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BTC Clicks PTC Site | Some People May Think It's Not Worth The Time But I Do | Week 7

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To get started with BTC Clicks and to start earning bitcoin for free, go to http://bit.ly/joinbtcclickswithjeremy Free Opportunity Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxz_x8Cx_bDZT1qEJxQ6UXJZTOq1r3IBv One-Time Cost Opportunity Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxz_x8Cx_bDaj5xEmivdiuwcsBn13n-8E This is my video of the end of week 7 in BTC Clicks. The video was shot on February 17, 2017. I am currently at 131,434 satoshi. I've earned 12,730 satoshi since last week from the combined efforts of myself, and my direct referrals These are the actual stats on my rented referrals when I could actually get them: Rented Referral Total Of Ads Clicked: 2,075 1st Set Of Rented Referrals: 760 Ads 2nd Set Of Rented Referrals: 1,315 Ads So Far A comment I received on one of my BTC Clicks videos prompted me to talk about people thinking it's not worth the time in a portion of this video. Here's how I look at it. If you're doing PTC sites that deal with USD, a dollar today will be a dollar tomorrow. Ten years down the road that $1 will still be a dollar. You'll probably won't be able to buy as many things with that $1 that you used to, but the amount never changes. With a program like BTC Clicks, $1 today could be $1,000 years down the road since the value of BTC changes everyday. There was one point where it was valued at less than $1, now it went past that $1,000 mark and climbing higher. By the time you get to 1 Bitcoin on this website, you may actually have $5,000, $10,000, $100,000, or even $1,000,000 sitting up in there. Plus, you earn commissions of 40% up to 80% on every ad your referrals click on. If you have enough direct and/or rented referrals, that starts to add up. BTC Clicks is basically a PTC website where you get paid for every ad you click on and watch. You can also advertise on it. Each ad range from 10 seconds long to 200 seconds long. The lowest you can receive per ad is in the mid 20's satoshi. The most you can receive is over 140 satoshi. As a standard member you earn 40% on each ad your rented or direct referrals click on. if you upgrade to a premium membership, the commission jumps to 80% per ad. I like it so far. It's better than any PTC site I've done before. Again, to get started with BTC Clicks and to start earning bitcoin for free, go to http://bit.ly/joinbtcclickswithjeremy SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jeremylbusiness FutureNet(Basically Facebook for marketers): http://jeremyl23.futurenet.club/ Twitter: @MrJeremyL_23 Instagram: @jeremyl_23
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Text Comments (7)
chirantha Dissanayaka (2 days ago)
how to buy rent refferal pls
NikoInc (1 year ago)
That's $1.50 for 6 weeks, please explain.
Ade Machin (1 year ago)
forgot to say 35000 satoshi a day free!!!
Ade Machin (1 year ago)
Jeremy L hi mate check out this http://newage-bank.com/r/415f5700 its a great way to multiply your satoshi.... not bs paid me already!!
The Lazzardman (1 year ago)
NikoInc Let's say Bitcoin is valued at 100 times what it currently is one day. $1,500 sounds much better than $1.50 doesn't it?
E Spock (1 year ago)
Whoa! How you do that!! Impressed. I work on this everyday all day. I aspire to do more. I also hunt down bitcoin faucets which really do give me a few btcs. Take advantage of it while it is FREE. I really prefer direct. I suck at rentals.
The Lazzardman (1 year ago)
E Spock Do what? the 131,000 satoshi?

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