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CLIX 4 BTC Bitcoin paid to click REVIEW

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Clix4btc provides one of the quickest ways to earn BTC online. It’s an advertising and Pay to Click (PTC) platform where advertisers can advertise to bitcoin users at a low price and members get paid to view ads, complete tasks, use faucet, play games and many more. Open a Free Account: https://www.clix4btc.com/?ref=danwatson Register for absolutely free and begin to earn free bitcoins in seconds. Get paid for viewing clix4btc ads, ptcwall ads and clixwall ads. More earning options include faucet, lottery, contests and games. 100% Affiliate Program: The referral or affiliate program offers big bitcoin earning opportunities. They offer 70% referral click earnings for free members and 100% referral click earnings for gold members. Up to 0.00001BTC ref click. Withdraw Bitcoins: Unlike their competitors Clix4BTC offers high earnings and low minimum payout. Minimum account balance required to be eligible for payout is 0.0004 BTC. Fast processing time. Clix4BTC Advertisers Benefits! Clix4BTC considers their advertisers as the heart of their business, therefore, providing industry leading advertising service is their top priority. They offer various methods of advertising campaign including link ads, paid to signup ads, featured ads, banner ads and featured link rotation, all targeting real human traffic all sold at a lowest price in the industry. In addition, Clix4BTC offers: – Choice of multiple Ad packs with no login required – 24 hour unique hits & live stats – 15 to 60 seconds duration for link ads – Geotargeted ads functionality – Advanced anti fraud system to ensure advertisers get high results – Professional support This one is not the highest paying site in our PTC list but it serves it purpose of adding another initial income stream so we can meet our first objective in the strategy we are following. We will commit to logging into this website everyday for 100 days and clicking every ad that is available for us and we will request a withdraw to our Coinpot wallet as soon as we reach the payout threshold in the back office. The bad news is you don’t get to spend that new money in your coinpot just yet. You are going to hang on to it for a bit and collect payments from a few other PTC sites as well as faucets. If you want to see what we are saving for, you can get a sneek peek by clicking below: http://arkhamindustries.net/index.php/2018/05/16/clix-4-btc-review/ Register Free by clicking the link below: https://www.clix4btc.com/?ref=danwatson
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Text Comments (4)
Rohan Mallick (1 month ago)
How to minimum of withdraw
Dan Watson (1 month ago)
minimum cashout is 0.2 mBTC
Hassan Sani (4 months ago)
It is showing invalid advertisement please what do I do @ [email protected]
Dan Watson (4 months ago)
Im not sure. I have not had that happen before when using it. Might want to send a support ticket as I do not work for the company.

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