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You won't believe what Cryptocurrency RedBull partnered with!!!

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Text Comments (357)
sunny decree (6 days ago)
*Official RedBull Racing Article:* https://redbullracing.redbull.com/article/new-currency
crypto Eri (5 days ago)
sunny decree I also participated and received more then 50+ ETH from there, Now I'm going to buy a lot of XRP . Thank you Sunny!
Emanuel94 (5 days ago)
sunny decree lol
Peter (5 days ago)
They will be only a sponsor on the car, so basically they will spend money in the F1, it means nothing... https://redbullracing.redbull.com/files/press_release_group/press_release/futurocoin_partners_aston_martin_red_bull_racing.pdf
carlos gonz (5 days ago)
please activ subtitle in other language, español thanks.
Rs S (1 day ago)
Haha I find this incredibly funny 🤣
Adony Francisco (1 day ago)
Charles Eberenz (2 days ago)
Reb bull will rot ur teeth and make ur dick limp. Stay away
Rs S (1 day ago)
Blorp (2 days ago)
With the racing hint I'd assumed it was PACcoin they've got all kinds of stuff rolling out
Neitic Ploy (3 days ago)
Rick Piano (4 days ago)
If it ain't BTC it's probably a scam , wise words I was told
club 80:d! (4 days ago)
Perhaps rdd reddcoin passed on their xvhance to partner ? Lol 😝🤷‍♂️🐻🐂
Joseph Moss (4 days ago)
Ehh, it makes sense. Hell, Facebook is partnering, or bought out, a small crypto company. As long as the crypto-currency can do what Red Bull executives want why should they care? I may be missing something though. But, all in all, the 'futuro coin' logo on the racing outfits is good. Little increments of exposure to the 'crypto-world' will help overall. Just like litecoin having their logo on the MMA ring floor.
roadrunner (4 days ago)
a shitcoin
roadrunner (4 days ago)
roadrunner (4 days ago)
Shorna Thompson (4 days ago)
Another great one Sunny
-Wickie - (4 days ago)
Red bull.....worst drink ever made
Think you may have taken the crown as the biggest [email protected]#t on YouTube crypto space! Go back to gaming you knobend! You know nothing and need to stop baiting for clicks. But you do at least make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Davif Shand (5 days ago)
TheTonnackscool (5 days ago)
Mark Evans (5 days ago)
Mark Evans (5 days ago)
I was way wrong. But nice job calling this out. Looks fishy.
Sayad Khan (5 days ago)
So the coin is Shitcoin. Impressive.
Titan Boss (5 days ago)
garbage coin
Robert De (5 days ago)
Did you know Red Bull is the same chemical makeup as Bull Semen?
Harvey Smith (5 days ago)
I am pretty sure ANYONE can sponser their racing team if they pay. Basically the racing teams are just selling advert space on their vehicles, and FuturoCoin just bought some of that space from RedBull's team hoping it's get them a big price pump I am sure. I wnder how much it costs? Way cheaper then a superbowl AD!
vivalabraga (5 days ago)
CMC is missing the circulating supply, look at Coinpaprika. FuturoCoin is at top 30. https://www.uokik.gov.pl/news.php?news_id=13850  = SCAM This have been know for for some days now, their ''partnership'' with RedBull. All money from old grannies and deluded pregnant women, (seems like their private groups on Facebook is full of them) probably got to this SPONSORSHIP. Who cares? If someone want to pay ridiculous money to be seen on RedBull, then do so.
animaysh (5 days ago)
Whoever developed it obviously pitched to RedBull that they'll make a heap of money and if they don't they can cancel. Probably a very long test period where RedBull pays nothing and just gains potential value from the asset.
ron holt (5 days ago)
dogecoin is my bet they used to have a stock car in nascar
Ryan Saunders (5 days ago)
Being honest, if it's XRP I'm never drinking one again LOL
weeh Dinga (5 days ago)
Sunny did you see my twit litecoin fam pullesd a charlie lee east coast USA team start selling Litecoin
JP Weigand (5 days ago)
Red Bulls got WIIIIIIINGS ummm Wings?
Robo Crypto (5 days ago)
Wauw, I was definitely betting my ltc on ltc! Just cause of the recent sponsor successes they made!
Szwed101 (5 days ago)
Futuro Coin = scam like DasCoin. Ponzi pyramid like BitConnect. Stay away from it.
pink craxy (5 days ago)
There marketing team must be good.
KNTX (5 days ago)
All this means is they are paying Red Bull to advertise on their gear. It is not a partnership, it is paid marketing.
dlx fpv (5 days ago)
I hope I am wrong. Nr. 6
Daniel Fabian (5 days ago)
Vechain Edit: wtf ????
mikle65 (5 days ago)
Simple. They buy into something unknown so they can hype it up themself. Red bull suvh a huge name whatever they partner with gonna lifted up. In theory, will see how it plays out.
Zorro Pai (5 days ago)
Nothing wrong with conspiracy theorists. It would be much better to hunt the conspirators.
Ryan (5 days ago)
I mean it kinda sucks to have a scammy coin like that associated with a main stream brand but to be honest this is no different than Litecoin putting their logo on the octagon in UFC. Red Bull could care less about the coin or who it is. It's simply advertising and doesn't really say anything about Red Bull or what they believe in. It's just another logo on a uniform/car like any other one. Unless it was a blatant scam that everyone already knew about they would put any logo on there as long as someone is paying. Dragon coins (DRG) already sponsored a race car/uniform a while ago and they are basically a scam coin too. Granted it wasn't Red Bull's racing team but it was still a professional racing team none the less. It's not like Red Bull is endorsing the coin in the company in any way other than their racing team.
Zuver (5 days ago)
RedBull tastes like sh*t
Storm Trooper (5 days ago)
Dogge Coin
Sergio Andrade (5 days ago)
FuturoCoin ?????, should be a joke ...., in Coinpaprika.com (marketcap) appears in the 30th position, and also literally warns (FutureNet, is under investigation by Polish authorities), is also an organization of centralized structure and is not well known to the development team of this currency (FTO) ....., beware !!!!!
intiferino (5 days ago)
I would think it is Redcoin... But makes no sence somehow
SCP (5 days ago)
I just googled it and damn....that's disappointing.
Michael Knight (5 days ago)
They partnered with Aurora
___ kev___ (5 days ago)
The coin belongs to futurenet. A pretty big company.
Emanuel94 (5 days ago)
Paint It All Black. (5 days ago)
Ron B (5 days ago)
Never ever drink Red Bull, these drinks are so poisonous....not only the artificial sweetener! It makes your body more acidic than Coca Cola.
Crypto Dutchie (5 days ago)
Futurocoin gets wings, bye bye money 😂
Austin (5 days ago)
Great start to today's video and thank you for yet another great video
pacomovi (5 days ago)
I would guess IOTA...
Bearded Lady (5 days ago)
I initially thought a shit coin, but something like verge!! Agree with other comments, must be a back hander or something. Let's buy bags!!!........
Jerry Scheer (5 days ago)
@sunny decree actually they even lie they are not the first sponsoring, because Dogecoin already partnered some years ago with Brawn GP.
Jawed Khan (5 days ago)
the best projects ever Digibyte, Cardano, BABB, U Network and Banca the wall street on blockchain
luis ochoa (5 days ago)
Simon von Arx (5 days ago)
All-In Futurocoin!
oknajv (5 days ago)
OK, this was hillllarious ;) to be honest, I did want to unsubscribe earlier for "BTC supremacist" comments of the kind "yeah, true, LTC pushes new things that are later copied to BTC - no, I don't really see a point for LTC to exist." - but i would miss also this sort of entertainment, so i may stick around.
Salomon Del Rio (5 days ago)
Im thinking. Bitcoin.✌️✌️✌️
Crypt Tonio (5 days ago)
Racing is expensive i wouldn't doubt they just took the money and bought some new tires
Andrea Saracino (5 days ago)
I hope it is an error. I hope the real sponsor is Bitcoin itself.
Philipp Drescher (5 days ago)
Litecoin maybe? Ok did not ever think of this coin. Probably they paid Redbull handsomely to get some PR and then exit scam with the profit.
Mihai Ardelean (5 days ago)
Mesh Junior (5 days ago)
Sunny Decree: it;s possible. futuro coin payed redbull to be featured on the competition and It is not redbull"s jobs to check if futuro coin is a scam or not.I think
Daynonator _ (5 days ago)
s0lohans (5 days ago)
Maker MKR
CryptoPay (5 days ago)
How ridiculous!
ApplepieFTW (5 days ago)
Eth classic (I hold none and don't like the project)
Dow (5 days ago)
Mark 741 (5 days ago)
I thought POLY due to the icon :P
Eric Davis (5 days ago)
John Brekelmans (5 days ago)
Futurocoin announced5 Feb. It is old news
green lamp (5 days ago)
i love how the comments is just everybody shilling their shitcoin to be part of red bull racing too XD ohhh brother sunny i think you are right buddy we are going to be in this bearmarket for a little while to come
1st search about Futurenet. Futurenet basically a social media and 2nd best direct selling company in alexa ranking. And has many streams of income.
Hoon (5 days ago)
FuturoCoin soLLution to RedBuLL. LOLLL
Working with Futurenet from 2016 and earning passive income. And mining Futurocoin.
Steve Unnamed (5 days ago)
tarqstarqs (5 days ago)
Ha Ha great find. Prob a disgruntled employee. Love your videos keep up the great work.
Jose Arteaga (5 days ago)
Futuro will give you wings! Lol
George Hernandez (5 days ago)
I'm gonna guess LightCoin, cause red bull gives you wings.
under90seconds (5 days ago)
Litecoin I was wrong. Btw. great cryptocurrency doesn't need marketing. Only shitcoins needs marketing. Like Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC
DJH2211 (5 days ago)
It must be April Fools Day somewhere... thanks Sunny for highlighting this.
Anoooouur (5 days ago)
I think Tron :D
Anoooouur (5 days ago)
dfuq is Futuro coin lel. omg!!!
Daniele Sbordone (5 days ago)
I'm glad you're trying to warn people against buying bullshit. Unfortunately , a lot of people don't want good advice.
Crypto Realist (5 days ago)
Mayweather and DJ Khaled got sued for promoting a scam coin, get ready for some Law Suits redbull lol.
Loni Chowdhury (5 days ago)
ArthurCochran (5 days ago)
Futurocoin is the future 😎.....😂😂 Wtf this is the first I've heard of it...😴
jay mer (5 days ago)
I can’t stand videos like this!! Why not just say what the coin is rather than make a game about it. Last I checked Crypto wasn’t a game so not sure why you want to make it into a game. Crypto weather for life and a lot of you guys on this page should consider watching him as well!!!!
Hien Van (5 days ago)
jay mer crypto is a fucking game to me. I dont give a fuck about blockchain bullshit. Just in it for the money and i invest more than i can afford to lose.
Nicholas S. (5 days ago)
Yea I unsubscribed from this channel weeks ago but it still pops up in my recommendations
busymountain (5 days ago)
Morons probably bought most of it thinking it will go up. Please buy more.
pukirocks (5 days ago)
lol redbull, i thought it was tron
Zero Divide (5 days ago)
Huh? o.O Someone at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing either: 1. Knows something no-one else does. 2. Got sacked and decided to do some webpage 'maintenance' on their last day. 3. Accidentally posted their April 1st updates too soon.
Emilio V (5 days ago)
X3mdain (5 days ago)
hennyapan (5 days ago)
Sunsettvu (5 days ago)
Steel Cryptos (5 days ago)
I hardly consider a sponsorship a partnership, it’s merely an advertisement. Racing teams will accept money from virtually anyone.
Vedrovic (5 days ago)
binance coin? :D
James Hanson (5 days ago)
I just seen PG's 2019 helmet design and no shit coin logo on it!
James Hanson (5 days ago)
That is the funniest thing I have seen today! 😂
D H (5 days ago)
Simon Cabral (5 days ago)
Your impersonation of a DGB user was hilarious...great props....
R James (5 days ago)
Thanks for info Sunny! Interesting that the the Abra app which uses Bitcoin (and Litecoin) as a base currency now gives worldwide exposure to Stocks and shares - Keiser Report on RT did interview with Abra CEO on Thursday - This new tech may affect all markets!
R James (5 days ago)
Not really interested in Futurocoin - or Red Bull - still information can always be useful - May lead to other unexpected avenues in the future - part of the rationale for the US Constitution First Amendment re right to free speech! Regards!
Krypto Koning (5 days ago)
Wtf RedBull, Futurocoin?! Really? Sad man.

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