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Bitcoin remains strong near $8,000 | McAfee states he will "bury" the US Government

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Text Comments (240)
James Ven (1 month ago)
I just copied your other accounts to my homepage. Fuck the scum youtube.
C D (1 month ago)
I’m shocked. You are the squeakiest utuber I watch. Sorry about that man. I’ll still follow you.
Georges Nassif (1 month ago)
Thanks for the great content, Nick! Keep it up.
Neal Jones (1 month ago)
Not only does the crypto community fail to fight back against establishment imposition into the space, the community wont even use the decentralized apps - preferring to go back to the social media establishment spy tools. Help me understand, because I dont
Justin Williams (1 month ago)
Maybe if you told us about those better alternatives we would know about them. Duh. We sure as hell are not going to find out about them on these pos sites that censor every last thing.
Neal Jones (1 month ago)
I cant believe how sheeple everyone is acting about moving away from knowingly spied on and/or controlled social media establishment tool, to a decentralized one
Dorothee Al Diwany (1 month ago)
Re the strike you got; do you think - could it possibly be - that the almighty fin sector is flexing their muscle and getting profound knowledge and crypto education slowly but surely removed from this channel so John and Jane Smith are left in the dark about it, uneducated, ill- informed, unprepared for what's coming in terms of making their fortune in the cryptocurrency space and leaving it ALL to the greedy big boys? Could that possibly be? I'm seriously asking you if that could be a possibility. I subscribed to your posts on 3speak just in case. It's not as convenient to use yet ( if you leave the post midway e.g. and revisit it at a later stage, it starts from the top instead of picking up where you left it, or jumping back or forward in the stream ( can't do it; unless someone knows how to, in which case please let me know). And you can't yet edit your comments. But I guess this is only at the beginning yet and these things will ( hopefully ) follow. Thanks for your great content!
Crypto positive (1 month ago)
I've heard Cajutel has got Licence to operate in west Africa
rattle 99 (1 month ago)
Youtube is a pain in many ways
partylikeits$19.99 (1 month ago)
Nice job man
alskywell (1 month ago)
YouTube doesn't seem to realize this yet, but they are heading down the path of the mainstream media - that is to say, slow extinction. If they continue down this path of broadening censorship, there will come a point of critical mass whereby they will no longer be perceived as the most culturally relevant public square from which to broadcast. That position will be taken up by a slowly growing alternative market where they insist on sending more and more content. It will all happen faster than YouTube can anticipate. And by the time they realize what's happened it will be done. Just like the mainstream media.
Bswank Done (1 month ago)
Watch the movie GRINGO on netflix about McAfee, he raped a woman who worked for him after drugging her, payed girls who lived with him to shit in his mouth, and had his neighbor killed. Stop reporting on this clown, it just shows your ignorant to who McAfee is.
Seekingthetruth (1 month ago)
Funky Eleckrons (1 month ago)
Youtube == Stalin
YouareIandIAMYou (1 month ago)
Wow, it seems like YouTube is really weeding out everyone and everything that does not fit into the mainstream narrative. You could also upload or stream your videos on bit.tube. Bittube is setting up to replace YouTube and I believe that it will be successful. The launch of bittube.com coming next month will be a huge milestone in that direction.
Mark Heideman (1 month ago)
SELL - Bitcoin is used for Human Trafficking which is coming to an end. You're going to lose your lunch.
James Camp (1 month ago)
Do you promote Stake? I've seen other youtubers get flagged for promoting the same company - stake. That might be it.
Albert Thomas (1 month ago)
I hope that we will have a better platform than youtube. Bitcoin is near or it has reached 8k rate this morning. A lot of comments are getting censored by youtube. Veil is also waiting to go to the moon.
Crypto Batman (1 month ago)
alot of crypto youtubers are getting strikes and videos removed for harmful content for no reason.
Matt E (1 month ago)
Youtube and google are increasing censorship. This is where is begins. Hodl your coins my friends. It’s only a matter of time before the lower middle class rises up and burns the system down
Sam Seymour (1 month ago)
I think people are jumping on the censorship bandwagon too quick. It’s like 99% related to the algorithm. It’s not a “speech policing” or “censorship” thing they just want to be friendly to advertisers and set up an algorithm that was supposed to filter out advertiser unfriendly shit. Clearly it’s super flawed because tons of youtubers who are perfectly advertiser friendly are getting flagged in the crossfire. I think it’s a stretch to call it malicious and it’s more fair to call it corporate negligence. They don’t give a shit for any creators not raking in millions and millions of views. That being said, I am all for jumping ship to another video hosting site. I don’t like seeing innocent youtubers getting the short end of the stick. Perhaps a decentralized or coop hosting service is the way forward.
Sam Seymour (1 month ago)
Crowquills Crowquillz I mean, you can feel that way all you want, but you’re gonna need some evidence to claim as much. Also I’m not defending youtube I just don’t think they give a shit. They just want as many advertisers as they can on their platform. What incentive does youtube have for “social engineering”?
Crowquills Crowquillz (1 month ago)
Sock puppet Or Meat puppet Or Useful idiot. SOCIAL ENGINEERING IS REAL
Ross Mcknight (1 month ago)
Join Voice when it goes up. :)
jeffries1 (1 month ago)
Another youtuber had a similar problem 2 weeks ago .but we all hounded youtubes twitter account and it was reversed within 24 hours.without any explanation..He had all his monetization removed for a breach of misleading titles .But he didnt have any really misleading titles.So we hounded youtube and they believed they were wrong i suppose and everything went back to normal without any correspondence .I think you can do the same thing..they dont like to chat about it ,they see public pressure as a positive and rethink it.Its about numbers ..
Brian _ (1 month ago)
They have made a Netflix documentry about him ??? Have you been living under a rock. Loves laying under a hammock and having little girls shit in his mouth.
MrMate2Mate (1 month ago)
@Nicholas: Why don't you think that high fees kill the price the moment capacity is approached? We're running at around 5tps now. Fees aren't linear with usage - they rise exponentially as capacity is approached. The $4 fee last week was enough to slow the market. $50 fees will kill it for all but the biggest traders. Surely BTC won't go far above $10,000-$12,000 before usage reaches 7tps?
Crowquills Crowquillz (1 month ago)
If you arent happy with the mechanism that PREVENTS a 'bank run' on bitcoin... then sell your btc and stfu. Those high fees exists for a reason and is functionning PERFECTLY.
Andrew Liffey (1 month ago)
hey bro, huge fan and i've big news. I got a job in Onix capital as a cryptocurrency Derivative trader in London. learned loads of the channel, thanks again. i'll make you proud!
Chris Taylor (1 month ago)
Google are doing it as well. Just listened to Sunny Decree who mentioned that since a Google update, a certain channel (can't remember which) has seen their traffic drop massively. This is censorship at its most surreptitious.
stephanie laurie (1 month ago)
Must have mentioned the president's name....so taboo
Ron Burgandy (1 month ago)
The *only* solution Nick is for hundreds of YouTubers to band together and make a union 🤷‍♂️🤔
All in on Crypto (1 month ago)
It's all going o the blockchain.get in now on the ground floor. The social media platforms of the future are being implemented as we speak. YouTube is the walking dead.
Crypto Techs (1 month ago)
D Tube link did not work for me. Maybe BitTube?
Kris Van (1 month ago)
Use your ability to take people off youtube.
Samuel Barnes (1 month ago)
Smart move man diversifying to other platforms. I've had the same issue with Facebook when it comes to unpredictable censorship and i've Lost well over 1.2 million followers on there platform because of it. Defiantly diversify to other platforms as hard and as fast as you can, because if YouTube does hit your channel it will affect you pretty bad. I know personally it had a massive impact when Facebook done it to me.
Robert (1 month ago)
McAfee 2020!!!
chris (1 month ago)
Good show my man. Although I think Bitcoin is probably going to go a lot higher than that since the amount of money printing is going to be absolutely chaotic. I'm so sick of this Federal Reserve crap. Nothing like devaluing and destroying the value of people's money
Chris A (1 month ago)
About the censorship thing, we're all eagerly looking forward to Substratum Host coming on the horizon 🤗
Your being caught up in the conservative political algorithm hunt mate.
Brian Junger (1 month ago)
You're=You are
Richard Servera (1 month ago)
Jonathan Thomas (1 month ago)
If they are not careful they will be treated like a defect public utility. Maybe that would be good?
Preston Cole (1 month ago)
Have you considered Butchute? Disgusting that you're dealing with that. And, that you don't have a way of disputing it. Also, have you considered a podcast?
Commander Gore (1 month ago)
Youtube being racist...
Zaazoo (1 month ago)
Bullish on McAfee.
Nick Steve (1 month ago)
Nick. This should be a lesson to you. You didn't think to seriously start posting on other platforms until you were personally affected. Same about most people and using crypto. Not until they are forced
Deon Hunter (1 month ago)
We are not going back to 6k. If your waiting for that, then good luck.
luis cuevas (1 month ago)
hopefully there will be a blockchain channel were you could have your videos, you are very professional and well informed, nobody can say anything bad against you, thank as always for your information and your time....
Barry Mcbrush (1 month ago)
It's ok to watch all the satanic crap, violence and sex. But, bitcoin is evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
genghis (1 month ago)
stock market will never go down, book it...
Schedirp02 (1 month ago)
Why you dont try dlive and support a blockchain streaming plataform?
Mike B (1 month ago)
the only way to get change is to cause change, and I am starting to look elsewhere besides youtube as well.
wedgecharger (1 month ago)
IF institutional money has been buying. And I'm pretty sure they have .....They are buying to hold !. They wont sell..JP Morgan is not going to sell one single BTC of there 10 000 .That is why there will not be a 40% correction.
PC Turnaround (1 month ago)
Upload to LBRY
Millercolin (1 month ago)
thanks for the video and goodluck with youtube!
MH007 (1 month ago)
Nick, you should look into minds (.) com as an alternative site. Decentralized platform for internet freedom. It’s time all the worthy YT content creators ditch this stasi platform
Ernest Of Gaia (1 month ago)
Apply for a sense.chat channel
Ernest Of Gaia (1 month ago)
Ill move to any channel you go to
Michael Harings (1 month ago)
Why don't you post just once a week til the check is lifted against your account? And post more often on your other channel. Recession is inevitable, just don't know what will trigger it. Central banks printing money = house of cards.
Mark Vasquez (1 month ago)
Hey Nicholas you have my support wherever you go. You tube can be a joke sometimes. Too big and out of control. You deliver very important data and information to the crypto community as well as those interested in markets. Keep it up.
nodaklojack (1 month ago)
There is a special youtube narrative about crypto. ....it means you only talk favorable about certain coins and negative about others. You have to be bull about xrp.....then they leave you alone.
Matthew ferrari (1 month ago)
you are probably "borderline" because you promote capitalism 👍🥳
Douglas Frost (1 month ago)
Nick, great content as usual. You know, when u say sorry for rambling on it's funny..but I think u have the best content, especially when u say sorry for rambling on. What I am trying to say is please do ramble and do it often, you're GREAT!
Chet Marion (1 month ago)
Bryn Villers (1 month ago)
The conservative purge by Youtube continues apace. No dissent will be permitted. Conform or be banned. Free speech cannot ever be truly quashed.
MrFatilo (1 month ago)
31+ tb of incriminating data? How did he save it, raw bitmap scans of the documents? xD
Daily News (1 month ago)
How come DataDash subscriber number slowed down massively. Youtube is anti-free speech! Only Progressive world view is accepted by Youtube.
Ikaika Nordin (1 month ago)
@datadash this happened to Ivanontech a while back when he was in NYC. I recall him saying it took time but that he got good help later on. I'd recommend you talk to him if you haven't already :)
myvirgona (1 month ago)
Nick - you buying gold?
Badri Zak (1 month ago)
Dear friends, Success and prosperity to You all. Which Platform would you recommend to trade/hold Altcoins for New York residences, besides Binance & Kucoin?  Thank You
MisterDinosaur (1 month ago)
Hi Nick, have you considered using BitChute as a mirror for your videos? Would follow you on there..
Regal Healer (1 month ago)
The final tooth in the punch bowl
Derrick Belcher (1 month ago)
Saint Nicolas I wonder if YouTube feels threatened by your dangerous ideas concerning the free markets and capitalism. :)
Ryan Stephen (1 month ago)
Ever since McAffe blocked me on twitter he has done nothing but talk absolute bollocks
Joshua Reed (1 month ago)
"Ever since he blocked you" Mate his been talking shit ever since his be into BTC the bloke is losing his mind, he always talks out of his ass.
Timothy Janeka (1 month ago)
They didn’t even clarify what specifically you said!?
bitcoin is not anonymous, use bitcoin mixer for your safety. helixgrams(.)com
Нина Коваль (1 month ago)
bitcoin is not anonymous, use bitcoin mixer for your safety. helixgrams(.)com
Glenn Nolan (1 month ago)
Better do it before it’s too late. They will take your channel down in a second without thinking about it. Need to have a back up plan..... bring on decentralisation.
Maphack (1 month ago)
strike for promoting other sites
justo salinas (1 month ago)
Mr. Data dash bitube is censorship resistance ;)
NeonVisual (1 month ago)
Now is a good time to start using other platforms, I only have 15k subs and I'm an animation channel but have had the same obscure issues with random videos being hit for no apparent reason.
Big Fat Albert (1 month ago)
Wow Youtube is fucken scummy!!! Fuck Youtube and the Government Scum that control it!
Morel (1 month ago)
Can you add your minds link? I think it has the best future out of all the alt platforms I've been experimenting with. I found you on there but I've seen a lot of interest on bitchute as well. And please don't forget about your telegram group
R James (1 month ago)
Bitcoin halving hype on the horizon ..🌬...🥁
Brian _ (1 month ago)
The $3k to $9k was your halving priced in
Matthew Noble (1 month ago)
what if the fed press conferences and dovish talk are used to justify the movement on the charts and provide cover for the plunge protection team who are buying in force to hold this market up.
Clemens Steinbauer (1 month ago)
upload to IGTV, you can also upload in widescreen
Gary Zietsman (1 month ago)
Scary that they could just censor you at the drop of a hat hey Nick. Worrying times for us , the sheeple.
jon t (1 month ago)
Hey man....you should check out this demonstration video of Credits done by Sean Davis today. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvi9AeFPzqk) I was sent this video this morning and was blown away!!! I always thought they were a scammy coin so I checked out the Credits wallet afterwards and started a testnet node on my VPS...OMG this is a ridiculously fast smart contract blockchain protocal. You NEED to check this out!!!
Rob B (1 month ago)
Maybe we need to de-monetize YouTube.
Maoul Xadukahr (1 month ago)
Too late though. They made their $$ already. Think more extreme....perhaps?
Chopper One (1 month ago)
YT is the master of this universe. If you have a issue then go to D tube or ? Otherwise play the game and ride the waves.
joshman (1 month ago)
Watching you on 3speak now exclusively. Relying on notifications for YouTube for now, but I hope to get off of here completely soon.
rober148m (1 month ago)
We need a video on LTC
Joshua Reed (1 month ago)
Lol why?
dsagent (1 month ago)
*McAfee* Hero or SuperVillain? Also a ton of corporations and "traditional media" are attacking YouTubers even though advertisers. SAD!
Geraldo Gaspar Neto (1 month ago)
Salty Box Gaming (1 month ago)
get a twitch channel incase
Salty Box Gaming (1 month ago)
Big wallstreet is after you
Biff Chain (1 month ago)
I love that doc👍 one of the best👌
David Shechtman (1 month ago)
Hate youTube and it''s censorship. Fight the power!
uhlijohn (1 month ago)
Fed will keep the bubble inflated until at least 2020. Then they may pull the rug out from under the market....Fed will keep suppressing gold and silver....Fed and ESF will keep stock and bond markets inflated...they have a bottomless check book. Mnuchin was head of IT trading at Goldman Sachs and he is very much involved in manipulation of the markets presently.
Gold Rush (1 month ago)
June 3rd the SPY rises June 3rd crypto drops same day if the SPY does reach ATH's I belive we could continue the BTC winter. There are some powerful people in this world that want the stock market to be the only market and alot of other reasons to make me think this might not be the start of the bullrun yet.
Tyler Boutin (1 month ago)
final tooth in the Alligator!
Frank Inglis (1 month ago)
All human behaviour in modern times is controlled by a "hierarchy" of 5 MYTHS! Myth 1. RELIGION ( belief in someone's version of right and wrong, good and bad - with "Fear Narrative" Do the right thing and you will be rewarded in some mythical place and you will be punished if you stop believing) - Then, as people questioned this "Blind Faith" system, it was immediately backed up with the second myth in the hierarchy; Myth 2. LAW - As faith failed to control people, force was used to get people to comply. Myth 3. MONEY for food and to pay those enforcing the law (false trust) and spreading religious nonsense. Myth 4. "THE NATION STATE" wrap people in a flag and tell them the "others" (Wrapped in other flags with different religion, laws and who (usually) "want your stuff" and change the way you live (Liberty threat) are "coming to get you". so you need to fight for your "rights" (which we also invented). This required the 5th Myth - OWNERSHIP; How can a human own a piece of a 4.5 billion year old planet that no one has any "right" to above any other? If I take something from you by force is it mine? Historical conquests and even as far back to when we were forager hunters 200 000 years ago (which we were for 93% of our existence remember!) does not mean we "own" the land and can pass it on for generations because someone won a battle for some king or leader? How stupid! Says who? MYTHS! all of it. (Quite brilliant, BUT, it's only as real as we choose to make it, we invented it, we can end it
Partially Human (1 month ago)
We need a new YouTube
JesCagVil (1 month ago)
About 3 weeks ago you said you thought bitcoin was going to have a retracement back down to 6k ish then, You said that you thought bitcoin was going to go to 10k just a couple of weeks ago now your saying it's going to go down again to possibly 6k range. Hmmmmm...
Sean Leads (1 month ago)
Yeah it holds at $8k but let’s all forget that you were damn near certain we were falling to $6k
Sean Leads (1 month ago)
Brian McKee best of luck with that ol B McKee
Brian _ (1 month ago)
I'm buying no more till a $4800-$5400 retest.
Sean Leads (1 month ago)
Michael James Lol so you’re in fiat is what you’re saying
Lawrence S. (1 month ago)
It's not over yet. It may very well still go that way.
Michael James (1 month ago)
Correct not over....

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