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Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution | Full Documentary

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Exploring the revolutionary Bitcoin digital currency. It doesn't need banks or to be printed. It can be transferred in a second to anywhere in the world. With global financial instability in the headlines daily, more and more people are taking their money away from the banks. Is Bitcoin the only way forward? Magic Money paints a future where control of our money is taken away from global institutions and given back to us. Eye opening! Subscribe to Journeyman here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=journeymanpictures For more information, visit https://www.journeyman.tv/film/6891 Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/journeymanpictures Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JourneymanNews https://twitter.com/JourneymanVOD Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/journeymanpictures Visit our subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/JourneymanPictures/ Say hi on tumblr: https://journeymanpictures.tumblr.com/ 100th Monkey Films – Ref. 6891
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Text Comments (372)
M Morse (19 hours ago)
Ltc mining farm. Includes house make an offer.
Mystical Tech (8 days ago)
Guys, say whatever you want about Roger Ver, this dude almost converted the whole of Japan to Bitcoin, so fucking respect him!
Bitcoin Tech Jobs (10 days ago)
This was such good information I had to comment I normally don't comment. Your information is right to the point thank you for sharing Freestockapp.com/Binance
micalob ultra (11 days ago)
4:19 tone vays? wtf
Jeffrey Kalb (11 days ago)
Bitcoin is the fiat currency of the ignorant masses. It is nothing but a vehicle for speculation, with no intrinsic value, excepting its use to launder money.
Rinku Kumar (12 days ago)
I miss you Roger Ver.
Casimira Osborn (17 days ago)
En los últimos 2 meses, gané más de $60,000 al operar con bitcoins, pero mi éxito nunca comenzó de esa manera, ya que había tenido pérdidas sustanciales antes de mi punto de inflexión en el espacio Crypto. Compré 2Btc el año pasado, que aumentó rápidamente en la corrida de toros, pero finalmente perdió la mayor parte y se vendió lo que quedaba. Eso fue lo último que tendría que ver con bitcoins hasta que me presenté a Brandon Gaston por primera vez, me pidió que conociera mi experiencia comercial. Luego me dio una idea rápida de lo que debe tener en cuenta al elegir una plataforma y un montón de otras cosas que la mayoría de los operadores experimentados nunca pueden decirle. Lo más importante es que me presentó su diseño especialmente diseñado y me brindó asesoramiento profesional y señales comerciales precisas. Con su sistema, el comercio se ha vuelto fácil y rentable y solo quiero correr la voz y así ayudar a todos los que se encuentran en mi desafortunada situación anterior. Para todas las preguntas, puede buscar su ayuda en esto (Gastonbrandonn @ gmail. Com)
love2rogue (17 days ago)
would not be possible for everyone to go to the bank and withdraw there money and take it home, it just doesnt physically exist. the world would be fucked in an instant if everyone went and emptied there bank account on the same day IN CASH. money is just a distraction and illusion one day we will be smart enough for it to not exist at all. IMO.
Rolland Johnstone (19 days ago)
The current trend of HODling currency for life from a financial point of view is a wrong strategy for profiting. There is a major difference between stocks which can be based on professional advice held and currencies (cryptocurrency) and this is because most of them are hypes and highly speculative. I myself have made over $80,000 in the last 2 months day trading my BTC which I am sure would be a fantasy if I where HODling. I used a trading system developed by Mr. Jame Long and with his trade pattern and signals, I am aiming for greater highs. If you have any inquiries, you can reach him on **(jameslong241 @ Gmail. com)
colin schabel (19 days ago)
wait this all relies on the internet. dosnt whoever controls he internet control crypto? please answer
colin schabel (19 days ago)
is the loss of government control and bank control why republicans want to get rid of net neutrality to screw crypto ?
laizess faire (28 days ago)
In this world it is not the market that decides but the power of governments. Bitcoins can not be multiplied at will, so Bitcoin, as it is now, can not be approved by the government as a means of payment. So we will have to continue to use printed toilet paper as money until we get rid of the superstition that government are necessary.
Bit Coin (30 days ago)
great Documentary
My-Quang Le (1 month ago)
If the banks are still around or tax systems are still around all over the world, Bitcoin still ever be an idea.
JORGE M. GERLACH (1 month ago)
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Gaming Channel (1 month ago)
Denis Brideau (1 month ago)
i love you and all your music jacelyn !!!!
Marvin Nyakweba (1 month ago)
who tried to scan the private key? lol
NBK Krypto (1 month ago)
Dam ... Roger Ver is unbearable #XRP #NBKrypto
Bobby D (1 month ago)
Good doco but 2 years old already!
Johann Hilander (1 month ago)
To short, I want it to be 6h, it is a very good doc.
zapply yan (1 month ago)
Taylor (1 month ago)
I can't even stand listening to Roger Ver's VOICE anymore. He's just sooooo full of shit. Makes me cringe.
Ernie McCraken (1 month ago)
Nobody wants to listen to the Bitcoin Beavis talk.
Tom Saxton (1 month ago)
who wants a currency that can go down 30percent in a day it's useless as a currency
NBK Krypto (1 month ago)
You can't really be that dumb ... i see how the public gets fleeced in the equities market. You people have rocks for brains. Its not about it being a tradable asset, it's about the tech Flinstone. There is your value not the fact that pea brains like you can short or long it. People like you are the problem.
Watchara Pintamoolน (1 month ago)
Well I found $4652a making system that is really working:(just go to) greatworks.club/?nQFPm Great work...
Rebel State Sovereign (1 month ago)
Anyone scan the Bitcoin address and get anything ? Just curious....
OX DNTL (1 month ago)
beep boop the unbanked peoples of the world need this beep boop
tony andrade (1 month ago)
Cryptocurrencies will coexist with but not replace the government money systems just yet. 1. It is totally dependant on end user devices and internet connection. 2. Very unlikely that wealthy people put their money into cryptocurrencies, there is no trust. 3. Technical issues that may arise if massified. The ledger consensus will become more difficult if millions and millions of transactions are performed every minute.
NBK Krypto (1 month ago)
Ofcourse it will replace govt money. If you have an itme for sale. Would you take your fiat currency or would you take Bitcoin where the value is going up. Its a simple choice.
robin muirhead (1 month ago)
Rubbish you need XRP for 3 sec trans, Bitcoin takes hours !! LoL
SAL (1 month ago)
actually, we now have the bitcoin lightning network, were bitcoin transactions are done in 1 second.
dallas texas (1 month ago)
what is wrong with ver?
Mom's Basement (2 months ago)
I'm pretty sure that criminals and the wealthy love the idea of Bitcoin.
Merv (1 month ago)
Wait? Which crims, the wall st ones or the street corner ones?
Deputy Dawg (2 months ago)
@7:51the transaction was falsified, just do a QR scan of the code and then look up in the block chain explorer and you'll see no transactions. HAHAHA, nice try guys :)
Jake Bassett (2 months ago)
It’s sad to see that bitcoin isn’t going to make it. We all should have realized that bitcoin already existed. It’s called the dollar. I have many digital dollars and almost never have physical cash. So many got duped. Luckily I didn’t mess with it.
authentic (2 months ago)
connecting to fibre the best thin to happen
Krystal (2 months ago)
There are over 2000 cryptos now.
Eric (2 months ago)
Is the computer do the talking? sound creepy=))
The Alpha Wave Podcast (2 months ago)
Listen to anchor.fm/alphawave and you will never wonder ever again about anything in crypto. You will just know.
Bondy (2 months ago)
In the last month since 8 Nov BC has crashed in value from around $8,800 to $4,700. People holding BC cash in their wallets will loose out under such volatile conditions.
AnynkaM (2 months ago)
The last 2 months, I have made over $60,000 from trading bitcoin but my success never started that way as I had made substantial losses before my turning point in the Crypto space. I  bought 2Btc last year which quickly rose in the bull run but eventually lost most of it and sold off what was left. That was the last I would ever have to do with bitcoins until I was introduced to Brandon Gaston first of, he asked to know my trade experience. He then gave me a quick insight on what to look out for when choosing a platform and a bunch of other things most experienced traders may never tell you. Most importantly, he introduced me to his specially designed layout and provided me with professional advice and accurate trade signals. With his system, trading has become easy and profitable and I just want to spread the word and thereby help as many that are in my previous unfortunate situation. For all questions, you can reach out for his help on  ([email protected]  Com)
Moses Muraya (4 days ago)
Hi Brandon i need your help
siriusisastar (1 month ago)
Hi Brandon!
John Enerio (2 months ago)
The problem with Bitcoin is that people were inflating the price of Bitcoin with other crypto currencies in the market. Blockchain is the true innovation they're not interchangeably together both are different and one can work without the other. I'm introducing Blockchain into my video-game except it's more Centralized to make people recognized legitimate users from non-legitimate users.
SAL (1 month ago)
centralized blockchain? that's just a fancy way of saying "regular ole database on a server".
tebello stow (2 months ago)
Ryan Reid (2 months ago)
EvLSkillz (2 months ago)
awesome documentary :D loved it.
jmakaylaad (2 months ago)
You will never own it
jmakaylaad (2 months ago)
In sane thinking. You cant hold it in your hand are put it in your pocket.
Merv (1 month ago)
I hear ya, I've been thinking that for years. But it turns out everything is fluff.. The cash in your pocket is nothing but a promise from an organization that may or may not be able to keep it when you need them to. Gold seems ok, but if there is a crisis, would you give your food/gas/coffee/bullets/medical supplies up for some gold? Or scraps of paper? Everything is worth what someone will give you for it.. Nothing more.
alyssa tan (2 months ago)
lol bitcoin is a joke
rapierwhip (2 months ago)
bought nxt when it dropped 50% from 2.0 to 1.0 100k worth , my 100k is now worth 3k. If there are any kind souls who made a fortune my btc is 1HMWpEJVUkZh2MhRfZcV7r8giPN38Wp9VF :*(
Jimmy Ellis (2 months ago)
I was taught that all new technology in the past was met with people saying it would never work like planes and electricity. Great dcumentary
patrick99e99 (2 months ago)
As soon as I saw Trace Mayer and Tone Vays, I felt sick to my stomach. Thankfully, once Roger Ver came on, I started to feel much better. Thanks Roger!
Mark Pine (2 months ago)
Interesting information. Makes me want to get some bitcoin.
Disguise What (2 months ago)
you may buy that documentation on their website – but you have to pay by credit card. what a joke.
Philson (2 months ago)
37:06 ok I'm sold. gotta get me some Bitcoin.
GSHeverything _27 (3 months ago)
GSHeverything _27 (3 months ago)
🖕🖕🖕🖕 VER
Prince Alex Yonwuren (3 months ago)
Money Gramm does the same.
Tomáš Telenský - vlog (3 months ago)
3:24 "Instantly??? Almost for free????" ... Really??? 3 dollars per transaction is for free? And it takes several hours.
Steve Nippress (3 months ago)
Gus Edgar. (3 months ago)
Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.......!!!!!! You chaps have very little love for Mr. Ver.....? Poor old Ver, what's he done to you....? Hahahahahahahahah.....crypto people are genuinely tribal..... & genuinely funny....x.
Work With Nature (3 months ago)
OK sounds great but what is preventing the government or others to mine all the bit coins in existence using AI or a super computer?
MR HUEY (16 days ago)
I believe that one entity will control all the mining power in the future. Unfortunately that would mean bitcoin could become centralised. No one knows the future..... only time will tell
Work With Nature (3 months ago)
I mean a real super computer not like the one in the recycling center!
Scott Schechtel (3 months ago)
Noooo FOMO. Crypto Lives! Of course at this writing, November 2018, a new bull run is looming and XRP will be the coin to watch for...The 2020's will be life changing for the world!
ozinusa (3 months ago)
proven to be a scam
MCVE (4 months ago)
the Japanese are always so far ahead with these things.
This all sounds like prophets preaching the gospel of virtual wealth at the end of a mythical rainbow… Rich people inventions for rich people «problems»...
Jedeko (4 months ago)
funny that people still dont know that btc is coming from a A.I and not from a guy
Kristian Kho (4 months ago)
Should have been Andreas Antanopolous
Matthew Kuraja (4 months ago)
The narrator tries too hard to sound interesting with her accent and tone, I don't think I can finish this.
worf58 (4 months ago)
Why Roger Ver??? go play with your Btrash...
noryn syra (4 months ago)
i stopped watching cuz of Ver
pashminagal (5 months ago)
I love how he calls the BTC transfer a teleportation!
Fergal Downes (5 months ago)
Whats up man, cool video that you have here. I subscribed.
Jason vieira (5 months ago)
not bad documentary until they said satoshi was British! that's like saying a black man from Africa named John jacob jingle hymer Smith is president of England! besides, this bitcoin stuff is too complicating and corrupt officials are trying to monetize off it already!
Miguel Rivera (6 months ago)
surbon514 (6 months ago)
This seems like app hype and propaganda. BTC is just too volatile, that's why your local shop won't accept it
surbon514 (6 months ago)
How are these 2 bil unbanked people supposed to use bitcoin with just a cellphone? How are they supposed to convert cash to BTC? BTC atms are still very rare. These people are not living in reality. BTC is all hype
Caiden Keren (6 months ago)
yeah right this vid is in 2018. currently PCs can never process BTC as claimed in the vid. Asics are needed. Even these cannot keep up. This known for a long time now. The difficulty gets higher and BTC is finite. That mining rig shown in the vid can't do BTC. Geez, bunch of misformation. Decentralization is just another way of covert operations by using cells. But Ya still need a (central) chain of command to process in the cell-network. This is no sure-proof way that it cannot be corrupted. At this massive level, I wouldn't be surprised there will leaks, and backdoors - ways to siphon this sci-money without notice. let's back up, we do not have an inkling who founded BTC. I ascertain that since no BTC developers and founders came to be known by the public, and if it was hackers >> rogue coders >> blackhats behind the creation of BTC, this system is already on the hitlist of an alleged suspect[s] bending the law for profiteering. Ever heard of Ponzi or Pyramid Marketing? BTC is like that in the new age. Very advanced and very difficult to detect. the top echelon are the ones raking in the big bucks - distributed from the bottom right to the top of the food chain. The separation between the wealthy and the ones above the lower class is still more apparent than ever with this cryptos scheme. Worse kind of profiteering as it is not transparent enough and does not answer to security regulations and financial laws. All it does is hike the dang prices of GPUs, globally and sharpen the claws of avarice. The gaining what little BTC one does by mining, investing, and trading is an illusion. Millions of millions of people pooling in hard money into BTC to raise its value so freaking high that well, whoever is in it is playing with the others money, hopes, and dreams. Apparently, the analysts stated every January, BTC dives out of orbit and drops like a meteor. I figure it was just the richy rich giving themselves a New Year's present as they buy out and wait for the fools to buy back in.
Patricia curtis (6 months ago)
Obviously not aimed at us as we are not the children that need educating however our mums would prolly understand more.
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James Barrick (7 months ago)
Okay show of hands... how many of you tried to scan the private key shown at 24:40 ?
James Barrick (7 months ago)
BTC will eventually crash the value of gold... MOST of the intrinsic value of gold currently is the inherent value as a world reserve currency. That should eventually be wiped out. Then gold will be valued in terms of its usefulness in industry, as well as jewelry and decoration. Silver would also lose value but it currently trades below the mining cost so it could not really lose value. So I would guess silver stays relatively flat and gold comes down to somewhere under $100/oz based on current USD valuation
Sebastiebass (7 months ago)
thumbs down for the Shill Roger Ver
pika Buzz (7 months ago)
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Tamás Papp (7 months ago)
Tom Nyongesa (8 months ago)
33% of credit card fraud from Africa really?
Tony Butcavage (8 months ago)
The Central Banking power structure will not give up the keys to the kingdom easily. Also government taxing authorities present a major problem. Other than that...you’re good to go.
Steve Ramona (8 months ago)
Great video.
Alex Martinez (8 months ago)
24:18 " It've very important to note that your private key is something you really shouldn't be showing around everywhere" as he shows everyone his private key
KARYA MANFAAT FM (8 months ago)
please give me bitcoin whatever it can give ,,, thanks 1FQVr53ZapSYqKbNgW4ioKzrNszicNmLP9
KARYA MANFAAT FM (8 months ago)
20$ is enough
Anthony Nero (8 months ago)
Bitconeeee... yeahhhh
Kevin Kapitein (8 months ago)
Made serieus money in 2017 with HTMLcoin ! Today 16-5-2018 iT s starts increasing serious again, no idee Why , but im happy.. trader is bluetade. Good luck.
Adrian H. Dragan (9 months ago)
Not asset based......
Pocmuky (4 months ago)
The p2p network and the scarcity of coins that can be mined give it it's value.
heath wiley (9 months ago)
What if a man didnt create bitcoin. What if this is the rise of the machines and this is their first seemingly harmless act.
Jason vieira (5 months ago)
heath wiley i agree. a.i. created it. now it can't be stopped!
BTPurpleMom (9 months ago)
You’re missing https://coinxmap.com Not only monitor, but also vote, follow and share all your favourite crypto-assets and project! Very user friendly design.
David Bermudez (9 months ago)
1.Computers 2.Internet 3.Email 4.Blockchain In the next 10 years or so, the Cryptocurrency Industry will be worth trillions of dollars
Gus Edgar. (3 months ago)
I really do hope that's the case David, I lost so much pension..... I know this sounds mercenary, but I'm due to rustle up a couple of BTC in the following week & I hope it appreciates.... I will also of course, utilise the currency to promote familiarity... Thanks....
Anon One (9 months ago)
30% of credit card transactions from Africa are fraudulent? you'd need to think hard before 'sending' money to such an area in a transaction. Paedos, drug cartels and human sex traffickers will use this to fund their odious trades, directly, tax free.
Alvin (9 months ago)
"No amount of violence will solve a math problem." - Trace Mayer.
Barry Fennell (9 months ago)
How are computers guessing at mathematical computation relative to its capable notation? Seems like a bunch of horse shit as to what the computation is for.
Martynas Zujevas (9 months ago)
1st minute... The revolution technology is not a bitcoin... It's blockchain....
Michael John Nacional (3 months ago)
slap him bruh :)
P Murphy (3 months ago)
There's NO blockchain without bitcoin!
CS:GO сФинщини (9 months ago)
what is Ver doing there? scum
who just farted (9 months ago)

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