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Blake Bortles Highlights 2015 | HD

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(All rights go to the NFL & its broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. I do not gain any profit from my videos. For entertainment purposes only)
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chk3092 (4 months ago)
He was so good idk why they changed their offense; turned him into a game manager instead of letting him sling it which is more his style
Jose Asiain (8 months ago)
How wrong many of you were about the man including myself. Shame
Iamlb 1 (10 months ago)
Blake was outstanding last lead the jaguars to their first division win and a AFC Championship appearance so he may do it again
Jay KaioKen (1 year ago)
0:55 1:58
PAPO TORRRES (1 year ago)
Matoma ft. Notorious b.i.g- old things back
Cow (1 year ago)
And now he sucks 😂😂😂
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Cow he could possibly win, Eli did it before in two Superbowls
Cow (1 year ago)
Cameron Crowley and now he is going to loose to Tom Brady
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Cow & now he's in the AFC championship
Stewie's (1 year ago)
Man Bortles looks so good in these highlights was the heck happened? He sucks so much now😥
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Taylor D bortles can lead the NFL in passing TD's, Yards & can lead the team to possibly 12-4 or 13-3 and people will still say he's trash lol
Taylor D (1 year ago)
Bortles is still trash. Only reason he looked decent was playcalling and the team carrying him
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Stewie's bet ya eating crow now, despite Sundays lost lol
Jeff P (1 year ago)
Can we have this Blake Bortles back?
Layiah Ali (10 months ago)
Jeff P ya do now.
Chris Bowman (2 years ago)
I still love this video
Todd Davenport (2 years ago)
Watching this I see how many catches Robinson had, that he had no business catching (why we called em 75/25 balls instead of 50/50), and how good Hurns is at getting yards after catches. We need both to return to their 2015 form..
Jonathan Castro (2 years ago)
Name of the song?
Elijah McCrary (2 years ago)
He's almost like Brett Farve.
Justin Gee (2 years ago)
This video gives me hope :') DTWD
redwingsandjazzfan (2 years ago)
Damn Jags Bros. What happened to the boy Bortles?
Alfred Baxter (2 years ago)
He need to go to the steelers
SpurVille 17 (2 years ago)
Still belive in the kid tho😉
SpurVille 17 (2 years ago)
Skater Cullen (2 years ago)
man!!! Jaguars are gonna win the super bowl by 2020 bc they have good young players and they will have a couple of first rounds picks!! Well we can all agree enjoy the Jaguars before the BANDWAGON come!!
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Mr. Brown so was farve before he became a legend and he lead the NFL all time in interceptions.
Myles (2 years ago)
Skater Cullen Ummm bortles is one of the worst qbs in the leagie right now
Skater Cullen (2 years ago)
And all Jags need is some good pick ups on Offense line AND SOME D-fence
HoodieVello (2 years ago)
Moi T.V (2 years ago)
he looks more athletic than derrick carr but still isnt a better qb
Jalen Dawkins (2 years ago)
bortles Is so overated and trash he pads his stats look at him I thought he was good
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Obviously you don't know nothing, dude had shitty coaching and limited talent in his first 3 years
Brandonwun (2 years ago)
jalen dawkins relax it's not all on him
Cookeys Football (2 years ago)
One of the best quarterbacks
ayyplus (2 years ago)
if bortles is so good why didn't the jags go to the playoffs? He was the only starting qb in the afc south that didn't get injured. Btw you should've showed the scoreboard, bortles is a garbage time beast lol
Jordan Davis (2 years ago)
He threw the quietest 35 touchdowns in history
Songva Hun (2 years ago)
remind me of McNabb though..
LifeOfSuperstar (2 years ago)
I knew we had a star from his first preseason game
BossManiacGames (2 years ago)
He Needs to step it up big this year and cut down on the interceptions and needs to stop throwing in coverage all the time along with horrible passes all over the place, but he was still pretty good this year if I had to say
BossManiacGames (2 years ago)
these highlights look more like the allen brothers making impossible and diffcult catches to bail bortles out of horrible throws and throws right into coverage, and people are pumped up for this guy lmao....
BossManiacGames (3 years ago)
more like the allen brothers bailing out bortles bad throws highlights
SpurVille 17 (3 years ago)
Let me say it now..He will be a top 5 qb this year..TOP 5🐆🐆🐆🐆😎😎 #ILoveMySquad
Myles (2 years ago)
SpurVille 17 😂😂😂
Anthony Paturzo (3 years ago)
I like bortles but some of u have to admit that a lot of these throws were all Robinson and hurns making great catches and not that good throws
oBrowns NL (2 years ago)
+21baltus Get the fuck outta here
Anthony Paturzo (3 years ago)
+DHub88 no doubt he has a strong arm but his accuracy needs a lot of work, he would be a lot worse if he didn't have Robinson and hurns
Anthony Paturzo (3 years ago)
+21baltus ok ur the one who's fucked up for bringing special kids into a football argument, my brother has special needs and it's really fucked up, I'm not saying he's a bad qb, I'm saying that Robinson and hurns make him look a lot better than he is, his accuracy needs a lot of work, how about u relax u fucking little scumbag
DHub88 (3 years ago)
Its part of the equation no doubt. Bortles had the cajones as a young QB though, to come in and make those tough, iffy throws. He paid for many of them, but damn he also made some electric plays with the Allens. Favre made his living this way. He was a gunslinger. I'd like for Blake to cut down on the INT's but hell, if the Jags just get the DEF together and patch up the O-Line, he could do far less and get this team to the playoffs.
21baltus (3 years ago)
So by that logic, no QB in football is responsible for his yards and scores. You and this idiot who calls himself Boss can keep each other company while you ride the short bus. You are spectacularly stupid. Well done. Window licker.
Orlando Martos (3 years ago)
AKA Allen Robinson highlight reel
BossManiacGames (3 years ago)
Hannibal Lecter (3 years ago)
LOL @ JJ Watt @5:03
Dylan Ross (3 years ago)
Bortles will win a super bowl in his career. The jags are starting to look really solid.
Lor Nu (1 year ago)
Thanx now look at us and look at his stats
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Richer Breault Trent dilfer won a Superbowl due to the Ravens defense
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
Dylan Ross if the jaguars ever win a super bowl it won't be because of bortles. Trust me
Myles (2 years ago)
Dylan Ross 😂😂😂
Abdul Wali (3 years ago)
My boy finally getting some recognition!
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
Yeah he's average at best now. I would say he is at the bottom of mid tier
BMG Studios (2 years ago)
Throwing it all away though
jmendii (3 years ago)
That play at 4:12 doesn't even make sense, and those windows he's putting it into are insane. It's also why he has one of the highest interception counts in the NFL, but damn it's exciting to watch.
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
Not exciting anymore
jmendii (3 years ago)
@DHub88 I was a UCF student when Blake took us to #10 overall in the nation and we won the Fiesta Bowl against Baylor. He is absolutely my man, and I'm a Jacksonville fan now because of him. Don't get me wrong, I think he'll be one of the better QBs in the game, and he's already one of the best to watch. But those picks that he throws are backbreakers more often than not, he'll grow and learn to not force the ball in high pressure situations. And like you said, when's the last time people were excited to watch Jaguars games?
DHub88 (3 years ago)
Yes it is. But we in Jacksonville try to remember that it was his 2ND SEASON! It really feels great finally. I remember after Brunell, we had Leftwich, Garrard, Gabbert and then Henne. Each has some talent but were no more than backup quarterbacks. Leftwich could've been pretty damn good if they would've kept him upright. Those chicken legs of his were his downfall. Gabbert was an absolute disaster who needed a year or two to sit behind an established starter. Another 1st round pick down the drain. Then along comes Bortles, who, on his first play in his first preseason, takes the shotgun snap, backs up and slips, stands back up and drills his receiver right down the middle of the field. I KNEW, from right then, I had just witnessed the beginning of a new era. I've seen all sorts of young QB's come and go. Blake has IT. Black has the IT that can take him to superstardom. Here's hoping ;)
Idarmis Fleites (3 years ago)
All they need is a better offensive line and he'll end up being another Aaron Rodgers. He reminds me of Big Ben though.
Calum Hogan (3 years ago)
For a second there thought this was a Hurns and Robinson highlights video, Bortles loves throwing into traffic, these guys bail him out so often
DHub88 (3 years ago)
Almost everything had to be into traffic...no one respected the Jags running game, not even me, as a Jags fan haha. He definitely had some garbage time success, but I know what a real Quarterback standing in the pocket looks like, and Blake has IT.
Prime Records (3 years ago)
I remember laughing too hard when Jags picked Bortles, then asking myself how we landed Bridgewater... Smfh, Jags been seeing shit no one else could- I actually did want Carr over B too but was hyped for B still, missed out on a good fucking draft. Hell I wish we ended up with Manziel instead so at least we'd be searching for his replacement by now smfh.
Prime Records (3 years ago)
Fan of shoelace
Prime Records (3 years ago)
No one's even talking about yeldon he had so!e pretty good runs for a poor o line and I was always a fan of shield though I'm starting to think he's a little slow in the head aha, seriously tho jags need to take it easy in the draft, save some talent for the fishes
DHub88 (3 years ago)
With the additions of Jalen Ramsey, Myles Jack, Malik Jackson, and Tashaun Gipson, and others....If Dante Fowler can lock it down at LEO (which I think he will) and Chris Ivory and TJ Yeldon can establish a power running game.....jesus, I can't even remember what its like to expect wins!
Prime Records (3 years ago)
It's hard to be mad at B, he shares the load with the rushing king but seeing Winston come out and play big also handing off to Doug Martin made that inexcusable- especially since Winston is a rookie. Pro styled offenses have been responsible for a lot of NFL ready QBs now, B is much less physical mobile and honestly a leader- he does his job but barely. Bortles has had to deal with so much more pressure and didn't have one of the better defenses. If we didn't get B we might have looked at Hundley last year or even Cardale Jones this year who both might not be there yet but at the same time are worth more developing than he's been. Oh God and when we let Myles Jack slip through our fingers- Jags are the only contest i'm worried about this year- on paper they are the scariest team, all they need is an O-line and proper coaching and you've got yourself a dynasty.
Abdul Wali (3 years ago)
A vikings fan that's a realist! So many have argued with me that Bridgewater is better than Bortles or Carr
hahyunlee (3 years ago)
My BOLD prediction: He's going to be the best fantasy QB after 2017 season.
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Richer Breault Keep in mind, Carson was like Bortles during his rookie year lol with the Ints
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
hahyunlee hahaha hahahaha. Carson Wentz is better
jmendii (3 years ago)
he was like 3rd best last year
Derek Nelson (3 years ago)
Allen robinson is a beast, Bortles is a better scrambler than I thought, he does make some questionable throws so I can see why he has a lot of interceptions.
de je (3 years ago)
the song is liiiittt Lol
deeznutzz (3 years ago)
This guy definitely reminds me of ben roethlisberger
DHub88 (3 years ago)
Agreed, but faster...Bortles truly reminds me of Big Ben and Bret Favre's love child.
Zombie C (3 years ago)
He reminds me of him because of the body type and the scramble ability inside the pocket
Jose Mejia (3 years ago)
do derek carr highlights
LifeOfSuperstar (3 years ago)
We finally got players with highlights now
Justin Smith (3 years ago)
Next years NFL MVP. They're puttin weapons around that man. He's dangerous But go Chiefs
youtube (3 years ago)
bortles just slings 50+ yd passes like its nothing
Jordan Webber (3 years ago)
young big Ben. huge guy with a huge arm that has really good mobility for his size
rd711 (3 years ago)
Bortles and Carr are neck and neck for best QB from 2014 Draft. Hoping Carr ends up better, but much respect to Bortles and JAX.
B M (3 years ago)
I hope Bortles is better.. only cause I'm a jag fan lol
Chickeng Wangzz (3 years ago)
this man was 2nd in the NFL in throwing Touchdowns.
LegionOfNerdz (3 years ago)
I think Allen Robinson impressed me more than bortles did
21baltus (3 years ago)
By throwing all of those TDs to himself?
Film Guru (3 years ago)
I must admit to all you Jaguars and Raiders fans. You guys have a bright future ahead of you. These two teams are going to be breakout teams next year. Both of them should make the playoffs. No excuses for either team.
xGSxKiLLiN (1 year ago)
Lmao I wish u were right
Wesley296 (1 year ago)
fucking wrong LOL
HoodieVello (2 years ago)
Adam Grizzly (3 years ago)
+Most Wanted Films thank you sir, let's go Jags!!
blue jay (3 years ago)
he is my fave QB
Zohraish Virani (3 years ago)
Bortles's release reminds me of Byron Leftwich's release because of the wind-up.
Chris Bowman (3 years ago)
That Football Guy (3 years ago)
Probably one of my favorite Qbs to watch this season, did is going to be great
cameron slater (3 years ago)
nothing more than a volume passer with 3 pro bowl talents on the outside
DWLR (3 years ago)
He should've made it to the pro bowl
DWLR (3 years ago)
+Jim Wade oh
James Wade (3 years ago)
+DWLR He wasn't eligible because he wasn't medically cleared to end the season. He had a hand injury that he got in week 17.
johnstjohn1987 (3 years ago)
Kids got some potential.
Alex (3 years ago)
I see Jacksonville making it to the playoffs next yr lel
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Richer Breault the hype for him is just getting overrated now..that's how you overrate a player
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
HMGExecutive I see them missing out on Carson Wentz
Connor Searcy (2 years ago)
+HMGExecutive so here we are a year later lol...
BossManiacGames (2 years ago)
Alex (2 years ago)
yes maam
Charlie Clips pops (3 years ago)
If traded he will win a Superbowl trust my word
Chill Shawty (2 years ago)
Looks like he's somebody already. Somebody with 4400 yards passing and 35 TDs and made the top 100 NFL players list at number 56 in his SECOND year. So there's that. And he's not done by any means. You will feel it in your gut when he smokes your team like a grape flavored blunt next year. Jags have waited a long long time for a franchise qb. No way in hell he goes anywhere. Go Jags!! DUUUUUVAAAAAALLLLL!!!
Charlie Clips pops (3 years ago)
@21baltus He stays there he'll be a nobody
21baltus (3 years ago)
Sure. Why doesn't everyone trade away their franchise QB? He's going to win one right here in Duuuuvvvvaaalll!. Go lick your chops elsewhere son. He ain't going nowhere.
ToxiCTUNAS FAN (3 years ago)
Pause at 2:55
SiviliZe93 (3 years ago)
bortles played well this season. just needs cut back on those turnovers. Looks like he'll be the franchise QB the jags been looking for.
Chris Bowman (3 years ago)
this offense is highly potent....if the D can get a few more players and they just play above average they will go far
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
Chris Bowman the d and fournett is all they have
Kevin Davis (3 years ago)
I love and am a die hard Giants fan, but as a Florida boy I low key root for the Jags.
jmendii (3 years ago)
diehard Ravens fan but a UCF student, I'm excited to go to the game this year.
Kevin Davis (3 years ago)
+greenwiz17 I never watched Jags game unless they play tge Giants. I stay loyal to my team forever. I'm just saying off all the teams that used to stink up the league, I'd pick the Jags over the other ones.
pinwheelguy (3 years ago)
@greenwiz17 nah the Ravens will always be my #1 team so when the Jags and Ravens play I will root for the Ravens
greenwiz17 (3 years ago)
So basically you two are bandwagon jags fans, waiting for them to get good again?
pinwheelguy (3 years ago)
I'm a diehard Raven fan but since I have family in the jacksonville area I'm a low key jags fan as well lol
ToxiCTUNAS FAN (3 years ago)
Bolts (3 years ago)
+MonsterJags Can't go that far yet xD but he's gonna be really good
Brian Burke (3 years ago)
Broncos fan here, I love Bortles and the jags should of won more games this season. They need to recollect and go big with that Cap! They're getting better
BossManiacGames (2 years ago)
both soon to be free agent busts for the jags, thomas already slumped because he had no manning throwing to him and for malik he will regress because he has no von miller or demarcus ware helping him out
They took our Malik Jackson and Julius thomas
F Rod (3 years ago)
Maybe it's just me but his arm strength looks much improved than how it looked in college. Coming out I felt like he was lacking in that area but now I can see the zip n velocity on his intermediate throws and nice touch on his deep balls as well
Carnell Johnson (3 years ago)
He revamped his throwing style it was a big off season
Albert Davila (3 years ago)
Bortles is under rated 2016 will be great for him and Jaguars he's going to be top 3 in 2017
Jeronimo Fernandez (9 days ago)
BMG Studios (2 years ago)
Cliff (3 years ago)
So y do the Texans need a QB ? I'll wait
Bolts (3 years ago)
@323 LAshawty Lol yeah sink or swim
Cliff (3 years ago)
Sink or swim? #morejags
Bolts (3 years ago)
+323 LAshawty Cause they had Hoyer and now they have osweiler so they should be okay
Charlie Douglas (3 years ago)
I always love going on Bortles vids because the Bridgewater fanboys can't handle that the argument no longer is Carr vs. BW, it's Carr vs Bortles for top QB of the class (side note: how awesome is that game gonna be next year?!?!). TBW fans always like "but the Vikings made the playoffs so TBW must be the best". LOL!!!! Leaving aside the obvious numbers advantage to Bortles, just use the eye test. It's not even close
ToxiCTUNAS FAN (4 months ago)
LAGNAF Chargers it’s not like Carr or Bridgewater are doing any better
LAGNAF Chargers (5 months ago)
Charlie Douglas this has not aged well
Max Morrison (5 months ago)
Alex _27 and 4 months later he’s out of a job
Alex _27 (10 months ago)
3 years later Blake Bortles is the only QB from the draft class to win a playoff gane
21baltus (2 years ago)
@BossManiacGames I wouldn't dwell on the past if I were you look at their roster
Jax (3 years ago)
ARob,AJ,Julio,Hopkins,Odell,Bmarsh,Brown,Fitz,Baldwin. So many talented WRS in the NFL all at the same time. Sure is fun to watch these great WRs every week. Can not wait until Feb 26th see who else is going to impact the NFL.
Jax (3 years ago)
Year 1 2014: 2900 Passing Yards 11 Tds 17 Ints Year 2 2015: 4400 Passing Yards 35 Tds 18 Ints That is what I call progression. One Hell of a Great QB. Now if we can get a C,LT,CB,Covering LB,DE and FS we are good. lmfao. Love Blake Bortles!
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Richer Breault starting to overrate him
Mike B. (1 year ago)
JagsJaxFan funny thing is we have all of those pieces now lol
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
JagsJaxFan Wentz is already a much better qb. Bortles is degressing. Should of drafted Wentz
Joseph Webster (3 years ago)
Been saying it since The Jags Drafted him he is going to be a Top 5 QB some day and maybe a Great. If i was a GM i would either want Luck or Bortles as my QB for the future
Slim 86 (3 years ago)
How did Allen Hurns go undrafted? Many teams missed on him.
Rican Daddi79 (3 years ago)
+Slim 86 This is my opinion on this, but i feel the reason why Hurns was undrafted is that he never had a decent QB at the "U" which was why he hasnt had much good stats there and plus he didnt have a good combine either didnt have a good 40 time either. Pretty glad he was slept on because when undrafted he gets to choose the team he wanted to go and out of all teams he chose the Jags, he's made a great choice.
GoldenBurrito101 (3 years ago)
People comparing Blake to Carr but Carr played WAY better defenses then bortles did
Hinse (3 years ago)
Also that was 2 years ago lol, when payton was doing excellent and wes welker was also there.
Hinse (3 years ago)
He didnt struggle that game, you would know this if you saw the game.
Lafayette Cathey (3 years ago)
+Alex Nelson A lot of Qb's sucked vs Den. D Rodgers Brady Newton etc. Carr also beat Denver and shredded NYJ Defense
Hinse (3 years ago)
No he didnt
Joel Dominguez (3 years ago)
+Alex Nelson true i remember a broncos game where he really struggled. Carr is good but to me i believe bortles will have a better career.
Beau Wibbing (3 years ago)
Thank you for some Jaguar love!
Beau Wibbing (3 years ago)
Thank you for this. Finally something positive for jacksonville
Andrew Tecson (3 years ago)
1. Bortles 2. Carr 3. Bridgewater Controversial with Bortles and Carr but Jags with Bortles, Allens, Yeldon,etc and Raiders with Carr,Cooper, Mack, etc. They both got a really bright future and are 2 of the most slept teams in the NFL..
New Blake Bortles Throwing Breakdown up https://youtu.be/_iHTl5EDEzo
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
I think Carson Wentz, blount, agholor, and Jeffrey is better then all of them. The eagles also have a more dominate line along with an improving extremely young secondary. Just wait until Darby and Sidney Jones actually play. Scary
JTG 2102 (2 years ago)
Teddy is not.
MadSense (2 years ago)
Derek Carr is way better and Bridgewater is done. Bortles has one more year to prove himself. He is becoming known for showing up in garbage time.
BossManiacGames (2 years ago)
wow again @Mr. Brown
Corbin Levesque (3 years ago)
the impressive thing about bortles is that he didn't have a run game and he still played well
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
Corbin Levesque well that changed. Jags should of taken Wentz then mixon
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
Now it looks like everyone besides bortles is good hahahaha should of taken Wentz
Patriots Legend (2 years ago)
+Adam “AC” Cepeda did they finally draft O-linemen?
Bolts (3 years ago)
+Hinse Of course, especially when Luck comesback and the titans have mariota who is rising and the jags well, yeah 2 tough opponents then the titans are alright
Will Oberholtzer (3 years ago)
He is the run game lol
21baltus (3 years ago)
Not sure if this video is more of Blake's success's or Joekel's failures. Watch #76 the left tackle on all of these plays and you'll see why we need a new left tackle. This guy truly is a joke and a waste of a first round pick.
FLBoy Suave (3 years ago)
+KrAzy DUdE JaYY it was a broken ankle
21baltus (3 years ago)
@KrAzy DUdE JaYY it was a broken ankle I thought
Joel Dominguez (3 years ago)
joekel is ok but hes definetely not a first round pick hes not good enough but if u remember eric fisher isnt any better
21baltus (3 years ago)
+21baltus Then again hey we'd take your janitor and a bag of funions for him.
21baltus (3 years ago)
+JJ Watt eat dirt Joeckel is not depth man. He's a turnstile and would get Tannehill killed. Just like you see Bortles running for his life in most of these plays or Johnny Manziel running for his life back at Texas A&M when the joke was LT there too. He is not depth. He's a liability that can kill a franchise all by himself by having your offensive centerpiece hurt. Maybe seriously.
Ethan Wright (3 years ago)
everyone needs to stop arguing Carr bortles and Bridgewater are all going to be great.The future is bright and entertaining for the NFL
Prince Zane (1 year ago)
Richer Breault yeah and the raiders missed the playoffs and Carr was horrible this season
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
Ethan Wright haha who cares if people are arguing. If you are trying to stop every argument on YouTube you have your work cut out for ya. I think you are a Bridgewater fan by that comment. Carr will be the only good qb
Rican Daddi79 (3 years ago)
Bortles aka The Next Favre
Rican Daddi79 (3 years ago)
+are you eatin tho Look at how Bortles plays and with the scrambling ability, and hes a gunslinger and yea he may throw picks but he still throws TDs so he is what he is. Favre was like this and look where Favre is now? a HOFer
are you eatin tho (3 years ago)
+Rican Daddi79 Let's not go THAT far....
shalton blaylock (3 years ago)
shalton blaylock (3 years ago)
imma need a Aaron colvin highlight
Carnell Johnson (3 years ago)
+Jags lmao!!
Jags (3 years ago)
That's a paradox
Richard Gibson (3 years ago)
i cant wait till next season Raiders visit jags it should be a great game
NJV (2 years ago)
Richard Gibson lol
BossManiacGames (2 years ago)
@Mr. Brown and again
Myles (2 years ago)
Richard Gibson Blowout lmao
Bolts (3 years ago)
@Richard Gibson I LIKE THAT! xD but yeah if the chargers could get ramsey we could be a little better but who knows lolol
Richard Gibson (3 years ago)
@BossManiacGames​ word captain jack was the coach so its gonna be very interesting game shold be fun to watch two up and coming teams battling it out i wouldn't be suprised if both be in the playoffs this year
redwingsandjazzfan (3 years ago)
Bortles is the most underrated qb in the league. In a couple years he will be the best qb in the NFL.
LAGNAF Chargers (5 months ago)
redwingsandjazzfan interesting
MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp (3 years ago)
@Hinse This almost has nothing to do with the conversation. Joke isn't on anyone.
Hinse (3 years ago)
@JJ Watt eat dirt dolphins took advantage of a bad timing for the patriots.and jokes on you because vernon is a very good DE and might not be considered a "top 10 DE" to you but thats because he was stuck on the dolphins. He has a lot of talent and hes about to get in his prime. In the giants hes going to perform better with a better Dline and defense.
MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp (3 years ago)
@Hinse​ Once again this conversation had nothing to do with teams. "We lost Vernon" good riddance do you not see the fucking contract the Giants gave him??? 86 million LMAO they made him the highest paid DE In the NFL and he's not even a top 10 DE. I didn't call your team shit I said the "division" meaning the teams around them. "Jaguars are a lot better" is that why we had a better record and beat New England something your team couldn't do lol. This was only about RW and Bortles stop going off topic
Hinse (3 years ago)
"I would hope so you guys are in the shittest division" , phins suck and now there missing vernon lmao. Jaguars are a lot better than dolphins btw. After the free agency and before. I mean you guys did lose last season
Carr is better.
Broking Campbell (3 years ago)
when brady leaves I want him
Fatal Phenom (1 year ago)
Fuck no we don't want him! Jimmy is better than Bortles. Bortles is an inaccurate passer and turnover machine.
Lafayette Cathey (3 years ago)
Don't you have faith in Garropolo?
Broking Campbell (3 years ago)
ino lol chill
DeepSea Daniel (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Campbell called resigning
Broking Campbell (3 years ago)
only a 4 year rookie contract soooo??? 2 left
kaa992 (3 years ago)
+Brandon Ortega Cam should be the Broncos MVP
and I;m a rams fan lol
Yeah, DAB IT UP!
Brandon Ortega (3 years ago)
+T-MONEY #TMT Cam still has the superbowl to play in! Let's wait so there is more clips or the highlights! XD
DisneyEndings (3 years ago)
Carr vs Bortles 2016 if the Jaguars draft a great Line and Defense this year and in FA that will be one epic game with 2 amazing QBs.
Edgar Houston (1 year ago)
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
DHub88 I think Wentz is having a better sophomore season already. Just saying
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
DisneyEndings I think I feel sorry for you. Should of drafted Carson wentz
KD's Alt Account (2 years ago)
@you And go from 8-8 to like, 5-11?
wmwflwsbs (2 years ago)
Can we trade flacco for this guy.
icecru2 (3 years ago)
could you possibly make a delanie walker video?
Zach H (3 years ago)
Best QB in the league next year
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
21baltus also I think everyone knows what a colonoscopy is and the fact that the head is up his ass. It wasn't that clever and the fact that you are so proud about something so obvious means that your comebacks are all equally easy to figure out and lame. I think you are the one who thinks he is bright by saying something so simple to figure out. You must of thought for 20 minutes with help of Google search to come up with that one little boy
Dawson Garret (1 year ago)
Telvin League MVP hahahaha Wentz is way better
21baltus (3 years ago)
+21baltus>westwild89 Let me know if you need me to translate what that means bright boy.
21baltus (3 years ago)
+westwild89 Your old man should have sprayed you down the shower drain. You are truly an ignorant douche nozzle that doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. By the way, your doctor called with your colonoscopy results. They found your head.
Dylan Funkhouser (3 years ago)
No. Best QB of the next generation is Derek Carr.
westwild89 (3 years ago)
bust Derrick Carr and Teddy Bridgewater is better than Bortles.
Brandonwun (2 years ago)
westwild89 Carr is but Teddy is nowhere close to Blake
Truebells24 (3 years ago)
Derek Carr and Bortles are both great. Teddy is trash though I agree with you there
Carnell Johnson (3 years ago)
+westwild89 are you that stupid?
Lee Black (3 years ago)
N both have a 1,000 yard back🤔 true or false
Joel Dominguez (3 years ago)
Carr had a good season not gonna lie but bridgewater he has an ok season definately not better than bortles season
Cristian Herrera (3 years ago)
1. Carr 2. Blake 3. teddy
MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp (3 years ago)
@Hinse Bruh you stay be following me. Stop living your life on the Internet
Hinse (3 years ago)
+JJ Watt eat dirt you have lost your credibility
MinkahFitzGoat #FinsUp (3 years ago)
+Captain Spartan 04 Wait til Minnesota becomes a passing offense lol. like that'll ever happen
Cristian Herrera (3 years ago)
+Jags idk Oakland run game wasn't so great.
Jags (3 years ago)
+Frank Mir yeah but Jags were the 2nd worst in the NFL and Carr had a much better O-line but idk who had a better running game
Eddie Paz (3 years ago)
badass video!
Eddie Paz (3 years ago)
badass video!
Ben Clark (3 years ago)
You missed two of the best plays. His 80 yard pass to Hurns against the Colts and his 50 yard TD pass to A-Rob against the Dolphins.
Cliff (3 years ago)
Than McDowell (3 years ago)
+Ben Clark The Hurns pass is in the video. Incredibly tight window.
soarDK (3 years ago)
Man I miss your college highlights. They were so awesome. And I gotta be honest, there is no other channel that has the quality that yours had.
Money Lane Quis (3 years ago)
Big Bad Blake

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