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Bitconnect Gang - Where Are They Now?

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Crypto Nick, Trevon James, Craig Grant, and Ryan Hildreth made a name for themselves promoting the ponzi scheme Bitconnect on YouTube. But now that the scam is out of the bag, and multiple lawsuits are being filed, what ever became of this crew? Will they continue ripping off their audience, or fade into obscurity? Let's catch up! Win 10% of my profits from the $100k Portfolio Challenge. I'm giving away AT MINIMUM 0.1 BTC. Enter here: https://gleam.io/uEvY6/doug-polks-100000-portfolio-challenge-giveaway Subscribe to my new podcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2Q-Uk6OKdgpt3Zn6uJXX_A?sub_confirmation=1 Get Coin Central merch here: https://coincentral.com/shop/ Join me on Telegram: https://t.me/coincentral I also make videos about poker: https://www.youtube.com/c/DougPolkPoker?sub_confirmation=1 I'm on Discord every day talking crypto. Join us here: https://discord.gg/sj3uBvg Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dougpolkcrypto Twitter: https://twitter.com/DougPolkPoker Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dougpolkpoker/ Snapchat: http://www.snapchat.com/add/WCGRider Protect your crypto with the Trezor wallet: https://trezor.io/?a=coincentral.com Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other currencies on Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/join/529fa0f298c10a166400013f Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, investing, analytics, and various altcoins.
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Text Comments (2829)
Ryan Robinson (8 hours ago)
Crypto Weather..... that is a funny YouTube channel lol hahahaha
C Masteez (2 days ago)
Pundi x Labs (NPXS) next investment on my radar, feeling excited.😎😎
Dominus Ghaul (2 days ago)
That Chow Yun Fat meme will never get old. One of the classics. One of the best ever.
People take finacial advice from a hoodlum?
Justin McIntyre (8 days ago)
Sold me house for lux coin. Now homeless unsubbed!!!!
If you trusted a negro, you deserve to get scammed
John Cuppi (16 days ago)
I am right now independently, financially independently.
screw92530 dotcom (17 days ago)
I'll rather go feed some homeless than trying any lending platform, that's my opinion
Controller (20 days ago)
I’m just going to say random shit ok? I’m going back home now sorry but it’s not going bad I’m sorry to call me back I will be home I love this place and it will take care if I get there or you if you can get a good call or I will get you back and then go to the gym and get to work and get back with you I know I don’t want to go home and I will get you a lot more I I love
MLG TURTLE (21 days ago)
This is a perfect scam. A scam you dream of pulling one day. Just dream about living somewhere far a way with some retards money. Did people actually think bitconnect was legit. You have to be retarded to put your money in bitconnect
Jonathan Adriel (22 days ago)
Ummmmm no no noo
Mikal (24 days ago)
lol " He might have to learn the hard way" Slow mo LOL 4:05
Rusty Shackleford (26 days ago)
I wonder why NO ONE it talking about “Where Are They Now” NOW? Everything is from March 2018 and earlier. NOTHING within the last few months!
jose (30 days ago)
what yaehh
Correction Plus (1 month ago)
Otukuaho1 (1 month ago)
You fucking idiots
Rene Bechtold (1 month ago)
low life's, those guys all look like criminals, the kind whit no balls, scammers are the worse kind of criminal, pussies who hide behind computers.
PTY X (1 month ago)
Funniest thing I've seen in a while. Keep it up!
King Ramsin (1 month ago)
Lol. Where is Doug now? Must of lost so much on crypto
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Mario Abdel (1 month ago)
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silvia moreno (1 month ago)
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michael Online (1 month ago)
+silvia moreno i live in london.
silvia moreno (1 month ago)
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silvia moreno (1 month ago)
where do you reside +michael Online?
Otukuaho1 (2 months ago)
You didnt even think you guys!
hannah edema (2 months ago)
Sam Sonn (2 months ago)
Thanks for the update. I haven't looked back into it since February.
david sandlin (2 months ago)
Running the full gambit is definitely a thing. A gambit is a set of moves to open up a chess game. Running the full gambit just means completing the full set of moves in your opening sequence.
aman533 (2 months ago)
bitconnect are pretty cheap now ;)
suspension (2 months ago)
we need a part 2
Sui-Hin Mak (2 months ago)
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Kastro De La Cruz (2 months ago)
Best video ever haha
MarkH10 (2 months ago)
Maybe Trevon will come on the podcast to further expand on the threatening video he participated in, and why threatening you on the internet was a great idea at the time?
nick w (2 months ago)
Trevon James, Craig Grant, they are continue making video to scam more people... recently they promoting Tron FOMO dapp...hopefully you can do more video to prevent more victims .....
Naga Priyanka (2 months ago)
Naga Priyanka (2 months ago)
randomv3iwer (3 months ago)
Face it We got punk’d and they played us right. Survival of the smartest Go lick your wounds and forget about this Lesson learned, no such thing as easy money. Smart planning, clever execution, and a prey that is dumb enough to bite the bait.
anottakenusername (3 months ago)
Big ups for using Phoenix Wright music.
Okay so this is going to sound like an attack, but I hope you can take this as the constructive criticism it's meant as. You hammer the same joke too many times in the vid. We get it Crypto Nick is not online and that guy is holding two bitcoins while making a face... two times is enough, three times tops. Still, even with that minor gripe it's a good vid.
Kevin Rodriguez (3 months ago)
nicewknd (4 months ago)
Steve S (4 months ago)
Can we do a follow up on where these players are now ? Have any of them been sued ?
Rs Dream (4 months ago)
I lost 25k$.Still not forget about bitconnect it's destory my life.... now I am homeless 😧
Tough Faker (3 months ago)
U had to learn it the hard way
beevis690 (4 months ago)
WMD copyrighted your original bitconnect video. Thats messed up.
AccoFina (4 months ago)
This video is actually super-hilarious ...and very smart! First video of your's I've watched, and now (wait...), yep, I'm a Subscriber :-)
Best Friend (4 months ago)
I love you.
trxstudio (4 months ago)
stupid joker
Mercede (4 months ago)
you are so annoying.... wait a live feed is cumming
Haven (4 months ago)
What's the first song's name? Epic music ish?
cameron E (5 months ago)
some words of advice to all of them "better lawyer up sons".
38STSp9473eHsqzPRgBu6dx2X21SDQz72h BTC Please Help me I am from fckn Russia
Michael Lentini (5 months ago)
LOL black people
orin654 (5 months ago)
LuxCoin ruined me. Now Im giving handjerbs behind olive gardens to make ends meet. Thanks Doug!
u mudder pucker (5 months ago)
people laughed at bitconnect like they were to smart to avoid that kind of crash. Now the whole entire market is falling. Bitconnect was just a red flag to the whole market falling. next will be Bitcoinnnnnn
Otukuaho1 (5 months ago)
I watch this just to laugh gj
maxjoey sirrock (5 months ago)
Nothing happen James up again talking about bitconect coin
I Your Ancestor (5 months ago)
William Boyle (5 months ago)
These guys were the douchebags of a generation. They will be missed.
Rimmy Blumpkin (5 months ago)
Are there any new updates on this hilarious topic? BBBBEEEEEETTTTTTT CCCCCONNNNNNECT!!!!
BroGaming ZJGDude05 (5 months ago)
All of them will lose their money by blowing it in fancy houses and cars. As for Crypto Nick I think he will get a job as a car salesman because of his skill in the field
BroGaming ZJGDude05 (5 months ago)
Hopefully they're in jail!!!
Yakubu Kenneth Sunday (5 months ago)
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AniX GaminG (5 months ago)
jou Mou (5 months ago)
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Joby IN Crypto (5 months ago)
Called this a scam from day 1, was to many red flags for my liking, glad I never put momney in with bitconecttttttttttttttttt hate seeing people lose their money.
Nene Rawrs (6 months ago)
Serena Alonzi (6 months ago)
I still can't believe that Crypto Nick made all those videos but doesn't even know what a public key is....wow
How To Make Sushi (6 months ago)
Ninja GrassMaster (6 months ago)
Update! still one of the best crypto content! Doug double down :)
Johnny Text (6 months ago)
totalbottle (6 months ago)
You act like you are good person yourself, but you promote poker where 99% of people are losing players. How isnt that basically the same thing?
P P (6 months ago)
where are they today ? we need a new video on this
vincent hembrick (6 months ago)
How can someone make you invest your money?
Diego 33 (6 months ago)
God these are still pure gold lol
#NativeTribes Nature (6 months ago)
Ang also USI-TECH Where are they now Ralf gold
JustinHit (6 months ago)
Hopefully they're under a bridge, homeless.
Денчик привет для тебя. Хотя мы сами долбаёбы)00))
W3RD0 (7 months ago)
There is no systemic rascism in America. If you are rascist to a black guy you get shunned or shot. There is rascism but its not systemic.
pinkly jin (7 months ago)
How about the bitconnectx? Gone for good? I’ve only invited 1 friend but still guilty about losing her investment. She trusted me. 😩 My upline never contacted me ever since though 😪
No Hope Equals no fear (7 months ago)
i will buy bit coin when it hits its true value....zero
Tyler (7 months ago)
Galen Merrick (7 months ago)
Man, I almost got into this Bitconnect scam. For those that lost money, I say if you run across these people put a bullet in their heads. Happy Hunting.
Saeed Akhtar Khan (7 months ago)
I have lost almost $15000 in this fuc**** bitconnect lending platform. My BTC 1AY5s7gir9xiT5GWPENn1SXgLMv6Xb6MAS
belle1113 (7 months ago)
How about LEDU COIN? Do you think it will be ramphant in the next days to come?
belle1113 (7 months ago)
Have you heard about LEDU COIN? I heard in their telegram groupchat that they will have burning of tokens this July..Will I buy?
Anthony Hamilton (7 months ago)
Please put the DATE in these titles, so we know what the latest info is... THANX !!
WoA Mortis (7 months ago)
Still salty??? Lol. How about everyone else who promoted it and got reffersls??. Lol
Holo Hearthfire (7 months ago)
tyrone took all your monies. :(
timothwc2 (7 months ago)
Maybe the bitconnect gang is really just pushing a new form of comedy, and investors money is merely their prop of choice Just sayin
timothwc2 (7 months ago)
The odds of mister Craig getting arrested while streaming on YouTube live is currently 1:1.2
red prism (7 months ago)
Lets not get this twistense
Kevin McMahon (7 months ago)
Thank's Doug, for you give us knowledge. Love your satire and over-acting. I see lots of subscribers.
Abcdfg Asdfg (7 months ago)
disgusting rashos
bernie lee (7 months ago)
I'm sorry but, After listening to craig for about 1.5 seconds.... I knew.. I even warned others.. some listened.. some didn't
iera (7 months ago)
Doug Polk Crypto - Where is he now?
Kemmy the Geek (7 months ago)
Shut the F up!
Tuyul Online (7 months ago)
scam lol :v
Stephen Chmielinski (7 months ago)
Doug you have great content. Just watched one of your videos first time just now.
J. F. D. Smit (7 months ago)
That ending, man...
Andrew Pitocchelli (7 months ago)
haha I almosted threw in bro. but said fuck it and stuck with coinbase. great video though. im pretty sure trevon is still on my instagram offering some promo. lmao
Demeatrice Holt (7 months ago)
Yuriy Pasternak (7 months ago)
It's funny how the white scammers are nowhere to be found but the blacks are still posting. Shows blacks love incriminating themselves.
AnnoyingCJ (7 months ago)
Great thumbnail
OG Mrfister (7 months ago)
I believe these guys deserve nothing but the Worst torture known to man fuck these fools.

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