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How to fit you venture in (EVE Online tutorial)

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Heres the fitting for a Venture, so you can use it for mining in astroid fields. Fitting: 2 mining lasers. 2 Medium f-s9 regolith Compact shield extander 1 adaptive Invulnerablity field tier 1 1 F85 peripheral damage system tire 1 and lastly 2 hobgobling drones have fun and fly safely
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JXGaming (1 year ago)
a F-S9 costs 5 million ISK how is this a beginnger video in any way ?
Crackers Gaming (7 months ago)
@Giovanni Specially Goons swarm
Crackers Gaming (7 months ago)
@Giovanni you dont need it right away its only if you mine in 0.5 and below. Also it seems prices has gone sky high, for the f-s9 didnt cost that much when i made the vid
Giovanni (1 year ago)
Takes about 5 hours max to get 5 mil as a beginner, start playing the game and you will see that.
Duty (1 year ago)
Appropriate profile picture for this comment.
Parvez Sultan (1 year ago)
Thanks from a starter player!!
Crackers Gaming (1 year ago)
you're welcome :]

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