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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Forks, Wars and The Future of Money with Roger Ver

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Anarchast Ep.452 Topics include: Roger unable to attend Anarchapulco this year, Bitcoin Cash and the recent forks, Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin Cash, conflict with Craig Wright another internet conspiracy, Bitcoin cash is fast cheap and reliable, Bitcoin Cash candy machines and monkey feeders, feeding Bitcoin cash to chickens, Bitcoin used to be faster, Badger Wallet, market dynamics, dark net use and privacy, new Bitcoin Cash use cases coming, don't miss Anarchapulco 2019! Anarchapulco February 14-17, 2019, Acapulco, Mexico Anarchapulco 2019 tickets now available at: http://anarchapulco.com Bitcoin.com website: https://www.bitcoin.com Subscribe to Anarchapulco channel to view every speech from Anarchapulco 2018 being released regularly: https://www.youtube.com/c/Anarchapulco?sub_confirmation=1 Anarchast on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Anarchast/?ref=ts&fref=ts Anarchast: http://anarchast.com Enjoy our content and would like to see us get more amazing guests and spread the word of freedom? A donation to this BTC address will give us more resources to do so: 16AJs5DFEcfCuXkwmx1o54Ld4yXzPP1gVR
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Text Comments (154)
antzkr (18 days ago)
Sounds like jeff is losing the "big block" faith. Lol.
NewEra916 (20 days ago)
Hey Jeff why don’t you make a video of how to get all btc forks?? I think ppl would love that!!
Krzysztof Salach (20 days ago)
Bitcoin slow and expensive? What about Bitcoin Lightning Network ??? So, Jeff you can use original Bitcoin now which is cheap and fast as nothing else :)
Simon Rogers (20 days ago)
Looking from a far angle - People struggle to work with Roger Ver. Everything he touches breaks apart.
Antoine Jameson (21 days ago)
Many exchanges are still keeping high Bitcoin transfer fees, it's crazy
maff1989 (1 month ago)
bitcoin cash is king
jacobawojtowicz (1 month ago)
Oh Lord, when a 30 minute interview becomes a sales pitch and shit slinging, I'm not interested in your product, Ver.
raymond nichols (1 month ago)
Bcash is a dead coin. Bitcoin and lightning wona long time ago..why beat a dead horse.
raymond nichols (1 month ago)
+justice4germans bitcoins fees are on average 10 cents. Bcash fees are less but nobody is using it. Look at the trading volume Bitcoin was at 8 billion today vs bcash 2 million. Enjoy your bcash bags.
justice4germans (1 month ago)
lol, lightning is not a solution, enjoy the upcoming $50 fees again
Kiwi AustEcon (1 month ago)
There are plenty of anarchocapitalists and libertarians who support bitcoinSV. Roger is being very disingenuous. Very disingenuous. Ancaps want PRIVATE LAW! (Myself included). Other ppl want laws but don't understand how it could be done privately. What we all have in common... we all want LAW! debate ancap vs minarchist all you like in the real world but bitcoin has to live in the REAL WORLD and facilitate due legal process... evidence... whilst maintaining privacy for users. Bitcoin SV gives you best of both worlds. Both of you lack the technical knowledge to even know what you're talking about. Bitcoin SV is private for users but not anonymous for miners. (This is also true of BCH... meaning they can be shut down for breach of law).
C Groff (1 month ago)
ok, so currently the security of the network is based on the "hash" power or cumulative computing power protecting the network. To keep it simple, the more total computing power the more secure. You can get more computing power by A) more people running the program on their computers OR also by B)centralizing massive computing power to only a few big players. "Bigger blocks" means that more computing power is required to run the program, so normal people cant run the program anymore on their computers so only big companies and massive operations can. Of course large central computers can form a network and communicate quickly, but that model is already what we have today AND its much less secure, it forces you to trust the big players AND because less total people are running the program the "HASH" power is lower on a centralized network and much more susceptible to A 51% attack (a stronger computer attacks it). BTC is slower and more expensive because its more secure and can not be hacked. Currently there is probably not enough computer power in the world to sustain a 51% attack on BTC. So with that said, BTC and BCH are both free market competitors to the FED, we have choice, the choice is yours, as it should be.
C Groff (1 month ago)
Bitcoin is the tool that we made to take back the money. The FED has 100% control of the money and lending supply therefore 100% control of the economy and we do not vote for them. Nothing else matters until everyone uses Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, free our money like speech. Only the free mkt can save us. Then in the future wont have Anarchy, we replace 90% of the gov "representatives" who can be corrupted with public open source algorithms which will take us down a new path. A decentralized tokenized ecosystem that can stay in equilibrium through direct p2p and real free market that has never before been possible!
sommi (1 month ago)
*Bitcoin Cash is TRASH* -- do NOT Buy this scam. Do your own research Roger Ver is trying to pump that trash coin so he can SELL INTO YOU. He is taking a 99% loss
Matt Johnson (24 days ago)
Did you see the live demonstration? 10:50 That is raw bitcoin. Notice how simple and easy it is. There is no added complexity such as the Lightning Network. Also, neither party needs a "full node" daemon running at home on a DIY computer. Are you getting the point? (psst: You're the one being scammed.)
Borko Tesic (1 month ago)
This interviewer is horrible LOL
Let ́s Fix It (1 month ago)
Bitcoin is the real bitcoin.
Max Mas (1 month ago)
Why don't you get CW interview instead of this nice fake bullshit. Roger never answers questions straight. Just repeats same crap saying cash for the world.
frankiusmaximus (1 month ago)
Roger and Jeff need to get a room.
audiovideotweaker (1 month ago)
Horrible shill acting
Rain Bitcoins (1 month ago)
I'm truly upset he's not coming to Anarchapulco
Tao Jones (1 month ago)
MrB1923 (1 month ago)
This discussion is as hollow and empty as these men's souls. Shill employs shill to shill his shilling. Nobody with a brain is fooled. A perfect example of how money never makes the man and often ruins him.
Andrew Best (1 month ago)
Completely danced around the 10 minute block time question.
Antoine Jameson (21 days ago)
No he didn't, explained pretty clearly how fee markets can tie up the system.
Andrew Best (1 month ago)
I would like to thank the imbeciles that sold me their bitcoin at the rate of 0.15 btc per btrash. Your contribution will be remembered.
Carl Arriaza (1 month ago)
But if everyone spends it on crap, then prices in fiat will be flat.
Carl Arriaza (1 month ago)
Cause no one is using it.
Carl Arriaza (1 month ago)
I am not a fan of road blocks.
Robert Lefebvre (1 month ago)
Many don't realize the huge amount of damage the 'hodlers' have done to the Bitcoin use case especially when compared to the goals of the Lightning Network. Considering one can't hold the opposite views of 'hodling" and cheap micro-transactions at the same time. Put another way, it sounds like the LN people are trying to pry the Bitcoin out of the hodlers possession.
Dolla Bill (1 month ago)
You guys are both really dumb or malevolent.
CoinSpice (1 month ago)
Awesome discussion between two of my favourite YouTubers.
Antoine Jameson (21 days ago)
This is a great interview pair heh
Tao Jones (1 month ago)
Loved it too!
Vygantas Špakauskas (1 month ago)
No. It's not true Roger :). Hi did not say that want to support evil Government. and you clearly understand that I'm sure Because you are enough smart. Just now pretend. Here is a clear message: "We saw this in action as Silk Road was taken down, then Silk Road 2.0 was taken down and then the corrupt FBI agent who stole bitcoin was caught and arrested." He, speak about equal rights for all. And hi did not see a society with no law. As I don't believe too. Your vision is impossible. Only for a small group of people. And It is clear that your personal interests are more important than changes in society.
Nelson G (1 month ago)
Great video Jeff 👌
Elliot Alderson (1 month ago)
no. Bitcoin SV WILL be the governance system. We need regulation for adoption. we need acceptance by government if we want p2p money for the world. Government is not bad if they are not corrupt.. bitcoin prevents corruption.
CryptoAnarchy (1 month ago)
There's no such thing as a Government that is not corrupt. It's never existed in history, and never will exist in the future. Your vision is dependant on a fantasy.
mang jun (1 month ago)
why hes so red? ..he looks like hellboy?
mang jun (1 month ago)
+Rain Bitcoins i dont know where he lived ..idiot!
Rain Bitcoins (1 month ago)
If you lived in Acapulco you'd likely be sunburned as well... Idiot
Kelvin Kate (1 month ago)
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Maciano Van der Laan (1 month ago)
roger is insane
MrB1923 (1 month ago)
Maciano Van der Laan (1 month ago)
+TheBig Nig still bad abt ya momma.
TheBig Nig (1 month ago)
stfu spic
Asen Trichkov (1 month ago)
I believe in chain with more POW :)
Mathieu G. (1 month ago)
everyone should try 0-conf on bitcoincash! It will work even faster when Avalanche pre-consensus is implemented
kautilya21 (1 month ago)
BCH price in 2022: 10 BTC
MrB1923 (1 month ago)
Handy Rams (1 month ago)
Bye bye BCH
Dirty Dan (1 month ago)
Roger needs to give it up on Bcash. Its garbage. Give bitcoin the right to the bitcoin.com domain and he will be forgiven by the bitcoin community. Come back to the good guys Roger.
Matt Johnson (24 days ago)
No, man. You're not being honest. We know.
Jjhivi F Ii Ohcoh (1 month ago)
BSV will win.
Jan Olav Solli (1 month ago)
Dirty Dan (1 month ago)
I think you mean BTC* will win.
Roger doesn't follow his own arguments any more which he used to use against Core who attacked Bitcoin system in BTC and changed it into SegWit shitcoin with no capacity, as he is now going against Bitcoin system also, because of his Anarchist tendencies (because he got locked up for selling fire crackers on ebay without license, as they fall into explosives category) and now he sided with those ABC crooks who have changed the way BCH works, no longer following Bitcoin fundamentals... so Roger showed that he not in favor of original Bitcoin system and that he wants something that works differently. Bitcoin BSV is the one that maintains to work as original Bitcoins system... its continuation of original blockchain since 2009. BTC is SegWit altcoin fork created in 2017 and BCH is DSV/CTOR/CentralisedCheckpoints altcoin created in 2018 BSV is actual Bitcoin
Bitcoin is what it was created as, legal (law neutral) system that creates decentralisation, trace-ability, accountability, not Anarchy, not ability to do illegal things and hide from the law, only crooks, Mafia, criminals, corrupt government and capitalists that control them, are the ones who would want a system that they can use to do illegal things, money laundering, funding terrorism and so on... this is NOT what Bitcoin should be about at all. Bitcoin is about Freedom to transact, its about Decentralisation, its about level playing field, its about accountability.. and Roger here... clearly doesn't want that. How many heard a saying ""history is written by the winners"? If all history was written on blockchain, immutable record of TRUTH, changing historical facts, making shit up and hiding truth from the public, would not be possible... and this is another one of the reasons why we need a system that leaves trace, and not giving ability for crooks and liars to tailor history as they see fit. Roger claims he is for freedom, but freedom for what? Illegal activity? Freedom from accountability? That is not freedom, we need freedom from crooks, ability to have evidence to prosecute ANYONE who does illegal things, so that everyone can be held accountable... and also, to eliminate private central banks and their Fiat monopoly.. which will help with getting rid of corrupt governments... and hopefully wars won't be able to be funded with money that doesn't exist.
Tashi Chodak (1 month ago)
Digital currencies are the natural progression of the religion of money. If you enjoy how the banks enslave you now, just give them FULL control with their ability to manage ALL transactions...
hal0bend (1 month ago)
Berwick, BCash is crap. Why don't you acknowledge Charlee Lee's hard work and have him on your show instead of this shyster?
MrAdambik (20 days ago)
hal0bend bro put down the 5 gallon jug of soy milk and for God’s sake, Stop your Snivelling!
hal0bend (26 days ago)
+Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com Say it to his face asshat. Your the fraud whose only able to hurl personal attacks to defend your failed, propped up project.
Because Charlie Lee is an economically ignorant statist?
justice4germans (1 month ago)
Charlie Lee copy/pasted everything he has done and Litecoin serves no purpose, Roger has made a much bigger contribution to the ecosystem
MrB1923 (1 month ago)
These two are both empty husks. Roger is an empty person. A great example of how money never makes the man. It often ruins them.
hal0bend (1 month ago)
A little panic from the BTrash camp? Sorry to hear you've lost your ass on it:)
MrB1923 (1 month ago)
All words and no substance. Trying the same arguments, but sounding completely hollow.
Muse Sumo (1 month ago)
Thanks for helping bring us up to date on this topic! 😊💚⚡
hal0bend (1 month ago)
You threw your weight behind bitcoin cash which is garbage. You poo-poo'ed litecoin and now look who's laughing Jeff? Sorry you didn't have the insight on this one bud.
Google User (1 month ago)
always good shit
Calvin25X (1 month ago)
Bitcoin is good for the dark web use.
Don Duncan (1 month ago)
I opened an account with GoldMoney.com about 15 years ago. I told them I would fully fund it as soon as they had signed up enough merchants selling in gold to give me a practical marketplace. They said they were "working on it". I waited for years and no progress. Now I am waiting for a Bitcoin cash Amazon like marketplace, e.g., everything is priced in it or gold or both.
Rain Bitcoins (1 month ago)
But there is... It's called purse.io go check them out
Nick Rodriguez (1 month ago)
You can use openbazaar for that, check it out.
Google User (1 month ago)
are you open to a temporary alternative like Bitpay? It's not ideal to support visa or pay Bitpay's not so bad fees, but it's an alternative to transition into paying with crypto for now, i really like my bitpay card for the most part, i dont work for them or anything i just found your comment interesting. hodl hard bro :)
Michael Schöch (1 month ago)
every time i see this btrash guy, i do feel sick and almost have to puke,
Matt Johnson (24 days ago)
That's from putting your head up your banker's rear end. Stop doing that.
hal0bend (1 month ago)
+MrAdambik I don't think he's snivelling. I think you are. Litecoin is superior to your BTrash. Sell now.
MrAdambik (1 month ago)
Michael Schöch stop your snivelling!
Michael Vincent (1 month ago)
I never understood the word trading till I met Mr Henrik Raymond who told me the fact and benefits of trading and profit making
cole smalley (1 month ago)
what fucking bot program are these trading cunts using?
TheBig Nig (1 month ago)
stfu you scammer rat i will fucking smash you
Teresa Beckham (1 month ago)
+Марианна Ершова thanks alot for your advice but I prefer trading with an expert and that is Mr Henrik Raymond
To make a good profit then search in google bitastray then you will pay some and you will start earning every hour 2%
Kathy Wesley (1 month ago)
Indeed his truly a life saver and also a good trading mentor
Stewart Mcleod (1 month ago)
There are too many govt/banker shills spreading garbage on this p2p cash channel!
Jay Man (1 month ago)
The idea of wanting anarchy is not what you think it is, do we want lands to be completely lawless where people steal, kill and destroy and there is not law in place to deter such actions, anarchy is like loosing hell on earth, looks worse than ww2 and deeds even more horrific than that. Plus you probably would be killed even having a BTC wallet if full blown anarchy occurs on earth, respect authority be thankful we have them be blessed in this world where its not like the middle ages where vikings can come and destroy your home and kill your family. Please end this madness of wanting anarchy.
Jay Man (1 month ago)
+doughtymqan hence you are an example of someone who doesn't understand what anarchy is, anarchy in its true essence is chaos, laws bring order, anarchy and people taking what is right and wrong into their own hands is chaos.
doughtymqan (1 month ago)
Jay Man You’ve described Chaos not anarchy. I don’t want to live without rules, but without RULERS. People will make they’re own rules and violations will have consequences.
Rev Durden (1 month ago)
Jews took it over... not socialists or whatever . you libertarians sound like liars and idiots when u say and push these terms that everyone knows is bullshit at this point... Its Jews leading the way on all of our ill's and everyone is waking up it
The Lost One (1 month ago)
Cap Doge coin!
matthewtiii (1 month ago)
The first coin that can stand against BTC's volatility ie goes up or stays the same when BTC goes up or down, will be the one coin. So far, everyone bows to BTC. Where I agree with Roger on the need for government free cash, I haven't seen it yet, at least not one that stands alone.
hippo potamus (1 month ago)
Forking should of never been allowed. Forking destroyed bitcoin.
BTC miners should have never allowed Core/Blockstream to hijack the github and dictate them. but because they are all short term profits driven assholes who didn't give a shit about long term usability of the Bitcoin system, they allowed shitcoins to be created, and they allowed Core/Blockstream to dictate, to sabotage usability, to hack BTC with SegWit, to add RBF without telling anyone... and lots of other things. But this will all sort itself out in due time. BTC is dead already, and every other shitcoin also. The only thing that will survive and flourish is original Bitcoin system blockchain which scales on-chain... and that is Bitcoin BSV. All the crooks, shitcoins traders/gamblers and their sheeple followers, are in for a rude awakening in the future...
Feed (1 month ago)
Hey, why not set up a machine to feed people with donations in Challenged parts of the world, with BCH?
Paul Lambert (1 month ago)
You can feed people in Venezuela, visit https://twitter.com/eatBCH
Samuel Earp Artist (1 month ago)
Hey, how come Anarchast is no longer available on the Podcast app? No episodes have been uploaded since November last year!
rob 123 (1 month ago)
Shitcoin, same shit as BTC with all of its flaws (SegWit, RBF, 1MB block) You have to be an idiot to think Litecoin is going to be used by everyone Rude awakening coming to you also...
SAILERMAN (1 month ago)
The world has not adopted the crpto coins for utility, only for wealth storage.
There is no such thing... that is just trading, gambling, speculation... PONZI shit.
SAILERMAN (1 month ago)
Rodger BCash coin went down the tube, finished
justice4germans (1 month ago)
it dropped with BTC like every other coin but of course the split to BSV impacted it further.. there's a lot of development and adoption going on
SAILERMAN (1 month ago)
+MrB1923 It is
SAILERMAN (1 month ago)
+hal0bend Jeff is a useful idiot whenever you need one.
MrB1923 (1 month ago)
Lots of words from Roger, but little substance. Sounds like an advertising sales man.
SAILERMAN (1 month ago)
Joe Smith (1 month ago)
Thanks for this discussion. Not much discussion in the Cryptoverse about BCH and BSV these days.
I also fully recommend Ed's videos.
Then you need to watch my videos
Tory Dutton (1 month ago)
I used lighting network the other day for free. Sorry but the notion that thousands of computers should store transactions worth less than a penny forever is just stupid.... Roger is an idiot, calling people who understand economics better than him socialists.. He is the elitist that wants to control others. I’m every bit the anarchist he is and calling bitcoiners socialists shows how dishonest he is.
Crypto Cleanse (1 month ago)
full blocks = empty brains
Mark Lane (1 month ago)
Nice job Jeff and Roger...awesome
Tom7 (1 month ago)
Roger picked the wrong team >node subsidies >block limits >malleability fix >Non Pow consensus (UASF) >Substituting off chain for on chain (lightning network, LBtc) Blockstream >node subsidies >block limits >malleability fix >Non Pow consensus (arbitrary, centralized block validation every 10 blocks, avalanche) >Substituting off chain for on chain (Wormhole Cash) ABC another blockstream company
raoul hayes (1 month ago)
Roger Bear
Cutie Tobi (1 month ago)
Thanks for your great, informative and interesting videos. I'm enjoying them a lot. Everyone is scared and I’m over here staring at these discounts and beating off,I'm so damn excited. I’ve been waiting for this for months. Absolutely there's no room for emotions in this game, Buy the dip and trade. It's that simple. Christmas came early, As the price continues to drop as I hope it does, I will continue to buy more of this. I do not believe crypto is going to zero. I do believe at some point when the recovery starts and the bull market starts there is going to be a massive upswing in the price and people will look back at this time and these prices and be shocked at how little they could have bought a lot of what they sold out of panic , I have been trading with Diego’s Excellent strategy and I have been getting the best from it ever since my 5 months in contact with him, you don’t have to wait for an Upswing before making profits, you will end up loosing if you don’t find a way out on time,Trading Is the only way out Now, why we wait on the better days ahead of us, Feel free to contact Mr Diego for assistance, reach on *Email/hangout [email protected] COM
5c4v3ng3r (1 month ago)
Just give us the btc address for the scam
Illucifer (1 month ago)
Is this Bitcoin.com wallet hardware wallet compatible, I'm looking into it but it seems like it's not.
shroomingnewman 3 (1 month ago)
as long as there is central banking ie creating money at will, these moneymasters can inflate and deflate these crypto currencies whenever they want
shroomingnewman 3 (1 month ago)
+sneaking_ weasel crypto is just like any other commodity that has a price. when you can create money at will, you will inevitably bid prices up. this is an economic law. the fact there are only 21 million bitcoin is absolutely irrelevant.
sneaking_ weasel (1 month ago)
+shroomingnewman 3 That's not what inflation means. They could print 1 trillion dollars, it doesn't matter. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin no matter how many dollars they print.
TV Computer (1 month ago)
oh no, they can use garbage to make my money worth more? im supposed 2 b sad?
shroomingnewman 3 (1 month ago)
+sneaking_ weasel fiat money can be created by tapping keys on a keyboard, so what's to stop central bankers from bidding up crypto prices?
sneaking_ weasel (1 month ago)
+shroomingnewman 3 i did, what's your point?
Tronz Flowwi (1 month ago)
Bitcoin Cash is focused on utility in the real world. True p2p money for the world.
sneaking_ weasel (17 days ago)
+aciid lol all you want, fool. If you knew anything at all, you would know that the early Bitcoin transactions were p2p ( pay to IP ) and required both parties to be online at the same time. Bitcoin with the LN, therefore, is closer to the original design than bcash by a long way. When you browse the internet you require many hundreds of servers and hosting services to be on line, simultaneously or it won't work. Its not a new concept. Would you therefore suggest that the internet is useless?
aciid (17 days ago)
+sneaking_ weasel Lol. Yep. It's so peer-to-qeer that you have to be online otherwise can't receive money. Useless.
sneaking_ weasel (1 month ago)
+Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com Absolutely correct, they require routing. This is how peer to peer connections work. When you open a webpage, there is no direct, single connection between your PC and their architecture. Your connection is automatically routed through the internet, via several servers, in various geographical locations that all need to be online at the time as your connection attempt. If one server goes down as your viewing the various sections of their website, your connection will automatically be re-routed through the internet to restore your service and you may experience a slight delay. Even if you ssh into a Raspberry Pi that is right in front of you in your own home, your connection still takes one hop through your router. Even then it is not a direct connection. When you open a Lightning channel, you require specific 3 pieces of information about with whom you are connecting. You require their node ID, IP address and a specific port. It doesn't get more peer-to-peer than that. A good example is p2p filesharing. Whilst downloading a torrent from various sources, your client will let you view the IP address of the individual(s) with which you are currently connected and some other info. Both you and the other party need to be online at the same time. However, your connection is still routed automatically through many servers across the planet as explained above.
Sneaking Weasel, LN payments require routing. That means other people are routing the payments. If other people are routing the payments, then it is not peer to peer. A broadcast network is clearly peer to peer.
sneaking_ weasel (1 month ago)
+Tronz Flowwi You cannot just say something and have it be true, If you think that I am wrong, you should be able to explain exactly why. Bitcoin & Litecoin transactions made via the Lightning Network are peer-to-peer. Standard, on-chain Bitcoin, bch & Litecoin transactions are not p2p, that is a broadcast network. So explain how I'm wrong..
Ken Peek (1 month ago)
If the grid and/or the Internet goes down for any reason, *ALL* crypto-currencies will be useless. Silver and gold coins will always hold value, and will always be useful for transactions.
Ken Peek (1 month ago)
+CryptoAnarchy Agreed... until you already HAVE everything you need--- then it's time to convert your remaining capital into metals. That said, there may come a day when a box of 22LR will be worth more than a 1oz gold coin... (Kind of like the alchemists from the days of old-- turning lead into gold!)
CryptoAnarchy (1 month ago)
If you're concerned about the grid going out, then you should be building a shelter, buying guns and storing non-perishable food, not gold and silver.
TV Computer (1 month ago)
lol when the lights go out the only thing your silver will be good for is making shell casings.
Crypto Cleanse (1 month ago)
you missed wells fargo failing their customers WITH power, power should be the least of your concerns. And metals can be confiscated.
sneaking_ weasel (1 month ago)
bch transactions are not peer to peer. how many times will i have to post this? Bitcoin transactions are already fungible via Wasabi wallet and coinjoin not to mention all transactions via the Lightning Network that settle in one second.
kiloboba (1 month ago)
+sneaking_ weasel Seems worth trying. I think I can run a full node on an old laptop using Linux. Thanks for all the information.
sneaking_ weasel (1 month ago)
+Crypto Cleanse Exactly. p2p is right there in the title. Bitcoin currently allows for p2p transactions via LN, bch does not. I've engaged in conversation with some complete retards in my time but you definitely take the biscuit.
Crypto Cleanse (1 month ago)
+sneaking_ weasel see title of whitepaper numbnuts
sneaking_ weasel (1 month ago)
+Crypto Cleanse you've missed my point entirely. you go and seach seach the definition of p2p and you'll realize that bch transactions are not p2p. I've already pointed this out.
Crypto Cleanse (1 month ago)
+sneaking_ weasel yes but paypal is not decentralized you mamaluke, we're talking networks here, just go search p2p and the first thing you see is networks. holy hell.
magnus4g63 (1 month ago)
cool !

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