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Safe Storage Options for Altcoins Cryptocurrency - Hardware Wallet, Ethos.io, Paper Wallet

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Currently safe storage for cryptocurrency is questionable.Requiring many of us to adopt a diverse storage strategy. Many wallets lack the option to store all altcoins along with Bitcoin in the same place. Some choose to store on multiple different wallets while waiting for a truly universal wallet solution to become available. Maybe Ethos will be that option,.
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Raf Child of God (5 months ago)
can you please help me, i have many alt coins like Dragonchain, Vechain, HPB, NANO, BTC etc but i heard Ledger Nano S doesnt store most of the alt coins i have, so whats the point on buying Ledger Nano S? i want to back up my long term alt coins but i dont know how to do it. i dont want paper wallets as it seems difficult and i dont want to store them online wallets. I am new so i would need easiest way to do it user friendly, thanks
Robert Harbin (5 months ago)
Where would you store XVG coins?
borg386 (6 months ago)
My nano s froze before I even had a chance to use it. Total junk! Thank God I had no coins in it. Think I'll stick with the paper wallets.
Thander CRYPTO & MORE (6 months ago)
Is there any free wallet that holds Ripple + Cardano +Verge + Stellar Lumens and Tron at once? That´s for long time hold.
John Milner (7 months ago)
so even if you lose the Nano, you can still recover the altcoin stored on it ? that doesnt make sense. what good is it then to have cold storage, if you dont need it to access the coins ?
John Luke Tyner (7 months ago)
Is there a way to transfer coins back and forth without getting your tail handed to you? Dang it is expensive for someone with a little $$ in several
bill jones (7 months ago)
I have a stupid question. If you buy a nano leger or trezor wallet lets say u have for example bitcoin on several exchanges will it combine them offline? How does this work? Thanks in advance.
Cynthia Yohn (7 months ago)
Eidoo Wallet
Gary Cameron (7 months ago)
ETHOS $100 End of year!
Beke Lemke (7 months ago)
What about PiLLAR
Nathan Cope (8 months ago)
Check out https://www.commonwealthcrypto.com/ They're working to solve this problem. (I'm trying to get a job there too!)
D Money (8 months ago)
I have ledger but don’t trust mew with latest issue. I have no choice but exchange right now
Elijo86 (8 months ago)
Take a look at the ETHOS Telegram group. You get the best messages there: telegram.me/ethos_io
Ray ortiz (8 months ago)
Can someone help explain this??? If I have my coins on an exchange and I go to send them to a hardware wallet (nano) does this “sending” resulting in a transaction fee?
sec0ndton0ne408 (8 months ago)
ENJ is slept on so much. They actually have had working project for some time now and their team and community are involved 24/7
Kilana Kyasuta (8 months ago)
I've gone exodus. But they could use more alt wallets
Dee Seuss (8 months ago)
Enjin recently released their universal wallet. It's a pretty good looking app with a nice interface. I recently downloaded it and have been impressed. They've incorporated nice security features.
Binary Sunset Chaser (8 months ago)
Ethos is just an outstanding project. I am looking forward to their UW which should make the Nano and Trevor redundant. The UI looks beautiful. Whilst Exodus looks good, I think they may be a little late to the party.... thanks for a great vid Jeff, as others have said, I have been waiting for a new vid on this topic.
Gear Jammin (8 months ago)
Thank you for posting this, I just got into this about three weeks ago and didn't know it was even an option. I always thought all the wallets were pretty much the same and held coins like BTC, LTC and Ethereum. I'm not even sure how to get started in other wallets or how to know if my coins are erc20. I'm going to go ahead and check into Exodus, though, I don't know how to get my coins into it yet, but I have to start somewhere. I've also read that you get charged pretty heavily for doing this which is concerning because I didn't really start off with much to begin with. Again, thank you for all these great videos.
K.o.S (8 months ago)
Hello everyone I am new to the whole bitcoin crypto currency kind of thing, and I really hate being that guy asking for something, but I am currently out of work. Back in December of 2016 I was in a car accident that left me with eight herniated discs and nerves impending im my back. I have not been able to maintain a steady job, and it can be very strenuous both emotionally and financially for my family. Now I'm not just looking for handouts, although if you had some spare change laying around I would be more than grateful to accept it. I need someone that can help me get started, show me how I can make money from home so I don't have to go through the unbearable pain of working a 9-5. Any help advice would be greatly appreciated, and my family and I would be forever in you debt. Any donations you feel like giving this is my BTC address :19CfSPPqAwXYkMqfoyNJGMnUZmRMKJcgfD Any advice you would like to leave me please feel free to comment on this post, and I will send you my email. Thank you to all who took the time to read this, I deeply appreciate it 😊
Daniel Cole (8 months ago)
Check out Eidoo.....supports erc20 tokens and soon to support BTC on IOS and android. They are also going to try to add market ability on the app soon.
Israel Sandoval (8 months ago)
How do you back up your keys ? I hear you saying this a lot through the video. Hope to get a response Blockchain J 🙏🏻
Saray Saray (8 months ago)
What is the best wallet to store xlm in? They are now on an exchange. I do have a nano ledger s. But i assume that i have to transfer the xlm to a wallet first right?
mcshane01 (8 months ago)
exchange, hardware and desktop
Ulviux (8 months ago)
ERC20 Token Airdrops: https://airdrop.havven.io/?kid=KZ9VX Havven Airdrop http://Refer-Twitter.data.eco/invite/2QgZ1R1g DTA Airdrop https://referral.goldchain.pro/?code=lxtb8134Ph Goldchainpro Airdrop https://dimensions.network/airdrop?r=Ulviux Strikecoin Airdrop
G B (8 months ago)
I like Trezer the most, but I am very interested in Ethos!
G B (8 months ago)
Thanks Jeff!
CryptoMikey (8 months ago)
Why cant someone design encription software for norman regular jump drives/thumb drives it seems like it would be easy dont you think?
Pat Durkin (8 months ago)
Check out EIDOO. And they r making a exchange on it
Parralix (8 months ago)
You should check out Mark.Space ICO
ZoTrAcK (8 months ago)
Aren't those Ledger's have a flaw against man in the middle attacks? No mention about it? why oh why people still recommend these unsafe hardwares without mentionning the securities flaws?
Jaygillenhaal (8 months ago)
Great video here man and I think we all believe Crypto will last far into the future! Knowing this made me look into some cryptocurrency digital will/inheritance options and I stumbled onto Digipulse (DGPT). Very low coin supply (and also doing a coin burn towards the end of April according to Coinmarketcal.com), scheduled to release their product beta in 4 weeks, and it's the only coin that I discovered in the digital inheritance market, so it seems to have first-mover advantage. Only problem is that it's only available on Cryptopia and Etherdelta!! I foresee it being listed on some bigger exchanges soon and when it does, the potential is massive. But honestly I would love to see a video breakdown from you before I invest! Thanks and keep up the great work!
Cryptozcoin (8 months ago)
Hearing good things about Digipulse would also love to see a video on it
kevn00 (8 months ago)
interesting find!! please do a video on dgpt
Stone Crypto (8 months ago)
Would be happy to help arrange a DGPT interview as well! Please let me know if this is possible.
Simond Wong (8 months ago)
I would def second this request for a video breakdown, please!
Dan Watts (8 months ago)
You can export all your keys in Exodus
Giuseppe Dimarco (8 months ago)
cash in your pocket is real 😉💷💷💷
AK (8 months ago)
Altcoin Buzz ...you guys are on it!!!Just yesterday i commented on this topic.Thank you for the information. As a newbie....this is one area that baffles some. Whilst there is mountains of info on the subject. Who do you trust??? I trust AltcoinBuzz. Ledger and Trezor etc seem the best option. But these are not quite universal, as i understand?And they a rather pricey here in SA. Currently I am looking into the USB option. But once again...when getting advice, who do you trust or follow?
Felidire (8 months ago)
I store everything on Litecoin-qt, DASH-qt, and metamask. Everything else sits on exchanges or Coinomi in small amounts. For long-term storage of altcoins I'd go with ledger. I'd feel much safer holding large quantities of coins on my SFF PC as opposed to my phone.
Crypto Ritzy (8 months ago)
Hi guys, thank you for the awesome channel! Please, what are your thoughts on storing TRX??????
Adam Toulon (8 months ago)
Crypto Ritzy TRX is an ERC20 token and can be stored on MEW or any hardware wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. Most wallets that support ETH will most often also support ERC20 tokens such as TRX. Cheers 🤓
lee (8 months ago)
HI, Altcoin Buzz have a look at Enjin Wallet, can I have your view on it.
shizza82 (8 months ago)
Exodus is the best.
Tim Wade (8 months ago)
Murex wallet
harshavardhan shatamraj (8 months ago)
good info...!!!!
Hobbissrty (8 months ago)
Should seriously try using the Eidoo Wallet. I don't know a hell of alot about Wallets and transfers but Eidoo is easy as hell to use and covers all Ethereum tokens. also BTC soon.
Hobbissrty (8 months ago)
I must say they suck real bad at marketing their product so far..
Xinthisis (8 months ago)
ETHOS best overall project in cryptocurrency.
IwwIccA W (8 months ago)
Zeonnz (8 months ago)
I keep as many coins/ tokens as I can on my Nano S and the rest that aren't accepted yet just on the exchanges
Jason Gibson (8 months ago)
Apparently pillar is suposed to be the be all end all of wallets. I hope that is true.
BlockChain BoardShop (8 months ago)
Enjin wallet best so far
Charlie D (8 months ago)
Problem is, these are all new platforms, WHO to trust! I think the best option for a few years would be to backup on usb and keep it in a drawer. Until things get better and bugs get worked out.
Cee Dee (7 months ago)
Can you store on a usb???
Infinite Vibxz (8 months ago)
Charlie D I'm not scared of new. If anything happens whatever. The actual methods is what matters which method has the easiest and seems the most secure.
redneck Crypto (8 months ago)
Can all coins be transferred from exchanges. In most "how to" videos BTC, ETH, LTC, or BCH are talked about as far as storage is concerned. What about the rest? Can I transfer TRX out of exchange to paper wallet, or hard wallet? I just started 3 weeks ago and have about 300 hours invested into research and under 1k invested altogether. Some coins I plan on hodl'n, others I plan on trading. I want to get my hodl's off of exchange. Please help me out as i am a newb, and need this. I was one who was slightly freaked aboot Binance, but I don't have my life savings involved in any of this. I plan on going hard core into this. Thanks
K Vargas (8 months ago)
Your not the only ones in this position. It is very confusing and concerning. How do you just back up on regular USB ? Like the paper wallet for safety but can you pull ALL coins on a paper wallet ?
Gear Jammin (8 months ago)
I'm in the exact same boat and am hoping somebody can answer this. I didn't know that this was even an option. I have about 20 different hodls across three different exchanges and was wondering if there was a way that I could hold on to them outside of the exchange. Getting started was confusing to me at first, now this is confusing me because I thought the only coins you could store was like BTC, LTC and ethereum.
Charlie D (8 months ago)
Jeff, great videos all the time, thanks for the news and keep it up man!
Jose Fernandez (8 months ago)
Karan Dhillon (8 months ago)
exodus and eiddo
D Based (8 months ago)
Exodus is good i've had it around 5-6 months and no issues, but also have coins in like 12 different locations as not everything can be stored on there.
D Based (8 months ago)
Not sure i never noticed them to be too high, but i usually transfer at least 150$ -2000$ in and out to exchanges. Bigger transactions might be less in fees overall. For it's exchange the fees seem low, i recent exchanged 1ETH into near 2000 BAT tokens and my overall crypto value was only like 7$ less.
OTT2OWN (8 months ago)
D Based what about the fees though when you want to remove a coin from exodus? I stopped using it because the fees seemed high for my low amount of funds I was transferring. Does the fee stay 1 flat rate or does the fee increase if you need to remove a large amount of crypto?
Randy Reddick (8 months ago)
Are mobile wallets safe from hacking??? I know nothing is 100% but it seems like mobile apps could be easier for someone to get into...
Randy Reddick (8 months ago)
MrMJD81 I'll look into that... thanks
MrMJD81 (8 months ago)
RANDY REDDICK i m using eidoo and its save 100% even if you loose your phone or you replace it. Just save the phrase and made a strong password. DYOR before proceeding
Josh Lain (8 months ago)
I can vouch for Exodus. Been using it a while, never had an issue. Nice platform, easy to use & great Dev's. Only issue if I had to pick at something would be the fee's, but they've recently altered those for the better.
Jake Duckworth (8 months ago)
Ethos looks like an awesome project but it looks like it doesn’t have a product yet? I assume it’s wallet will come out in 2018 sometime
cschlechter1 (8 months ago)
It's almost there! The Universal Wallet will be released within Q1, so six weeks at the most. And that's just the first step towards the Ethos ecosystem...
Peter Bayliss (8 months ago)
Coinomi wallet covers a ton of coins and tokens
Belhoussine Drissi (8 months ago)
It's definitely ethos Looking forward for the launch Keep up the good work Jeff Happy trading 💹 ☺️
Jake Duckworth (8 months ago)
Keeping anything on exchanges worries me greatly. I was using Jaxx then transfer to Trezor but i recently switched to Exodus...I love the shape shift abilities and the amount of coins Exodus supports, Jaxx also has Shape shift.
Gwen Mickens (8 months ago)
Thank you!! I was searching for someone providing info on this, you were right on time.
Deb Holtz (8 months ago)
I must say, if this system wants old money to come in, then they need to make this process easier. I am the OG crypto granny and figured things out myself. If only 4% of my generation is in this, think of where it might be in the future once they get this wallet thing solved. Veritaseum may be the solution for the large big money if they can get into that space easily. Who doesn’t like easy?
Scatpack Mustang (8 months ago)
$100 is nothing to protect the thousands of dollars you have in crypto! Keep up the hard work!
Scott Busby (8 months ago)
Hardware wallets are expensive. I just want a wallet on a USB stick.
Frank (8 months ago)
exodus fees are as exuberant as coinbase
The Umpire's Post (8 months ago)
Frank True! Exodus would be great if they added more coins, and lowered the fees.
shizza82 (8 months ago)
datadash lol
Mike Maxwell (8 months ago)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For doing a video on wallets! I’ve been waiting for this!
Christoph Seeliger (8 months ago)
Check Eidoo
Miiike03 (8 months ago)
nice informative video except 7 months old reference? that's like 50 years in crypto
Ned Robinson (8 months ago)
I use Nano Ledger for ERC20 and $Neo. I saw Morpheus today and that looks interesting. But I’m really waiting for the Enjin iOS wallet. That looks really cool with 2 layers of encryption and many safety features like a random keyboard so your keystrokes can’t be hacked. Plus you’ll be able to buy and sell cryptos directly from the wallet although we’ll have to see how that will work out. I know we think of Enjin as a gaming coin but they have a much bigger mission than that with their wallet. The Android version is available for those who want to check it out. But, the main point is to not leave your coins on exchanges. The exchanges own the private keys, you don’t. So they could close up shop and you’ll have no claim to your coins. Ever. None.
Neel B (8 months ago)
germandude010 (8 months ago)
Enjin wallet.....holds btc, litecoin, ethereum and most ERC-20 tokens... updates list daily. Pretty good wallet.
D. Norbut (8 months ago)
germandude010 Have to check it out. Have heard good things.
Prevade Music (8 months ago)
If you get the Ledger Nano S don't freak out if it doesnt work at first. I already tought it was a big scam with garbage tech and a lot of people seemed to have the same problems of not being able to install the apps needed for their coins and so on, but after 1 day everything worked fine and still does since that day. Unfortunately it doen't support all the coins I like, but it still feels much better to have the bigger positions stored in a safe place like this.
Prevade Music (6 months ago)
Did you just buy it lately? Because there has been a firmware update and mine also froze after updating, but once again I simply had to wait for a day and it worked perfectly fine again.
borg386 (6 months ago)
Prevade Beatz mine froze before I even put coins in it. Piece of crap from the git go.
Randy Reddick (8 months ago)
CryptoBands Guru yea the Google chrome thing is what's preventing me from moving my coins/ tokens onto my ledger.... my computer doesn't support chrome too well and it always loads in Chinese language....i need to get/ use a better computer that is more Google chrome compatible.... I've had my ledger for a month and all I've done is set it up and get my recovery words. 😥😥😥
Prevade Music (8 months ago)
Good to hear that it directly worked for you. Just wanted to make sure nobody loses their mind when it doensn't work at first like in my case :D.. Yeah I heard chrome is planning to stop the support for apps, but also that the ledger team is working on an independent app. Let's see.. And you probably already know, but seems like the apps can simply be deleted and re-installed when they are needed, but I also wish they had added a little more storing capacity on the device to avoid stuff like this.
Ned Robinson (8 months ago)
Prevade Beatz I’ve never had an issue with the Nano. Only negative is that you have to use it with Chrome extensions for erc20 tokens and you can only keep a few apps on it at one time. But overall it’s great and makes your coins safe.
Donovan Beatz (8 months ago)
Donovan Beatz (8 months ago)
coinomi, toast wallet, daedalus long term.... and exchanges for short term trades
Doc Holiday203 (8 months ago)
Binance should just make a seperate site that is just a wallet.
Julie Barnett (8 months ago)
There's news out about Myetherwallet and mycrypto....myetherwallet safe for now but things are changing...so important to stay updated about this one
Ramses Reyes (8 months ago)
the shapeshift function on Jaxx wallet will take your money, be warned. Im no noob and lost 60 dollars worth of ETC because of it
Christian S. (8 months ago)
Eidoo does (EDO) this now with Erc tokens. Bitcoin tokens coming soon. Ether based token exchange coming. It also also has an ico engine to launch new ico via platform. Its a working decentralized platform for ios and Android.
Christian S. (8 months ago)
Ethlend was the first to use the ico platform through $EDO
Gus Lob (8 months ago)
I use Coinomi, I like it. Has many options and has Changely and Shapeshift trading integrated.
Wassef Kamal (8 months ago)
Enjin is a great mobile wallet
Mr Yellow (8 months ago)
So what makes ethos stand out over exodus ??
ThiaS CSGOSkins (8 months ago)
My problem is that withdraw fees from exchanges are soo high..
Mr Yellow (8 months ago)
I have no crypto coz of credit card ban and m not worried about storage at all. I wish some one could awaken my worry feel :-))
joe (8 months ago)
ETHOS is the coinbase killer!
Jake Duckworth (8 months ago)
I will love to research Ethos thanks
D. Norbut (8 months ago)
If it comes out anywhere close to what they are planning, it's going to make basically all wallets and Coinbase obsolete.
Christian S. (8 months ago)
joe ($EDO) eidoo
braynor (8 months ago)
Metamask and exodus at the moment. Eidoo is another project working on a universal wallet and they have a working product so far that holds all eth tokens.
L (8 months ago)
Thanks very helpful I’ve been worrying over this
Marcus Conn (8 months ago)
I am using Exodus and like it alot. They are growing there support of many coins and eventually you can completely abandon exchanges entirely!
nbtx78130 (8 months ago)
Brb gotta drop a deuce
Wouter Wouters (8 months ago)
Hi, video i was waiting for. What i was asking myself; what is the big difference between a ledger wallet, and a USB stick? I mean; they both store some bits and bytes? Who in the alltcoin army can make the software to turn every external hard drive in to a cold storage?
Yury Bolotov (8 months ago)
That steemit article is 7 months old... Another great wallet is Enjin wallet. It has an app for android
Yury Bolotov (8 months ago)
D. Norbut I reckon Enjin
D. Norbut (8 months ago)
Yury Bolotov Exodus or Enjin until my Nano gets here? 🤔🤔
mikeythearchangel (8 months ago)
i don''t trust their eyes jeff.... the exodus guys i mean. really bad vibes on that one.
Ghosting the Dragon (8 months ago)
I highly recommend the Trezor....really simple setup process as well.
Ghosting the Dragon (8 months ago)
john Britt I live in Australia so I bought it from an online Australian company that sells hardware wallets...if you live in Australia too and want the companies name il look it up.
john Britt (8 months ago)
Bullet Proof Monk where did you get it from
Ginger Williams (8 months ago)
somebody please put a Michael Jordan sad face on mycrypto.com
Jimmi Hendrix (8 months ago)
Problem is solved and it's called 'PILLAR'. One of the biggest for 2018!!
California Dreaming (8 months ago)
Never store on Exchanges - Never put all your eggs in one basket - If you trade, never trade all your crypto on 1 exchange, get in and get out! Use a Cold Storage! Take it from someone who has learned the hard way. I use Ledger Nano s and Trezor. Never issues and safe! Put your back up seeds (words) in a safe place. Never give the seed out to anyone! One last thing... never give out your private key to anyone! I mean no one! I also use Exodus and Exodus Eden, do not use Exodus Eden unless you are experienced! Exodus is safe, safe as long as your pc is safe!
faekz (8 months ago)
Keep key is good too. Force initialization on set up
Great Gazoo (8 months ago)
Litecoin Cash.......What are your thoughts?
Great Gazoo (8 months ago)
Exodus and KeepKey
Dan Hamilton (8 months ago)
Peggy Johnson (8 months ago)
Too bad you didn’t put a link to that Steemit page for that list of wallets. I loved your video about this! It’s a dilemma
Donald Aguirre (8 months ago)
BLUE has an excellent wallet. I suggest you also buy $blue. They support erc20 and adding more all the time. Great team, great project.
Donald Aguirre (8 months ago)
OTT2OWN that's a good question. It cost ether to move out but it won't actually take away from your tokens that you store in there. It's like when you use my ether wallet you're not spending your actual tokens you spending gas to transfer the tokens out.
OTT2OWN (8 months ago)
Donald Aguirre Are the fees when you want to transfer crypto from the BLUE wallet to an exchange more reasonable than Exodus? Is it a flat fee or does it go up the more crypto you transfer? Thanks for your time,still debating on what wallet to use.. I guess I'll probably have to use atleast a few..
Nigel Noonga (8 months ago)
People. MEW is still safe as long as you use it with a hardware wallet like the Ledger or the Trezor. These wallets do not expose your private keys, unlike unlocking your MEW directly with your private key and/or JSON file.
Nigel Noonga (8 months ago)
Western Survival not too sure about metamask. I believe its safe but I personally dont use it.
Western Survival (8 months ago)
Nigel Noonga what about just using mew with metamask?

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