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Lost For Words? - Phrases to Give You Thinking Time

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You might be asked a question in a speaking exam (or even in real life!) that you just don't know how to answer straight away. It is good to have a few phrases up your sleeve that will give you some precious thinking time. Unfortunately, just staying silent or only coming up with 'errr ...', 'hmmmm ...' or 'I don't know' does not leave the best impression. Instead, take action now and learn a few sentences that sound like you are engaging in the conversation, but that also allow you to think for a few moments before you have an idea that you can contribute. In this video I will show you a few examples that can help you. *** I would love to hear from you: Please leave me a comment or message and tell me what aspects of learning English you find difficult and I promise to dedicate a video to it! *** When asked a tricky question, remember: - Don’t panic! - Breathe calmly. - Smile :-) - Use one of the above phrases to give you thinking time. - If you’re really stuck: Ask your partner what they thinks instead! (This is a bit of a cheeky approach, so only use it when really necessary).
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javier lion (1 year ago)
thank 4 sharing !!
ziyad dawd (2 years ago)
good nice wonderful

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