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A Cool Grammar Test That 95% of People Fail

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Try your skills with this spelling test 95% of people fail. When was the last time you actually had to test your spelling skills? Your 6th-grade spelling bee? Autocorrect can sometimes annoy us and even leave us in some pretty awkward situations. But, be honest, we’ve kinda grown dependent on our phones’ and computers’ spell check feature. This quiz will be divided into simple, intermediate, and advanced sections with gradually increasing difficulty. And some of these words leave even the smartest completely baffled! Only 5% of people get all of them right! You’ll need to finish the sentences with the correctly spelled word. While you’re taking the test, keep track of the answers you get right. At the end of the video, you’ll get your results. Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music TIMESTAMPS Easy-peasy level 1:05 Level up 2:48 “Spelling Guru” level 4:30 The results: Less than 10 words 6:18 At least 10 words 6:27 10 to 14 correct words 6:33 All of 15 words 6:43 SUMMARY -The first 5 questions of the test are a warm-up before the real challenge. -It’s time to move one level up, can you make it? -Level 3 is a challenge only a real spelling guru can win at. Let’s see if you can proudly call yourself such a guru. -If you got less than 10 words right, you might want to consider working on your spelling skills a little more. -If you've chosen at least 10 correctly spelled words, your level is that of an extremely smart sixth-grader. -If your score is from 10 to 14 correct words, not too shabby! You can be proud of yourself for your spelling skills. -If you knew the spelling of all 15 words, you’ve passed the test that 95% of people fail. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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BRIGHT SIDE (8 months ago)
TIMESTAMPS Easy-peasy level 1:05 Level up 2:48 “Spelling Guru” level 4:30 The results: Less than 10 words 6:18 At least 10 words 6:27 10 to 14 correct words 6:33 All of 15 words 6:43
Menmen Mody (5 days ago)
I am 12 years old I got 11 right
Unknown User (11 days ago)
Jaclyn Mae Tan (1 month ago)
@Mary Lacek , Got 15 out of 15 as well.
Tawannaunicorn 21 (1 month ago)
BRIGHT SIDE stop clickbaiting I seriously doubt 95% of people actually fail this test,it's actually irritating
Jane Zifodya (2 months ago)
You rock
Deborah Vicente (3 hours ago)
I've got 13 correct answer.
preeti verma (13 hours ago)
I got 8
Orange Leave (1 day ago)
I got 11
Reagan Horner (1 day ago)
I got 11 points
akira ### (1 day ago)
It's too easy I passed all 15 spelling
Priya Tripathi (1 day ago)
I mean whatever it was, but it was very easy . How can they that 95% fail? All my friends passed it with full score.
Hosna Princess (2 days ago)
I get all right answers !✌️hit like my comment if you get all right answers 💫♥️
sunil kumar (2 days ago)
I got all of them right
Mazharul Khan (2 days ago)
Can we rename the title 0.00% will get this wrong
Bilal Elkhouly (2 days ago)
got all correct by the way
pc d (2 days ago)
11 ako yahoo
Colourful Marble (3 days ago)
Well, I saw the "grammar" spellings from the title of the video itself..😂
I got 14 correct😅
Siddhant Ray (3 days ago)
It was too easy. I got all correct
Sahra Mahamoud (3 days ago)
i got correct.
Sahra Mahamoud (3 days ago)
all 15.
Sireesha Sarma (3 days ago)
Thnx for such an amazing video...... N I got it all correct....
uriel tubianosa (3 days ago)
Seriously? The easiness of this video/test is for elementary students only. And you still insist that 95% of people will fail this. What the... Spelling test. Basic.
John Lee Macabadbad (3 days ago)
Golden-author (3 days ago)
I got all of the words correct
Joaqui Castillo (3 days ago)
Only 12
13/15 got to learn two new spellings💚
xVortex (4 days ago)
I got question 7,10,13 wrong and I am only 13 years old lol
the last rbx (4 days ago)
I got them all right
Crystal Sterling (4 days ago)
Your first question is 3asy because the answer is today
Vipin Pandey (4 days ago)
I got 12
Winbert Abrenica (4 days ago)
I got all correctly, but i dont feel proud. It's way too easy.
be amazed (5 days ago)
Question 5 is easy! Just see the title!
Sy'Riah Carruth (5 days ago)
Sy'Riah Carruth (5 days ago)
Sy'Riah Carruth (5 days ago)
Sy'Riah Carruth (5 days ago)
Sy'Riah Carruth (5 days ago)
Sy'Riah Carruth (5 days ago)
Sy'Riah Carruth (5 days ago)
Sy'Riah Carruth (5 days ago)
Sy'Riah Carruth (5 days ago)
Jonathan Caldwell (5 days ago)
I paused the vid and looked up the word
Jonathan Caldwell (5 days ago)
The thumbnail is "is"
Nina Abinet (5 days ago)
I got it all
Justine Ramirez (5 days ago)
I only got 11pts. 😍
I got 13 :)
INNOWANTION 124 (6 days ago)
i got 11 correctly
Rachana Keoket (6 days ago)
I'm right 7 and wrong 8 it too hard for 12year old kid
Lakshya Saxena (6 days ago)
Who else got all the answers right? It was such an EASY-PEESY spelling test.
Winbert Abrenica (4 days ago)
Thats why i want to say, "i got everything correctly, but i dont feel proud." Hahahahah
Hanafi Ali (6 days ago)
I just correct 10/15
cat sniffer (7 days ago)
This was a spelling test. The title is a fail!
Melaine Dunkley (7 days ago)
One wrong
Indra Nankoo (7 days ago)
Yeah always with the 12 always . Ohhhh yeah this is spelling nottttt grammar !?!!?
JoannaCaraJasin (7 days ago)
I got one wrong
I got 13 and I am in 4th grade i missed embarrassing and stationery
Lovely Jocson (7 days ago)
I almost perfect the test
Yeidida Nkakoumoussou (7 days ago)
I got 17/20
Sipra Saha (7 days ago)
Hey bright side, according to the thumbnail both the options are wrong. The correct answer is, If l were you I would easily pass this test
Sipra Saha (7 days ago)
I am a spelling guru
Kamaltosh Jha (7 days ago)
I am a native Indian and got 14 spellings correct.
NAURTO & SASUKE (7 days ago)
I got 14 and 1 wrong so close
Shreyash Raj (8 days ago)
14 right
Arianna Green (8 days ago)
Wow I'm 1 of 5% of people
Hafsa Haq (8 days ago)
I got 15
Christian Music Rocks (8 days ago)
I like this commenter better than any of the other BRIGHT SIDE commenters
Delvin Mark Rubillar (8 days ago)
Q7 Envelops??? 😅 Grammar tests???
Laxmi Arora (8 days ago)
I got 13
Kemona Willie (9 days ago)
I got 13 out of 15
mresstell (9 days ago)
Peanuts! I got 15!
Roshaanae Khan (9 days ago)
Mine was occurrence 😂
Charlier JeanRay (9 days ago)
Bright Side is banned for me. Just pure rubbish.
Sthuthi Abie (9 days ago)
I got 13
Gulam Kivria (9 days ago)
If i were u...
Kelou Kalou Vlogs (10 days ago)
Got all of them ☺
Geenyo Dila (10 days ago)
I have got 11 rights
patricia boyd (11 days ago)
I got all 15 right and the most challenging was ACCOMMODATION and Portuguese is my native language.
Unknown User (11 days ago)
0.01% will fail this test
My SLO Life (11 days ago)
Question 7 has an error in the question section: "envelops" instead of "envelopes."
Mary Jane Balico (11 days ago)
I've got 14,,statationery
Raj Pustak (11 days ago)
I have passed 15 out of 15
Daredevil (11 days ago)
I got 11
Mittapally Srinivas (11 days ago)
I got 12 points
Sindhu Reji (11 days ago)
I have got all of them correct...It was easy...I don't know how 95% people would fail in this
man_hawk (12 days ago)
I should feel proud. But I don't really feel all that proud. I misspelled a couple.
maria DelaCruz (12 days ago)
I got all the items correct hahaha
Richard Brinkerhoff (12 days ago)
Be able to spell correctly has nothing to do with grammar. Knowing the difference between less and fewer is. The maker of this test failed.
Jethel Mae Cafino (12 days ago)
i got 12 not too bad :-)
Mitra Maiti (13 days ago)
I'm an 11 year old student and I have done all of it correctly.
Junmar Estandarte (13 days ago)
I got 15
Prachi Munot (14 days ago)
Prachi Munot (14 days ago)
Prachi Munot (14 days ago)
Prachi Munot (14 days ago)
Ada Irani (15 days ago)
I've got 13 points as a second language student ,I'm quite surprised.
Sharon Coffee (15 days ago)
All correct 👍
Mandira Borooah (15 days ago)
jackline omore (16 days ago)
I got all 15 words but I am not bragging
Divya Saxena (16 days ago)
When you come for a grammar test and you find it's a spelling test😶 bright side you fooled us cheaters😲😲👿😠😡
Divya Saxena (16 days ago)
All of my answers are correct I am so proud of myself I am very good in English grammar
Mitra Maiti (13 days ago)
I'm an 11 year old student and I too have done all correct.
Thani 07 (16 days ago)
I got 12 out of 15 questions 😉😉😉
Love the memes (16 days ago)
I got ALL correct!!! 😄
John Tapp (16 days ago)
This was not grammar. It was vocabulary and spelling. Some people are better at words while others are better at math, and still others at law. BTW, I got all 15 correct--Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

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