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Freebitco.in Bonus Explained - Increase Bitcoin Daily

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Want to earn Bitcoin on a daily basis when as it's going to the moon? Freebitco.in is a faucet website that helps you learn crypto as you claim bitcoin for free on an hourly basis. Don't have a FreeBitco.in account? Signup is free (plus I pay back 50% of my commissions to my referrals): https://freebitco.in/?r=6369292 Get in on Bitcoin with no risk at the start. This video explains the bonus on Freebitco.in. Bonus goes up when you use the lottery and play multiply BTC. It goes down every hour you claim. Your bonus also decreases faster the more claims you do. At the start, buying lottery tickets is a great way to increase the bonus with 20x impact. Eventually that impact is lost, so be sure to do that at that start before you lose that effect. Just trying to help and resource right from the start I started using Freebitco.in when BTC was $1.8k. Every single satoshi I have earned has increased 3X! Imagine what it will do if real investors get in and Bitcoin goes to $50K? $100K? $1m? This is how you learn how to claim bitcoin and learn about crypto without any risk.
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Text Comments (80)
Umer Hayat (5 days ago)
Well I found free $5162a money making system that is really working:(just go to) greatworks.club/?rGaVp Great work...
Bitcoin io (11 days ago)
Sean Eredia (22 days ago)
Do you think its worth to put stock a lot of bitcoins on their website for the Interest? I personally dont trust them as of now but what do you think?
NEW APDATE DHAMAKA (1 month ago)
https://www.pivot.one/app/invite_login?inviteCode=fjtfnz Bitcoin earning app 100% realy
sysmanshow2 (2 months ago)
Hi Jason, I have registered under your referral.Thanks for all the informations, that will help. Can you send me the script please. Thanks
Ydnar Yvann Oriño (3 months ago)
Hello, i just lost 65,000 satoshi to 182 satoshi. I've come across a lot of videos and i really want to get a chance to get your script because i want to earn back those satoshis huhuhu
A Teacher (4 months ago)
The three videos you made we're great information! Unfortunately, I already signed up with another referral. I was wondering if you can give an update on where you are in the process. And can you give a basic, how to start video? Would you solely start by focusing purely on the reward points? Would you wait for the 1200RP, or would you start at the bottom of the ladder (12RP for 1+RP)? Thanks for considering these questions
Walter von Kaenel (4 months ago)
Hi Jason can you send me the Script Please [email protected]
Serena Onwuka (4 months ago)
I've sent you a dm on [email protected] or incase you aren't active on there, my email is [email protected]
Veekzy (4 months ago)
Hey, how can i go about getting this script? Ive been using the site for a while and that sounds very helpful.
john williams (4 months ago)
There is this hacker that can do bitcoin hack, bitcoin mining and also flip your current bitcoin balance, Yes its true!! I was surprised as well. And also you don't need to purchase any software key. It is trusted and tested and I can testify to it. You can try for yourself, email them at ON INSTERGRAM @PROFESSIONAL_CYBERHACKING
Jake Hamilton (4 months ago)
Can I have the script to claim free bitcoin every hour automatically? I just lost 0.2 BTC on the multiply BTC rolling game :( but I have full bonus on my account.
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
Sorry for the delay to everyone. My extension made a change to their software that I had to figure out. Yes Jake, message me on instagram and I will give you the link and instructions to download the script. You will have to verify that you are a referral of mine FYI
Anis MJ (5 months ago)
Hi! i dmed your IG to ask about your script =) I've registered by using your link. Thanks
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
I just DM'd you back. Sorry the extension I used on chrome was not working for the past couple months. Had to figure out how to re-create the claim. Now it will claim 600 hours!! It is great.
Fábio Sousa (5 months ago)
Hi, very good friend, the video! Would you be interested in selling your account with these bonuses? If you are interested, please contact me: [email protected]
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
DM me in instagram @notsofarfletched please, will get the script for you right away.
Don Dominik (5 months ago)
if i click on 100 rewards/roll it says "you are not eligible.." whats can i do now??
hennie williams (5 months ago)
I used your link, where can I send you proof to get the script?
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
Sent you an email.
hennie williams (4 months ago)
Hey Jason, I don't use Instagram :( Could I email you the proof? My email address is : [email protected]
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
please DM me on Instagram @notsofarfletched. Got the chrome extension working great now. Had to figure out how to re-create the claim. You will get 600 hours of looping!! It is great.
Michael Benoya (5 months ago)
can i have your scrypt please
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
DM me on IG: notsofarfletch. Want to get the script going for ya, just need you to confirm that you are a referral of mine.
per karlsen (5 months ago)
can i have your scrypt please :)
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
Of course. DM me @notsofarfletched. Just will need you to verify that you clicked my referral link and I will send you the script and easy to use instructions.
Alif Technical (5 months ago)
My Doubt is Can I Get the Bonus Added to All Rewards from only Buying lottery tickets? if possible How Many tickets I need to Buy Exact Value Like "0.001BTC"
nison aminov (6 months ago)
Hey can you please give me the script that you were talking about I would really appreciate it thank you
Sebastian Torn (7 months ago)
The base prize is not 2 cents, that would be pretty high. It's 0.2 cents, 10 times less.
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
No worries. It's gotten to be quite nice now that bitcoin has dropped in price lately.
Sebastian Torn (6 months ago)
Oh I see, sorry. I didn't know.
Jason Fletcher (6 months ago)
It changes based on how much bitcoin is worth. When I posted this video it was worth 2cents.
Victòria Peñafiel (7 months ago)
Messaged you on IG regarding script, I am one of your referrals.
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
DM me on IG (Notsofarfletched), after i can verify that you are a referral of mine, I will send you the script download link and get you going.
Jason Fletcher (6 months ago)
What is your email. I will send you the script.
Mark O'Shea (7 months ago)
Great video Jason! what script like j script?
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
DM me on IG and I will get you set up with the script as soon as I can verify that you are a referral of mine (IG notsofarfletched)
smk chronic (8 months ago)
Good morning Mr Jason I already got an acc but I'm loking for do another one what do you say? I can be your refer send me the link and the macro (freebtc and rewards) aswell I got one but works just for claiming free btc every hour Thanks for your attention! Have a nice week
kazem shoze (8 months ago)
the script still working?
Durski meh (8 months ago)
Hey i signed up with ur ref. hit me up!
Alvaro Caosio (9 months ago)
hello , about the script...this is my refer 12345621and my mail ([email protected]) if you need to verify
Ali The Flying Tiger (9 months ago)
sir i am new and want to make account plz send me your reffreal number and script.
Tom Talent (9 months ago)
And what Statoshi I do get is it more worth while putting on the lottery than the hi or lo game to improve the percentage... and also when it goes up to the 365 or whatever how long does it stay at that amount? and is there a next stage up after that also if you know that is... thanks in advance you have already been very helpful with this video :)
Борислав (8 months ago)
When you get to the new stage you start up with 0.00% again so you have to up them , so you dont return to the previous stage again, and the max bonus you can win is shown there. So after you reach 100% you go to the new stage (+27 in this situation).
Tom Talent (9 months ago)
how do I get the script please man
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
DM me and I will send you the link for the script after I can verify you are a referral of mine!!
COSMIC SESSIONS (10 months ago)
lemeilleur tuto (10 months ago)
can i have your scrypt please
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
DM me on IG (notsofarfletched) and I will sent it your way.
lemeilleur tuto (10 months ago)
thank you very munch
禾少陳 (10 months ago)
this bonus is decreasing every hour ,how to maintain it ?
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
You can't. It's designed to decrease. Might as well take it while you can. You can buy lottery tickets to increase it, but I don't think it's worth the cost.
Josh C (10 months ago)
For bitcoin mining can i claim it for every one hour??
Kenx Sarvida (10 months ago)
hi ive reg under you... please help me with ur script thnx :D 1KxBDotyS3uVL6KMBphfhEb9cfG95eNt1g
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
Hey Kenx, I have verified that you are a referral of mine. DM me on IG and I will get you the link to download the package that includes the hourly free roll script and also the instructions.
Albert Paul (10 months ago)
Hi I've signed up. Where can I email you for the script and how to remove the captcha please?
Albert Doromal (10 months ago)
can i ask for your script?thanks in advance
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
DM me on IG, notsofarfletched. Once you are verified as one of my referrals we will get that script over to ya so you can start claiming your free BTC.
Freddie Moore (11 months ago)
Hey , I've messaged you about using your script (I included my email and everything)
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
Cool, I sent you the link to download the script. You should be all set to claim every hour for 600 hours. Then you just reset the loop and start all over.
Freddie Moore (11 months ago)
Jason Fletcher Hey , I messaged you on IG I'm Ed_Savage
Jason Fletcher (11 months ago)
Where did you message me? on my instagram? Please let me know who you are and I will gladly give you the script.
Adventure NatureTrips (1 year ago)
wow a really good video!
Jason Fletcher (1 year ago)
Thank you very much!!
I Am ΛKKIRΛ (1 year ago)
Nice I was seriously wondering this...
Monyque Silva (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for explaining about the bonus!
Pius Etiobhio (1 year ago)
Bro please can you help me out with the script...i would appreciate thanks
Jason Fletcher (4 months ago)
If you want the script I have a link for you. Message me again on IG, notsofarfletched. We had to fix the extension. Sorry it took so long.
Pius Etiobhio (1 year ago)
I don't get what you said
Jason Fletcher (1 year ago)
Cool, I messaged you back. Sorry it was in my spam folder. Can you confirm you got your captcha removed? I will teach you how if you have not.
Pius Etiobhio (1 year ago)
please reply I have done it thanks
Jason Fletcher (1 year ago)
Awesome Video. Good work!!!
Nicola Wales-Wong (1 year ago)
I've been confused about the bonus but this was super helpful! Thank you!!!
Jason Fletcher (1 year ago)
Thats great! Glad to hear it! Keep on collecting that BTC!
Nicola Wales-Wong (1 year ago)
I did! The script is awesome :) :)
Jason Fletcher (1 year ago)
Did you try that script I gave you?

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