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Top 3 Ways To Buy Bitcoin Fast with USD

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Join Coinbase. Buy $100 of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin with US Dollars and we'll both get $10. https://www.coinbase.com/join/564c995999b03f11f70001a9 Changelly. Buy Bitcoin at the best rates. Visa Master Card accepted https://changelly.com Paxful a site to buy sell Bitcoin https://paxful.com Indacoin a fast way to buy Bitcoin Ethereum with debit card https://indacoin.com/ - Sites to Buy Bitcoin: Join Coinbase. Buy $100 of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin with US Dollars and we'll both get $10. https://www.coinbase.com/join/564c995999b03f11f70001a9 Crypto currency Exchanges: - Books to read: Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money http://amzn.to/2si6AFn Ethereum: Blockchains, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations http://amzn.to/2qEUvsT Bitcoin: What You Need To Know About The Cryptocurrency http://amzn.to/2rtByfW - Follow on STEEM https://steemit.com/@champagnecrypto
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Text Comments (36)
Chris Cather (1 day ago)
Coin Base SUCKS. I signed up and it gave me a $5/day limit. Completely useless.
ll2nycell (1 month ago)
joe barasch (6 months ago)
This guys a fucking clown
Jamie Brasheer (8 months ago)
REALLY? Honorable mention to paxful? You think telling people to bend over the barrel so they can get ass raped and dry fucked is worth an honorable mention? That site is bull shit. Here's the deal, the sellers want full credit card info up front, including pictures of the card and a written release that we authorize them to use it? And A selfie of me with the authorization, copy of my ID, and picture of the credit card front and back! -- then and only then I can expect my bitcoin to arrive "soon as they send it"? Oh and the best fucking part they will only give me $12 in bitcoin for $50 visa card? They are selling bitcoin at a value of $20,000 just 14,000 over market prices. Yes I'd give them an honorable mention too.. And don't worry about the fact they are in Nigeria for fucks sake. Sounds real legit to me! And people subscribe to you? WOW
Lisa Farrell (9 months ago)
Thank you so much! This is awesome, fast paced and well spoken - super information.. well done! I am looking for a crypto mentor.
John Gonad (9 months ago)
Now would be a good time again since bull market is back.
John Gonad (9 months ago)
I mean buying on paxful would be great.
Robert Kimble (11 months ago)
Coinbase sucks and I am reposible for GDAX becoming a separate company with no ties to coinbase. I love GDAX but coinbase has to go.
Tj Roberts (1 year ago)
Coinbase takes waaaay too long to process a bank deposit. It sits in limbo for 7 days while coinbase collects interest off it.
Tj Roberts (11 months ago)
In this day and age of technology, it should not take 6-7 days for any electronic funds to transfer anywhere that isn't a prison. Somebody, SOMEWHERE IS COLLECTING INTEREST OFF MY INVESTMENT ACTION. BOTTOM LINE.
51MontyPython (1 year ago)
What does Coinbase make interest off of? They're not a bank, and don't make loans, right? or are you simply referring to the interest the banks pay them for their own savings account?
borg386 (1 year ago)
Coinbase TOO SLOW! I lost money waiting on them.
user_name_hidden (2 months ago)
can't even get verified to get back into my coinbase account
Tumbox (9 months ago)
Coinbase are slow as shit
mrdave2112 (1 year ago)
I clicked on your page because my grandmother asked me to find out how she can buy some bitcoin with her USDs. After watching your video, I don't know what to tell her. How can she buy bitcoin with USD? At the senior center there are a lot of seniors that want to buy this new currency called bitcoin and they have USDs. Help!
TruthSeeker717 (1 year ago)
Coin base asks for way to much info, i thought the concept of bitcoin and crypto currency was privacy, so why does coinbase need my social security number.... Sorry im not going to be using that...
51MontyPython (1 year ago)
They asked you for your social??? I just tried to recover my account after a long time without accessing it, and I had to send a pic of my Driver's License, and myself, and am now awaiting to have access restored, but they haven't asked me for that so far (unless I did when I first set it up, but I don't remember doing that and don't believe that I would have).
Nick Sofialakis (1 year ago)
Thank you mammy bear
kraken (1 year ago)
Anil Chaudhary (1 year ago)
I'm Indian can I buy
Berly Weaver (10 months ago)
Jack Rocket how are you doing? Yes you can buy because that have hope me
Andy Peterson (11 months ago)
Yes you can trade in cryptocurrency from india
7ate9 (1 year ago)
Coinbase has alot of horrible reviews....frozen accts., no replies, high fees, etc.
ItsInTheDetails (1 year ago)
Crypto Nova (1 year ago)
Newbie here!
rohitsrox (1 year ago)
you are still looking first generation crypto bitcoin whereas world moved to third generation crypto called Cardano
Jimmy Crackorn (1 year ago)
Coinbase has absurd fees. To send $20 of Bitcoin to the exchange was $39. That's unreasonable.
Angel Neris (1 year ago)
Gemini.com... I have been waiting to be verified for 2.5 months now. Coinbase only way to get BTC directly from a bank deposit. Just a personal note, I believe the US is being throttled from entering the Crypto market. What do you think?
Tom Johnson (14 days ago)
+Johnny Crypto do they ask for your soc. number
Nancy B. (7 months ago)
+ItsInTheDetails How is there fees
Jamie Brasheer (8 months ago)
throttled? How about prohibited. There is NO easy way to get BTC anymore. Why do people even want it, how can it have a value if A) I can't buy it. B) I can't sell it. C) I can't exchange it for cash. D) Neither can anyone else, so it's worthless to own it. Bitcoin is Shitcoin
51MontyPython (1 year ago)
If Coinbase is the only way to get BTC directly from a bank deposit (do you mean buy BTC with funds from your bank account?), then how do the other exchanges work? What do _they_ do then? How would you buy cryptocurrency without first using fiat from a bank account?
ItsInTheDetails (1 year ago)
But litecoin it's waaaaayyyy faster
sandro s (1 year ago)
Thanks for this info its a good link to share with the baby cubs
Money Making Bear (1 year ago)
Don't forget bitcoin atms. The fees range from 7.5 to 11.5%, which is higher, depending on the fee the network owner of the machines charges. $800 and less just key in your phone # on the machine screen, they will instantly text you a code. Type it on the screen and INSTANTLY get your bitcoin into your wallet after you deposit your $50 or $20 bills From $800 to $2500 or $3000 depending on the machine limits you will need to scan your ID. Again the fees are higher but in several minutes you have your bitcoin and you can easily make the fees back with your investments.

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