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“For Bitcoin, Oct.11th CRITICAL, BTC To Take OVER World” - BTC Nostradamus Predicts Awesome Growth

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Text Comments (40)
Kevin Cass (3 days ago)
"... Get right into it..." @ 2 minutes in.
Daschiev Andrei-Mihai (3 days ago)
In 4 year semesters, bitcoin will be 175.000 € . And will rise to... Infinity.😎😎😎
Robert johnson (4 days ago)
Always enjoy your Videos , Now that the bitcoin is at its current level , it is advisable that we need to do is invest what we’re Holding and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, I discovered a comment of someone giving Accolades to SHAUN AMES and also thanking him for helping him increase his Portfolio from having 4BTC to 12.5 BTC in three months, So i contacted him, Behold I have made 3Btc in 6 weeks with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Y'all can reach out to him through His email/hangout at Shaunames27 @gmail. com or via TELEGRAM @shaunames01 or via Whatsapp +1-510-972-3951. and thank me later
Ivan Smith (4 days ago)
The only way you can't lose when bitcoin fall in price, is to trade bitcoin which is 100% safer, thanks shaun for this superb knowledge
Anthony Abramo (4 days ago)
With the guidelines and instruction given to me by Shaun, I was able to trade on my own and i made a profit of 3.2btc
Linda Cohen (4 days ago)
Talking about the right strategy Mr Shaun got the winning strategy his teaching and skills got me to where i am today , Contact him for more guidance
David Moore (4 days ago)
I have gained more trading insight ever since i met Mr Shaun, i recommend him to every trader having issues with trading
Travis McCarty (4 days ago)
Oct 11th means NOTHING. NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN OCT 11th. Clickbating bullshit that knows nothing about crypto
Harry Gupta (5 days ago)
Rubbish news as always ⁉️Guessing always 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️
Crypto Dad (5 days ago)
Clickbait garbage
CHAIRMAN MEOW (5 days ago)
All of you "youtube financial advisors" make these wild predictions and when they don't happen you never concede you were wrong, you just double down with another wild prediction and repeat adnauseum. Wishful thinking doesn't make a financial expert.
GodlyWodahs (5 days ago)
Title made me lol
Brismo (5 days ago)
Everyone here who is bitching about Bitcoin not popping off yet, sound like the two douche bags who are talking to christian bale in this scene. THIS IS WHAT YOU SOUND LIKE: https://youtu.be/pLLgNi5UmB0
UKMHT (5 days ago)
Phoenix has arrived. Liquid just been initiated watch out swift bitcoin is coming for you. Etherium and xrp not needed anymore. Watch this space
Remco laken (5 days ago)
Dogecoin is going to explode agian people look at the chart its just a matter of minutes
Jack Naneek (5 days ago)
Nostradamus? Greatest pump yet! TechCashHouse Whackjobbery sets no standard with this video
Roberto Gil (5 days ago)
Firts time and last time for me in this channel. What a waste of time , we are seeing more and more of this useless bitcoin parasites on YouTube. While the software engeneers and developers work thier asses off, these ignorants, good for nothing oportunist try to get money without working.
Well, what about it? Bitcoin crash? I did'n expect this spring will be so awful for cryptocurrencies. I have the last resort on www.icovilla.org/telegram-token This is a GRAM (TON)-token. It is full of praise. Hope for fine profit)
Al5 R (5 days ago)
Just Theory
Huajun International (6 days ago)
and with that being said
Dhul Qarnayn (6 days ago)
Ripple will be the one world currency even the logo looks like 3 sixes
I advise to turn attention to ICON (ICX) token) It really can make you rich) They promise a growth in at least 10 X-es this year. Buy it on 50 dollars! Or it is possible to receive it free of charge using the airdrop vipairdrop.info/crypto/icon
rs tan (6 days ago)
nonsense channel... it's always next month or next week..
Grant Reese (6 days ago)
you're not quite awake at the wheel bro... not all markets are down.... gold and silver are up. also, dude.... you're missing it... the stock market is down 1000 points since 10-10-18. the dollar burning has begun. wake up dude.
or those who want many X-es, I recommend to buy Telegram tokens in advance cryptovilla.org/gram-telegram
Arick Ras (6 days ago)
Its always next month o next week....and bullrun never comes....dont you grt tired uploading the same garbage...i guess not if u are being sponsored
Bongo McBongo (4 days ago)
Sure seems that way
ЮРИЙ ШКЛЯЕВ (6 days ago)
www.airdropmaster.pro/air-tokens/DENT-token Today I got coins from airdrop. What should I do now with DENT coins ? At what exchange it is conceivable to sell them ?
TheMotivationalMind (6 days ago)
Dude, pick a prediction and stick with it. You publish like a million wild predictions... like what is that?
Crypto Dad (5 days ago)
First of all a slide show is not a video
TheMotivationalMind (5 days ago)
+Jesse Estrada I know, but still. Like at like be a little more discrete lol.
Jesse Estrada (6 days ago)
TheMotivationalMind it’s how you tubers get paid. For the views and our comments. Lol. I just take this video for info.
Robert Jones (6 days ago)
One world currency does not mean one particular brand of crypto like BTC. It’s currency as a whole hence one world currency.
Доступнo и oчень пoнятно, интepecнo и вecьма пoзнaватeльно. Хоpошeе обликeо пoлучилocь!
Erwache (6 days ago)
This channel now runs on HOPIUM!
Michael C (6 days ago)
Erwache (6 days ago)
This channel has said BTC is gonna moon next week since february.
x Blade (6 days ago)
Yeah market dropped a bit oooh let's go super bear mode..get real.
Uneducated Economist (6 days ago)
Love this video. Very good
Christian Emeka (5 days ago)

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