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Apply Multiple Filters to Pivot Table Field

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http://www.contextures.com/Excel-Pivot-Table-Report-Filters.html Filter a pivot field in a pivot table, to see specific results. However, when you apply a different filter, the first filter is removed. Use the technique shown in this video to apply multiple pivot table filters at the same time. You can use a Label filter, Value filter and Manual filter simultaneously, to fine tune your pivot table reports.
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Text Comments (3)
worlhis (6 years ago)
this just really helped me a lot, thanks!!
DaxXx988 (6 years ago)
and how to apply multiple VALUE filters? I have two fields in the value area, and I want to filter on both of those using just one field thanks
Anderspish (7 years ago)
Very neat, nice job! Sexy voice.

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