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Max Keiser On The FUTURE Of Bitcoin & The FALL Of The Banking System

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Max Keiser of The Keiser Report on RT about the future of Bitcoin and blockchain technology as we see several attempts to create an ETF on Bitcoin. Max gives us his thoughts on it and surprisingly he's not overly concerned by the notion though points out the potential for us to see what happened in the gold markets with ETFs. Max also goes into where he thinks Bitcoin is going in the near future as so many analysts make absurd claims with no evidence to back them up other than speculation of course. Max also talks about the difference between decentralized cryptocurrency and a centrally planned cashless society like we see popping up in China and India. Finally, Max tells us what his favorite cryptocurrency outside of Bitcoin and Maxcoin is. It may or may not involve a market innovation allowing Venezuelans to feed themselves. Who wouldn't be in support of that? We're always happy to talk with Max. Stay tuned for more from WAM! Video edited by Josh Sigurdson Featuring: Max Keiser Josh Sigurdson Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson Visit us at www.WorldAlternativeMedia.com LIKE us on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/LibertyShallPrevail/ Follow us on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/WorldAltMedia FIND US ON STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@joshsigurdson BUY JOHN SNEISEN'S LATEST BOOK HERE: Paperback https://www.amazon.com/dp/1988497051/ref=zg_bs_tab_pd_bsnr_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=ZBK6VTXQRA2F77RYZ602 Kindle https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B073V5R72H/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1500130568&sr=1-1 DONATE HERE: https://www.gofundme.com/w3e2es Help keep independent media alive! Pledge here! Just a dollar a month can help us stay on our feet as we face intense YouTube censorship! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=2652072&ty=h&u=2652072 BITCOIN ADDRESS: 18d1WEnYYhBRgZVbeyLr6UfiJhrQygcgNU https://anarchapulco.com/buy-your-tickets/ Use Promo Code: wam to save on your tickets! World Alternative Media 2018 "Find the truth, be the change!"
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Random Shiz (3 hours ago)
nah its americunt
Steven Jobe (15 hours ago)
Max, I love you and Stacy no matter what! But please, please review or at least mention a new coin called APL/Apollo. It is one of a couple of thousand unknown projects, but this one is worth your time, I swear! Whatever Monero has going on in terms of privacy, Apollo has it beat by a country mile. Please check it out and let us know what you think, please broadcast the word regarding APL.
William Sims (19 hours ago)
If you have money, and grandchildren, buy them one Bitcoin. That’s what I would do. Need Social Security, buy some slices to supplement it. Get busy.
FlatTimes (1 day ago)
Elton John knows more about Bitcoin than I expected
Lunkyful (1 day ago)
You should of asked his opinion of BCH.
SrFulanoTal (1 day ago)
he said Monero because he didnt know about Tokenpay and their ecosystem. I'd suggest everyone to simply take a look and do some research on Tokenpay $tpay and their ecosystem.
Sammy C (2 days ago)
Cryptos are the biggest ponzi scheme going!
Joshua Lopez (13 hours ago)
Sammy C only 99.9999% is Bitcoin going to the moon
benjmanx (3 days ago)
Pickle Max
Artur Kowalski (3 days ago)
Bitcoin is done!!!!!!
Joshua Lopez (6 hours ago)
Steve Brule i love bitcoin i gossip it everywhere i go.
Steve Brule (6 hours ago)
Do you even do any research at all? you sound like all the people in the past that said bitcoin is done during a bear market, get yourself together man!
Joshua Lopez (13 hours ago)
Artur Kowalski $1000 bitcoin last year $6000 today. Sorry u lost
Dgb is great too #dgb
shawn barnes (4 days ago)
Pierre Jeudy (4 days ago)
Two super heros superman day job was a reporter. Much <3
Kevin Clark (4 days ago)
This week I read an ounce of silver but food for 6 months in Venezuela. I am ready,
G SML (4 days ago)
Isn’t Max still involved with EOS? I thought he was part of a BP team
Mike (4 days ago)
Bit coin is going to be bit bust
Crypto Kiwi (4 days ago)
Hard fork casino 😂
Joshua Lopez (13 hours ago)
Crypto Kiwi bcash to zero
Jamband BillyD (4 days ago)
It's interesting how they both discourage the competition of other digital coins coming onto the scene. I think it scares them. If the other digital coins didn't matter, then why discourage their presence?
aBrAkAdAbRa MGTOW (4 days ago)
Crypto maniacs seem more concerned about when cryptos will skyrocket than their original, genuine purpose: free decentralized transactions. Crypto maniacs are actually ponzi maniacs and they don't realize, they delude themselves.
Ken Semotiuk (4 days ago)
Warm says that maxi pad kieser loves his panties, Josh says that he will pass on the wearing panties.
The Farmers Daughter (4 days ago)
The idea governments are going to be cut out is naive.
UKMHT (5 days ago)
Phoenix has arrived. Liquid just been initiated watch out swift bitcoin is coming for you. Bitcoin side chain can eradicate world poverty. Universal credit can be introduced helping all the people of the world come together. All nations can amalgamare their nations currencies on the bitcoin side chain. Countries.now.have a way to become debt free and stabilize inflation. Wow a free world taking care of each other. Liquid btc side chain can help humanity. Watch this space
Rob Hannum (5 days ago)
Bitcoin with segwit and lighting network and futures market manipulation.. means.. useless.. now and forever.. its over.. Go to EOS or similar crypto.. BTC is dead.. sell sell sell!!
Faith Fournier (5 days ago)
Max Keizer Aquarius power!!!!!
saveonthe1 (5 days ago)
Blah Blah Max Keiser is a annoying rodent on meth. Bitcoin equals toilet Bowl! HODL2ZERO
zazzleman (5 days ago)
young guy is fucking clueless
John doe (5 days ago)
Follow you both heavily!
longrider (5 days ago)
Hey I like the idea of a de-centralized currency just as much as the next guy...but so long as crypto's are BACKED BY NOTHING then they are no better than or different than fiat currency which is BACKED BY NOTHING. Back a crypto with REAL gold or silver and i will listen. Until then talk to the hand while I buy REAL gold and silver. Why swap paper NOTHING OF VALUE for a digital... NOTHING OF VALUE ??
longrider (1 day ago)
Crypto...No I'm not getting tripped up in semantics I am getting tripped up in logic and reason. It's ok son..I too was once financially ignorant. Seashells were once a CURRENCY of exchange...a medium of exchange..not money. . Bitcoin is a cryptoCURRENCY not a cryptoMONEY. Perhaps someday you too will understand the difference between currency and money as I now do..perhaps not.
Crypto School (1 day ago)
+longrider money can be anything... Seashells were once considered a sound form of money. You're getting too caught up in definitions. Fab and others above are correct... Bitcoin is backed by maths which is absolutely unalterable and something that no form of money in the history of man has ever been able to achieve.
longrider (2 days ago)
Fab...I lack understanding ?? Bitcoin is NOT MONEY...It's CURRENCY...It's called a crypto CURRENCY not a crypto MONEY. It is currency created out of thin air and backed by nothing...just like fiat national CURRENCIES are. Gold and silver are MONEY. Learn the difference. (hint)...you can't just PRINT more gold or type it in on keyboard using FREE blockchain technology. Please invest HEAVILY in Bitcoin and Etherium...for my sake. More silver and gold for me.
Fab A (2 days ago)
i think you might have a misunderstanding of how money works. That's like saying gold is backed by nothing. The reason gold is valuable is because historically it's been the hardest money known to man. All other forms of money were eventually debased to the point of destroying their value. The reason eventually gold became the most valuable and stable money is because of how hard it is to acquire compared to all those other forms of money, making it scarcer, and winning in the supply/demand side vs those other forms of money. Bitcoin is officially the hardest money ever conceived. Harder than gold. the reason nations backed their money with gold historically was because it assured it's users that they couldn't just print it to zero value. With Bitcoin, it doesn't matter how much the demand increases, you can't make more of it, so for that reason, it does not have to be backed (or you could say that it's already backed by the protocol on the network).
Edweezi (2 days ago)
An immutable ledger is worth trillions of dollars. +longrider
roksho1 (5 days ago)
Also it is CAN...ADA not Can't ada...
Leif Cid (5 days ago)
Come to Anarchapulco.com Feb 2019 use code WAM
Robert Lefebvre (5 days ago)
Keiser has sold out! Josh you are right standing against ETFs! Cryptos already ARE electronically traded! If the mainstream involvement was legit then they wouldn't have made their trading the only "commodity' that physical delivery COULDN'T happen! That is ironic since it is the EASIEST commodity to deliver errr electronically!
Paul Furtado (5 days ago)
bitcoin COULD BE a safe haven. COULD BE. Price prediction $100,000.00 per bitcoin. PREDICTION. That Max Kaiser guy want to buy some tulips for $100,000.00? Everything that is coming is coming? DASH in Venezuela? Isn't there an electric problemo in Van jesue La? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/in-sight/wp/2018/10/08/venezuelan-children-head-back-to-school-amid-dire-shortages/?utm_term=.3ba8b95cc093 Mostly your videos make sense till you guys talk about crypto currency and/or bitcoin. Then I just shut it down but today I listened to the whole video. I must say thumbs down. Seems your brain got hijacked by bitcoin. So I must ask, whose bitcoin mouse trap caused your brain to fail, do you remember how and when?
dolo gore (5 days ago)
you cant spend bitcoin and last year the fees were ridiculous and the transaction times terrible, and buying bitcoin is a rip off, still is........and this was without any adoption.......ETN is way ahead of bitcoin in adoption terms
Vikram Hrishikeshavan (5 days ago)
DigiByte is in Venezuela too. Along with dash.
Vikram Hrishikeshavan (17 hours ago)
More options to go to a deflationary asset during troubled times. Liquidity probably always is an evolving paradigm. Consider the scenario - If person A wants bread from B and B finds that currency X is circulated a lot and is trusted, then B will be quite willing to exchange the bread for X. And this only improves with time. BTC makes way for more efficient altcoins down the line.
pepitoaus (19 hours ago)
What are any of this coins good for when you can't do shit with them! I think vomiting the word Venezuela as a case scenario for the success of cryptocurrencies is quite superficial, they might be good to escape from the Bolivar into another currency if you are planning to leave the country permanently but if you are staying in, any currency is useless. The situation over there is so critical that only food and fresh water are the most essential goods!
Solid money (5 days ago)
Dash is the biggest crypto currency by far when it comes to adoption in Venzualla, and yes it even beat btc there when it comes to adoption.
Shawn (5 days ago)
How's that shitcoin doing bruh?
Demolition Man (5 days ago)
Okay ..you lost me at trump supporters...free market and what trump is trying to do does not take away or hurt free market ...the problem is ..the world is not a even playing field ..US companies are moving out of America to countries with less taxes and cheaper labor ..essentially taking potential jobs from American citizens now it’s gotten out of control to where America is getting screwed while countries like China are benefiting from American innovation but not America ..we have millions with no job and factory workers are high paying jobs ...it’s like me saying ..your for Americans prospering but don’t care that American factories are moving to other countries by the 100,000s ...trump is doing what I knew what would happen when I was 13 and saw everything in Walmart is being produced in China ..every time we buy something from China it only benefits Walmart and China ..while America is left out ..if we don’t do something now the Chinese communistic country will be the new super power of the world so unless you want to be in a communist world of freedom ..you should be cheering for trump to win this trade war cause if he does it will greatly benifit America and if he doesn’t we will get hurt but if we do nothing we will get hurt anyway ..it’s war dummy let your nutts hang and shoot for the moon
Charles Wilson (5 days ago)
World financer. You mean the rothchild bankers? Idiot.
Adrian Segura (5 days ago)
Bitcoin went down with the market 😂😂. It's not looking like a safe heaven .. not looking so good . Maybe because bitcoin is measured in dollars.
Roy Pratt (5 days ago)
$dgb Digibyte the longest on chain , most secure, 40x faster then bitcoin currency to date. Digiyte is also in Venezuela helping. I strongly urge everyone to research DGB.. #crypto
Roy Dopson (5 days ago)
In this era of abrupt climate change, the mining of Bitcoin is a travesty. ADA and it's proven Proof of Stake is the future of digital assets
and Justice 4 All (5 days ago)
When the thieves walk with their piles of other peoples' money, there are ZERO legal ramifications to get it back. Hello!? If you are VOLUNTARILY GIVING AWAY your $$$$ to a digital-coin like this, it's YOUR CHOICE! It's gone!
qloudz (5 days ago)
BTC/LTC are sound money.
kj kim (5 days ago)
Josh, i don't get it. You call out on the government-issued fiat curruncies but then you endorse corporate issued software program as something of a real value. This doesn't add up. When a bright person like you make such inconsistent claims at the same time, that either means you are not smart or you are lying. Cypto shall not replace paper currency or any physical 'money" especially for the protection of individual's privacy and property right. If you can only store your wealth through a system established by another person, that means that you will actually never get the real ownership. As you always say, money in the bank doesn't belong to you. It's just electronic number. But at least you can withdraw these moneies and put it under your mattress. Crypto currency on the other hand, you can't do that. The system will always know how much you own, where your wealth is stored, when you made a transaction on what. You know this. You know this. I really like you josh. Please drop being a puppet for the establishment's new wild wild west slaughter of indigenous ppl.
Leigh Jenkins (5 days ago)
Doesn't China have 70+% of the BTC hash?
Leigh Jenkins (5 days ago)
XRP will dominate.
shawn barnes (4 days ago)
Leigh Jenkins once mass adoption takes place "GAME OVER"
Leigh Jenkins (4 days ago)
@shawn barnes, I totally agree, not many have researched XRP, the they been pre-programmed to come out with "centralized banker shit coin", If they had researched it, they would see that XRP will be the worlds global bridge currency, plus swift integration will blow BTC from the number one slot, XRP is way less centralized than BTC, China currently has 76% of the hash, no western goverment will adopt this. Ripple currency has 13% of the nodes and 45% of the validators on the network, so in fact "IS" decentralized. So many BTC maximalists are going to butt hurt when XRP goes full bull in Dec/Nov.
shawn barnes (4 days ago)
Leigh Jenkins they know the truth about xrp but they are keeping silent about it.The proof is in the partnerships and max knows this but is distracting you with misinformation
Jens K (4 days ago)
XRP = Centralized shit-coin!
dieselhound84 (5 days ago)
kingo55 (5 days ago)
Lol, U on drugs
P Murphy (5 days ago)
Max Max Max....lol Max needs to earm his huge payoff from the generous people at Dash. That's where bitcoin differs. Bitcoin pays no-one. Bitcoin promotes itself.
Mark Ford (5 days ago)
Dash is a better bitcoin. It's faster, cheaper and more secure (a double spend attack would also have to break second layer Instead Send transactions).
Solid money (5 days ago)
Bitcoin has first mover advantage, but hands down Dash is superior to bitcoin. The low fee's alone is reason enough for the people in Venezuela they are switching from btc to Dash.
Max isn’t the majority of Bitcoin miners and a substantial amount around 70 percent is owned by China already? There for making it centralised?
RedPillMale (6 days ago)
Shitcoin is just another fiat currency.
Lachhab Regragui (6 days ago)
Max is a genius.
andrew booth (6 days ago)
vimy 15 (6 days ago)
hmmm, no mention of reggie middleton and veritaseum ?
Nick Arrigo (6 days ago)
You're so full of it Max. Who in their right mind would want to use btc..with its clunky/slow network and inability to scale. Top it off with the fact any decent sized change requires a hard fork...There is an option that currently exists which ticks all the boxes......ripple XRP....the fastest, most secure and truly scale-able DA and only one that's solving real world problems in the present!
Afira Vira (6 days ago)
https://advcryptopayments.com/register?r=Registernow Free 0.004 BTC
Jonee Tiedemann (6 days ago)
Max should read the obituaries of executed bankster motherfuckers. 15 seconds per head, not more.
DarthShadie (6 days ago)
I like that: "It's AmeriCAN." It's also CANada. Now I've got that Johnovision thing in my head from the late 90's. "Yes, I can!" Remember him? Ended up in the Trailer Park Boys hehe
RATED4EVER (6 days ago)
I Love TRAILER PARK BOYS. It was my very first tv show that I ever bought on dvd full price for every season since 2007. It's fun as fuck to watch & it never gets old. Know What I'm Sayin' ?
The Truthseeker47 (6 days ago)
Cardano will be the top dog. It's a monster in the making, uses proof of stake and quantum proof. Look into it if you don't believe.
The Truthseeker47 (3 days ago)
+shawn barnes You seem to be very sour. Step back, relax and enjoy the fall weather. Only time will tell and the shit coins will go down in history as the biggest scams ever. Cardano will prevail and will overtake Ethereum so mark my words.
shawn barnes (4 days ago)
The Truthseeker47 a piece of shit speculative coin with no real use case...FOH
The Jazz Monastery (6 days ago)
Flange of Penticorp!
Krevra (6 days ago)
lmao (((they))) will still have control over bitcoin, Think they are just limited to banks, think again.
EAT PLANTS. (6 days ago)
Winnipeg strong! 💪🏽 great interview dude
Varuzh Shakbazyan (6 days ago)
Bitcoin is nothing more than a bunch nerds manipulating and scamming people out of their money. It's just as stupid as fiat currency which most of it is digital anyway. Except now you're susceptible to all kinds hacks, manipulating, and theft. How is this different from the fiat Ponzi scheme?
Joshua Mylonakos (3 days ago)
Mark Ford r
Varuzh Shakbazyan (4 days ago)
+Mark Ford I never have and never will. When that bag of hot air called crypto currency that you're holding evaporates into nothing then we'll see who gets the last laugh. No government on Earth is going to give up control of their money to a bunch hackers and thieves. I can't believe how stupid people are, btw where are all those dummies that bought bitscam at $19000?
Varuzh Shakbazyan (4 days ago)
+Guilty Hobbit I get it, it's latest get rich quick scheme and won't be the last. Nobody is using Bitcoin for it's intended purpose. It's being used by speculators and hackers to drain money from suckers like you. Tell me I'm wrong.
Guilty Hobbit (4 days ago)
You obviously don’t get it. Do some research
Mark Ford (5 days ago)
+Varuzh Shakbazyan You've never used bitcoin, there is no password, only on exchanges. You shouldn't leave much bitcoin on an exchange.
Yacine Moumni (6 days ago)
may i ask u what u think about etn ( electroneum)?
Crypto Music (6 days ago)
that dude is why I bought my first Bitcoin. Thx Max
Crypto Music (1 day ago)
Well I lost it in Gox if that tells you.
Eduardo Cobian (1 day ago)
Me too.
D1mken Sharpshooter (4 days ago)
And that was when?
4711Express (6 days ago)
I swear I heard Krusty The Clown but I suspect he was holding the camera.... https://youtu.be/mSdV12FhNR0
God Fearing (6 days ago)
If the banks fall there will be nothing left. There will be riots in the streets....
VISHNU NOT (6 days ago)
i dont like crypto Josh
wayne mcclory (6 days ago)
The NEW crypto is a Gold backed coin so this will be a winner for GOLD.... remember only a few Americans are buying crypto but the entire world is buying Precious Gold. Including all Governments ! Go Gold !
Kevin Smith (6 days ago)
Max looks like a nutty professor
Ned Yalko (6 days ago)
Max has not mentioned VERITASEUM, they are tokenizing PMs and creating a way to trade them away from the COMEX and LBMA
pistooli1 (6 days ago)
mavovo kid (6 days ago)
Bitcoin is the future
Eduardo Cobian (1 day ago)
That's precisely what bcash is.
Leigh Jenkins (4 days ago)
BTC is Chinese pig vomit.
Krod7435 (4 days ago)
Long live bitcoin
savinna V (6 days ago)
Naw...cash is here to stay..
Angel truth (6 days ago)
Love your videos!!!!!
Luke Monkman (6 days ago)
Oh look the freemasonic black and white duality is being portrayed on Max by his cloths and his necklace for the whole convention.
DOMEATHOME (5 days ago)
You are fucking retarded
Warren A Stowe (6 days ago)
nice video, investing in Bitcoin has always been a frustration to me, I lost half my portfolio to the crash, trading couldn’t help me because I had little experience , all I needed was somebody to put me through.On several occasions, Bitcoin Ben and some majority of the videos uploaded on Altcoin Buzz channel made references about the great Mr. CEDRIC DAHL, so i contacted him and he promised to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, I have earned 9BTC in less than a month from his tradings. He is competent , honest, consistent and very experienced, contact him at cryptocedricdahl @gmail .com or via telegram *@cryptocedric1, or WhatsApp +1 904 419-3234.?
Danish Haider (5 days ago)
P Murphy (5 days ago)
Yousaf Hussain (5 days ago)
macrise (6 days ago)
I smell a fucking SCAM in here.. Guy do NOT contact this guy!!! Fucking bots or insiders replying to this crap
wilson bradley (6 days ago)
for me i Rate him 80/100 but trust me no loss with his strategy.
Luke Monkman (6 days ago)
Bitcoin for the reptilian dragon. But litecoin for the Phoenix which is the one for the people if they want to continue the charade in this freemasonic reality.
TheVandolizm (5 days ago)
+Luke Monkman Take less mushrooms bro
Luke Monkman (6 days ago)
The Achons have no imagination so Bitcoin is for real but our reality is not real so.. hey time to wake up!
Be happy (6 days ago)
Max pumper
Tomas Av. (6 days ago)
Rafa Dominguez (6 days ago)
I still don't get bitcoin. Can I buy stuff with it? Like oranges or pizzas? Electrical bill? Water? Gold and silver still seem the very best route. (I am serious I don't get it).
Thunder Foot (22 hours ago)
Rafa Dominguez What can you buy with gold silver? Oranges, pizza? :- )
Jerma (2 days ago)
I'll be as honest as I can with you but also after my opinion give you links to see for yourself. Technically yes you can buy stuff with bitcoin but at this point in time I wouldn't advise it, there are debit cards you can load up with bitcoin to make it seem like transacting with fiat money however bitcoin right now is volatile so today you might have 100 dollars on that debit card next week you could have 80 or 120. Right it's best use is as a long term store of value. What's so great about it compared to precious metals is that like precious metals it's finite in nature there will only ever be 21M bitcoins. currently the rate at which bitcoins are released (note not created) is actually higher than the rate gold is newly added to the market through gold mining, this changes in may 2020 at the next halvening where as opposed to right now every 10 minutes 12.5 bitcoins are released to the miner, then only 6.25 bitcoins will be released every 10 minutes making it a harder money than gold. The other great thing about bitcoin is unlike gold you don't have to centralize it. You have to store your gold in a bank because A) it is physically heavy cumbersome and takes up space and is hard to denominate for smaller purchases, and you want it protected from would be thieves. B) while bitcoin is slow in transactions 60 minutes for total verification it is much quicker than physically moving your gold from say yourself to wherever amazon's accounting department is. As I previously mentioned this is why gold has to be centralized, and because of that is HOW the US Dollar at least was able to be removed from the gold standard, in 1970 one ounce of gold was worth $35 meaning you could cash in $35 dollars and receive your one ounce of gold, in 1971 nixon removed us from the gold standard which allowed the federal reserve to increase the money supply at its whim. gold is currently valued at $1219 per ounce, that is how much value you've lost in the past 47 years holding your wealth in fiat money means you've lost 97% of your wealth compared to holding it in gold. Governments can not do this to bitcoin because it is trivial for people to secure their bitcoin for themselves they do not need central banks to store their bitcoin. Some will, but large holders will not because it costs the same to store protect and transact .00001 btc as it does to store 100btc. what makes this very interesting and lucrative for you and I is we do not have a bitcoin standard yet, it's still in the early adopter phase, meaning we have the potential to turn whatever you buy now in bitcoin into 1000+x with a bitcoin standard. buy $1000 worth of bitcoin right now and in a decade or so it might be worth the purchasing power of today $1 million. The best economic presentation on this is very likely Saifedean Ammous': The Bitcoin Standard on the Bitcoin Austria youtube channel (skip 4 minutes to get to english) but that might be a little more advanced for you in terms of terminology. I would suggest first a more introductory presentation to get familiar with it. Youtube "Bitcoin vs. Political Power: The Cryptocurrency Revolution - Stefan Molyneux at TNW Conference"
Edweezi (2 days ago)
The Australian government just made it legal to pay your bills with bitcoin. Lmao poor kids who don’t do any research.
TheVandolizm (3 days ago)
+Bitcoin Memes Today bitcoin doesnt have intrinsic value it would have no value to aliens. Even if they had too much gold, they eould buy it if they needed it for their ship or whatevrer. They would never need bitcoin for anything.
Bitcoin Memes Today (3 days ago)
+TheVandolizm Bitcoin is more scares than gold. (The aliens could come from a planet where there is too much gold.)
lowbloodprsure (6 days ago)
Look the biggest flaw of Bitcoin is way too divisible. You can own .00000000000000000001 Bitcoin it's the exact same thing as unlimited printing and no one is talking about it.
Mark Ford (5 days ago)
It's only divisible to eight decimal places and can't be changed without forking.
Luke Monkman (6 days ago)
yes I do, but we still need a currency to wheen the human race off of money all together. We just need to keep it decentralized in the mean time or we will loose.
lowbloodprsure (6 days ago)
+Luke Monkman ok but you get my point?
Luke Monkman (6 days ago)
no, it only goes as low as 1 millionth of a bitcoin. Its called a satoshi
Rob Leese (6 days ago)
That’s correct... the only difference is suppose to be decentralised, but when they allow ETF or similar it becomes centralised once again. The real value in bitcoin is not bitcoin but the block chain, and the things your able to do with block chain to keep records ... and bare that in mind when a Government is running one .. they can see every thing you do - no tax avoidance, no black market . So really it’s the best way to get fucked in the arse by government !
meermuizen (6 days ago)
max is good and wonderfully crazy xx
Adam R (6 days ago)
Tom Bahns (6 days ago)
Gold plated turds are the future. Trump currency
lowbloodprsure (6 days ago)
Come on 100 k bit coin, it will happen during hyper inflation, but a sandwich will also be 100 thousand.
UH-OH MONKEY (6 days ago)
BCH is ready for world domination no need to wait on the lightning network
smittieaj (6 days ago)
Ya'll keep trying to make that happen... It's not going to happen. BCH was a free-coin opportunity for BTC holders when it forked, and is now nothing but a pump-'n'-dump token.
Kevin Belcher (6 days ago)
I love Max but he's dead wrong about Bitcoin being 'digital Gold' . .THAT'S WHAT THE BANKERS WANT YOU TO THINK.
Kevin Belcher (16 hours ago)
Bitcoin is not? lol what has the price done ever since they created a BTC ETF?? LOL. The banks are all making crypto exchanges. It's just ponzi scheme 2.0. Gold&silver are the only truly decentralized anonymous money.
William Sims (19 hours ago)
Kevin Belcher saying it’s digital gold is wrong. Gold is controlled by the central bankers, Bitcoin is not. Although, they will do there best to destroy it, kill it, possibly you too.
Crypto School (1 day ago)
+David Sutherland actually Bitcoin is based on 100% verification and 0% trust. That's kinda one of the major benefits of Bitcoin
Fab A (2 days ago)
David Sutherland fair enough and good luck to you as well.
David Sutherland (2 days ago)
+Fab A I think we will just have to agree to disagree. There's no point in saying educate yourself when you don't know me. My brother mined Etherium for years, so I do know a lot about crypto. I used to be a fan of it. But hey, I wish you good luck with it.
Danibolical 1 (6 days ago)
buy low sell high...
Danibolical 1 (6 hours ago)
*sigh*, Legal weed does have its down side.
jo ker (9 hours ago)
Nooo wayyy i been buying high selling low...
Matt Brown (4 days ago)
Im always high so i cant go wrong :D
Brian Corcoran (5 days ago)
Wow! I never knew that.
Krod7435 (6 days ago)
Long live ancapistan and bitcoin!
Timothy Horrick (6 days ago)
The dollar is all ready loosing ground internationally, being used in only 2/3s of international trade, as apposed to 90% just in 2015
Robert Ledingham (6 days ago)
Max..time to get riggity riggity wrecked son
Matt ward (6 days ago)
CRYPTOS a safe heaven!!! LOL!!!!
Joshua Lopez (13 hours ago)
Bitcoin is. Not other crypto
Daniel Kent (4 days ago)
+gemini232003 They never started at zero..
Lachhab Regragui (6 days ago)
+gemini232003 idiot
gemini232003 (6 days ago)
All cryptos started a zero and will end there when the dust settles.
ThanksMia (6 days ago)
max kaiser is the man.
vinniboxer (6 days ago)
I don't think Max knows a whole lot about cryptos. Uuuhhh, Litecoin?
Lachhab Regragui (6 days ago)
He knows a lot about xrp 😁
J C (6 days ago)
Max looks a bit like a mad scientist with this white jacket :)
James the Ponderer (6 days ago)
Bitcoin is one more fraudulent and manipulated trade. EVERYTHING offered to the public is laced in fraud. Jump in and enjoy the deception, the smoke & mirrors and ponzi potential. I lost enough $$ prior to steer clear of anything financially offered to me. From financial planners who are salesmen to CEO's and insiders reaping the benefits, We the public are always left being scammed.
scott russell (6 days ago)
Is he tall or are u short 🤔
Briggs (6 days ago)
you got crazy Max on!!! Awesome!
KillaCommieFerMommie (6 days ago)
@ 6:12 .... "HYPOCRISY"? How so?.... Trump didn't START this trade war.... Canada and China had tariffs in place for us LONG before Trump came a long.... Now that we're fighting BACK, it seems to be a problem.
Micky Garcia (6 days ago)
Fighting back isn't wrong; being stupid is. I think caging animals is wrong, especially the kinds that are in serious trouble like endangered species. However, going to the local zoo and opening up their cages to let them out is not what I'd call a good idea. The problem is that our chief idiot never thought it through, refuses to listen to his advisors, and never takes responsibility for his mistakes, which this is.
lowbloodprsure (6 days ago)
It's true what you say but who prints the world reserve currency? He who prints the dollar is ripping off the planet.
Timothy Horrick (6 days ago)
I wouldn't have laid taxes on the American people, instead I would have set up a blockade! No Chinese goods to enter the us!
flat face (6 days ago)
If you subsidise your industries, (in the USA, dairy, corn, sugar to name a few) your export customers have to put on tariffs to protect their domestic industries, level the playing field.
Folkvar (6 days ago)
~Josh - Tax is part and parcel of life under a debt based monetary system and telling people what to buy doesn't mean they have to buy it. What Trump is doing is spot on for now. Also, when have we ever had a true free market? It's a pipe dream.
Garry Croft (6 days ago)
Hoddle to 0
Garry Croft (5 days ago)
+Lachhab Regragui I already have real digital gold that is outside the banking system stored with Brinks. The difference is I can spend it anywhere in the world that takes mastercard.
Lachhab Regragui (5 days ago)
+Garry Croft bitcoin is digital gold 😉
Garry Croft (5 days ago)
+Lachhab Regragui gold and silver is the only Real money.
Lachhab Regragui (6 days ago)
Fuck you
Garry Croft (6 days ago)
Bitcoin has gotten slaughtered.
daved PrimeDice (1 day ago)
down from 20k
TheVandolizm (5 days ago)
nasdaq got slaughtered
Lachhab Regragui (6 days ago)
+Shinobi-1 yes right .
Shinobi-1 (6 days ago)
It was $5,000 last year this time and $2400 last May. And Traded stable in the 6500's for a month now. It's still pretty good cryptofam.
josh77577 (6 days ago)
crypto crash tho

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