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“Bitcoin To RALLY In October 2018, Retake $10K Range” - Why This BTC Pro Opinion Needs Recognition

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Text Comments (35)
Love this channel. Love the vids. But we ain't seeing 10k this month and probably won't this year.
John Craig (5 days ago)
By "nearly 9" i presume you mean 8 lol
James Benhart (6 days ago)
Every day this channel comes out with a vid stating Bitcoin and crypto is going to go o up.........
Excellent video!
Kevin Cass (6 days ago)
Now you have more advertising. Increased fluff, more time clicking off ads, it's too much man. It took 3 minutes to start your point, 6 minutes to have a good point, and less than 8.5 to conclude. It's too much.
RaisKing (6 days ago)
Stop lying
students of Jiu jitsu (6 days ago)
Stop jinxing the market man. You say they market is bull all the time lol.
Stay Tuned (6 days ago)
What are your thoughts?
Stay Tuned (6 days ago)
With that being said ... Sounds Good
Tom Way (6 days ago)
i ment 49 minutes
Tom Way (6 days ago)
The coolest thing to happen in a USPS lately. After this video please go to this link and slide the slide bar to 49 seconds. thank you.http://reflect-qctv.cablecast.tv/vod/8671-NEW-Chamber-Report-October-2018-High-v2.mp4.
MrKenski12 (6 days ago)
Want bullish news every time? This is the place!
kdel (6 days ago)
20k USD life changing in a few years, you better own a about 50-100 BTC if that's the GOAL is really to be LIFE CHANGING🤣🤣
Bob Otto (6 days ago)
20K USDT will be life changing in a few years.
Invest to CMT large percent everyday https://minertoken.cloud/ru/masternode/0xac780d067c52227ac7563fbe975ed9a8f235eb35
Johnny Lingo (6 days ago)
i like this perspective. helps me hodl strong
JauntyPython (6 days ago)
A year ago I may have said a market crash would boost crypto. Now I think crypto has lost its title as a "Store of Value". It's proven itself speculative. When the markets dip, pockets tighten. People cncl gym memberships and make coffee at hm. I think they'll be less likely to speculate with their money. Also innovation is expensive. Business' bucks back tech development. They'll also be likely to make cuts to R&D if their bottom lines are hurting from stock dipping lower and lower.
JauntyPython to an extent you are correct. A lot will depend upon business realizing the value of blockchain or not, as well as, people realizing that their retirement cannot be funded by traditional investments any longer. Solid points on your part.
The Jazz Monastery (6 days ago)
Flange of Penticorp!
SteveWilson carter (6 days ago)
I know the price will run up more, then as it goes higher, all we need to do is invest what we’re holding and make more profit, so we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, the increase in bitcoin has been making waves lately, I am happier than ever having invested in it this time. Did not have much faith in Bitcoin, until I met with Sunny decree in person, who teach young traders how to increase their portfolio and the comments from different users convinced me to contact him, I was overwhelmed with his strategy, he turned my 2BTC to *10BTC in 3 weeks with no risk and I was so amazed. If you looking for the best way to double your investment with no risk of losing, you can reach out to him on **Telegram: +17867086375 **mail: *[email protected] COM
Alexander Paul (6 days ago)
I stop Hodling my Bitcoin the very first day I found out about Sunny’s crypto program which have helped double by bitcoin.
Aaron Smith (6 days ago)
This Ain't Just the Best Time to Invest in Bitcoins, it is the best time to know how to earn more profit from your investment, not just wait and watch your Bitcoin Grow, l see some people invest in what they don't Understand and its what is killing them.
Lola Rey (6 days ago)
I am two weeks into trading bitcoin, i saw a post here talking about this man, and i said since people were talking about him then he has a good profile to maintain, So i sent him a message on telegram and he responded. Today i am thankful to Mr Sunny for making me 6BTC in two weeks.
Big Boy (6 days ago)
I contacted him and I am already 2 months into Trading with him,I started trading with 5Bitcoin, Now I can Boost of a Handful of 10Bitcoin Thanks to everybody who posted about Sunny Decree's program, you are all part of my Success Story, Let’s keep spreading Words about Him to help the Ignorant people who are loosing
Affiliate Watch (6 days ago)
Stock market and real esrate is crashing. Panic is starting. Crypto will become the safe haven shortly.
Javier Becerril jr (6 days ago)
Every single week you say it’s going up! Time to unfollow you!!
students of Jiu jitsu (6 days ago)
Exactly, this guy is terrible lol.
Gavin Moze (6 days ago)
😂 😂 😂 🤣🤣
paul1mdrn (6 days ago)
The permabull bitcoin maximalist angle has made me nauseous for months, but there are some useful facts to extract.
D1mken Sharpshooter (6 days ago)
+Crypto Time Hahaha
ZUG ZUG (6 days ago)
BTC is at discount prices...
hennyapan (6 days ago)
no pain no gain

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