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Can Bitcoin Break Resistance?? | US Dollar Hyperinflation Coming

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Crypto News Today: Bitcoin has met resistance, and in this video, I want to use technical analysis to show you important support and resistance lines. Is there a Bitcoin short squeeze coming, and what does the EMA ribbon tell us? Also, i there a global economic collapse coming soon? The evidence says YES, and I want to show you some data in this video, so watch to learn more! https://www.bitmex.com/register/NJu3r0 1:05 Support & Resistance 5:20 Descending Triangle? 7:27 EMA Ribbon 9:26 200-Day MA 10:07 Bitcoin Short Squeeze? 11:25 Economic Collapse! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/themooncarl Discord: https://discord.gg/P5zPEAv Thank you to my Gold Patrons: Andrew Arumugam Andrei Neagu Roger I Reyes Ravinder Valadri Debbie Schwan Bitcoin Gabriel Colin Li #Bitcoin #BitcoinAnalysis #BitcoinNews Sources: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-16/looming-economic-collapse-250-trillion-dollar-worldwide-debt-crisis
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The Moon (2 months ago)
*Bitmex Affiliate Link:* https://www.bitmex.com/register/NJu3r0 1:05 Support & Resistance 5:20 Descending Triangle? 7:27 EMA Ribbon 9:26 200-Day MA 10:07 Bitcoin Short Squeeze? 11:25 Economic Collapse!
Сады Эдема (1 month ago)
If you want to gain the method to receive BTC you only need to find " *pranaholistico bitcoin* " in Google or Yahoo. I hope its not patched already.
Gary B (1 month ago)
Get ready for big runs in cryptocurrency by consistently accumulating. At this point, it's better to participate, and consistently accumulate, because it's a growing trend.
Wanderman (1 month ago)
If you compare the current debt to the debt the US had right after WWII, it's quite manageable. Focus your talk on crypto or u just sound like someone who knows nothing about economics man.
dee nixon (1 month ago)
people... do what the EFF you want.. but if you dont get on PHX now, remember that you heard it here. PHX... dont be stupid like everyone else. look where no one else is looking and get ahead of the crowd with PHX
frenkynofuzz (1 month ago)
Thanks Carl , Find your TA the best on you tube , by far !
OWLBE (1 month ago)
aww! man! just tell us when moon with high confirmation! so we can take position to moon!
OWLBE (1 month ago)
I love you! i follow ur analysis always! perfect
Grass Hopper (2 months ago)
Short squeeze short squeeze bull run bull run. You play lotto with your predictions and have no idea about the market. Go back to McDonald's hamburger flipper
Frankie Crypto (2 months ago)
Rejected at $6600, but I have a feeling we will see a bit more green. Bitcoin has shown a lot of resistance to the $6000 level, market sentiment also seems to side with a $6000+ bitcoin price.
Joe S (2 months ago)
Thanks as always Carl. I think this TA is spot on and very simple to understand.
Doug N (2 months ago)
USD hyperinflation hahahaha come on man these clickbait titles you keep posting are so silly. you're losing respect
Blah Blah (2 months ago)
Thank you !
Greg Villegas (2 months ago)
Hey Carl. Where do u find the long/short charts? btw, Brave is a freaking dog on the Desktop. Mobile is ok but dang, takes almost 10 seconds to launch on Desktop. CHROME dont do that. Still use when not in a hurry cus all the ad block but chrome is way faster.
Matt Rowland (2 months ago)
okay, I am officially frightened. :) Great video.
Syndicator (2 months ago)
You could cut down your video time by removing the 1 minute intros...there's no real point to them in my mind.
Jenny Jones (2 months ago)
Thanks Carl...love your program! Congrats 20k!☺
celsitoable (2 months ago)
Hi Carl! Weekly chart says we'll try to reach EMA 21, wich value is above u$ 7400,00...If faill...Sincerally, i believe that we will see BTC prices coming down up to U$ 5.000,00 or lower...There are a few group of very big investors making their positions in cryptomarkets. After this, we'll se a incredible pump. Maybe i'm wrong. We will see in thoose next weeks. Keep up with your videos.
Yousef Nasir (2 months ago)
Bitcoin Pile (2 months ago)
Fly Bitcoin fly, hop-hop to the sky!
Wayne Brindley (2 months ago)
I think an Eliot wave next, approval November rally. S&P 500 double top just like 2008 Crash.
Cloecox (2 months ago)
Thanks so much again Carl
Peter Pan (2 months ago)
I really like your opinion about government statistics! 👍🏻
stanley mumo (2 months ago)
Nothing like a quadruple bottom
Tide Bleach (2 months ago)
XRP will dominate the market.
Crypto Dad (2 months ago)
We get the point. you bring up the fiat problems every video..
Cloecox (2 months ago)
Crypto Dad Oooh touchy!! Tsk tsk!!!
Common Sense (2 months ago)
As different countries economies collapse it will temporarily push up the US economy as it becomes the safe haven for the worlds money and it will be the last man standing. But it too is running on limited time.
Lucas Groot (2 months ago)
Thanks Carl.
Mark Kosmala (2 months ago)
Getting better, Carl! nice presentation.
Richard Wong (2 months ago)
i like your sharing very very very clear and up to the point . thank
Lokii (2 months ago)
Shorts did indeed have a small bounce off the cup-and-handle support line. Good call.
Jesus Mora (2 months ago)
Thanks for all your videos and time!!!
Ryan Shaeffer (2 months ago)
Its hard to refute that the US Stockmarket is in a huge bull market and a very strong bull market, its hard putting money into an asset that is the exact opposite thats why gold, silver & cryptos are suffering. Until setiment of the stockmarket changes i dont see anything changing. Im up 30% on just the apple stock i bought in feb and im 60% up on the ones i bought earlier last yr.
Sebastian Velandia (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video, but I think your analysis is wrong, regards
God's Cop (2 months ago)
A debt based financial system is a Ponzi scheme.
Harry Potter (2 months ago)
So near to a break out and yet still so far, is weekend market manipulation going to send us plummeting again?
santi jirapong (2 months ago)
I'm sure hope so cuz Im waiting to get in at $ 5,800. lol
champaign 777 (2 months ago)
תודה רבה
James Winsoar (2 months ago)
You are very patient analysing these short time periods. Bull run coming in next few weeks I think.
Norman M. (2 months ago)
Definitely watchin this videoh!
Em Vo (2 months ago)
I guess, now it´s a tripple botom. That April´s middle, was too high to determine it as one of BTC 3 bottoms ; ) 7:12
89Pleasek (2 months ago)
carl just tell us when moon
James Winsoar (2 months ago)
89Pleasek lol has he got a crystal ball?
alis demircis (2 months ago)
I have a question Carl...Please someone explain to me how people can be Bearish on ETH and at the same time Bullish on its somekind of identical Copy of ETH(ETC)... If ETH is bad how ETC can be good ?... Is ETC doing something ETH can't? ...I realy don't understand people can be bearish on a blockchain and hyping and being bullish on samething's hardfork... It seems like the same story of BTC and BCH(bitmaincash) and ETH and ETC(coinbaseth)...
Doug N (2 months ago)
no thats absolutely not why ETH is getting crushed.
Harry Potter (2 months ago)
It's just speculation that more people will buy etc now it's listed on coinbase and push price up, that's all
Ephemeral Majesty (2 months ago)
Globalists may try to collapse the dollar while Trump is in office, but I think he’ll out maneuver them.
Harry Potter (2 months ago)
They already put up interest rates against his wishes
Harry Potter (2 months ago)
I recon they are gonna pull the trigger on the crash in the run up to the 2020 election
Sounder sky (2 months ago)
$20000 before oktober
MrMahuike (2 months ago)
from Minnesota ( uff da)to Hawaii, to Philippines, to India, i keep chasing the value of my Social Security Check.where next? a cheap condo in Syria 6 foot long by 3 foot wide?
Havana Market (2 months ago)
Uff da, what about Norway? lol or even better Iceland...
emmm70 (2 months ago)
It will be impossible to break the resistance. Bitcoin will not cross up the 6750 level. And the higher it goes, the faster it will fall. -----------------
Gavin Anderson (2 months ago)
Hey Carl how about a cool Guitar riff for your intro?! Awesome info as always bud👍😎
David Tilbrook (2 months ago)
The market manipulators will keep it in the range we are in: 6K-6600K
R James (1 month ago)
I agree!
Brandy Wasay (2 months ago)
Why people are still not buying Bitcoin to hedge again the GLOBAL financial CRASH
Cloecox (2 months ago)
Brandy Wasay but they ARRRE
James Winsoar (2 months ago)
Brandy Wasay they are!
Davit Sargsyan (2 months ago)
Carl cant get enough of the videos man, specially world economic collapse, and dollar collapse, keep em coming
Be light (2 months ago)
Actually, there are so many good fundamentals behind. So, in my oppinion better to get the crypto now, before new ATH, I pick btc, deeponion, nem, eth, etc.
Nick Collishaw (2 months ago)
Sterling work Carl
sangmesh biradar (2 months ago)
I like your news analysis 👍
REx (2 months ago)
Can you take a look at new community exchange which called "Dacxi" ?
Crypto Drag (2 months ago)
Fiat is designed to be inflated... ON PURPOSE. Inflation actually robs the people without even touching their wallets. (What's in your wallet?) The Debt monetary system is actually a SLAVE SYSTEM.
kNviCt (2 months ago)
Crypto Drag exactly I’m sure you’ve researched the history of debt and how it all began over 2 centuries ago.
Crypto Drag (2 months ago)
+mike dobson - Greenbacks DID work. Then the bankers killed Lincoln and took greenbacks out too. Come on man... these are all easy to find facts..
mike dobson (2 months ago)
We can have a fiat money system. Greenbacks did work. The problem is we have a debt-based fiat monetary system. It's the interest on the debt that ruins budgets.
Crypto Drag (2 months ago)
+Brent Edward - Please don't make excuses for criminals. You keep a strong economy by doing away with corruption.
Woo Cash (2 months ago)
The price a year ago was about $1K and everyone was excited. Now it is 600% of that but are the fundamentals 6x? I think they are maybe 2-3x at most so a price of $2-3k would be a fair price. The real question to ask is what people not in the space feel is a fair price for them to pump new money in. $6k is for sure not a good enough price for them, $5k might be but it is not convincing. For now old money is flowing from worse traders to better traders. The real bubble pop will be over after there is a pop in the hash power bubble.
James Winsoar (2 months ago)
Woo Cash it's early days we need to see more mass adoption
Woo Cash (2 months ago)
Yes sure, there are no estimates of what they really are, some think it is $3k-6k. It is what I was saying above, when we see the hashrate and difficulty drop off, the mining costs will also drop. So it is not a good argument. It was very profitable at $1k a year ago. Very profitable mining is no longer possible, it is like gold now that profits are marginal but unlike gold the mining cost can drop with hashrate and difficulty adjustments so even at $1 it can still become profitable so the price support from assumed mining costs are not correct.
Yiu Chung Wong (2 months ago)
You need to put mining cost into account.
Raffa (2 months ago)
Big bear flag on the daily, no volume.. it may go down hard☹️
J H (2 months ago)
You’re spot on with the debt problem. It’s unbelievable
Tomas Av. (2 months ago)
People who cares about ETF is FUCKING RETARDED. Last year nobody needed any ETF to moon, now looks like people got new HYPE word "ETF" (last year it was decentralized) and only buy or sell depending where and how in sentence word "ETF" was used.
Tommy Tourette's (2 months ago)
The Dow Jones is a little more than a percent under the price reversal zone of a long-term bearish butterfly pattern I posted on tradingview months ago. If it retraces to the C point, that's a little more than 9% from the expected PRZ. Personally I'm expecting a drop to the 1.618 extension of the XA leg starting from the PRZ(~20,680) with some dead cat bounces along the way(one of them from about ~24,500, which is the .618 retracement of the CD leg, and another at point C of the butterfly). Of course I'm also 100% with you on the collapse of the dollar and the manipulation of the stock market etc, so if I was to take a long position around 20,000 I'd be extra careful, even though it's supposedly less volatile than bitcoin. The altcoins definitely taught me lessons.
Cendy A (2 months ago)
Hey Lovely, I very much enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for putting an effort to upload on youtube for free. xox
Tomas Av. (2 months ago)
I do not think that BTC is now main object to focus on. As we seen BTC price did not change and alts almost half the value. I think there is little game in BTC so would be nice if you sometimes talk about top 3 coins, not only btc, cause as i said looks like alts now more independent from btc.
santi jirapong (2 months ago)
pls. do tell which alts ?
hellyeah66613 (2 months ago)
Congratulations on almost 20k subs
David Watts (2 months ago)
It appears to me that it's just going to go sideways for a while.
umit621 (2 months ago)
There are some missing points I think. In the last years, fed decided to collect these cheap usd from the world that they distributed by raising the interest rates. They are doing that to have some bullets for the oncoming debt crises. In 2008 they delayed the debt crises with more debt, and now the interest rates are too low, and the inflation is rising. Also, the fed budget is too big. It is like they have left with no bullet. they are trying to collect the money back to take some action but there will be no time left. So, it might be expected that the dxy will keep increasing for the following months until the usa recession. It is causing a economic war between countries because it gives advantageous position to the usa. It is pushing other currencies and commodities down. And, the brics countries including turkey started to take an action against usd by generating a new currency for trade. This action made the usa to open a trade war against them. And if the reserve currency would change, this will be an end of the usa with all the debt which can not be financed by usd anymore. My estimation is that usd will get stronger within the next 12-24 months, all fiats, and commodities will go down in the first period of that time. Then, the reserve currency will change in the first period, and we will see a collapse of the usd and rise of the others.
Cloecox (2 months ago)
umit621 Hes covered all of it in past videos! The boy is as sharp as a bag of monkeys!
Gino B (2 months ago)
Great video with good info as always Carl. 👍
Brian (2 months ago)
You seem to have a fixation with the U.S. dollar failing. I think the one thing you forget is the U.S. is the largest holder of gold in the world. actually they have more than the top five combined with over 2400 tons. even if what you say would happen they still come out on top. Soooo please get real about it. They are not going anywhere. if the markets jump out a window then the U.S. will land on top of all the other bodies and be able to get up and walk away. lol sorry sounds like fud to me.
Doug N (2 months ago)
these convos about the USD and US economy collapsing is literally hilarious. it will never happen. debts can be restructured if all other countries seriously start doubting us. we are the best country in the world and that wont be changing in our lifetimes. if there's a collapse or hyperinflation trust me the only think you'll be worrying about is fending off zombies from eating you in your underground bunker (the lucky ones who have them)
Cloecox (2 months ago)
Brian watch again....
Brian (2 months ago)
some say they saw bigfoot too and pink elephant but here we only deal in facts. if you are a trader you will never be a good one if you can't control that side of you. ok i saw pink elephants but i was doing acid so that might have something to do with it.
Harry Potter (2 months ago)
Some say all that gold in Fort nox has already been emptied out, has not been an audit since it wascestablished
Ephemeral Majesty (2 months ago)
Well gold price just crashed.
Peter Angel (2 months ago)
Where are your 3 guitars in the background?
Lhasa Thailand (2 months ago)
Peter Angel Sold them to buy more Bitcooonnee
Brent Edward (2 months ago)
The rest of the worlds currencies are like alt coins and the dollar is like btc. It's one way to sort of look at it. Hyperinflation is def coming. Put your wealth in a tangible asset, that hopefully will increase in value with inflation.
Julio Figueroa (2 months ago)
thank you you the man around
Miguel F (2 months ago)
I see ETH at sale prices :D and making good moves (+20%)
Miguel F (2 months ago)
And it is pointless. The recent pump on ETC was only speculators trying to make a quick buck on coinbase "hoping" for some traction...check the price action today.. I dont see ETC prices move much above $15-17$ without a big catalist.
D Based (2 months ago)
So much hate on ETH all of a sudden for whatever reason, yet everyone is praising ETH classic like a god. Rather odd because when ETH was 400-1200 people were praising that and the general opinion seemed to be ETH classic was pointless.
Ernest FEBD (2 months ago)
Fantastic views..top notch analysis. my by channel. Keep it up Carl.
CRYPTO_NOMICON (2 months ago)
Woke up at 4:30 am waiting for this video to drop lol its 7:25 am rn lol 😂 ur thr best carl,
80sruler (2 months ago)
Well, the good is the price stabilized. The bad is it hasn’t made much progress and gives the RSI a chance to cool reset
Joel Medado (2 months ago)
one of the best crypto analyst in you tube.thank you Carl, the moon.
David Tilbrook (2 months ago)
BTC will not breakdown: FACT
Kluski z Truskawkami (2 months ago)
England is my city: FACT
Harry Potter (2 months ago)
London is the capital of the UK, Fact
superman (2 months ago)
David Tilbrook are you drunk..FACT
Kluski z Truskawkami (2 months ago)
Your mom is fat: FACT
Lhasa Thailand (2 months ago)
You're both clueless. FACT
edit name (2 months ago)
I wanna keeeeep watching this VEDEO!
MarcelDV (2 months ago)
do it
Matjaž S (2 months ago)
Top video
Fatal Fury (2 months ago)
i will add shrts at 6900 and 7200 as i dont think we reach 7500 ...SL 7660 TP for short1 5890,short2 5590 oncewe reach 5490 I start adding longs every -300 as i dont think we go under 4700 like never ..if we brake 4700 i will add longs every -600 so at 4200 ,3600 etc ....thats my game plan .
Syrold Dizon (2 months ago)
Syrold Dizon (2 months ago)
Your Welcome Carl!!
The Moon (2 months ago)
Thank's for watching!! 🌙😀
Habib (2 months ago)
Hello Carl!
The Moon (2 months ago)

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