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Use Filters in Excel Hindi

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Use Filter in Excel in Hindi .Filter your Excel data if you only want to display records that meet certain criteria. Filter by specific text or numbers Click the arrow Filter drop-down arrow in the table header of the column you want to filter. If the column has numbers, click Number Filters. If the column has text entries, click Text Filters. Pick the filtering option you want, and then enter your filtering conditions. Filter items by color If you've applied different cell or font colors or a conditional format, you can filter by the colors or icons that are shown in your table. Click the arrow Filter drop-down arrow in the table header of the column that has color formatting or conditional formatting applied. Click Filter by Color and then pick the cell color, font color, or icon you want to filter by. To apply multiple filters: Click the drop-down arrow for the column you want to filter. In this example, we will add a filter to column D to view information by date. ... The Filter menu will appear. Check or uncheck the boxes depending on the data you want to filter, then click OK. ... The new filter will be applied. To watch more videos and download the files visit http://www.myelesson.org To Buy The Full Excel Course visit . http://www.myelesson.org/product or call 9752003788 10 Most Used Formulas MS Excel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyMj8HEBNAk Learn Basic Excel Skills For Beginners || Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kNEv3s8TuA 10 Most Used Excel Formula https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t3FDi98GBk **Most Imporant Excel Formuls Tutorials** Learn Vlookup Formula For Beginners in Excel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vomClevScJQ 5 Excel Questions Asked in Job Interviews https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Iwx4AMdij8 Create Speedometer Chart In Excel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6c93-fQlCs Learn the Basic of Excel for Beginners || Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeMSV9T1PoI Create Pareto Chart In Excel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UdajrDMjRE How to Create Dashboard in Excel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RM8T1eYBjQY Excel Interview Questions & Answers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjv1If63nGU
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Text Comments (41)
Cee Cee (1 month ago)
Hi, If we are typing in Krutidev font, how can we get the same font in drop-down as Hindi ?
Chandni Jaiswal (4 months ago)
thnxxx sir thankyou so much
arsh sodhi (6 months ago)
Thanks Sir tomorrow is my practical
Kiran Patange (8 months ago)
Hello sir thank you for you video..I have a small query, Kya ye possible hai, agar main HONDA, BMW and VOLVO ke vehicle jitne bhi sale hue hai unhe sum karke neeche likhunga and main drop down mein jaake ke sirf Honda select karunga toh Kya muje answer milega ki kitne HONDA ke vehicle sale hue hai?
Tarachand Khatri (9 months ago)
Isme % (parcentage) ka filter bhi lag sakata he???
My E-Lesson (9 months ago)
Lakshika Sharma (9 months ago)
Can we apply vlookup in filtered data
roshan kumar (10 months ago)
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much sir this video was very much helpful for me
zen 25 (11 months ago)
Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Product 4 Product 5 Amount of product 1 2500 Amount of product 2 350 Amount of product 3. 1050 Amount of product 4. 725 Amount of product 5. 430 Mujhe products choose karke unka amount ka sum janna hai To ye excel may kaise karenge Maan lijiye meri dukan me lagbhag 55 products hain aur meri absence may mera employee jo newly joined hai use sare products ki price yaad nahi aur kisi customer ne usse 12 products mange to wo easily amount ka total kaise kare Plz bataiye thanks
Sheshpal Singh (1 year ago)
Guru ji aap k videos se mai pareto chart banana sekh chu ka hu or aap se unrod karta hu ki aap histogram chart ka ek videos banaye dhaniya bad
Bharti Purohit (1 year ago)
Good job
Mrityunjay kumar (1 year ago)
sir aapki sajhane ki tarika bahut hi must hai thank u sir
Sudhanshu Pandey (1 year ago)
Aqib ishfaq (1 year ago)
How many videos do u have on the filter please sir tell me...greeting from Pakistan.....???
Aqib ishfaq (1 year ago)
Hi sir I looked ur website but this file not have there do u have any link so please give me here....??
Aqib ishfaq (1 year ago)
Is this filter full version reply me Greeting from Pakistan...??
Aqib ishfaq (1 year ago)
Do u have more filter videos
Soumyadeb Naskar (1 year ago)
thanks sir
My E-Lesson (1 year ago)
Airspeed Cloud (1 year ago)
very nice frendly explained sir..thank u..
Zaare Zaara (1 year ago)
Thankyu so much.....i always follows you
Tic PYC (1 year ago)
use full. very easy to understand. Thank you sir(Guruji)
Anam Khan (1 year ago)
My E-Lesson clear nh dik raha muje
My E-Lesson (1 year ago)
Thank you dear
Gaurav Kale (1 year ago)
Hi Sir, In my sheet, I have put the dates through data validation to each row in one column. So for that row in which I am selecting the dates from validated list, How to apply the Date Filter?
Anupam thakur (2 years ago)
hi excel guru can u suggest how to crack mis interview
My E-Lesson (2 years ago)
http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/subtotal-formula-english/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/sumifs-formula-english/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/index-and-match-9-sum-a-column-based-on-a-condition-english/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/conditional-formatting-format-a-cell-based-on-a-formula-english/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/whatif-analysis-goal-seek-english/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/do-pareto-analysis-in-excel/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/create-speedometer-in-excel/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/find-top-performers-in-excel/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/gantt-chart-in-excel/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/create-combo-chart-in-excel/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/Chart-that-auto-update-in-excel/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/create-employee-performance-dashboard/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/create-charts-with-filters/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/make-comparative-dashbboard-in-excel/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/create-sparkline-chart-in-excel/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/timeline-pivot-table-in-excel/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/use-slicer-in-excel-for-data-analysis/ http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/treemap-chart-excel-2016 http://www.myelesson.org/excel-training-videos/sunburst-chart-excel-2016
Srikanth Jamodhar (2 years ago)
Hello Sir I am Srikanth, I am Regular follower of your videos, I have one doubt, if i am working on sheet 1 ex: if iam typing  India it has to replicate same thing India in Sheet 2 is it possible, if so please help me. Thank you
Muatter Jehan (2 years ago)
+My E-Lesson sir mujhe filter by colour ki samajh nahi as i please help me
My E-Lesson (2 years ago)
yes, It can be done by using the simple = option Just mention = and link it to which ever cell you want to replicate.
Prafull Ranpisé (2 years ago)
THANX GURU..... Sir filter option me Advanced filter ka use kya hota he?
Prafull Ranpisé (2 years ago)
thank you sir
My E-Lesson (2 years ago)
They can used to filer on color, or conditions like greater than, = ,etc. i have explained those options too in the video.
Vikas Sharma (2 years ago)
Good Morning Sir, and thank you for this useful video.
My E-Lesson (2 years ago)
Thank You : )
HABIBUL AHMAD (2 years ago)
thanks guru mere paas ek vba wala workbook hai usme vba me hyperlink kiya gaya hai main us hyperlink pe click karta hoon to mera sheet open hota hai but niche jahan sheet 1 sheet 2 likhta hai wahan sheet nahi dikh raha hai plz help ya apna email vejiye sir main workbook mail karta hoon
HABIBUL AHMAD (2 years ago)
+My E-Lesson ok sir main dekhta hoon
My E-Lesson (2 years ago)
Dost, app yeh issue jisne sheet apko behja hai ya jisne banaya hai , unko batai. Woh apki behter madad kar panyege
Harshang Chhaya (2 years ago)
I have problem with 2007 when I using filter and deleting row my some of data is delete automatically but select the row area and right click to mouse "delete rows" options it's perfectly delete. only select "delet" then my hall sheet is deleted. sometimes this feature can't showing "delete rows" please sir help me using XP and office 2007.
HABIBUL AHMAD (2 years ago)
you need help so plz use Ms office 2010
My E-Lesson (2 years ago)
select the row area and right click to mouse "delete rows" options it's perfectly delete --- is the right option as while using filters a lot of rows get hidden and you may end up deleting important data.

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