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Cryptocurrency Tax Misconceptions | Bitcoin and Altcoin Gains & Losses

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Don't let misconceptions about Cryptocurrency taxes get in the way of you making money on Bitcoin and Altcoins. There have been a lot of false rumors and lots of bad advice being cautioned in the comments that we wanted to address. With 2017 taxes soon being due, and the IRS making some clarifications on cryptocurrency back in Decemeber, there is still a lot that you need to know to properly track your crypto investments and know what is and what isn't a tax liability. I am not a tax professional, or a financial advisor so please consult with whoever you deem necessary to CYA when it comes to filing your own taxes. I just wanted to clear the air on some of the tota; BS I have seen people spouting out there. Forbes Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2018/01/09/what-you-need-to-know-about-taxes-cryptocurrency/#5ad7b2bc605f IRS: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040sd.pdf
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Text Comments (291)
eugene z (4 months ago)
U talk to much l! Get to the point !
Saved Set Free (5 months ago)
Just trying to have enough gains to pay my child support which is another government backed ponzi scheme.
king4him1 (5 months ago)
No dude, the bastards at the IRS will claim to only see the times that you sold and not what you paid for it. You will owe an ungodly high dollar amount if you don't keep good records about how much you paid for the crypto that you sell. Many found out the hard way.
E. L. (5 months ago)
Really trying to understand. If i have $1,000 in Bitcoin and exchange for $1,000 in Xrp this does not create a taxable event.... right? However if the value of XRP increases and I "cash out" my cost bases will be the $1,000 minus the actual gain for tax purposes? Any response appreciated.
adolph gracius (5 months ago)
I know it hurts having to pay government for investing into the crypto that you choosed to get away from gov but we need to realize that if you are cashing out into Fiat and Fiat is from the government then they are entitled to make the rules. Use cointracking, it's paid but you now, it's kind of like your personal accountant and you will save way more money being with them than what you would loose if you don't use that type of service
Nick Cedillo (1 year ago)
Thanks for the boost Sir!
Andrey Zhivov (1 year ago)
Binance is an excellent exchange !!! Convenient, fast my favorite !!!. Commission on the stock exchange is very small so that it will not be noticed. I only trade on it. User-friendly interface. Come and register. https://www.binance.com/?ref=20921987 Good luck at the auction !!!
Matt Stokes (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure Steve is my favorite , if only for the "dirty little dick-beaters" comment haha
Rahatlakhoom (1 year ago)
MFM (my fucking money)
TheCornbeefsoup (1 year ago)
My uncertainty is that if i take profit how much of it will i have to save for taxes? U need to have cash in reserve for taxes.
BlockSmarty (1 year ago)
Here's a site where you can track your coin transactions for free: https://cointracking.info/?ref=B334910 (they also have a paid version as well.
Tony Pruitt (1 year ago)
What about mining?
scotty8254 (1 year ago)
I undsrstand. However, if its fiat i earned and already paid taxes on it. Why does the federal government get a peice of my profit? I choose to invest in crypto becuase i dont support fiat. I am forced too. Crypto is about the freedom from such. Its crazy. But if the fed wants a peice, you know its real! And its a threat!
Altcoin Buzz (1 year ago)
That's how they like to treat all of your investments. They tax you when you earn it at your job, then tax you IF you gain on investments with it (with no limit or cap), but gosh forbid you report a loss they limit how much you can claim as a deductible amount. -Steve
Tyler H (1 year ago)
You can’t get taxed on money you didn’t make... bottom line... The government isn’t trying to make you do that. I wonder how many people have lost money from their crypto investments and still payed more tax than they should have... kind of silly if you ask me
Altcoin Buzz (1 year ago)
I'm sure a lot of people fail to write off their loses. The government isn't exactly out there reminding people to claim all the available deductions. -Steve
magnus4g63 (1 year ago)
Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Steal a fish from one guy and give it to another--and keep doing that on a daily basis--and you'll make the first guy pissed off, but you'll make the second guy lazy and dependent on you. Then you can tell the second guy that the first guy is greedy for wanting to keep the fish he caught. Then the second guy will cheer for you to steal more fish. Then you can prohibit anyone from fishing without getting permission from you. Then you can expand the racket, stealing fish from more people and buying the loyalty of others. Then you can get the recipients of the stolen fish to act as your hired thugs. Then you can ... well, you know the rest. #TAXATIONISTHEFT
Jason Eldredge (1 year ago)
Truer words have never been spoken :(
Altcoin Buzz (1 year ago)
I wonder how the US ever got by before the IRS....funny how we act like it's necessary and been around forever. -Steve
Daniel Kuper (1 year ago)
Bkz81 (1 year ago)
That's what i used. I showed my gains and loses on my 8949 to my tax person and then they put it in as capital gains and that's it.
mc88dx (1 year ago)
Cointracking.info works for me and just filed with their turbotax download file. Even got a tax credit.
V for Veracity (1 year ago)
Before you jump the gun on handing over your money to the devil, listen to this: https://youtu.be/sK5xgdXYSdQ
Donny Ng (1 year ago)
What if people trading on exchange without USD pair trading, and gain by crypto "coins" and don't have any identity related such as binance, cryptopia , etc... So, we just keep our coins on thwir exchange and not worry about taxes until we sell them into USD!?
Donny Ng (1 year ago)
Altcoin Buzz from now until them taxes get real. What would the best way or sites or tools, etc to keep track on our trading history in your opinion! Thankyou! You're the best!.
Altcoin Buzz (1 year ago)
Oh, they're going to figure out how to get their hands in your wallet. -Steve
David Smith (1 year ago)
I use https://cointracking.info/ it generates a tax report and has API's to the exchanges I paid $300 for the unlimited edition. If you have less 100 trades the basic edition is free.
Hey Now (1 year ago)
The Govt can tax deez nutz.
George Ilavsky (1 year ago)
Altcoin Buzz (1 year ago)
I can appreciate that humor :-D . -Steve
dominik lueders (1 year ago)
Asana, youtrack and Jira comes to mind for Miners
youtube Y (1 year ago)
Nice much more comfortable entry now, I told you you can do it man! Keep it up nice informative value
mrzazzaable (1 year ago)
They can come pull my unrealised gains from my cold dead hands. I was up 20k now I'm braking even if they want my losses they can try.
Altcoin Buzz (1 year ago)
I don't think they were prepared for how many weak hands were going to fold right after beginning of the year and BOHICA when the market was "crashing". -Steve
Neil (1 year ago)
You state in the beginning of the video that what you say "may or may not be wrong...or right." But part of the title of the video is Cryptocurrency Tax Misconceptions. So in other words, how can your findings be misconceptions if you yourself don't know whether they're right or wrong? If an individual is going to label something as a misconception, then that said individual should state it as factual information. Otherwise, perhaps the title should have been "What I believe to be cryptocurrency tax misconceptions".
Altcoin Buzz (1 year ago)
Fair enough. Just have to be sure to leave it open to personal interpretation of the listener so that they don't think I am giving them financial advice or legal advice. Who knows what people will try to claim in the future. -Steve
james boyd (1 year ago)
Dirty Dick Beaters
Frank Stroehmer (1 year ago)
As many others have stated, CoinTracking.info is great! It will organize all your trades including fees, give you nice charts and graphs to look at as well as provide all the tax sheets with all the data automatically uploaded that you need to file. A great tool for any crypto investor. And it’s free. And the accompanying phone app is awesome. Helps you keep track of your portfolio on the go.
NYCguy2020 (1 year ago)
Fuck the IRS. how the hell am i supposed to track all this if i made hundreds of trades and buys/sells on more than one exchange? let them track that if they can.
d3f73 (1 year ago)
for example: if i traded crypto to crypto i don't need to pay taxes for that 2017?
Altcoin Buzz (1 year ago)
Supposedly not for 2017, but for 2018 yes. Be sure to ask your accountant to be 100% sure. -Steve
Dan Ruby (1 year ago)
Steve. Your flow on this video. Exceptional. No long pauses and kept me engaged the whole time. Which is a huge accomplishment. My attention skills need work. Bravo thank you!!
Altcoin Buzz (1 year ago)
I speak in "short attention span" -Steve
Apple Kid (1 year ago)
Thanks for the information. This was really confusing and you have cleared up a lot of stuff that I have been thinking about.
jay pal (1 year ago)
jay pal (1 year ago)
I use Bitcoin tax to help me get my trades in order. It printed me out 8949 form and I took it to my CPA. I only used two exchanges and I had roughly 400 trades it worked out pretty good. The one thing I learned this year was that I should probably always pull profits from my trades unless my plan is to just hold. I had 12000 and games and had to pay 3000 taxes. But I left my money on the exchange so that money came out of my refund. Lesson learned
Stan George (1 year ago)
Also when does whiskey Steve come back?
Stan George (1 year ago)
lmao Steve is the best!
abdel1988 (1 year ago)
I remember the days when ppl didnt like steve but steve is the man!!!!!!
Thaiye MC (1 year ago)
what will happen if you dont pay accidently
You best video - AWESOME!
pd craft (1 year ago)
Great job steve
Hustle Bones (1 year ago)
I see you got a little soul in ya, crypto and cognac. :P
Steven Foo (1 year ago)
"H&R BlockCHAIN".. that's got a nice ring to it!! LOL
CryptoMiner (1 year ago)
It's Korean new year
Joe Cam (1 year ago)
Taxes already are so complicated now add that to most misunderstood tech 😨
Brandon Barrios (1 year ago)
How about cold storage transfers as in peer to peer
Zach Dowlan (1 year ago)
Bitcoin.tax is by far the best tax prep software for the cost if you're a small trader/investor like I assume most of you are. 30 dollars for the basic premium. Has all the tools you need to file your own taxes. Cost basis options. API's and csv file imports. Plugs right in to turbo tax.
Stephen Jackson (1 year ago)
Those dirty dick beaters. Lmao glad we feel the same way about them
MarkC538 (1 year ago)
This is super convoluted.
Omar Dawes (1 year ago)
Hey alt coin im a new to the scene and my main plan is to hold but how do i draw profit do i translate it to bit coin or so i cash out through coin base please help... im a big fan watching u guys like crazy . Thx
Sean Hales (1 year ago)
Dear Steve, You are a G. Some of the stuff you say makes me laugh
Common Cents Crypto (1 year ago)
I have a feeling that this new tax structure (each trade being a taxable event) is intended to discourage people from trading crypto. The govt knows that most people want to avoid confusion and complication, especially when there is a treat of fines or jail time from the IRS. The powers that be also know that the rise of crypto will eventually and inevitably lead to the demise of centralized power. Which of course is not in their best interest... hence the new tax policy attempting to slow the growth of crypto. That said, we shouldn’t hate taxes per se, as they provide funding for our country’s infrastructure, education and defenses (and hopefully one day medical care). What we should hate are the corrupt politicians mismanaging and misappropriating our tax $$ for the benefit of the top 1% while our education is deteriorating, our infrastructure is crumbling, and most people can’t afford basic health care. Let the crypto revolution begin!
72dodge340 (1 year ago)
Anyone who can't figure taxes on their crypto trades probably shouldn't be investing in crypto at all, in my opinion. It's not that hard.
Marc (1 year ago)
CoinTracking is amazing for taxes and also does so much more! CoinTracking is what I and most consider the best portfolio management tool is on deep discount right now. This is a program pricing is based upon a BTC price even though you can pay an equivalent in Paypal, so a program people were happily playing twice as much for not long ago. So worth it then IMO and even more so now at current BTC prices. It has met and blown away my expectations, well worth the price for anyone serious about trading or investing in cryptos. It automatically imports your exchange trades via APIs and does pretty much everything else you can think of, honestly, it's amazing, take a look into it if you haven't. There is a free version which you should note doesn't include API support which really makes the service shine, but you can check out some features and explore the numerous plans they offer. At this point during the crash it has really helped me reallocate myself in my positions, and decrease my average entry points where most appropriate. I am a cheap guy and when I first started hearing positive reviews for CoinTracking I checked it out and moved on after seeing the price. But after using every free alternative which all fell so short I now know a tool than can save me time and produce a wide array of incredibly useful statistics surely has the potential to help me make even more money in the future. So check it out now while it's on sale before BTC is back to 20k, or beyond. And of course, I'd appreciate it if you used my ref link, and it gives you an extra 10% off: https://cointracking.info?ref=C805916
maz shaun (1 year ago)
The only misconceptions people have about tax is that it's legit and lawful. Tax is nothing but Theft and Unlawful.
litoshi lite (1 year ago)
Buy and hold Litecoin and vertcoin
Dadz Coin (1 year ago)
THANK YOU, Steve! This the BEST explanation of the IRS hassle that I have heard. Back in the 1970's my father-in-law was pretty much raped by the IRS over a major scam his accountant had done. When my father-in-law died in 1996, we found out that he had arranged to have "F*CK the IRS" on his headstone. 🤣
Adam Valerio (1 year ago)
I talked to my CPA and you actually couldn't claim those losses for this upcoming tax return if you sold in January at a loss or gain you would need to claim it next year since you sold it this calendar year.
Nik (1 year ago)
Cointracker is great for automatically tracking all taxable events.
Marcel Poinaru (1 year ago)
Are loses ,tax deductible,..bcc,davor and so on...
Justin D. Cotton (1 year ago)
Literally the best vid this channel has made. Great info.
eric salas (1 year ago)
FINTAB app good to track
David A (1 year ago)
Wow, if the IS wanted to catch 100 tax evaders they just have to scroll through the comments on crypto tax videos lol
Julian Soto (1 year ago)
Any thoughts on cloud mining and lending platforms in regards to taxation?
John P. (1 year ago)
So one year when I sold stocks I reported that on my taxes however I had to pay a penalty because I didn't prepay the taxes I would end up owing throughout the year which I think is suppose to be done quarterly. So if crypto is being treated like a stock pretty much should we be expecting to pay a penalty to the IRS for not paying estimated taxes throughout the year? This confuses me because what if you deside not to sell assests until December? There has to be a way to avoid this penatly fee because that's ridiculous.
Lance (1 year ago)
John P. Well I'll be damned. Sure shit, I never knew that. The little profit I made in stocks never amounted to more than my regular income withholding I guess. But with crypto that might change. Thanks for that link.
LisaK 1111 (1 year ago)
John P. My account told me this same thing. If you sell and make profit in the quarter, pay the taxes quarterly. I’m not sure of the limits but it’s a thing. Sadly, not an issue for me yet!
John P. (1 year ago)
I found this on the IRS website: https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc306
Lance (1 year ago)
John P. I'd double check, I don't think that's how it works. That penalty may have been for another reason.
Joe Schmoe (1 year ago)
hey hey hey....don't knock tattoo's! Facial piercings yes, i'll give you that. Most professionals are inked up these days.
Chris Berardi (1 year ago)
Lance (1 year ago)
Chris Berardi yep and most exchanges too. I was impressed. They convert your alt coin prices to dollar prices at the time you traded. Just make sure on the reports page, there are no errors that say you sold more than you bought ( you pay tax for the sale of the coin but if it doesnt know when you bought it, it will think you paid 0 for it) If you don't fix the error, you'll be overpaying. The error shows up in red
LisaK 1111 (1 year ago)
Chris Berardi They handle all coins. Easy directions.
Chris Berardi (1 year ago)
Lance V do they handle Alt Coins as well?
Lance (1 year ago)
Chris Berardi bitcoin.tax. it's pretty slick
Bitcoin is LIT (1 year ago)
Jason Jenks (1 year ago)
Hey check out cointracking.info I've been using this for a while and it's working pretty good, however you do have to manually fix a lot of imports. Has a lot of useful tools, and a tax reporter.
De2King (1 year ago)
Never sell your crypto! Never pay taxes! Hodl bitches
Ginger Williams (1 year ago)
Steve is easily my favorite!!!
cooldog60 (1 year ago)
The $3,000. is a curry over.
cooldog60 (1 year ago)
Cointracking is a total nightmare.
Benjamin Troutman (1 year ago)
Google Chrome let you mine up to 1 Bitcoin a month free just from uses the internet https://getcryptotab.com/45187
cooldog60 (1 year ago)
From what I understand for 2018 if you buy Eth for $1000 and a week later You use it to buy something else and the price of Eth is $1100. You have to pay tax on $100.
king4him1 (5 months ago)
If you keep your records straight, that would be the case. You must submit the initial investment on your tax records.
phong vo (1 year ago)
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MorphTW (1 year ago)
isn't it simpler to report only 1 event? I invested 1k and after some trading i have 10k, my profit is 9k and i pay tax? Simple.
TAC HAMMER (1 year ago)
You're so used to saying blockchain, you said H&R Blockchain. Some crypto CPA should grab that name and run with it.
CryptoRevan (1 year ago)
https://cointracking.info/ helped me with my taxes
DaBronx (1 year ago)
I don't believe this applies to 2017 taxes. Most of the tax changes applied to 2018.
Erik Barnette (1 year ago)
It applies to 2017
JG Crypto (1 year ago)
do we get taxed for losses
Lance (1 year ago)
JG Crypto. You get to deduct that from your regular income, there's a few more details but...
Target Auto (1 year ago)
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DJLoveNoise (1 year ago)
Video started at 3:00
Lzo30 Lzo30 (1 year ago)
What do you guys think of Cointracking.info? You can upload your files from any exchange and they do the tax work for you. Video please?
72dodge340 (1 year ago)
I tried both and went with bitcoin.tax. It worked very well for me and it's far cheaper and easier to use. I don't work for them or anything, just giving my opinion.
Matheson Klein (1 year ago)
steveeeeeeeeeee dropping bombs!!!!!
Luxottica (1 year ago)
IRS are criminals
Ralph Quaglia (1 year ago)
All your trade history is available on all the exchanges I use.
GSHeverything _27 (1 year ago)
I started buying Crypto on Dec 16 of last year, I haven't sell or take out any money, do I have to report to my tax return this coming April???
john Dango (1 year ago)
U are blessing on the tax talk
john Dango (1 year ago)
Thanks very much for the tax talk cause u assume alot of us are new but u should know most who aren't are hiding and waiting cause its lookin ridiculous
Lance (1 year ago)
john Dango Its not too late, April 15 is the deadline. It doesn't matter if you withdrew money. Basically you add the profits and losses on each trade you made. That is how much you "earned as income" even though some you withdrew and some you bought more coins. There is no penalty for what you did. But you are supposed to pay taxes every 3 months if you made more profit than what your regular jobs tax withholding kept out. It's called estimated tax payments
john Dango (1 year ago)
Lance V can I also ask is it too late for a person to pay tax if he has been taking out money?but the amount doesn't pass initial payment. But there is profits for example Is I put in 2 usd it goes up to 5 usd n I take out the initial 2 bucks is it bad to do. N what is the penalty on me
Lance (1 year ago)
john Dango bitcoin.tax is a good service, check It out
Ife Awosika (1 year ago)
Taxation is theft. Im not paying taxes on my cryptocurrency. Screw the government
king4him1 (5 months ago)
You'll be sorry when they take everything away from you. It is best to give the devil his due.
Marcus Conn (1 year ago)
Paying taxes is voluntary... If you never cash out I don't see how they will ever know. You don't have to use banks to cash out anymore as well, if you do your research.
GSHeverything _27 (1 year ago)
Steve, you just don't know how these videos are important for us Crypto guys, I heard it's only 0.04% of people reported to IRS...
Buster Brown (1 year ago)
Taxation is theft.
tenacious645 (2 months ago)
As long as you use none of the things paid for by taxes you're right. Otherwise you're bullshit.
ImperialBear (1 year ago)
DinoRexGamingHD: are you replying to me?
DinoRexGamingHD (1 year ago)
noo its theft watch the video the American dream
ImperialBear (1 year ago)
Don't know.
ImperialBear (1 year ago)
Kryptonite: Indeed, these people use the benefits of modern societies and are unhappy at the costs of such things. Sure, the system in not perfect, but these people presume that all of the social programs/works just fall out of the sky.
Stefan Rudel (1 year ago)
I like cointracking.info for tracking and taxes. Even paid for a pro account.
72dodge340 (1 year ago)
cooldog60 (1 year ago)
I have it. It is a nightmare.
Andres Mussa (1 year ago)
What do you think about Colx 50% up after Whitepaper release for the team?
TheInnerCosmos (1 year ago)
COLX isn't even halfway to it's ath
mac1bc (1 year ago)
Andres Mussa sell man. Buy more when it goes down if you want
bboyonnon (1 year ago)
Cointracking.info does a pretty decent job tracking your gains and losses. They also generate some tax forms or tax form worksheets like the 8949 form.
Zach Dowlan (1 year ago)
I liked bitcoin.tax better. Worked just as good if not better and was cheaper.
Zach Dowlan (1 year ago)
I didn't like cointracking. I had a hard time using it and it costed way too much for a smaller trader like myself.
bboyonnon (1 year ago)
velcrosky very true. Only set back i noticed but it's not to too bad.
velcrosky (1 year ago)
bboyonnon just been careful when importing your information with an Excel or csv file. It messes things up a lot, so you have to manually adjust stuff.
Daniel Gomes Silva (1 year ago)
Wait a moment!!... help me here. Isn't the same as saying?: John put $X into the exchange account. Traded and traded as much he wanted. At the end he sells it and ends up with $X+50% (round number just to simplify). The total amount of $ he ended up is already with all fees that he lost during all the trading he did. So would be simpler to take all amount and subtract the initial amount you invested, like ($X+50%)-($X)? (1000$+500$) - (1000$) = 500$ gain And by the way if i sell it but still is on the exchange do i really own it? I think until i don't transfer it to my bank account i still didn't profited at all
Mistake #1 use Coinbase to buy, #2 send from coinbase(while GDAX is free)... The right way is earning crypto online, the way I do it, avoid KYC bs, trade on decentralized exchanges...
whitieinvermont (1 year ago)
Try decaffeinated or Ritalin. You are all over the place.
GalacticWoman (1 year ago)
This is just for USA residents and each country has different laws.
Peter Doris (1 year ago)
for real ashton thanks for your strategy_/?/
Really, if you aint making more that $6000 weekly, something is probably wrong with your strategy and sure, i have had my own turnaround experience with ashton clegg . I now consistently make money trading cryptos????
GalacticWoman (1 year ago)
GrandAdmiralGamez Thanks for clarification. I am not US citizen though and I wanted to highlight it doesn't apply to other countries
GrandAdmiralGamez (1 year ago)
US citizens, not just residents. You still have to report to the mighty IRS; I did when I taught in China. Living overseas though, you might not pay unless you earn over a certain threshold.
Marcelo E. Cáliz H. (1 year ago)
Great video! Thanks
Tristan Edenfield (1 year ago)
Any knowledge on pareto network ? New coin on kucoin exchange. thnx

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