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How much farther will Bitcoin fall?!? + Vitalik to make 51% attack obsolete! [Crypto News]

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Hello Crypto Community! Let's talk about the latest cryptocurrency news!! Today I want to talk about: ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Author Is Bullish on Bitcoin, Says USD Is a Scam" https://www.ccn.com/rich-dad-poor-dad-author-is-bullish-on-bitcoin-says-usd-is-a-scam/ Vitalik’s new Consensus Algorithm to make 51% attack obsolete, requires 99% nodes for attack https://blockmanity.com/news/ethereum/vitaliks-new-consensus-algorithm-make-51-attack-obsolete-requires-99-nodes-attack/ Asian Investors Account For 77.2% Of Daily Cryptocurrency Trades https://news.livecoinwatch.com/asian-investors-majority-cryptocurrency-trades/ Follow us here: https://twitter.com/AltcoinDailyio #bitcoin #crypto #cryptonews Big Things are happening. Watch the video. Like. Subscribe. ***Not financial advice. Just opinion. Use this channel as a starting off point. bitcoin, cryptocurrency, crypto, altcoin, altcoin daily, blockchain, decentralized, news, best investment, top altcoins, bitcoin bull run, Bitcoin ETF Proposal, CBOE, SEC for Bitcoin ETF, is it too late to invest in bitcoin, why is bitcoin down, bitcoin scam, usd scam, rich dad poor dad, top countries cryptocurrency, top altcoins, ethereum, sharding, altcoin daily, cryptonews, suppoman, crypto coin news,
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Text Comments (99)
big50 (5 months ago)
The money is where the low market cap real use projects are, and right now I do not see anything better than #tokenpay, the vision and determination with which they are working is truly admirable, only 25M max supply, privacy coin certificates, staking rewards, have an ETF ready tokensuisse, FREE EFIN and TPLY coins for holders, 2 top 10 exchanges coming, efin DEX exchange, and much more, In a few months they have done much more than other projects that have years in the market, this is a golden opportunity.
Alex QQT (5 months ago)
Great Analytics, you make good videos for us) Guys have you heard about feniks finance?
Mik Kansai (5 months ago)
Thank you for your video. What do you think about perspective ico projects? I think the best ico of this year is feniks.finance
Alex QQT (5 months ago)
All financial projects are promising, but there are not many of them. I only know one is Ripple and it's successful. Feniks with their fast blockchain will be even more successful!
Oliver Adrian (5 months ago)
It's great, partnerships with banks will accelerate the growth of the Feniks coin. I hope feniks will become a very powerful cryptocurrency)
Anjingg Anta (5 months ago)
The main thing that feniks is decentralized ! anonymous financial system is cool!
Gary Snyder (5 months ago)
The feniks team accurately implements the project and will make it a quality product that people will use in everyday life.
Prius King85 (5 months ago)
Fml! I got bitcoin at 8.5k last month and sold at 6k last night. Worst investment and timing ever! This market is brutal.
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Yeah. That's rough. That's why Im all about the long term hodling. If you wait long enough BTC will go up. imo.
LAUCH3D (5 months ago)
ah common those support lines are unscientific bs, they dont exist like most people think they exist. There are reflexive structures in reality of social systems like markets, which creates some selffullfilling shit, which apears like a resistence but it is actualy no physical existing resistence which one can pre-dict. A bottom is something which exclussively exists post factum. Because the trend reversal defines the bottom and not the other way round. Its like religion = seeing patterns in randomness RIP Bf Skinner.
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
very true. All just peoples best guesses.
Ken Semotiuk (5 months ago)
Bitcoin will continue to move sideways s and down, the alt crypto crap ICO's will disappear from the planet earth in record numbers!
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
青唐辛子 (5 months ago)
you may also need to point out that there will be many coins may be erased. next time, it may be interesteing to focus which coins will be no use and avoid investing. what do you think ?
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
hmm yes for sure. hard to speculate
青唐辛子 (5 months ago)
news is always bullish, but real prices are keeping down and bearish. I would rather believe reality rather than pumping news.
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
I can understand the frustration over them market. I wouldn't say i pump news. I just report what I find interesting and offer my thoughts on it. But yes, the market is a bear.
青唐辛子 (5 months ago)
btc is still ok, but altos are destroyed. nano was becore 38 dollars, now nano is just over 1 dollars. no meaning pump crypt now.
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
J bell (5 months ago)
If you want to short btc do you just put holdings into tether and wait for the drop? How much does tether charge, 3%? Thanks!
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Not positive. Maybe someone from the community can help you out.
R James (5 months ago)
And still the Hoffman Line holds........$6000 - $100 market cap preferred by large institutions! How many days before possible short squeeze?
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
R James hmm interesting. What do you mean?
Michael Murray (5 months ago)
Awesome show! Thanks
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
dee nixon (5 months ago)
"the peoples currency"... the digital currency programmed by you state.
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
dee nixon what do you mean?
Angelo Capone (5 months ago)
Ladder buys from now to bottom
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Angelo Capone 😀
Paul Kilcoyne (5 months ago)
I’m worried about ether, would I be better trading it for EOS?
Thti Thet (5 months ago)
Its doesn't matter. Both shitcoins are going down
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Paul Kilcoyne they both seem to he in the same boat. I like to diversify but it's your call.
Ronney McCarthy (5 months ago)
I believe it will have a small spike then dip in September to new lows especially for altcoins. In mid November and Bakkt recieves regulation we will move upwards but not sure if it will be a bullish market yet. Just my Opinion.
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Ronney McCarthy solid add. I could see it.
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
+Altcoin Daily Can you do a review on Populous? Not many youtubers are talking about it and I think it deserves more attention because it's bringing something different in this space -> invoice factoring. It has no serious competition so if this one won't succeed nothing else will. I'm still holding some, because I believe if they can pull this off this coin can actually reach top 10 one day. You can earn passive income with it and I'm talking about some huge returns.
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Smooth Operator for sure. Next deep dive is gonna be on Elastos but I'm also interested in diving deeper in populous
Paul Rouleau (5 months ago)
Vitalik is impress!
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Paul Rouleau Haha yes!
Michael Corbin (5 months ago)
Buy,buy buy😎🚀
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Nethu Wikramarathne (5 months ago)
please help me $60btc give me for my school fees I promise to give you back This is my wallet address. - 1P8FQ2hZPALAwhk3RCNvng6H3z6yU8ajKm Thank you so much
Nethu Wikramarathne (5 months ago)
No never sir I never want to cheat you i lost my only had 0.001 btc please help me if you can. I can show my proof. Thank you so much
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Great info - Thank you Sir
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Paul Barrett - Alexander Technique thanks man
Henry Goh (5 months ago)
Most of the alt coins drop 80-90% from the peak How further alt coins can fall
mycraigslister111 (5 months ago)
To zero! That's how far they can drop. Lol
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Henry Goh yes you get it
Michelle Lee (5 months ago)
Its a shame we aren't leading the way here in the states. But, people find it hard to change sometimes. We're the early adapters here.😉
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
For sure!
Jake Nangle (5 months ago)
Rip people who jumped out the window when the market hit 6k
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
i like where your heads at.
Jake Nangle (5 months ago)
Altcoin Daily sure would be a shame if btc would go down another grand so I could get some more ;)
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
TogIIYouLater Haha RIP.
Jack Bliss (5 months ago)
Its the best time to trade, and i am lucky i met Brandon gaston, He helped me flip 1K to 12K in just 5 days. He is the best guys!!!! I can now day trade perfectly.
Rob (5 months ago)
mr brandon took all my money bro!
Link Chalon (5 months ago)
My wife's grandmother invested 137 Bitcoin with Brandon Gaston and now she sells oranges at the freeway offramp.
Dr. Ho Lee Phuk (5 months ago)
Altcoin Daily why not remove him rather than just commenting on his post?
Dr. Ho Lee Phuk (5 months ago)
fuck off with your shit scams you worthless piece of shit.
abraham jacob Mathew (5 months ago)
fuck off spamers .. brandon my ass... i trade with his mom and made him.. get a life group scamers
Al Jenkins (5 months ago)
I am more fearful of the US dollar than the future of crypto. Too much centralized intervention of the $ £ € etc, they can't keep printing money like confetti without destabilizing fiat as we know it.
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
For sure
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
This is where Bitcoin comes to the rescue.
Trill Onethousand (5 months ago)
Can U email me i have some [email protected]
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
ask them here. maybe the community can help.
Anthony (5 months ago)
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Survivalist for sure
Crypto Revolt (5 months ago)
Volume & scaleability yes......BUT security and soundness are the direct result of POW. POW is the real revolution...in fact it is the ONLY revolution. It solved the age old dilema of double spend, which made Bitcoin what it is. Zillions of TPS touted by the shitshow projects out there are not secure. POS/DPOS etc are unproven and are a continuation ofthe Banking cabal : The more you got the more you get. BTC remains the only true form of sound, secure, decentralised { forget the sideshow of miner centralisation - it still has no figurehead or founder} & immutable form of money, full stop.
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Crypto Revolt ahh good add.
JayPhysique (5 months ago)
etc is POW
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
Finally someone who gets it. POW coins are the future, Bitcoin, Digibyte, Ravencoin, Monero. Platforms like NEO, Nuls, Neblio Nublio (whateverthefuck it is) are all going down the toilet, I'm only using them for swing trades.
Jason Ong (5 months ago)
I never expected Robert Kiyosaki to say that. Loving crypto to the MOON!
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Jason Ong yes!
melanie kehaya (5 months ago)
It will kick off at some point. Am just buying up now and in for the long haul,
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
melanie kehaya ohh yeah
1/1024 (5 months ago)
I'm ignoring everything and just nibbling away, accumulating & HODL - this is more for my kids than me so my time horizon is min 10 years.
Zach H (5 months ago)
My Channel...you kind of just made my day brother!! Short story....wife and i split, she moved 1000miles away with my boy, all legal and legit, he is 6yo. I started putting money away for him each pay and then a few months got turned onto crypto...took my little man savings and bought some btc, golem, salt and omg. 85% btc. Anyway, my fam and friends think im nuts. I buy btc every payday like you do thru coinbase. Your comment hit home an d i wanted to share that with ya. Hodl on my man!! For the little ones!!!
Adriana Gibson (5 months ago)
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
My Channel love it!
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
You still believe in Dash? It got cheap as hell now and it will probably fall even further.
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
God damn, this guy is set for life.
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
If you compare the chart with 2014 you will notice that we are very close to the end of triangle. I'm guessing another drop to 5000 at max and then a straight line and slowly building up for another bull run. Just like last year winter will be the most profitable.
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)
Smooth Operator nice. Good add.
Jean Carlo (5 months ago)
Smooth Operator descending channel W chart.
Craig Neeve (5 months ago)
retards would be smarter
Smooth Operator (5 months ago)
Agree. All I can say is anyone who's selling at these levels is a fucking retard.
Craig Neeve (5 months ago)
bull run will start before everyone is ready,
Dane Myburgh (5 months ago)
Altcoin Daily (5 months ago)

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