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Bitcoin Top Shorter closed his Position! 🛑UPDATE: +12'000% Trade is Fake!🛑

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Text Comments (268)
Antoine Jameson (1 month ago)
It could've easily been worse we were fortunate
nichole favit (1 month ago)
I never knew bitcoin could still be sold above the actual price. Just one more to go and i quit my job!!! Damn lifes good.
majorityrulz111 (1 month ago)
If this were a real trader he would be considered a bad one for not taking profits along the way.
Dre Ster (1 month ago)
He admits this was a false statement in multiple of his comments.
maxwell10206 (1 month ago)
Dollar cost averaging :)!
zackwong100 (1 month ago)
Lmao this guy post late ass news. Don't listen to this guy he won't make you money.
Bitcoin BSV (1 month ago)
Ah, the so called "experts" saying how fundamentals (which is referring to working principles, usability etc) of (so called Bitcoin) BTC SegWit Core coin, are getting better... Reality is fundamentals for the BTC SegWit Core coin haven't changed in more than a year, and are about to get actually WORSE, not better, because the Core devs now want to lower the block size limit to 300KB, so that they reduce usability of the BTC network even more, so to FORCE all the fools who still stick with this Ponzi scheme, calling itself Bitcoin.... shitcoin... into Lightning. News Flash: Bitcoin is BSV, measure of what is Bitcoin is not in the name, or a ticker, as this i just a LABEL, true measure of what is Bitcoin is in how blockchain WORKS, and FYI, BTC no longer works as Bitcoin. BTC is going to go to zero, as its use case has been destroyed. Core have messed up the economics of the system so that now, they have to resort to moving everyone into a completely different system (Lightning) and to keep miners from mining BTC in the future, they will have to increase the coin supply indefinitely, because without actual mass usage of the blockchain, without block rewards, miners are not going to mine any more. Anyone that doesn't understand this yet, is going to be in for a very rude awakening in the future. Don't later complain how you weren't warned. Ivan, is clueless about all this, and you listening to him, you are getting screwed also. Have a nice day.
iOWN Token (1 month ago)
Plan to own part of an apartment in London, restaurant in Dubai or even gym in Moscow, own it now with iOWN the investment platform of the future!
Max Hofmann (1 month ago)
Sure that this short isnt a scam 🤭
Stephen Brennan (1 month ago)
Love it sunny good times ahead the bears are coming out of hibernation good times ahead
Rui Ferrao (1 month ago)
Once upon a time i made a 40.000% trade profit let me just open photoshop here... give me a min... -.-'
Akash Patel (1 month ago)
It was a TROLL damnit sunny! http://prntscr.com/mkelt8
Brandy Wasay (1 month ago)
if u still havent bought bitcoin altcoins today .... i dont know what to say about you.
Jonnah Maz (1 month ago)
so now it could be -200% bear market or something ???
Violeta Villatoro (1 month ago)
Good point !!!
Guillaume Léveillé (1 month ago)
I'm not scared at all of buying bitcoin right now, I actually got some last week. My problem is, I already used all my money buying at the top ! :-( I guess there is a bunch of people like me and it will take some time before we can invest considerably again. I feel I am going to get screwed later on buying at 10k or more.
Marco Murillo (1 month ago)
So you painted a descendant triangle but keep ppl telling bottom is here...
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Andrew Freeman (1 month ago)
Everyone who bought after 15K got REKKED of course they are timid now..
EPIC VIDEOS (1 month ago)
When btc 500 usd?
Paint It All Black. (1 month ago)
To understand markets you need to understand human psychology (all tho' that doesn't mean you'll be able to predict price move with a 100% accuracy it helps a bit ) Markets try to find "equilibrium" between buyers and sellers, luckily, is not always achieved (consolidation periods) and after a while they end up with a bang to one side, then, most of the time, they Over-Shoot ( cause of Greed ) and become Overpriced, and then reverse to he mean and Over-Compensate (Oversold) cause of Panic Selling... in essence .. the Market is a drunk driver on an icy road, which translates into Volatility, new markets are always the most volatiles cause are more illiquid than old markets, ergo: less money is needed to move the it, for traders the Key is to find a balance between liquidity and volatility, volatility is what we thrive on and liquidity is what we need to participate. A market that is always in "Equilibrium" is an untradable: Yesterday was at $11, today is at $11 and next month will be at $11 = Cero Volatility, no money to be made by traders.
Typho0n (1 month ago)
After this 1st quarter we are going down!
Typho0n (1 month ago)
BTC to $1700!!!!
yakk _ (1 month ago)
Meh... find the ath and atl from one person. Its not an indicator for me. Maybe he just smart and dont want to be too greedy!
Ryan Llewellyn (1 month ago)
what do you think about hyperwave theory. If its true bitcoin bottom will be 1000
sunny decree (1 month ago)
Watch my video about it.
Tarantinopi pp (1 month ago)
I start my dolar cost average 3 months ago, i dont care if it fall down, because macd in week time shows me that downward momentum is no more, look at the macd in previous bear market
Francisco Zamora (1 month ago)
Buy now, what u doin?
Tristan Michela (1 month ago)
is the bottom is near? lol
Electroneum Rich (1 month ago)
I mean if you take a look at how long it took for someone to break even if they bought at the 2014 peak it would be 170 weeks, right now we are on week 61.
Moe K (1 month ago)
Great content in this video
Crazy Investoor (1 month ago)
All those celebrities and youtubers promoting bitcoin should be charged with insider trading in a regulated market
Space Oddity (1 month ago)
the problem is that the market has not yet made any kind of significant bottoming pattern A trade like "crypto fungus" would have bankrupted bitmex if it was true wake up kids !
Bcc Bcc (1 month ago)
Bitmex never lose a cent because of a trade. The trade always happen between two bitmex users. You are completely stupid and ignorant.
Space Oddity (1 month ago)
standar btc market correction just like 2014 420 days and 85% down
Christo (1 month ago)
@sunny check ivan on tech made a vid recently showing just how easy it is to modify a webpage... cant find that vid now, but it was within the last two weeks.. that short screenshot means NOTHING
Warren Buffett (1 month ago)
Valter Mendes (1 month ago)
wow, dude go double click, inspect element and edit... i can have 99999999% gainz... dont be stupid
xelor krosmo (1 month ago)
Not so song ago, people saw btc going to 25k easily wich never occured le me guess, now that everybody see btc at 2k$ it will never occur... im with the "opposite of everyone thougts " this time!! :D
CRYPTO AI (1 month ago)
😂 fungus wins troll of the century. Kind of ashamed to see you bit hardest. Got to do better research Sunny.
Alyson Todd (1 month ago)
You guys are so gullible that tweet about shorting bitcoin from 20k was a troll
shadyparadox (1 month ago)
Improvements in fundamentals result in long term gains, not short term ones. So it could be months or years before you see the corresponding bumps in price.
Anth bobo (1 month ago)
Not everyone is scared i've been accumulating....
Mister Cat (1 month ago)
i hope there's movie "the big short 2" about bitcoin... lol
Chris Taylor (1 month ago)
The only thing that keeps me thinking, is that the other bear markets did not involve all of the huge powerful corporations that are involved now. Will that make a difference?
Bitsaway1 (1 month ago)
Sunny wouldn't that short position have been deleveraged by now or contract expire? Don't think someone would be able to keep a position open that long on bitmex
Bitsaway1 (1 month ago)
+majorityrulz111 true I was thinking about the alt coin contracts that expire on bitmex.
Bitsaway1 (1 month ago)
+Marshaa Brady I think you can on btc contracts, looks like alt coin contracts are only ones that expire, but this trade would have been deleveraged at 10,000% if it was real that would have been 100x bitmex does that protect themselves
majorityrulz111 (1 month ago)
perpetual contracts, never expire
Marshaa Brady (1 month ago)
Bitsaway1 exactly. How can you hold a leveraged short position for over a year?
Robbie Wolff (1 month ago)
It’s not just about fear of the market and buying low and selling high, it’s about how long you have to keep your money tied up in an asset that either keeps dropping OR trades sideways. The money that I dropped in the market in late 2017 I could’ve used for other business deals and opportunities that I just can’t do now because I will not allow myself to sell at these low prices. Hence, this money is tied up until the next bull run. Even if that takes another 1-3 years. And anyone who comments about the “I believe in the tech and I’m here because of the ideal of having financial freedom from big banks and fiat” or whatever BS they spout off is just lying.
Noureddine Arfan (1 month ago)
The day when Bitcoin had all its glory is way over.
Suveer Chadha (1 month ago)
That's been said so many times already. Y'all keep getting proved wrong everytime.
David Venning (1 month ago)
+MichaelDavid09 nobody knew about bitcoin then so its completly different
MichaelDavid09 (1 month ago)
Ive been in BTC since 2013, thats exactly what they said when it was sideways around $200 for awhile down from $1200. It will pop again and you'll eat your words.
starcatify (1 month ago)
Do you know how easy it is to fake those PNL numbers with photoshop??
Michael Manfro (1 month ago)
Someone closed it like a month ago from 19k.. and now him. Def at bottom.
MateO (1 month ago)
cryptofungus is a troll and he already owned up to the lie FYI. Still love you though sunny. Good video
Fletch55 (1 month ago)
00:40 sunny subbed to his own channel so he can be notified of new uploads 😄😄
Crypto Ninja (1 month ago)
increase your bitcoin on the daily go here : https://cryptoninja.info
Vipple My Nipple (1 month ago)
Why do you mention fundamentals if I had a fat zit on my face I won’t preach about face wash to prevent zits that would be stupid and very cringe worthy
Vipple My Nipple (1 month ago)
Best case scenario it needs to pass 20,000 slowly to build a strong foundation could take years then when people look at it at 30,000 they will start jumping in again but until then 😴
Vipple My Nipple (1 month ago)
Market psychology doesn’t matter anymore FYI because it already reached a peak at 20,000 when everyone and there mom was trying to get in
pawan sharma (1 month ago)
One thousand dollars according to elliot wave theory is not possible.. reaching previous high not possible according to elliot wave theory.. keep dreaming guys
Krazy Thumbs (1 month ago)
pawan sharma with all due respect, I haven’t put forth an analysis for you to criticize. I feel you are doing the community a disservice by expressing your opinion as though it is a fact. Technical analysis in general is wrong much of the time. There is no silver bullet for timing the market or guessing the bottom and Elliot wave is no different
pawan sharma (1 month ago)
Krazy Thumbs and ur analysis is based on misconception!!
Krazy Thumbs (1 month ago)
pawan sharma I’m just saying your analysis is built on a foundation of lies
pawan sharma (1 month ago)
Krazy Thumbs one thing is clear to me that i am not gonna lose and i dont need to prove it to anyone in the comment section here.. so do whatever u want to .. dont try to discredit my analysis.. u do whatever u want to ..keep waiting for ur 1000$ prices to enter in ..okay
Krazy Thumbs (1 month ago)
pawan sharma if you’re trading with this mentality then it’s clear to me that you’re losing. Elliot wave does not influence price at all. If it goes below $1000 then you will be forced to run a new count that fits the information that you’re given without violating the Elliot wave rule set. Elliot wave is a technical analysis tool that helps to organize information and gives you some sense of what to expect from the market. It’s not a crystal ball
Singed Adaktuss (1 month ago)
That screenshot from bitmex still could be fake, and I am calling BS on it How to fake it? Simply go to your bitmex, and inspect the element of the unrealized P&L and all related tabs and change to whatever number you want and there you go. Unless I see the realized profits going directly to a wallet which I can confirm my self, that bitmex dude is a liar. Period.
1/1024 (1 month ago)
easily done as shown here
Alex Pacheco (1 month ago)
I'm not scared, I just dont have more money. EDIT: And I'm not some capitalist greedy pig gambling with others money
Digital Nobody (1 month ago)
Sooo THAT'S where my money went! 💰
Hans G (1 month ago)
How is this possible when there where moments where everybody got deleveraged out of their positions?
ethanaaron92 (1 month ago)
Shorts on bitmex expire after 30 days, you either take profits or take a new position. Fungus has already said it was a joke/lie. You can’t have a year+ short on bitmex
Rani Elias (1 month ago)
Hans G insider trading?
Andrew Dilinger (1 month ago)
What about XLM/BTC?
Alex Pacheco (1 month ago)
RIP, terrible trade I got going on there.
R James (1 month ago)
Reminder! Next 'round' of Litecoin and Bitcoin halvings begins 2019 - continues into 2020 - mining reward is halved leading to less new Litecoin and Bitcoin entering the market leading to upward pressure on price. Last 2015 Litecoin halving signified the beginnings of 2015 - 2017 price surge!""
emmm70 (1 month ago)
Of course Bitcoin is closer to the bottom BECAUSE 3000 IS CLOSER TO 500. Your speech only tries to induce FOMO that finally will make people to lose money. -----------------
Michael Scott (1 month ago)
thats not 12800% aswell, thats Cross-margin, dude, do your research,thats 1280%, still good.
J Mercy (1 month ago)
Shorters closing positions doesnt indicate we are closer to the bottom, because shorters closing at 8k or 6k shouldve had the same significance. Great trade by that guy but no correlation to the bitcoin bottoming. I think they just want to cash out finally bc theyve held for over a year not able to use that money.
J Mercy (1 month ago)
great video and info as always.
Michael Scott (1 month ago)
lmao, what do you even talking about??, check 2011 and drop from 30$ to 2$
Crypto Foreman (1 month ago)
100% Fake PROOF: There is a "," comma in the screenshot showing a potential close price of "3766,0" - Bitmex does NOT allow comma's to be entered or typed into that box and never has. The screenshot is absolutely fake and is an edited image.
nico d (1 month ago)
He could of easily faked the screenshot. I don't it just seems highly unlikely. If I had closed a short like that I would never bragged about it in the first place. This is just a hindsight troll post so he can get people in his telegram dump group which is obviously paid.
Stephen Letizia (1 month ago)
Hey Sunny, I watch your videos every morning on my way to work. I’ve been asking this question to some people and I’m curious what you think. I’ve had this thought for a while. And I didn’t think anything of it until we saw that last bull candle. Lite coin announced the implementation of nimble wimble and had a huge percentages upwards for a minute there and it just seemed like instead of bitcoin pulling the alt coins up, it seemed like an alt coin pulled bitcoin up on that last bull candle. I can’t help but think that bitcoin is heavily influenced by OTC markets where investors buy and sell bitcoin keeping it out of the market and miners mining bitcoin selling their mined bitcoin in OTC markets so they don’t drive the price of bitcoin down in the market. Not to mention bitcoin is the most popular and has the biggest target on its back for market manipulation. My question is, do you think bitcoin just served as a proof of concept by Satoshi and eventually another alt coin will take over because of the alt coins not being as subject to market manipulation and OTC markets? I would very much like to be wrong about this, but what do you think?
Stephen Taylor (1 month ago)
Well done -- at last you understand markets where chart analysis and fundamentals are of no use whatsoever. Psychology, sentiment, and the herd instinct are what matters. It's what I've been trying to explain in previous comments.
Charles Eberenz (1 month ago)
Fuck off jeff bishop. No one wants to buy ur fkn scam bullshit
Lion TV & More (1 month ago)
Hej sunny ech bi vo Luzern. Da bim Bahnhof isch vis a wie vom schwarze Schaf en exchange uf gange wo bitcoin kaufe und verkaufe chasch 😍😍😍 es isch zentralste Ort vo Luzern MC Donalds und Burger King sind 15meter und mietprise sind mega.. Finds krass as so exchange ah so eme zentrale Ort ufgange isch.. han es foti gmacht, chans dir schicke wenn möchtisch.
Alexis (1 month ago)
Im pretty sure CF stated that this was a joke post when he posted it
StotheEtotheB (1 month ago)
If this is the best trade you have ever see on bitmex you clearly have no idea of trading. There is no evidence that this happened but its pretty likely that this is just another FUD news.
Alessandro De Crypto (1 month ago)
Even if this video and the last video sounds reasonable regarding of the bottom of BTC, all this talking I heard when we were at 6k and see what happened... Maybe when we are at 1.5k we will talk again that this is the mining cost of 1btc in a country and now we bottomed out. Only because China is the main "Miner-Country" doesn't mean they have to be it forever. Maybe China will start shuttiong down all Miner when we dropf below 3k. Maybe that's why we have strong support at 3k and if this breaks, 2.7k, 2.2k, 1.5k etc. This is just the worst case what could happen and in my opinion not very likely. I will be the one that LONGS at 3K ;)
PROsec5 (1 month ago)
You can do the UPNL editing on paint .. 2 more years of bear market minimum ,stay strong people .
Zuhair Naqvi (1 month ago)
He could have just closed the short due to a raise in the interest rate or contract expiry only to roll into a new short, I love your optimism but be careful especially if you use leverage.
Josh Marshall (1 month ago)
Great info thanks
SS (1 month ago)
Crypto fungus lol
Austin Thresher (1 month ago)
I love these "shot in the arm" videos. Short and precise.
L A (1 month ago)
Hey Sunny do you think we have hit bottom with bitcoin?
D0nMark (1 month ago)
Why would a (professional) trader brag about his trades? It’s impossible to catch the top and bottom. So easy to made this with PS.
Jaydapp (1 month ago)
That is 100% fake. Bitmex liquidates positions after they reach a certain level of profit. I’ve had it happen a few times to me. For this guy, it would have been way way before now. Probably somewhere around the 15k level or above with a 100x short. Also, the fees he would have been paying on that every 8 hours would have killed him. Trust me, it’s fake.
Hien Van (1 month ago)
Jaydapp not if you work for bitmex😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gez Monder (1 month ago)
I wonder if I met you in person, that you would also talk at 1.25x speed....
carlos bayona (1 month ago)
erase this video man, its embarrassing
Chris Wood (1 month ago)
Hyperwave maybe
Dreaming Life (1 month ago)
BTC is a roller coaster! The trick to having a fun bear market is to get in on the previous bear market lows, which is now! Just imagine when the next bear market won't fall below 10k but all the same things are being said then as now about price. Meanwhile, you're good either way.
Mike Torredeoro (1 month ago)
Great video again. Thanks. One thing I've learnt the hard way is not to be too greedy (you end up losing a lot) I am $ cost averaging right now and will take profits incrementally as the price is going up. Don't try to catch the bottom or the top.
James Luckhurst (1 month ago)
Impossible short... Bitmex shorts expire after 30days and your forced to take profit and start again.. and if you restarted at a lower price you would of got wiped out by a dead cat bounce... Call total B.S. even futures expire but longer length
majorityrulz111 (1 month ago)
Their bitcoin contract never expires
Bcc Bcc (1 month ago)
Never heard of perpetual ?? Stupid...
AJ M (1 month ago)
Well done research, thank you for doing this👏
JDOG (1 month ago)
Get to tha choppa!
james gor (1 month ago)
I blame tyler jenks and tony vays for people not buying now...hyperwave bullshit
joan23us (1 month ago)
I want to believe you mate but until I see a change in Market Structure I'm not convinced. My money is waiting back down to retest the $3100 low, possible break down to $3k and $2500... By that time when and if it happens I would have save some more $$$ ready for the $1k Hyperwave Tyler Jenks prediction.
We’ve already touched the 200 weekly MA twice, just as we did in 2015...And now another nice rise off of it. If it goes below the 200 Weekly MA, next I would think the 300 weekly MA which I believe sits currently around $2,400-$2,500. I don’t see that happening, as the 200 Weekly MA is a strong support in a market.
Carol Rose (1 month ago)
I am so glad to hear some else thinks that some of the comments are appalling. Thank you.
jahalien (1 month ago)
I think your right, but right now there is little room on the daily chart to go up. Then its down down down to test the $3100 low. Personally i think on the daily chart it will test that level and go lower into the $2800 then we see the start of the bullrun.
joan23us (1 month ago)
+onepercent i keep an open mind... I think you should too. He might be wrong but its not wrong to consider ' what if ' and plan accordingly.
joan23us (1 month ago)
Some of the comments here are appalling. Shows what kind majority of the people in the crypto Markets. Until we all grow up and think like real mature people crypto will not recover... Better yet crypto will not realize its true potential beyond speculation.
Andre Martins (1 month ago)
keep up the good work much love from Portugal
tudor bocastorta (1 month ago)
will 100x long 1.4k
Get Fit (1 month ago)
What is sunny talking about? See ya at $300
prithvi raj (1 month ago)
If this short is true he might be a future traveller.. Can be the richest person in the world which means there is a suspicious..Vice versa Long BTC will work from here
Louis B (1 month ago)
Bottom will be in when nobody doesn't want to buy anymore. It means for ever. Put a price in your head where you consider bitcoin has no more futur, a price telling you that you couldn't see bitcoin at 20000 dollars anymore, then you get the bottom, the real shift. You miss the point sunny, every video you make about the "bottom", because you don't want to integrate the fundamental and basic notion of capitulation, when the nerds are surrendering.
Gianni Costantiello (1 month ago)
Awesome as always!
Patatmetmayo (1 month ago)
The end of a bear market is not marked by its absolute bottom, but by the price climbing above the 200-day MA and then finding support there. Using this metric you could mark the end of the last bear market in November 2015 as that's when the price found support at the 200-day MA.
Shane Stein (1 month ago)
Great video sunny. Thanks for the great info 👍
Jeremy Ng (1 month ago)
A sign of RSI decay translated from this video
MarieS (1 month ago)
He also tweeted this in December, '18: "That being said, I still think we are in for a 1-2yr bear market of FUD and chopping. Sub $3k for sure."
MarieS (1 month ago)
+Danish Haider I personally have no idea. Just quoting the tweet.
Danish Haider (1 month ago)
Don't be so sure.

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