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Let's examine what we believe are some of the most promising Dapps being developed for the highly anticipated EOS blockchain set to launch this summer 2018. TOP 5 EOS DAPPS ON WATCHLIST https://eosindex.io/ 1 Chintai https://chintai-eos.io/ Chintai is a fully functional token leasing platform that will allow EOS token holders to generate income through token leasing. Chintai will provide a highly liquid pool of EOS to be leased out to dApp teams who prefer the opportunity cost of leasing EOS tokens for development staking as opposed to buying tokens outright. EOS token holders will be able to generate passive income by offering their tokens for leasing on the Chintai platform. 2 ONO https://www.ono.chat/en/ ONO is a social network based on blockchain technology which focuses on the value of attention and offers a free, decentralized social platform to a new generation of users. ONO believes in the value of attention. 3 Insights Network https://insights.network/ Insights Network is a decentralized, blockchain-based data exchange, powered by the EOS blockchain and fueled by our INSTAR token, to automate and monetize the data we generate everyday across the globe. 4 TXT https://www.txtnet.io/ TXT rewards users for viewing and engaging with ads. TXT (Traffic Exchange Token) is a revolutionary innovation in the Internet advertising industry.TXT aims to put the power of advertising data back in the hands of the user, remove massive middlemen who take a majority of ad spend, and eliminate fraudulent traffic reporting. 5 Hire Vibes https://hirevibes.io/ HireVibes is an open source jobs platform on the EOS.IO blockchain.HireVibes DAC will incentivise the crowd to source the best candidates for job openings by charging a small fee to clients and redistributing most of it back to jobseekers, referrers and selected charities. - What EOS Dapps are you keeping on your watchlist? What do you think about EOS overall? Leave a comment below.
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Continuous BCT (2 months ago)
EOSPlay definitely goes on my list as an addition of true value to the EOS ecosystem. They've brought up the first lottery dApp and they're doing great volume and user wise so far, check it out! They have a great future ahead of them!
xuefei cao (6 months ago)
chinese can not visit your website
ChampagneCrypto (6 months ago)
We do not have a website at the moment.
TradeFeedz (7 months ago)
Is EOS secure enough? I have not seen any independent audit reports.
ChampagneCrypto (7 months ago)
There have been independent parties who found bugs which have since been fixed. Also, they are currently offering bounties to devs who discover anymore bugs before launch.
ONO Social Network (8 months ago)
Thanks very much for mentioning us!
Indie Investments (8 months ago)
Dude, stop yelling and just turn your mic up lol.
Indie Investments (8 months ago)
why are you yelling at me
John Loring (8 months ago)
Lots of FUD going around about EOS. It’s Good to see a positive view of it.
Crypto Stacker (8 months ago)
Are you SilverGoldMan? You sound like him
reharlan (8 months ago)
That EOS is ka BOOOOMING the crypto market!
Ridinonair02 (8 months ago)
Kaboom ... champagne how come no more live videos??
MoneyBags X69 (8 months ago)
Buy and hold eos
MoneyBags X69 (8 months ago)
Toys Time (8 months ago)
Just buy and hold EOS and you will have every coin that launch on eos platform as a dividend
Toys Time (8 months ago)
Do you think exodus wallet safe?
ChampagneCrypto (8 months ago)
Not as safe as a hardware wallet
impatient potato (8 months ago)
eos yawn
m h (8 months ago)
Where have you been? Kapooom!

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