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English grammar test 1 - PRESENT SIMPLE

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Welcome to my ''Every day quick test'' ! Spend from 5 -10 min every day to complete a short grammar test and refine your English grammar with me. Answers: 1) c - rains 2) a - leaves 3) c - speak 4) d - forgets 5) d - brushes 6) b - has 7) b - sleep 8) a - rises 9) c - lives 10) c -- work Thank for watching!
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Text Comments (175)
Sha Imran (2 months ago)
I got 10/10 HURRY!!
Maharani Putri (2 months ago)
Roland Paypa (2 months ago)
Mujassam Malik (3 months ago)
I have given right answers 😀yupiee
love. hmm (3 months ago)
I got it all correct!
Sridevi H (3 months ago)
NiSys Learning (3 months ago)
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Alex Ley (3 months ago)
I can’t believe I make so many mistakes even though I am 21
GeorgiZplay (3 months ago)
Idk why but I've never been good at grammar tests :/ I mean my English isn't that bad actually it's quite good, still I suck on those tests ;D
Kenni Gurlik (3 months ago)
give me a answer, i want correct
muizza dalvi (3 months ago)
Rains Leaves Speak Forgets Brushes Has Sleep Rises Lives Works
Awadhesh kumar Mneatapur mo.8601423018
Hetal Raiththa (3 months ago)
oh I got 9
tanuja rg (3 months ago)
I want answers.
أحمد الجندي (3 months ago)
He . She . It = takes s So simple
Ravindra Lodhi (3 months ago)
U have to tell the answers so everyone come to know how much they answered correctly
queenny nessia (3 months ago)
queenny nessia (3 months ago)
Leandro Almeida (4 months ago)
B a a a c b c a c a
Stefanie Sullivan (4 months ago)
Sandeep Pandey (4 months ago)
Sandeep Pandey (4 months ago)
VeganSyd Most (4 months ago)
"Thank for watching"?
Nav Ri (4 months ago)
Can u give explanation?
Yogi Bear (4 months ago)
And English is not my mother tongue. Learn, while I am still alive.
Yogi Bear (4 months ago)
My result is 100 %.
Steeve Steeve (4 months ago)
Excellent, dont worry, i used to correct my staff before docs leaving for TO, high standards 🎓
ExtremeNoob (4 months ago)
Sangeeth Etta (4 months ago)
Answer explain cheyandi
Rick Parker (4 months ago)
is this test for retards, blacks, immigrants or lobotomy patients?
MT (4 months ago)
Rajpal Singh (4 months ago)
Kailash Meena (4 months ago)
is लिविंग
Kailash Meena (4 months ago)
mahendra verma (4 months ago)
where is the answers
victoria secret (5 months ago)
I used my English by reading Merriam -Webster dictionary.
truthundefeated (5 months ago)
Got 10-10. But be it noted that there are linking verbs which can be used also in the sentence. Though they sound irritating but still within the Grammar's Correct USage !! Example. No.3- they are speaking english... No.5- is brushing... No.7.- am sleeping No.8.- is rising No.9- is living No.10- is working
Ayyan Arsalan (5 months ago)
Where is answers
弓水木戈日弓水 (5 months ago)
Bushit unuseful vedios!!!!!
Anoop Saxena (5 months ago)
very easy i do in 7 years old
Viveka Kaviyarasu (5 months ago)
I think simple present tense end with S... cuz' all things we have been done usually so the answers could have been 🤔rains, rises etc,,,,
Asma M Salih (5 months ago)
Rains leavs Speak forgets Brushes Has Sleep Rises Lives Work 😌🌷🌸🌹😋😌😍😊
Nafisat Habeeb (5 months ago)
Nafisat Habeeb (5 months ago)
Nafisat Habeeb (5 months ago)
Nafisat Habeeb (5 months ago)
Nafisat Habeeb (5 months ago)
Nafisat Habeeb (5 months ago)
Nafisat Habeeb (5 months ago)
Nafisat Habeeb (5 months ago)
6 of 10 I'm coming from the future!
1.c)rains 2.a)leaves 3. c)speak 4.d)forgets 5.d)brushes 6.b)has 7.b)sleep 8.a)rises 9.c)lives 10.c)work
Niyati Patel (5 months ago)
Where is the answers?????????
punam dwijendra (5 months ago)
Bindiya Rathor (5 months ago)
Charles Miras (5 months ago)
SatyaPrasanna Chilli (5 months ago)
wendy ann douglas (6 months ago)
8 out10
Mansoor Stanekzai (6 months ago)
It is raining a lot in winter
SARITHA KALTHI (6 months ago)
and for the 4th answer also
SARITHA KALTHI (6 months ago)
where is answers plz give me reply how we use brush to the 5th answer plzz clarify
Larkin Huey (6 months ago)
This is a lame test. Some of these have more than one correct answer.
10 out of 10
Sai prasanth (6 months ago)
Thank u this useful for testing ourself keep upload👍
Sandra Bal (6 months ago)
You can't do the test it's not moving
Daniel Lee (6 months ago)
😂😂😂easy! to those are teaching English grammar . 1.c.rains 2.a leaves 3.c speak 4.d.forgets 5.d.brushes 6.b.has 7.b.sleep 8.rises 9.c lives 10.c.work
Yaxye cabdi kafi (6 months ago)
🤓good job✅✔
Singh Preet (6 months ago)
These exercises are incredibly simple and easy. These are for the kindergarteners. I suggest you to upload some typical grammar exercises.
Suyashh Parab (6 months ago)
Rains, leaves, speaks, forgets, brush, has, sleep, is rising, lives, are working
A ANAND (5 months ago)
Answers buddy
Max Power (6 months ago)
Answers: 1) c - rains 2) a - leaves 3) c - speak 4) d - forgets 5) d - brushes 6) b - has 7) b - sleep 8) a - rises 9) c - lives 10) c -- work
Abhijeet Bhingare (1 month ago)
Julius Erasmo exactly man
Jane Jane (3 months ago)
Jane Jane (3 months ago)
Mimi Kashmere (4 months ago)
You should’ve just put the answer in the video because some people will cheat... 😑
CRACK REASONING (6 months ago)
Where are the answers?
Pammie (6 months ago)
My 12 year old sister would fail at this test 😫😤 Sigh..
ILAYA RAJA (6 months ago)
VIJAYA BHASKAR (6 months ago)
Where are the ANSWERS
Ali Imran Allahwala (6 months ago)
Mar Msh (7 months ago)
I got 10/10
Baban Avhad (7 months ago)
where are answered
aavas poudyal (7 months ago)
where is the answer ?? i need answer too
I got all the questions correct
Its Crazeh (7 months ago)
6/10 ;-; im badd! 😩😩😩
Talib Hussain (10 months ago)
B 3 ka
Talib Hussain (10 months ago)
A answer 2 ka
Talib Hussain (10 months ago)
B answer 1 ka
Andrea smith (10 months ago)
Damn! How do we know if our answers are correct or not!
Abdulkadir Bulhan (3 months ago)
+MT what do you mean on the description box
MT (4 months ago)
please check on the description box
Imran Abid (10 months ago)
I got full marks
Nada Hassan (11 months ago)
Number 3 I knew that never + verb to be .. i thought it should be .. He never forget not forgets .. is that wrong ?? .. tell me please
BOOM BAY (11 months ago)
at number 3....i think we can use both answers like "SPEAK" and " are speaking"..............they speak english at work....second would be.....they are speaking english at work....Im not an english speaker ...so feel free to correct me
Hajar Fekir (2 months ago)
Nitiŋ Mekwaaŋ  you don't say English is the language of English you say English is the language of America.
Nitiŋ Mekwaaŋ (4 months ago)
Bro... u can not use article in names of language... U can not say An English... But u can say... English is the language of English
Max Power (11 months ago)
Yes, you can use both, but in different situations. Answer C is Present Simple tense and we use it when we want to talk about fixed habits or routines – things that don’t change. We use the present continuous to talk about actions which are happening at the present moment, but will soon finish. So in this example we mean that 'we' or 'they' speak English only at work, this is their routine and out of work they speak other languages.
Turkish Gengar (1 year ago)
Zero false
نورين. (1 year ago)
حدا عربي هون ؟😂
tunisien gameplay (5 months ago)
حتا انا
Islamic In English (5 months ago)
ميرآن ه‎ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههہَ ة ˛⁽ 💦😂🍷 ₎ انا
Layali be habby (8 months ago)
Merna ibrahim اي انا
Sun Shine (1 year ago)
1.(c) kase aya
lil sinkz (1 year ago)
This is so easy and I have a test in two weeks
Jan Leska (1 year ago)
I think it snows in the winter...
Suganya Balaji (1 year ago)
My Life (1 year ago)
1. Rains 2. Leaves 3. Are Speaking 4. Forgets 5. Brushes 6. Has 7. Sleep 8. Rises 9. Lives 10. Works
Cool Max (4 months ago)
Narasimha Chowdary vemula the correct answer is speaks
Cool Max (4 months ago)
Gayathri Krishnan. Nope it should be brushes
Third one is wrong bro.rite one is"speak/speaks"
Gayathri Krishnan. (6 months ago)
My Life... SAME... as you thought but.. the fifth one is BRUSH (think so ).
Jelena Smoljko (1 year ago)
Nurses * ;)
Shirley Brown (1 year ago)
98 out of 100
Parcia Sophia (1 year ago)
1.b 2.a 3.c 4.a 5 d or c 6.b 7.b or a 8.c 9.c 10.d
Sun Shine (1 year ago)
4. a 5.d 7.b 8.c 10.d
Parcia Sophia (1 year ago)
how many correct i got?
Bhawna Deswal (1 year ago)
Intro 127 (1 year ago)
Sammy Tay (4 months ago)
jeeva jeevi (1 year ago)
Where is the answer dude?

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