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Create Custom Search Filters, Post Layout & Frontend Submit in Wordpress and Rehub

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This video shows some secrets and tips and how to create Filterable Directory of any type of product or service, add sorting and filter panels, how to create Custom Post layout, Frontend Submit form You can also read online docs http://rehubdocs.wpsoul.com/ How to use Page builder http://rehubdocs.wpsoul.com/docs/rehub-theme/page-builder/ How to add paid frontend submit https://wpsoul.com/adding-frontend-submit-payment-wordpress/ How to add dynamic comparison http://rehubdocs.wpsoul.com/docs/rehub-theme/comparisons-tables-charts-lists/dynamic-comparison-charts/ Contents: How to add data to post https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A Common mistakes https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=2m08s Setup for search result pages and widgets https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=2m56s Search results as custom table https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=6m30s Using shortcode for search filter form https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=14m26s Auto search filters in category pages https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=20m30s Adding sorting panels to results https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=22m25s Adding sorting panels to category pages https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=24m44s How to add quick screenshot and video section to post https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=25m59s How to add map to post https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=30m00s How to Use WPSM Specification plugin https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=33m14s Making Custom Post Layout https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=45m10s Adding Frontend Submit https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=52m30s How to post from Frontend to Featured Category https://youtu.be/_1KYXN8Rv1A?t=1h12m07s
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Text Comments (13)
Nader Mahmud Tabrizi (5 days ago)
Hi i purchased Rehub Theme. Could you please make a video how to create a multilanguage with multi Marketplace? It will be very kine of you! www.littlebusinessangels.com
Nader Mahmud Tabrizi (3 days ago)
+Igor Sanzharovskyi Thanks a lot!
Igor Sanzharovskyi (3 days ago)
You will need WPML plugin for this. They have good tutorials for multilanguage sites
Christer Johansson (1 year ago)
It's good, but instead of music I would prefer someone actually narrating and commenting it. Like a proper instructional video rather than just a mouse flying everywhere to annoying music. Love the WP-theme though, excellent work!
Cricketing Trends (1 year ago)
Hi thanks for the video its good. Could you please help me out with these problems 1. When creating tab layout in new post amazon reviews(user) shortcode not working it shows empty tab 2. For every new post when creating specifications from icecat shortcode we have to create new layout every time otherwise it shoes specs of previous post. 3. Please create a plugin like ( arena product store plugin) to add specifications manually in tab layout or if its there already please make a video to create specs manually because icecat.biz don't have apecs for many many smartphones. Or add support for www.gsmarena.com or www.devicespecifications.com Thankyou
Leon Peeters (1 year ago)
Thanks great video. Helps a lot ans save lots of trial and error time.Nice job
Mahesh Reddy (1 year ago)
i am waiting for this video.thanks.i am purchase filters .i wasted money 26 $
Claude Hasley (1 year ago)
I purchased affilate egg i havent used it yet iam doing niche research on ebay and ammazon
Igor Sanzharovskyi (1 year ago)
if you mean text content - no difference. Output can be the same. Difference in logic of working
Catalin Avram (1 year ago)
Igor Sanzharovskyi and what is the difference if both pull content?
Igor Sanzharovskyi (1 year ago)
yes, both can pull content
Claude Hasley (1 year ago)
my question is can affilate egg pull in content like content egg i went to your wpsoul page seems like the only diffrents is the api i dont have the ruhub theme iam peace it togther
Igor Sanzharovskyi (1 year ago)
and what is question?

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