get my campaigns going.
Johnny B (1 year ago)
Well they are about the same. Both are very simple. I happen to like the look of the BannerFans site and it has a few other cool choices for the look of the banners. Are you a ClickBank affiliate.

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