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Taking Profits on Cryptocurrency on The Way Up

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Don't be scared to take profits on the way up. As you see your positions grow in multiples, you should also be looking to take profits on the way up withy our cryptocurrency. There are plenty of coins out there to fork your profits into, to get gains.
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Altcoin Buzz (8 months ago)
You can buy Bitcoin Here on Coinbase https://www.coinbase.com/join/59b0f3d64b766c00c342e334 and sign up for Binance Exchange Here https://www.binance.com/?ref=10760206
paul1mdrn (18 days ago)
Revisiting this video brings back some memories, what a ride last year!!!
Robert G (20 days ago)
Thanks for the video. Should you take profits into fiat, USDT, buy back in when it goes down, etc...?
Crypto Ranger (4 months ago)
wow 35 cent ripple... Went crazy after this
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tahtasieksik doktor (8 months ago)
please buy a microphone :) your content is very good but sound is disaster..
blanton meadows (8 months ago)
great video sir. thank you!
Paulo Maurício (8 months ago)
Hello, nice video, I’m a noob on crypto and trading, and I would like to take some profit, I’m just not shure of the percentages, let’s say that I’m with 200% all time profit on Ripple, should I transfer it to BTC (0,62% 24h) or ETH (28% 24h), where there I get more profit, or less lost, because I’m thinking at reinvest on Ripple when it’s on a lower price. Did I make any sense? Sorry for my poor English. Thanks.
sunny arora (9 months ago)
Roger Moore (9 months ago)
Thank you sir!
sunny dhillon (9 months ago)
How much do you possibly make per day trying to "fork " all these holdings
Rubén Montes del Horno (10 months ago)
If you want to accelerate the snowball effect you should keep the gains and take advantage of the compound interest. Just if you need the money I can accept your criteria of grabbing the profits, otherwise is wiser to keep them with you. Great channel. Regards
Anthony Morales (10 months ago)
you dont think this is a bubble?
Daniel Goodson (10 months ago)
My dude!
Crypto Coach (10 months ago)
Hey Jeff, great advice. How do you recommend storing your currencies ? Do you know of any way to store all coins on a single device ?
Austin Hamilton (10 months ago)
Hey there. Could you give us some good suggestions for podcasts you recommend? I'm a podcast junkie and would be interested in your opinions for a noob to crypto. Thanks
Alex Nam (10 months ago)
Fantastic video Jeff... Do you have anything besides a youtube channel?
Lu Lu (10 months ago)
very helpful
Michał Jaszowski (10 months ago)
Slightly different approach to the subject: https://twitter.com/OnWindowly/status/940904076094488576 :)
Beans Bottom (10 months ago)
I am using cointracker to id profits. Not happy with it any suggestions on better application?
Chris Metroid (10 months ago)
https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/erc20/ ERC20 good coin for long term.
Jonathan Ernster (10 months ago)
On CoinMarketCap, how do you have the %1h, %24h, %7d columns? Thanks.
daz nez (10 months ago)
click 'view all' at the top of the coin list.
Robert S (10 months ago)
Anyone else having massive delays through Shapeshift?
Steve o (10 months ago)
Hello , have you guys heard of firstcoin yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cfZ5sygILI
Jim Bragg (10 months ago)
Jeff, great videos. I have what to me seems to be a big question. Let’s start with the premise that I am going to pay taxes and that I will use FIFO for reporting method (told by a crypto tax seminar last week FIFO is the method we will be forced to use). I started in Crypto 4 weeks ago and am up 95%. My first holding was BTC at $8,000. From there I bought some other Alts, IOTA, ADA, XMR, ETH, STRAT and about 5 other Alts with $100 or so in there. My question is how to take profits when in doing so I have to move to BTC first as that this the gateway currency to get in and out of the ALTS. When I do, doesn’t FIFO mean that every transaction, even for a swap, usually has to go into BTC or other major coin, then into the next ALT coin thru the BTC trading pair. Doesn’t that mean I have to recognize my lowest basis BTC coin, even just to make a trade. This kind of kills the whole idea of Hodl. If I were to go from STRAT to VERT, I was told in the crypto tax seminar that it is 2 transactions, STRAT to US$, then US$ to VERT. But really this overlooks that I have to utilize BTC to make the trade occur. How about this variation. LTC has a %300 increase in a week. If I had LTC and wanted to take 50% out for profits. I personally don’t trust US Tether, so I put it in BTC for a few days without an immediate move to another coin. I have to take the profit on the LTC short term, then if I ever want to move that amount to another Alt coin, I am really taking it from my oldest BTC position at $8,000 and have to recognize the 100% gain that has occurred on my BTC. Right? How can someone Hodl their core position of BTC if they have to use BTC to get fiat into the crypto system and use BTC trading pairs to move in and out of other Alts? Please give some direction to what others that trade in and out…not necessarily day trading, but weekly moves. Thanks.
latooo (10 months ago)
you sir, have the ability to explain and teach what you know...keep up the good work!
HowToBadass Durden (10 months ago)
Can you make a video on the best times in the market? like when Korea hits in, when most people are on their PCs, etc.
HowToBadass Durden (10 months ago)
The money goes from the impatience to the patience
Derrick Account 2 (10 months ago)
Love the tips! But how are you calculating how much profit you're making each trade?
ServantOfNone (10 months ago)
Why are people selling their LTC? WTF sell some shit coins instead
Krister Nielsen (10 months ago)
One thing that i don't understand is when you want to take a profit as you say, do you withdraw the currency, trade it for USD or for something else? I have an account at Bitfinex which i was planning to start using, but the only available currency they all can trade for are USD and BTC. So when taking a profit, should i always trade them back to BTC even though there are fees and such? Then when i reinvest into a new currency i use the BTC again. So new currency, wait for profit, trade to BTC. Then wait for a new low currency and trade BTC into that. Rinse and repeat.
Marty Japos (10 months ago)
best crypto channel on the net..thank you :)
How I made (10 months ago)
this is my financial advice..."get BITCOIN ASAP" lol
RON L. MIRANDA (10 months ago)
Jeff - great topic - thanks for sharing your trading skills. Keep forking to get major gains.
Michael Edwards (10 months ago)
Solid advice as always! Jeff you're hands down my favourite Crypto YouTuber.
Martin McQueen (10 months ago)
Should have taken the Ripple tip bro.... Just hate the bank involvement but I should have stepped through it none the less. I've not watched all your videos , but the getting one whole BTC is a great idea.
Volodymyr (10 months ago)
How can I make my coinmarketcap page to look like yours (with %1h %24h and %7d)?
Hellhound k (10 months ago)
Which exchange is safe and good one that i can buy quodstamp and verticoin? Thanks
Enigma b (10 months ago)
Sounds like your talking yourself into not selling your QSP lol.J.k...
Altcoin Buzz (10 months ago)
You are right on.... LOL
Conscious Web Design (10 months ago)
How do I trade my Litecoins for Bitcoins? On the exchanges I can see you can buy Litecoins with Bitcoins although not the other way around (I could be wrong). I see shapeshift although they charge about a $30 miners fee. Please help! BTW your videos are awesome and priceless!
Crypto Ninja (10 months ago)
We also need to think about what will happen when the whole world realizes that Bitcoin is complete crap, slow and expensive to transfer. They will look for another coin to dump all those billions of dollars. Cardano is number one, then they will consider dumping in Litecoin and EOS. They are some coins that have capability to scale with billions of users globally. I used to use ETH until a kitty crashed the whole system.
ali babar (10 months ago)
One of the best channels on crypto, this guy is solid
Darryl Griffin Simmons (10 months ago)
Thanks Jeff! Great video and very informational because I was a little lost on taking profits and putting into other altcoins
Hugo Lagunas (10 months ago)
Jeff, you da man! Thanks for the great advice.
Felix Cisneros (10 months ago)
Why should it be your goal to own one full bitcoin? Is it to be able to actually use it when it becomes part of society?
Danny Lovesana (10 months ago)
Best cripto channel. Thank Jeff
ilabash Currency (10 months ago)
I think MANA coin is a nice one to watch
Sam alam (10 months ago)
What do ya'll guys think about TRON?
1DaTJo (10 months ago)
I appreciate your videos and information. Please try not to repeat yourself so much though. Try not to repeat yourself.
Callan Kelly (10 months ago)
Have you checked out Modum?
Devin Mc Kinney (10 months ago)
hempcoin!!!! When California (6th largest economy in the world) legalizes weed jan 1st and all of CANADA legalizes weed july 1st weed coins are going to sky rocket!!! The marijuana industry is the NEXT BIG MARKET you guys. GET IN NOW before 2018
kemer K (10 months ago)
i like your work man. i took a huge a position on Quanstamp at 10 cents. it tanked. Just gotta hold
Josh M. (10 months ago)
Just wanna say thank you for these instructional videos. I’m new to the this and your videos have helped me understand how crypto currency works. Thnx. 👍🏻
AMANDA MADDOX (10 months ago)
Great video. Just subscribed. Exactly what I wanted to know about. I just have to get over my fear of taking profits. I'm worried as soon as I take profits its going to soar even higher. I also wonder about the tax man.....
Zac Jordan (10 months ago)
I messed up HUGE when it came to this...bought litecoin at 104 sold at 240, figured i would catch the dip and buy more. NOPE over 300 and I didn't keep a CORE position. Smh very mad at myself for not thinking things like this out! but hey ya live and ya learn! believing in the bigger picture
Major Mills (10 months ago)
Started out with LTC when it was at $94.27 in for the long haul believe in the vision. Forked some over into TenX at $1.92 going to see how it goes.
Brian Moscogiuri (10 months ago)
Hey Jeff thanks for all the insight. Any thoughts on verge and sia. A little new to the channel but really appreciate your work. - Brian
Jesse Bolado (10 months ago)
I'm still trying to figure out the whole "investing by satoshis vs fiat" I'm trying to figure that out because .00027 bit Coin sometimes is the same value of .00023 bitcoin. Could you help me out there?
dee nixon (10 months ago)
are you using any charting on these specuations?
steppa money (10 months ago)
Man like jeff.
Daniel Villada (10 months ago)
YO!! 2-3 weeks wait to multiply my gains WTF!!.... Crypto Problems lol
Ivannooz Tech (10 months ago)
My dumbass bought emc2 at 1.91$ lol and I’m stuck with it for three days now idk when it will get High or never
Maria Cerna (10 months ago)
Excuse my lack of knowledge...what’s FOMO? 🧐
Major Mills (10 months ago)
Fear of missing out
Justin Aronson (10 months ago)
Monetha follow up prediction?
Fred Dilworth (10 months ago)
New to crypto, question: I've been following the market closely the past few weeks with a couple hours of research each day to make sure this is something I want to get involved with. So far it's a resounding yes. The plan is to invest for the long haul, not day trade. Unfortunately, by the time my bank account cleared and my USD deposit came through all of the entrance cryptos (btc, eth, ltc) are essentially at all time highs. Should I wait a few weeks for a drop to buy-in or bite the bullet and go for it considering more futures will be released on 12/18? The plan right now is to divide funds between 1-2 main coins and 3-4 alt coins. I know there's no definite answer but interested to hear thoughts.
Paul Graves (10 months ago)
Thanks for all the news. What you think about Litecoin Plus and Litecoin Ultra?
Foomanlol (10 months ago)
IOTA clarified today that there is no formal partnership with Microsoft.
Graham Heldreth (10 months ago)
Binance isn't allowing Withdrawal's, stating network congestion for over a week now, feeling a bit shady! Be safe out there guys!
Andrew Scarlett (10 months ago)
yes teacher. school is the best part of your channel for me. more please and  thank u
Jason Goodin (10 months ago)
Thanks Jeff. Great advice!
Andy Casbo (10 months ago)
but how we get cash in hand ? :)
Main Objective (10 months ago)
Where are you doing the exchange? I'm a Noob.. All I've beeen buying on is coinbase! 😮😭 so I'm selling half? or buying at 2 price points/positions? But I'm seeing Litecoin jump up to new levels due yo the new money coming in on CB.. I wanna beat the rush with Ripple & IOTA before they hit Coinbase..
Lewis Jones (10 months ago)
Main Objective I'd like to know as well. I'm using something similar to coinbase.
tex fix (10 months ago)
this guy has been right on the money overall. i have listened for last 3 weeks and have actually profited. listen everyday
arya (10 months ago)
Thanks ,nice video
fontez (10 months ago)
getting excelent tips from your videos, thx !
Ruben C. (10 months ago)
hi can you inform as what exchange web sites  we can buy crypcoin lake ripple or iota. Will be a good help because to many scams. Thank you
Chico Figueroa (10 months ago)
Ruben C. Binance really simple and secure
Rudy Zar (10 months ago)
Thank you for being a second set of eyes in this crazy market.
Omg Beast mode (10 months ago)
This channel is so great😀
Kamol Arif (10 months ago)
Cardano and quantstamp going up, cardano first tho
C Rosemond (10 months ago)
Guys real quick how come eth& ltc is cheaper on binance than gdax Or am I️ missing something? Pls advice quit Af S/o Jeff he like our personal cnn. How is he producing some much content. He gonna make a killing off Steem in the future
kev control (10 months ago)
Holding my LTC .. Charlie Lee for Pres.
Tys (10 months ago)
You Ma niggah
mcneemem (10 months ago)
Thank you so much for these videos. I’m fairly new to trading and I was wondering what’s the best exchange to use to buy all of the other coins other than BTC, ETH, and LTC? I use Binance and Coinbase right now, are there better options?
nblevin (10 months ago)
Bittrex in my opinion.
Bryce Minor (10 months ago)
I would also like to know this
Andrew Biz (10 months ago)
My thoughts are.... If you are investing then you don't move as this is an emerging market. If you want to take little profits then so be it. The market cap for all cryptos are about 500 billion. That is nothing, I find it hard to justify moving things around in its infancy.....unless you just want a profit now.
Minty Crypto (10 months ago)
if you're fast enough buying the breakout is not always a bad idea. I bought litecoin on the race to $160 and it was $370 shortly after. If you're confident that the price will continue to rise, selling an under performing coin isn't always a bad idea. As that money can be better utilized else where esp on big swings up then you can buy back into your old coin with your gains. It's just that everyone else is doing the same so it can definitely backfire. With litecoin I could see that Bitcoin network was congested as hell and it was likely to keep rising so people could do transactions across exchanges, which it did. A bit of research sometimes will support your decision to dump a losing coin for the breakout coin.
ProudHeretic (10 months ago)
Michael Merritt that's the hard part. Trying to read charts sometimes is impossible. It's like a chicken on crack with ink on it's feet ran across my screen. Lol. I
Minty Crypto (10 months ago)
why would someone want to convert into USDT instead of just USD? Especially considering that USDT is highly suspect and tax consequences are the same when converting between crypto's as when selling to fiat. Maybe concern is less for non US peeps.
John Gangemi (10 months ago)
Valuable words here, thank you for sharing this
kommi1974 (10 months ago)
Litecoin will be at $3500 by end of April. Remember this comment. Load up on Litecoin now, as it will be the coin of choice 2018. Just wait, HODL and don't sell!! Also, waiting for the dip doesn't always apply/work.
Isaac Kay (8 days ago)
$47.61 Sept. 12 lol...
Samer Abu huntash (1 month ago)
+Seabas Vins hoping for one also during winter time
Seabas Vins (1 month ago)
well I listened to you, but like some week ago (august) bought it at 50 $ will see for october to january bull run
Samer Abu huntash (2 months ago)
This comment aged horribly lol (just for timestamp purposes LTC is at $63, date is August 9th 2018)
Jon Noble (4 months ago)
kommi1974 Im glad i didn't listen to u. Haha
Rick (10 months ago)
Learning alot from your videos, thanks!
ItalianRage (10 months ago)
@ altcoin buzz, where do you buy all of your cryptocurrency’s. Like quantstamp monico and other Do you use Coinbase, then send it to Binace. I would use it but the network fee cost so much.
Tranzdog1 (10 months ago)
Tell me about PotCoin
Tupac Jr (10 months ago)
Jeff can you talk about what can happen to the bitcoin prices if Bulgaria sells the 200,000 bitcoin the seized from drug lords.
smashM0de (10 months ago)
So QSP and VERTCOIN look like good adds right now, thanks!!
Steve Brule (10 months ago)
How do you convert litecoin into other crypto if you have it on gdax?
Steve Brule (10 months ago)
Are you still looking to invest in whatever the next crypto coinbase adds?
Moses (10 months ago)
Am I the only one that thinks iota's year will be 2018?
Entrepreneur_87 (10 months ago)
IOTA is a longrun investment and I think it will be huge in the future :) Of course it will rise in 2018. Be patient with IOTA and enjoy the ride ;)
houze (10 months ago)
Moses just hodl ;)
ProudHeretic (10 months ago)
I sure hope so. Even on big dips I haven't had any urge to dump.
tex fix (10 months ago)
i agree fully, theres a surge in LTC and ETH which is good. once the average guy with 50 bucks to spend realizes what crypto is and wants to jump in things will move fast. especially if you have like 1k in btc and want to move it and realize it'll cost you 80 dollars to move it and will take 3 hours to get it moved...
B Money (10 months ago)
I had a friend sell all his Litecoin last week to chase and buy into Bitcoin at its high last week around $17,000. He's pissed that he missed this opportunity of litecoin going up because of FOMO and greed. I just buy and hold.
Chandler Howell (10 months ago)
wow i would hate you hahaha
Andrew Nicolson (10 months ago)
how do you set your coinmarketcap.com like that?
6FiguresDaily (10 months ago)
Andrew Nicolson hit view all
chris l (10 months ago)
i sold 20 ltc at 200.00 im verty sad
Kevin Lewis (10 months ago)
chris l I bought in st $40 and sold half at $160 thinking it was going to drop again. Sucks
RicViperMoto (10 months ago)
Always great content. Xrp breaking out😲😲
Donald Aguirre (10 months ago)
Jeff, I just want to say thank you. You're teaching me a ridiculous amount right now.
Jon Young (10 months ago)
Believe in the block

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