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Why Everyone Is FREAKING OUT About Ripple

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Ripple (XRP) hits a massive milestone, breaking through $100 billion market capitalization. Some new projects to move away from Ethereum, building instead on Neo and Cardano. The CEO of a Bitcoin mining/exchange company is kidnapped and ransomed for millions of dollars in the Ukraine. Follow me on Telegram: https://t.me/coincentral Learn more about Bitcoin and various other cryptos at Coin Central: https://coincentral.com Doug Polk is a professional poker player and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Crypto News is the show to keep up with the latest trends and stories involving Bitcoin price, Etherium, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA, and various altcoins. I am not a financial advisor, and nothing in this video constitutes financial or legal advice. Please invest responsibly and do your research with due diligence.
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Doug Polk Crypto (1 year ago)
I frequently share my thoughts on crypto on Telegram. Follow my channel here: https://t.me/coincentral
Jefferson Kind (11 months ago)
Haven't you signed up for steem? I thought I saw "Doug Polk Crypto" on there....maybe I was stoned.
Jefferson Kind (11 months ago)
Steem kicks ass. I am too lazy to log in much of the time to make the steem dollars. I never had NSAbook or any of the stupid social media crapola. The internet is one BIG SPY GRID. What happened to the first and fourth amendments? Doug, do you believe in the US Constitution? I am just curious because many your age don't even know what the fuck it is anymore. Cryptos should go hand in hand with our Constitution. That is my thought....I guess youtube does qualify as social media in my mind, so I guess I failed by being on this platform in my anarchist intentions.
Tyronie balonie (1 year ago)
Great video. I just wanted to share something you missed about the centralized aspect of ripple that I wish you mentioned in this video. Just google "ripple freeze accounts" and you will find what you missed. They can freeze accounts whenever they like.... Fuck that.
Jonas Davis (1 year ago)
Doug, I'd like to educate myself on ICO investment but there are too many idiots shouting lambos and mooning, and on the other side there are people screaming "ALL ICOS ARE SCAMS!!!" and I don't want to spend my time there either - wondering if you have any good educational sources/groups one can join? Thank you.
Supremax67 (1 year ago)
To be fair, all the coins can do whatever they want, it won't matter once Hashgraph tech comes out.
C Masteez (2 days ago)
Time to get back into Crypto curreny 2019 my first investment is - Pundi X Labs (NPXS)
Hold Your Breath (2 months ago)
Sorry guys, but XRP is the greatest coin and I do not understand this hate. XRP will make the most millionaires in history, I intend to be one of them. HODL to $589 AND BEYOND!
Brando Commando (3 months ago)
I like turtles and XRP
Jake Darwin (3 months ago)
XRP is the future
Doug Lee (5 months ago)
I hope you all bought a bunch of ripple, great investment.
Jim B (6 months ago)
I love doug polk I will find him and kid nap him for my personal entertainment beware
Dudie Dude (8 months ago)
Your vids are garbage , Its all drama and hyped up crap. How long will you be able live off the 2nd cam shot /shock tactic ? Before anyone says... I didn't watch this or any of his videos for sometime. Just leaving my feedback.
Tomáš Kačička (9 months ago)
I know that this video is old more than 3 months, but so much BS about ripple even he meant I guess XRP the digital asset, I have not heard for a long time. I am typing this because the facts were available even at the time, when he was posting this video. So Ripple the company owns 61 billion of XRP which is correct, but 55 billion are secured in escrow (XRPL) and from that part will ripple push that 1 billion each month to the XRP ledger. So that means no extra XRP will be ever created even if they want to. There is limited amount of XRP's. And also XRP is by usage burned so the whole number of XRP is every day smaller and smaller (not so much). Now about the part of decentralization and how many people owns "decentralized" bitcoin. So the stats are like that just 4% wallets own over 95% of Bitcoin. Pretty decentralized right :D.
Marcel _4321 (9 months ago)
Can anyone tell me an easy way to buy ripple bc i really wanna buy some
Al-Iskander Al-Albani (8 months ago)
Lisa Adkins (9 months ago)
Should I put in 3k towards xrp I'm going to sleep on it but really thinking so.
Crypto Future (10 months ago)
poor ripple bagholders
Ant Farrell (11 months ago)
Top man
vette bro (11 months ago)
1 billion per month is up for sale not dumped on the market. If it is not sold its put back into escrow.
Toa Ko Hiva (11 months ago)
Farkin buy more ripples!!
THRONE Knows (11 months ago)
your hating on people having power you hate a lot on this channel prety uch this channel is you hating on people the whole time lol you should call it " hating crypto with Doug Polk " you wish you were i coinbase ceo position but your not so you hate lol ask for regulation come on dont hate participate. you will never have the power just realize that and move on buddy its ok we still love you theres enough pie for all your piece is just smaller and more bite size like a taster sample size
Kent Lott (11 months ago)
How about keeping the language cleam
Nathan Wind (11 months ago)
Ripple = Rip Off
u mudder pucker (11 months ago)
take a step back take a deep breath =). That should be a universal lesson for everyone these days. Could save a lot of people from going to prison.
Tom Von Neefe (11 months ago)
it's the I like turtles kid.
gaogle censors (11 months ago)
bro the top 1% of bitcoin wallets have literally half if not more than all the bitcoin. its the same thing. isn't it??
Jefferson Kind (11 months ago)
Could you please go into depth to explain what it means when a coin is "centralized" as opposed to "decentralized"? I think I know, but when I ask, I don't really get clear cut answers. I think answering this would help a lot of newbies. I have a very good understanding of economics, especially in relation to gold and silver bullion, etc.
HuiHLoh (11 months ago)
Nathan Geurkink (11 months ago)
"think about the us dollar. imagine if a small group of people owned 62% of that" yes...if only that weren't also true lmao
Suman Roy (11 months ago)
Ricardo Martinez (11 months ago)
Hey, you say that you shorted ripple. How?
Christoph Mosimann (1 year ago)
Jay Dee (1 year ago)
Ripple is a flash in the pan. Banks are building their own blockchains and will not use a 3rd party like Ripple.
Edward Gadd (1 year ago)
Thanks Doug. Love your content and keep up the great work!
Zachariah Logan (1 year ago)
Litecoin is the future. Brudda do you kno da wae?
TProgressASAP (1 year ago)
ripple will fail.
Yo Yo (1 year ago)
Ripple=Banks=enslavement. Which evil money hungry person likes Ripple?!
Andre K. (1 year ago)
Im here for information & updates on crypto. Everything else is not important. THE BEST INFO ON CRYPTO!!!! LOVE IT!!!! GREAT JOB DOUG!!!. THANK YOU!!!
google google (1 year ago)
All altcoins, forks and airdrops exist to get ur bitcoins or identify them.
BobbyD (1 year ago)
Doug speaks the truth.
Zach Haynberg (1 year ago)
ripple employees have a no trading clause in their contracts
Hasan Mir (1 year ago)
Why do I like your videos? Information in a style....
Crypto Logic (1 year ago)
Doug, I believe you are a smart rational guy, let me go on record here and add.
Crypto Logic (1 year ago)
* flood the market
Crypto Logic (1 year ago)
Why would they floor the market ? It is not in their benefit to do so. Also their rise and fall on price curve is almost identical to that of Bitcoin. It is really a mistake to try and isolate Ripple as being the bad guy. We need Ripple influence in the government ranks, such as the ex- Federal Reserve Bank Chairman ! Let's use our heads and be smart about it. If we try to act like a cult and believe the government's and central banks are doomed , then if we use Bitcoin and other altcoins, we would be paying a ton of them for a couple of pizzas or computer games. I don't think we want to be moving back in that direction, do we ? BTW, I own more Bitcoins than XRPs right now. And we gotta put our money where our mouths are. Come on, believers ! when bitcoin price keeps going down, we need to buy more to support our baby or just HODL and not abandon it. These Ripple guys are smart and are not going to cut the branch from under their feet by overselling their share of the XRP and one up with any destructive strategies. If they were smarter though, they would start Ripple Card as compare to Viss and MasterCard. Then, the banks would be knocking on their doors to get the membership and we wouldn't be begging and bragging about Visa letting us use cryptos to be converted into fiat money for payment- and hope they wouldn't cancel their affiliation rights as they did with Bitpay and 10X..... with impunity. Last but not least, we can help and support Ripple to become the Cryptos bank and the debit/credit card (issuer) we crypto advocates so badly need. Remember this, you heard it here first on this day and date.
Ruslan Klezmer (1 year ago)
Doug stfu on crypto insider info !!! Your f*ing it up dude.
Sonix711 (1 year ago)
!!! Awesome !!! :)
Surbhi Thakur (1 year ago)
Doug, you sexy intelligent man.
singleplayer (1 year ago)
Hey Doug, heard some good things about you and just came upon your videos recently. Good stuff man, I appreciate the time you put into what you do and hope more people are exposed to the content you put out!
desMEGA (1 year ago)
Doug you've got some good content but your room and setup and shit is kinda off.
Edi sam (1 year ago)
U laugh about cash but shit could be the correct fork lol or they fix the current Bitcoin chain and agree on the changes in the next 12-24 months 😂😂😂😂✌🏻️💸
Edi sam (1 year ago)
I dunno not saying I even like XRP but I did buy some way back at start of ripple it was only like 50$ investment , and think you smarter than thinking you smarter than money so look at the XRP website and research the kind of money and backers it has and you be stupid to ignore it !!! They in the works with western union and money gram , plus bunch other huge accounts if they sign them deals that money into XRP will explode the price !! Visa/banks pick a crypto or make one watch out Doug !!
Edi sam (1 year ago)
It's the illuminati coin what's this ripple shit ?? 😂😂😂😂
Artiom Lukianov (1 year ago)
Hi Doug, this not the same with Lumen Stellar?
Zach Woodward (1 year ago)
What are your thoughts on Litecoin? I noticed you mentioned it in the list of 'scammy' coins at the beginning.
BrasileiroLoko (1 year ago)
regulations really ??
Tony Butler (1 year ago)
Doug, thank you... Crypto hype has been driving me crazy, and I often feel like Im the only one who sees thru the BS.. I loved your 'Idiots who make Crypto Vids' and thought it was on point! subscribed!
DerEddyTeddy (1 year ago)
Ripple isn't even a crypto currency by definition and herefore will never be added on Coinbase
Daniel Goldstain (1 year ago)
Excellent information thank you for sharing your valuable opinion. I’m new to this and you seem like an honest person.
Daesung Kim (1 year ago)
Can you do a video on eth
Benselama Mohsen (1 year ago)
I like you the view you present the currency news hahahaha awesome
great stuff
Jason Roch (1 year ago)
i like turtles!
Jacob Lydecka (1 year ago)
Yo you said your site has trustworthy info. However I object... You give Gemini a glowing review saying "Deposits and withdrawals do not have fees on Gemini." https://coincentral.com/gemini-review/ BUT I looked and they do! You should read the fine print bro... "All customers receive 30 free withdrawals per calendar month. Additional withdrawals will result in fees equal to our estimated mining fees of 100,000 satoshi (0.001 BTC) per transaction on the Bitcoin Network" The additional withdrawl fees will cost $14 :O
Jacob Lydecka (1 year ago)
Also, Binance #11 on your top exchanges?
Shavi A (1 year ago)
Christien Sebastien (1 year ago)
What's your take on QSP?
D&P Products (1 year ago)
what do you think about upfiring (UFR) ?
Achim Andrei (1 year ago)
Today XRP just felt to half of it's price
Raidel Pichardo (4 months ago)
25 cents todsy
Doug Lee (5 months ago)
Achim Andrei 35 cents today.
Paval Dragos (1 year ago)
Mooseboy240 (1 year ago)
great video you seem much more transparent than other currency vloggers
James B. (1 year ago)
To see the potential of $XRP you need to have deep knowledge of the international payment system based on SWIFT. Banks would never use a decentralized coin like Bitcoin (which is manipulated by large, mainly Chinese miners). Banks would always prefer a system they can control. Ripple networks tech combined with XRP the coin would simplify international payments and take away the power of a few large, global banks and give it back to all banks. A small regional savings and loans bank would suddenly be able to transfer money from say Mt. Dora / Florida to Bangalore / India directly without any other correspondent bank in between. Combined with global trade, securities trading whatever, that's huge. And ultimately obviously person to person transfers.
Jase W/ SideFX (1 year ago)
check out dead coins
Scarlett Warren (1 year ago)
Hey, maybe someone can send me one ripple? who knows, maybe I will be rich soon :D rHgNDTyHb8YxVoJwVCUpLPk7xohoBM3m41
Janne Valkama (1 year ago)
Ripple is the worst? No, ripple is the WURST Makes me drool just thinking about the gains.
Drift (1 year ago)
Invest in Electroneum.. I am pumping but not to dump. Im not going to say it will change the world like others say coins will do. But the thing that is different is they have a business plan. Most of these coins are just a blank piece of paper feeding the early buyers.
Suzumi (1 year ago)
but ripple is going to $10,000 bitcoin did it so can ripple !!!!11!! #ripplethefuture #ripple
Doug Lee (5 months ago)
Suzumi Lol, .35. Not $10,000- yes 35 cents.
Talha Hussain (10 months ago)
8-bit Pepe u serious rn...
Cody (11 months ago)
hashandstash (1 year ago)
LoL dude the thing with BCH and Coinbase people knew it was going to be listed because aside from the fact that they announced they would add it at some point, there was also leaks of the API with evidence posted on twitter weeks before it happened...lol
Derek Bryant (1 year ago)
thanks for the DBC tip Doug
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
Ripple has a CEO , it will be crippled soon .... and the others ... One more problem is that Bcash is centralized. It was created and marketed by Roger Ver, the truth is that if Roger Ver dies, Bcash will go to nearly zero. If Vitalik dies, Ethereum will tank as well. Same for a lot of these teams. On the other hand, if a BITCOIN developer dies, BITCOIN continues all the same unscathed. BITCOIN is the most decentralized coin in that sense. And so I say GO....BITCOIN....GO . The KING of cryptocurrency.
Don Barzini (1 year ago)
ripple hate will not be tolerated !!!!
David Phillipson (1 year ago)
Ripple made me a lot of money. Glad when I sold when I did though!
Matt Szlaga (1 year ago)
If ripple explodes, what will happen to the cost of fidget spinners?
Who cares if Xrp is decentralized or not, owned by banks or not.... the point is what other investment gives you %100 growth in a few weeks.?
Crypto Galaxy X (1 year ago)
best picks for January: CAPP, ICX, POLL, SUB, LRC . seriously check out CAPP though. going on big exchange soon. they are going on Alibaba cloud this month with their VR software for merchants!! huuuuuge REPLY
John Deezy (1 year ago)
dont usually comment but like your videos alot bro. Hope to see more
Lord of the Jungle (1 year ago)
I hope you change your mind about Ripple and what it has to offer early investors. It's January 2018 and price is at $3.24 which will grow exponentially because it's the one big businesses trust
Mike D (1 year ago)
Matrix - 'Well, that sounds like a really great deal... How about I give you the middle finger ╭∩╮ and you try to give a shit about people instead of banks' - Fight Club - 'The first rule of crypto is... you do not support centralized banks. The second rule of crypto is, you do not support centralized banks!' - Star Wars - ANAKIN: 'Something's happening … I'm not the Jedi I should be. I am one of the most powerful Jedi, but I'm not satisfied … I want more, and I know I shouldn't'
Chris McKinney (1 year ago)
@Doug Polk your show is great man. Very entertaining
Francis (1 year ago)
Please, listen again to what Ripple's CEO Brad Garlinghouse has been saying: the target market for the XRP coin is not the daily volume of currencies transfers or the fees, it's the 27 trillions $ sitting in Nostro/Vostro accounts. In the future, Ripple aims for banks to be holding XRP instead of 27 trillions $ of various currencies. They realistically don't expect banks to convert all 27 trillions $ to XRP, they've said that just getting 10% of that market would be great. A rapid math shows that getting 10% of that market could value each one of the 100 billions XRP coins at about $27. I can't predict the time when that will happen, but not unrealistic possibility don't you think ? Plus, they could reach a 10% market share (of that 27 trillions $ sitting in Nostro/Vostro accounts) well before all 100 billion XRP coins are in circulation. Does that sound unreasonable to you ? Not even factoring in the buit-in coin destruction. Add to that other possible usages such as transfers by individuals using Western Union, Moneygram , etc, plus possibly credit cards companies AMEX, VISA, plus possibly big eCommerce outfits, ride hailing, etc allowing payments with XRP. Only considering (small) portions (10%-20%) of these markets. Plus people holding/HODling for investing/speculative purposes, .... Consider all that, and if you still think $27-$50 per XRP down the road is unrealistic, please let me know why.
M CH (11 months ago)
Francis Owono-Ndi bravo Francis...👏
Francis (1 year ago)
Let's take this example: in spite of the slowness of Coinbase, when I buy one bitcoin for say $16,000 today, I may actually receive it in 5 days, but I do receive 1 bitcoin, even if in the meantime, the volatility has pushed the price of bitcoin to $19,500 or to $13,000. So Coinbase offers me a sort of guarantee against the volatility of Bitcoin. Moneygram and Western Union do te same on international transfers. Ripple could easily do the same with XRP. That's why they insist that XRP has to have liquidity. Plus, with a transfer speed of 3.4 sec, I doubt volatility has enough time to significantly affect the amount of currency transferred. To answer your first question, banks would use XRP as the currency in their Nostro accounts because they will never sneeze at an additional 30% savings, which could become profits/dividends, or more money available for lending using fractional reserve banking, translating into more profits.
Maurice Harmon (1 year ago)
Why would banks use XRP as the currency in their Nostro accounts rather than a stable currency like the USD? Suppose a bank holds $5 million worth of XRP today and they want to transfer $5 million USD to another bank tomorrow they should, in theory, be able to transfer it using XRP but because of market volatility the value of their XRP msy have dropped to $4 million USD overnight what happens then? Secondly many people are applying a usage case for XRP to Ripples innovative interbank settlement system called xCurrent which although it uses the Blockchain makes no use whatsoever of XRP in the process. The blockchain and cryptography will within a few years transform the way in which we do business but I do not see a longterm future for cryptocurrencies apart maybe from Bitcoin as a value store. As of now crypto currencies do not have a viable usage case for business or ordinary consumers because of market volatility. For example if you want to send $100 to your aunty Annie right now using any crypto it is not a viable option. She may receive $10 or $1000 depending on how the market is when she converts it back to fiat. Having said all of that I will continue trading crypto and taking profit until the currency bubble bursts
William Brophy (1 year ago)
RIPPLE IS CENTRALIZED SHAYT. SAME AS YOUR T-SHIRT. NEVER INVEST IN RIPPLE, IT'S AN ETHIC MATTER (the biggest banks are behind it), same as stellar dumb
Nate Davidoff (1 year ago)
Thanks for teaching me about the market Doug. Very helpful insight, I am new to all of this. Your video was both educational and entertaining.
Markus Limseth (1 year ago)
If you also by a lamp to mount on the side, your face will be more natural.
Blaze Ace (1 year ago)
You 1) missed that Ripple is deflationary by design since every transaction DESTROYS a certain amount. 2) Real world application of Ripple is one of the strongest out there 3) A large amount of Ripple were permanentely locked. Ripple to 10$ Peace
Patrick Luy (1 year ago)
Hush. Let everyone spew good things about Ripple. It’ll give me a lot of time to get on the next big boys while they are still toddlers with practically no competition. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
IPUY GILA (1 year ago)
i think personally ripple is the best coins to be the initiator of Altcoins trust level, since Ripple is both centralized and decentralized at the same time , and also has it owns unique competitive power to beat bitcoin or any other cryptos , lt would help people transitions from conventional bank to crypto world more than we expect,~
LarryM (1 year ago)
If you want a good crypto discord with almost 15k users and 2k online at any given time come check out this group. https://discord.gg/SgJwenB
b590b590 (1 year ago)
People bought on - it looks like a lie- that it will be on Coinbase
kong king (1 year ago)
Make 80% profit in 1MIN https://discord.gg/afCenMK
Paul Placucci (1 year ago)
If you dont like it dont buy it but please stop whining about it OMG!
Amin Zin (1 year ago)
If it's not centralized it's not money. Currency is just a crystalization of POWER. Decentralized means people will speculate on an asset that delivers SERVICES. If the speculative service is poorly delivered, you get the WORST of both worlds. Money gets more vulnerable to technical flaws & gets cast into encrypted data !
Richard Reeves (1 year ago)
I left when you said to leave about XPR.
Richard Reeves (1 year ago)
XPR to the effing moon!
sam g. (1 year ago)
All this crypto currency craze reminds of the beanie baby's craze.. Although I'm not that old, i red about it alot. It was fascinating stuff.
David Johnson (1 year ago)
Ha ha, doesn't believe in Ripple. Got 85,000 at .22 Cents. Doug = Moron! When Ripple is used it is gone forever..... Don't make videos if you don't understand.
Krishia Brillantes (1 year ago)
the way you talk is so annoying man?!

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