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As regulation increases the barriers to blockchain entry, start ups are using airdrops as an alternative to ICOs. With this method of direct marketing people get free tokens and hopefully decide to learn about and use the companies product. Several start ups have already began using the EOS platform to airdrop free tokens in an effort to market their products. In this post we mention the top 5 EOS airdrops coming soon. 1 HorusPay Decentralized Global Payroll Portal that allows companies to exchange private encrypted data with international payroll vendors AirDrop Date: June 30th http://horuspay.io/ 2 Scatter Scatter is a way to sign transactions and provide private data without exposing keys Snapshot Date: June http://scatter-eos.com/ 3 Everipedia Next generation encyclopedia Snapshot Date: June https://everipedia.org/ 4 HireVibes A decentralized jobs platform powered Airdrop Date: within 90 days of the EOS blockchain launch https://hirevibes.io/ 5 EOSBet Player-centric smart casino Airdrop Date: TBA https://www.eosbet.io/ For more Airdrops visit: Airdrops for EOS https://www.airdropsforeos.com/en/airdrops/ EOS Drops https://www.eosdrops.io/ EOS Go - Blockchain Community https://forums.eosgo.io/ How to register/claim your EOS tokens before June 2018 https://www.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/7jarzj/how_to_registerclaim_your_eos_tokens_before_june/ TOP 5 EOS DAPPS ON OUR WATCHLIST? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpyq2vV3yMc
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Text Comments (34)
swordfishK2 (3 months ago)
I already have loads of free tokens from EOS with many more to come. It's raining free money.
Ali Bekir (6 months ago)
Eos account which was created after the snapshot on 2 June can still recive airdrops?Thanks
O Really (6 months ago)
EOS is scam.. no company required 4billion+ in ico... man. Now they are saying they need more and another crowd fund is coming.. such a shme.. also team are not focusing in product.. so many bugs in software and it is all centralized.. look at cardano very stable and continues product development.. and they are more focused in product.. I'm sure cardano will surpass other competitors
Ali Bekir (6 months ago)
Hi there.Can anyone please tell me is it too late to receive EOS airdrops from now?Which EOS wallets support airdrops?
Serkan A. (7 months ago)
well, today is 14.June and I did not see even one airdrop in my mew ...
cooldog60 (7 months ago)
Check etherscan they will show there.
ChampagneCrypto (7 months ago)
The airdrops should be happening on the main net which is currently undergoing block producer elections before its declared active check out this vid for more info EOS LAUNCH & BLOCK PRODUCER VOTING POLLS? https://youtu.be/flE3wmZNIIc
Norberto Figueroa (7 months ago)
Get the strap and hodl the bag. I am glad I didn’t sell earlier this year. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Anthony Leach (7 months ago)
That’s only a fraction of airdrops about to rain on us 👌
rortiz77 (7 months ago)
I have my EOS on Exodus, how do I get those airdrops?
Jacob L (7 months ago)
where do these airdrops get sent to? i registered my tokens on exodus a while ago but i have no idea where i can find these tokens. can someone please help me out. thanks!
cooldog60 (7 months ago)
Good question. I see them on etherscan but have no idea where they are stored
Amber Allry (8 months ago)
My main question is the air drops. I have my eos on binance bc they are supporting the switch. but i plan to switch to the new eos wallet after the June 1 launch. Will I then qualify for all drops to come after June 1 when I'm registered? Any help appreciated :)
Leland White (6 months ago)
Unfortunately no. I have most of my EOS on the EOS main net, but I do have some on Binance. At the moment my EOS is frozen on Binance until they fix the wallet on the exchange so you can withdraw it and transfer it to the Eos main net. You have to have a Private key on EOS to make sure you get all the air drops.
cooldog60 (7 months ago)
I thought you could nor longer put eos on mew.
Jacob (7 months ago)
can I calim all airdrops on MEW or exodus? thx
ChampagneCrypto (8 months ago)
When you leave your tokens on an exchange you are not in control of the private keys and are not guaranteed to receive every airdrop. Register a your own Ether wallet (one where you control the private keys) if you want to make sure you receive the airdrops you are entitled to.
O. C. P. (8 months ago)
FYI, eos wont launch June 1st... sooo be prepared for misinformed people to dump eos.
How I feel about them? I am very happy! My grandchildren will not believe that I got so much wealth just by holding EOS and got all that wealth airdropped on me.
Sorian George (8 months ago)
I have two bitcoins should i buy eos or leave like that please tell me what you think about???
Chad Quartararo (8 months ago)
This guy knows how to amp people up lol
TerranMarine (8 months ago)
if we have eos on exodus and registered...will they just airdrop tokens into our exodus wallet?
A D (6 months ago)
TerranMarine go to eospark.com and check
suleiman shaba (8 months ago)
I just kaboomed the like and subscribe buttons.
Jarib Figueredo (8 months ago)
@ChampagneCrypto I'm the Founder of HorusPay and a long time subscriber (Cryptomaniac, Boomer) of your channel. Keep booming!
ChampagneCrypto (8 months ago)
Thanks for tuning in Jarib! keep BOOMIN over there!
Mad Max (8 months ago)
EOS can have air drops thanks to 1 year long ICO. Now those billions of USD worth of ether will go back to EOS token holders in form of air drops. block.one will award all projects willing to build on top of EOS. No other platform has anything similar. I think most people still hasn't figured it out :) Just wait until eosFinex is deployed on EOS, and I am sure they will drop percentage of tokens to EOS hodlers. That alone will put EOS on top of Satun 5 rocket. Last I heard eosfinex will be releasing DEX software later this year. There is also Tesloop project (no airdrop I think), ONO social platofm, also worth mentioning Bench (BitShares 3.0)... All these projects are built on EOS while it is still a testnet ... think about it... :) Price is now down so this is last chance to jump onboard...
Decentralized Dad (8 months ago)
Great videos..can you tell me if I can get airdrops while having registered tokens on Exodus wallet?
Silver Crypto (8 months ago)
Eos is a boomer not a doomer!
BORIS JEFFERSON (8 months ago)
There could be many hundreds of free airdrops. Going to be raining free $$$$$ on EOS holders.
Anthony Leach (7 months ago)
BORIS JEFFERSON possibly millions.
MoneyBags X69 (8 months ago)
Only way to get people’s attention is by giving free stuff away
MoneyBags X69 (8 months ago)
Special ED Andrew (8 months ago)
First to like and listen

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