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EOS Airdrops Explained!! Will Binance Support Future Airdrops??

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team, How are you guys doing? Today I wanted to discuss the recent EOS news. EOS just transitioned from the Ethereum network onto their own main net chain, and we are entitled to perks! Let's discuss how we can take advantage of these future airdrops. If you like altcoin new, you're gonna like this video. Here is the website I referenced: https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-candy-expect-free-giveaways-ahead-eos-blockchain-launch/ Like. Subscribe. **Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research. Eos, cryptocurrency, altcoin, altcoin daily, bitcoin, altcoin, top altcoin, altcoins with most gains, altcoins to invest, best altcoins June 2018, altcoin announcement, top altcoin long term hold, decentralized, altcoin test net launch, altcoin roadmap, coinmarketcap, eos airdrops, future eos airdrops, will binance support future eos airdrops, omiseGo airdrop, should I invest in Eos, what is eos token swap, what is eos airdrop, eos airdrop 2018, kucoin eos airdrop, bittrex eos airdrop, best altcoin airdrops,
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Text Comments (156)
bzylvn (7 months ago)
When I tried to go to that website about the EOS-Airdrop, I get the following message: You've been redirected to safety! The url https://eos-token.org/airdrop/ has been flagged as a supicious site by the community. Please refrain from going to this site for the mean time.
Ana Cristina Diaz (6 months ago)
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Arun V Kumar K C (7 months ago)
Its a scam
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
bzylvn yeah turns out it's a scam website. I got fooled. Scary time out there. Do not go.
bitcoin expert (3 months ago)
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Edgar Cuachin (4 months ago)
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Beiyuan Zhang (4 months ago)
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H Assendelft (4 months ago)
Altcoin Daily (4 months ago)
Denny Finn (5 months ago)
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O Really (6 months ago)
EOS is scam ...really need to focus in product and fix all bugs...4 billions for ico..lord Microsoft does not need that much money for various software... now they are saying another round of crowd funding Jesus...management always pump price with air drop and some fancy marketing like partnership rather focusing in product.. cardano is more stable then EOS
Eric Takyi (6 months ago)
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Altcoin Daily (6 months ago)
Marky D Kal (6 months ago)
I tried "requesting a new account" on simplEOS and it's saying I have to give my account seed to "a friend" and then I can log into the account. Does anyone know more about this? I don't have any friends that have this wallet.
phyramos phyramos (6 months ago)
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Ali Bekir (6 months ago)
Hi everybody.Can you let me know which EOS wallet should I use in order to receive airdrops?Thanks
Ali Bekir (6 months ago)
Altcoin Daily.Thanks a lot for the useful information.
Altcoin Daily (6 months ago)
Ali Bekir this article gives some good insight. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.crypto-economy.net/en/eos-native-tokens-and-airdrops/amp/
World Bestcoin (6 months ago)
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Armchair Pundit (6 months ago)
how can I view the eos airdrop tokens I have?
Jo Has (6 months ago)
Still waiting for Binance to do something...
Cranky Crypto (6 months ago)
Great video thank you for the content. I first got in the crypto space as a trader myself but now I'm more of a business developer. I believe you have missed the main reason for air drops like almost all Eos and crypto investors. The reason it makes sense to give away coin to eos holder's is because we the developers of companies need your expertise and your opinion. As we uave more folks give input and assess the project the coins gain value. The difference between a corporation and crypto is we all cooperate we all share Equity therefore we all benefit. If you think this is a lotto because there's airdrops you're missing the whole concept of air drops in my opinion. We need active token holders. Build value and your tokenz will grow in value.
kings1372 (6 months ago)
Would like to buy what wallet is used
Altcoin Daily (6 months ago)
kings1372 here's a great article talking about wallets. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.crypto-economy.net/en/eos-native-tokens-and-airdrops/amp/
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (6 months ago)
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Ayaz Sattar (6 months ago)
Wish someone would explain in simple terms how small time eos investors sub 100 who had eos on mew. And registered in time. Actually find any air drops on mew, checked both ethplorer and etherscan using the same eth public key as what's been regd for eos (confirmation on eos authority). Others seem to have had air drops in mew, nothing for me, yet I'm still buying more eos on exchanges. Not getting help on the eos telegram chat so hoping some one here can guide us noobs :)
Oleh Mykhaylovych (7 months ago)
If you have no account in EOS, then you cant create one. You can ask someone, e.g. your friend or use service to buy one. Price to create new account is growing in EOS system on daily basis, so it’s good to have at least one account. Many airdrops are coming. One of services can be used is https://www.zeos.co
Phil Pilot (7 months ago)
If you are an EOS holder check out CRYPTO WIZARDS and claim your 2 free Wizards! Its like Cryptokitties but won't crash the network (lol) and you can battle to earn more EOS. Check it out: https://wizards.one/#/?refId=P6L71HKLy1rizC0Er1W8aF3aHgwoz64vheOyoCVTnqhyqxjJ
Bilal Hussain (7 months ago)
Once main net is live, can we swap it out of exchanges onto an EOSwallet and get those airdrops? or are we fucked for good for being an exchange?
Crypto Andy (7 months ago)
Nice video! I want to get some EOS because I love Airdrops. Will Cardano have ICOs or Airdrops?
Lee Cubit (7 months ago)
You just told us nothing other than if you hold EOS you get airdrops. We all fucking knew that. You said you were going to explain how to take advantage of it. Another waste of time video.
Lee Cubit (7 months ago)
Altcoin Daily Okay thanks , I'll check it out.
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
I understand what you're saying. I dropped this days after it happened before much of the information was released. I wanted to put it on everyone's radar. I later posted a link with more specific information which dropped one day later. Check out the link below.
cooldog60 (7 months ago)
I got 12,000 evo and 120 Meet one.
Jonny Dee (7 months ago)
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Magpies88 (7 months ago)
not ur keys, not ur coins
Carla Araujo (7 months ago)
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GOLD & GHOSTS (7 months ago)
mazeey C (7 months ago)
Don't miss airdrops https://t.me/airdroptimer
Will Beecher (7 months ago)
They better give Binance EOS Holders Airdrops. There is no reason to have to know the secret handshake to get the Airdrops.Exchange Holders are still legitimate HOLDERS and that is why it is tanking.
Will Beecher (7 months ago)
$9 and sinking.
Will Beecher (7 months ago)
It's a scam since they need to treat this fair to all holders.. No airdrops on Binance who have the largest holders will kill the price. If EOS doesn't make good to Binance holders they are going to $5 so enjoy the fraction penny drops while EOS tanks by 50%.
E Toppo (7 months ago)
There is an airdrop for eos called meet.one when you click register wallet for airdrop on their site it is all in Chinese I don’t understand Chinese so will I miss this airdrop
Neil Lupton (7 months ago)
How can we check on whether airdrop received? Is there an eos explorer that will show them once arrived?
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Neil Lupton not sure. Airdrops should just appear in your wallet.
Lee Pateman (7 months ago)
Gate io has added a few already :)
Lia Summers (7 months ago)
bitshares wallet will probably support EOS airdrops
Miro Slatinsek (7 months ago)
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GOLD & GHOSTS (7 months ago)
Ritchdan97 (7 months ago)
https://t.me/EOSbountyBOT?ref2736272 . You wil get 10 free EOS when you join telegram
sunil bhandari (7 months ago)
join credit airdrop fast... already listed in kukoin.. Credits Airdrop 📈 GET 110 CS = 52$ https://credits.bountyplatform.io/airdrop/1250/join?ref=be5561982b94ae3ed7364ab6f632bcc8
colberttutoriel (7 months ago)
Blockchain Gael (7 months ago)
Arun V Kumar K C (7 months ago)
metmask chrome plugin showed me following alert for this website https://eos-token.org/airdrop/ "ATTENTION MetaMask believes this domain to have malicious intent and has prevented you from interacting with it. This is because the site tested positive on the Ethereum Phishing Detector. You can turn MetaMask off to interact with this site, but it's advised not to. If you think this domain is incorrectly flagged, please file an issue."
Arun V Kumar K C (7 months ago)
Please don't promote scam websites like https://eos-token.org/airdrop/
Douglas (7 months ago)
use this link to EOS airdrop schedule.. safe... https://www.airdropsforeos.com/%ED%95%9C%EA%B5%AD%EC%96%B4/airdrops/
Douglas (7 months ago)
that website is not safe becarefull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Douglas (7 months ago)
https://eos-token.org/airdrop is not safe.. possibly Phishing scam becareful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C3zar79 Escamilla (7 months ago)
It's sucks balls that they are keeping the airdrops, however all air drops have a base line of 100 EOS tokens in order to qualify so for does like me who did not buy 100 EOS tokens then they will not keep the airdrops.
Seppe Tank (7 months ago)
C3zar79 Escamilla the exchanges don’t only have your eos. They have millions. So they getting a nice pile of moola.
jpoupon66 (7 months ago)
btw,still waiting for an answer from Exodus support about EOS airdrops....
Kenneth Michael (7 months ago)
Here's a list of upcoming EOS airdrops. https://www.airdropsforeos.com/en/airdrops/
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Kenneth Michael great find!
D B (7 months ago)
eos-token.org/airdrop/ is a scam website asking for your private keys! Do not enter your private keys, you will lose all of your tokens if you do this!!!
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
D B yikes! Good call
B M (7 months ago)
Actually Bitfinex will support Everipedia airdrop
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
B M yes!
Aries Letigre (7 months ago)
exchanges are theives
Devin Salmon (7 months ago)
So, if I buy EOS now, store on MEW, I will recieve airdrops? Do I still need to register also?
cooldog60 (7 months ago)
I heard you can not store them on mew any more.
Saved Set Free (7 months ago)
I have yet to see one airdrop on my exodus wallet when checking on myetherwallet. So how do we holders get these airdrops or did we miss out?
Kirk (7 months ago)
Fill up bags!!!
Crypto Street (7 months ago)
Get free 20,000 Tokens just on Signup directly into Myetherwallet- https://airdrop.nobscrypto.com/r/SyluDFd1e7
Digiclear 333 (7 months ago)
If I buy EOS right now on binance will I get the airdrops? Thank you for those who answer
Seppe Tank (7 months ago)
cooldog60 correct. You will lose them. It had to be registered for you to get your air drops via mew. We have to wait until a wallet is released. For now we just hope the exchange you have them on supports the air drops
cooldog60 (7 months ago)
I heard that if you put them on my mew you will lose them. Can't get any straight answers.
Seppe Tank (7 months ago)
Jonathan Black don’t do that. You will lose all your eos. They still have to create wallets for the main net. This whole process is a mess and quite backwards if you ask me.
Jonathan Black (7 months ago)
i don't get it. according to that article EOS tokens even AFTER the mainnet launch are to be stored in an ETHEREUM wallet?
Digiclear 333 (7 months ago)
Altcoin Daily I’m sorry just saw it 🤦🏼‍♂️ thank you.. subscribing now.. great content!
superconscious (7 months ago)
good work thanks
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
superconscious appreciate you
maciej karpeta (7 months ago)
hey cool vidio check this https://t.me/iCenter_ETH_Bot?start=iqu5zi33650 1.4% a day on telegram
jpoupon66 (7 months ago)
Hi Austin,great video!!! I just want to make you and the community aware that the website you mentioned in the video: Eos-token.org, looks legit.,secure and encrypted,but the top part claims a FAKE EOS AIRDROP,and then ask for your public and PRIVATE KEYS!!! One should NEVER GIVE THEIR PRIVATE KEYS!! (I know most of us know this,but just in case...)
Ana Cristina Diaz (6 months ago)
Hey! this new airdrop is giving 10$ for sign up and 20$ per accout linked. Also 1$ each referral. It sends to your wallet everyting you earn before 1/08. Link here: https://www.avinoc.com/r/X5hpQ4ynJGYy
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Ahh thank you. I didnt see that.
Haris M (7 months ago)
Anyone know if exodus will support the EOS airdrop?
Norberto Figueroa (7 months ago)
I would say to email exodus support team. They can guide you best.
trey johns (7 months ago)
go to your exodus wallet and copy your eth address..then go to etherscan and past the address..then go to the token tab...there you will see the airdrops that are not support by the exodus wallet...
Saved Set Free (7 months ago)
I want to know the same because when I checked tokens with my exodus wallet on myetherwallet I see none.
jpoupon66 (7 months ago)
Haris M I am looking into it myself,ans so far it does not look like it....I am waiting for confirmation of this from Exodus support itself. I 'll post here once I have a definite answer but right now it is 99% that they do not...
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Hey Team, This is a list of every wallet that will support the airdrops. Great find by Paul Doyle. Check it out and remember you will still have to register your tokens in your wallet. The article gives great insight! Keep those comments rolling guys! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.crypto-economy.net/en/eos-native-tokens-and-airdrops/amp/
Joey Alix (7 months ago)
I do extensive re search just found your channel I’ll post comments from now on keep you guys informed
Ana Cristina Diaz (6 months ago)
Hey! this new airdrop is giving 10$ for sign up and 20$ per accout linked. Also 1$ each referral. It sends to your wallet everyting you earn before 1/08. Link here: https://www.avinoc.com/r/X5hpQ4ynJGYy
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Joey Alix great to have you as part of the community
Adit Oje (7 months ago)
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Adit Oje what's this?
Saadain Syed (7 months ago)
Hey Altcoin Daily, I have a couple of questions. 1) is it true that I can only take advantage of these airdrops if I have at least 100 coins. 2) I had my EOS on binance before the main net launch, is this a good time to send them back of MEW?
Erik de Vries (7 months ago)
rollandoTech mew wallet ? can not find eos wallet! I have 100+ on binance now what to do?
Norberto Figueroa (7 months ago)
Saadain Syed nothing official. Sure is a promo to pump the coin. The snapchat already took place.
Saadain Syed (7 months ago)
rollandoTech thanks dude
rollandoTech (7 months ago)
Saadain Syed Don't hold your crypto on any exchange. If you don't control the private key you don't own the coins. The whole point of crypto is not trus any third party. Get your EOS from exchange after a good and trusted EOS wallet is released, then you will own it and you will have a private key wich can be used to claim other airdroped tokens. Learn about private key and why it is important. Also look how to claim some of the forked coins with private keys, the same goes for EOS.
Saadain Syed (7 months ago)
rollandoTech . Thanks man. So let me get this straight. When you say "export your private key from your current wallet into a new wallet", does it mean to transfer my coins from the existing exchange to a wallet , such as MyEtherWallet?
Shivam Gupta (7 months ago)
Try spot coin too https://www.spotcoin.com/ref/55826654-6749-11e8-b86a-06de39ffb344
faizaan khan (7 months ago)
I hve my eos on the exchange at moment because i hve jyst bought them. I was wondering if i transfer them to my wallet now would i still hve to register them ?
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
faizaan khan yes, check out the article I just pinned in the comments.
Joey Alix (7 months ago)
On the everpedia telegram there are exchanges supporting the airdrop coinex will and it has already supported EOS Dax so best bet do your re search I received my airdrop
cooldog60 (7 months ago)
I received the eos-dax but that is all.
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Joey Alix nice!
Joey Alix (7 months ago)
The everpedia airdrop will be 5.1 to 1 ratio
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Joey Alix good add!
paul doyle (7 months ago)
I think most of the free airdrops have a minimum requirement of 100 EOS. Thats a little tough on people with less than 100 EOS.
Altcoin Daily (6 months ago)
PeekyBlue I dont think you can get the airdrops if you only have 3 on binance
PeekyBlue (6 months ago)
I had only about 3 EOS, and I got a bunch of airdrops on Binance. Binance is great. Here's my referral link (lol): https://www.binance.com/?ref=19531732
Norberto Figueroa (7 months ago)
May or may not be true, but it is a good way to pump the EOS price to the moon, because of FOMO. Buy the news and sell the rumor.
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
paul doyle very true. And it's a great strategy to get people to buy more
paul doyle (7 months ago)
It's a bit of an anticlimax for me as I only hold around 40 EOS. I am guessing there will be thousands like me who will miss out but I guess they have to draw the line somewhere :(
Paramveer Prateek (7 months ago)
Evolution airdrop???
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Paramveer Prateek what about it?
karma police (7 months ago)
Can I just buy eos after the main net switch and still get future airdrops tokens?
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
karma police actually yes, check out the article that I just pinned in the comments.
karma police (7 months ago)
Altcoin Daily even if there are new snapshots ?
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
karma police I dont believe so
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Silver Jaguar (7 months ago)
If you have your eos on a exchange after launch can you move it to wallet and get airdrops??
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Silver Jaguar dont think so
alycephoto (7 months ago)
I have mine on exodus and registered. How do I know when I've gotten airdrops or do I need to do something else?
Ana Cristina Diaz (6 months ago)
Hey! this new airdrop is giving 10$ for sign up and 20$ per accout linked. Also 1$ each referral. It sends to your wallet everyting you earn before 1/08. Link here: https://www.avinoc.com/r/X5hpQ4ynJGYy
jpoupon66 (7 months ago)
Mr. Z Hi,we need to wait until several BP's announce a reliable wallet,several in the works now.... once mainnet is launched , then your EOS tokens should be live again ( meaning not frozen),but to be able to vote your tokens need to be staked and then after you vote it takes a few days,I think 3days (not sure about #of days),before your tokens are unstaked. The key will be to select an EOS wallet that honours all airdrops. Right now for fun you can go to EOSauthority website,and enter your ETH PUBLIC adress found in Exodus ( under ETH receive),copy that adress and paste it on the EOS authority site,that should provide you with your EOS public adress,and show your EOS balance....which is reassuring (keep in mind though that until everything is live things can change...) I hope this help a little.
Mr. Z (7 months ago)
I’m wondering the same thing? I have eos registered and all on exodus. I just don’t know what to do from there regarding how to get the airdrops. That would be a good video to do @altcoindaily. On what to do to get airdrops.
jpoupon66 (7 months ago)
Norberto Figueroa As specified earlier,i'll post their answer...no answers yet !
Norberto Figueroa (7 months ago)
jpoupon66 let us know what you find.
Carl Tilly (7 months ago)
Guys please research this website Eos community Air drop (SCAM). I googled the site and says it is a scam: Here is another youtuber indicating this.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzL8cWcJZwA . .
Smooth Operator (7 months ago)
The most overhyped coin in history of crypto.
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
Smooth Operator appreciate you
Kelvin Tan (7 months ago)
I read somewhere that Huobi exchange will honor all EOS airdrops..
Altcoin Daily (7 months ago)
That'd be the decent thing to do
Kelvin Tan (7 months ago)
Hope it's true & hoepfuly the rest will follow too..

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