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How Cryptocurrency Veterans Survive The Market | AltCoin Army

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This is my advice to those who have had their faith shaken in the past few days, and find themselves a little shellshocked by all the pandemonium that has been taking place outside of their control. Take it from the veterans in the AltCoin Army, and learn what it takes to survive the crazy periods in the market when things like this happen (Whether they were predicted or not). For those of you who had been saying that they wished they had bought Bitcoin below $10,000 here's your chance to put your money where your mouth is. If you were trying to get into Ripple below $1, how about now? You can't predict the future, but you can take responsibility and control for what you choose to do with your investments from here on out.
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Altcoin Buzz (9 months ago)
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Zol z (9 months ago)
Does anyone know about bitclave (cat) coin? The project sounds good decentralized search engine but i havent really found any solid community sentiment on how legit it is
Frank Plata (4 months ago)
from when *FIRST MILLION ROAD* is in my hands it is absolutely easy to run my traing business
Chino Jimenez (8 months ago)
Droxne to the moon thank me later
dragon face (8 months ago)
Forget all this coin crap invest in me and make a trillion dollars a day I've crossed a pig with a bird and it flys
GHOSTHazeChiller (8 months ago)
walking away 3 months was actually what i did prior to the bull run and right bevor the drop of i came back. i laught like a mad man when the streets where burning!
Trung Dũng (8 months ago)
> 30k $ bitconnect :(((((( Cry
Intelligent Stoner (8 months ago)
Remember one thing: some people got in late. So for them it isn’t choosing between super rich or medium rich. It’s choosing between taking the loss and HODL. Offcourse hodl! But try not to think from your perspective only. Good channel other then that.
jerusalem palestine/ ali (9 months ago)
love ur work partner .i cashed most of my coins ...it looks very fishy and very risky this time we in . i think every body should cash out most of their coins . play with very small money .lets start moving some of that money to gold mining stocks and copper its at lowest time since years .lets split out eggs .what you think ? looking forward to hear from you
mjordona (9 months ago)
...and it's back up... really test of patience =)
Altcoin Buzz (9 months ago)
That was fast! -Steve
C P (9 months ago)
Kary Youman (9 months ago)
great video man! i appreciate your prespective. #hodlgang
BlockSmarty (9 months ago)
I'd be careful with tether..
MISTR CLOUD (9 months ago)
You sir, are a legend. 💪🏾
Eric Burkhart (9 months ago)
All you have to do is wait a month or two, if that. People are too fixated on instant gratification.
Removals 24-7 UK (9 months ago)
Im greeny in this market, but I do totally agree with you to stay put with my investment and buy more when everyone it is selling, and things will soon get better and we are going to be better off, for being patient! Great Video Mate
Jmurgtn (9 months ago)
Rob The Bigen King (9 months ago)
I'm from Old Bridge New Jersey Steve.👍✊
Nate Bonds (9 months ago)
I started learning and investing in December. I’m hoping this stay like this for at least a month. While people are looking at the down they are forgetting about the bounce back up.
Liz Sim (9 months ago)
not enough money, so much buying opportunity! i've been waiting for this for a long time AGGHH!!
Ed C (9 months ago)
sold it all
Ed C (9 months ago)
sell it all and buyback when its super low
Chase Cooper (9 months ago)
HODL!!!! Buy buy buy
deviouz1712 (9 months ago)
I used this chance to get hold on few more cheap coins. Hold what you can afford to lose guys. Never Panic you make it worse for yourself.
Shobhit Pandey (9 months ago)
When Dwayne Johnson says he'll save the world I believe it. When steve says walk like a big boy I walk! ;) Nice video! A needed refreshment.
Michael Coughlan (9 months ago)
Steve, you are the Spock to Jeff's Kirk.
Eric Milchak (9 months ago)
Excellent video, especially for people who just got into the market within the past 3 months, thanks.
Jjoe77 (9 months ago)
TRUTH! HODL it. Ride that roller coaster, we will be going to the top again.
Aaron Day (9 months ago)
In it to win it! Thanks guys!
Milan Rasovic (9 months ago)
why do people find it so hard to hold during these swings....guys cut out emotion when dealing with money use just rational part of your brain and be indifferent you knew the risk that you could lose it all before you were getting in and if you believe in crypto why bother....
VittoGoL (9 months ago)
I'm out forever. Did 100% end of 17 then lost 30% of it so quit around 65% profit from crypto not planning get back anymore because the coinmarketcap graph it's not the same as before 3 years. Look please at Nasdaq 99 - 17 graph and make your considerations. I quit as winner and no more time looking at blockfolio, ban, exchange crash and worries. Goodbye
David Christopher (9 months ago)
Invest 1000 into Crypto vid?
Will Herrington (9 months ago)
RIP crypto
Mery G (9 months ago)
follow me on ig "btcbox" to build a community to all BUY together the same coin at the same time, you know what it means $$$, if this is the way the market is going lets take advantage of it
President Goyim (9 months ago)
That really cheered me up.....lol. Time portal.... Perspective IS everything....and my 250 MANA sold at 58%up from this bottom, so I see more signs of fight than capitulation on the fringes.
AffiliatePro (9 months ago)
You know... it gets old hearing that same old BS about "don't spend more than you can lose" or writing checks your ass can't cash, etc, etc!! Look man, it ain't that I can't afford to lose what I got in it, maybe... just maybe, it's something like: I DON'T LIKE LOSING, PERIOD!!!! And here comes the other BS line I read everyone post, like it means shit: "if you can't handle it, then you don't need to be in crypto!"... ROFLMFAO!!! Don't worry about whether or not I should be in crypto or in your wife, I'll do as I please!!! All I got to say is, if you are cool with losing your money, then more power to you, it's a pretty fucking stupid attitude to have if you ask me, but whatever!!! As for me, I don't like losing, it's got nothing to do with whatever story you make up in your head about me, I was raised to hate losing, to fight against losing, and to stay away from people who are cool with losing!!! It's the SJW mindset today, and that mindset can go jump in a lake!!!! Otherwise, cool video!!
CJ gastony (9 months ago)
Can’t like this video enough 😂
Cj James (9 months ago)
buying GMT
Colton Robertson (9 months ago)
New to crypto this year like many. SO no brainer hold, buy and trade volatility. This is insight for timing the market next year for extra profits.
Money Mike (9 months ago)
Damn, I've missed you Steve!
E C (9 months ago)
Everything is on sale. BUY BUY BUY!
ene831 (9 months ago)
Bit connect on a dip BUY BUY BUY!!!!
ene831 (9 months ago)
Viewer 28,927
Thiago Dilago (9 months ago)
Hi Guys! Im in this game only 2 months and half. and at 5min and 30 sec I was LOL. Best review ever! I'm bleeding too but it is what it is. I didn't put more then I afford to loose and I'm all in. I can see this is my chance to reach some life change goals. I'm only upset because I have 0 extra money to take advantage of this real good deal. Maybe I will be better in 1 year. Peace!
julesverne06 (9 months ago)
Santiago Dobles (9 months ago)
Mr. N (9 months ago)
I'm upset because I can't put any more money in. Lol. This is like a steam sale for cryptos. Is Gabe Newell one of the whales moving the market?
Superduper Vlogs (9 months ago)
I get paid tomorrow I hope it doesn’t go back up today 😂
Teresa Hatcher (9 months ago)
Great pep talk!!! I AM a HODLer and looking for bargains!!!!
A J (9 months ago)
he said it, if you got them WEAKHANDS dont stay .. but if you know what to do get some STRONGHANDS(SHND)
MinakoMadison (9 months ago)
To my understanding Tether/Bitfinex are almost as shady as Bitconnect. Though I can see why people use it when predicting a crash, does anyone have any info on the safety of such moves?
bukhookee (9 months ago)
check yourself before you wreck yourself fools!!!
Ajmalsc Aju (9 months ago)
All is Well just waiting for Big miracles be cool guys☺️👍
Trueminati (9 months ago)
I have no option but to hodl lol 😂
pablo o (9 months ago)
Carlos Magnani (9 months ago)
Dude ur a good guy but we all know the rusk behind usdt
Benjamin Chambers (9 months ago)
Please do a revisit video on Simple Token (OST). Great business model, professional team, a gateway for companies to enter the crypto space. They have just added a bunch of good news. Creating a nice ecosystem...Thanks, love your vids https://medium.com/simple-token/ostjan-ost-monthly-roadmap-update-194465b0868a https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfazD-zRTJQ&t=10s
Navigator416 (9 months ago)
All I hear is Owen Wilson.... WoW... wow...
nadeem younas (9 months ago)
I am new and holding my coins not worry nothing I have about $ 15000 out there I know it’s gona come back at least double... by the end of 2018 halaaaaaaa I want alll the price go more and more down next 6 week
Peter A (9 months ago)
“As if all Americans have the same accent, how naive” haha tossing in a little sass today aren’t we?
Daryoush Ghalambor (9 months ago)
Is jeff curled up in the shower crying his eyes out? Lol
G B (9 months ago)
Chris Wise (9 months ago)
Look at POE... Really think this could be a huge opportunity.
Chris Wise (9 months ago)
Look at POE... Really think this could be a huge opportunity.
DJ 1111 (9 months ago)
How low are we going to go?? 1$ Market cap coming. hahhahahahah
DJ 1111 (9 months ago)
I just bought a ton last night thinking it was bouncing back and now I am down another 53% lol thats funny shit.
The Man With No Name (9 months ago)
DJ 1111 lol same boat my friend, didn't buy alot but bought some nonetheless and today it want even lower :(, that's the thing about this whole thing you just never know what's going to happen. But remember if you Hodl then you ain't lost anything, it should bounce back up in good time.
BVFARamon Harris (9 months ago)
the Earth is flat.
JB0523 (9 months ago)
Here's what you do. Buy more ETN. Buy more XRP. Buy more TRX. Buy redcoin and HODL!
Epictetus (9 months ago)
100% in on funfair, holding strong
Elmo Benjamin (9 months ago)
Holding on to what I have and buying more.
Angel Acosta (9 months ago)
I'm dying 70% down! 😢
Alejandro Garcia (9 months ago)
"No Fear, No Hesitation,  No Surprise, No Doubt" Miyamoto Musashi
brad h (9 months ago)
If you want to know the reason for the correction, look at global charts for this time last year. And then the year before. And then the year before...Zoom in to January.
Cloudy Cookie (9 months ago)
Hodl Squad👍😬
togethertothebottom (9 months ago)
I have bought ONLY coins that i belive have real life worth! Thats why im chilling :)
Gable Erenzo (9 months ago)
You havent lost a thing until you sell. Just like we have made a penny until we sell. HODL HODL HODL! Im going out to shovel.
Felipe Alexander (9 months ago)
"Dry your tears, rub some dirt on those wounds and get up and walk it off like a big boy or girl..." XD
jonjuelo Levittown (9 months ago)
I got LTC, ETH..but no BTC. I wanted to wait for a moment like this to buy some BTC but now I have no fiat...should I just Hodl or trade my LTC and ETH for BTC?
EdmondsPro (9 months ago)
4:26 Love it!
OhHiMarc (9 months ago)
You're awesome, I put in more then I could affort (about 75% of my savings) just to get in that little ladder from a while back and then it plummed and now i'm losing. I'm learning from it and especially from you!
MattyCrypto1 (9 months ago)
In it to win it. Strong hands. No emotions
Prathamesh Mahadik (9 months ago)
bought tron at 3 cents ,, it went up to 28 cents and back again at almost 5 cents .. got some profit at 17 cents , but still holding ,, but f*** its difficult ..
quirt70 (9 months ago)
Just chillin' waiting for the storm to pass.
ZupE891 (9 months ago)
That KuCoin news was FALSE! Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/kucoin/comments/7qx3ap/kucoin_is_registered_in_hong_kong_not_mainland/ Don't sell your shares
TheyAreHereForYou (9 months ago)
Everyone that was wondering how BTC would grow enough to regain more market dominance didnt take into account alts falling 80% to help it do so.
L!VE (9 months ago)
Hands up if you’re a holder !
Deanmanns (9 months ago)
In it to win it
Skaanings (9 months ago)
You havent LOST until you SELL.. This is a GREAT buying opportunity...
G! (9 months ago)
Discord pump group: https://discordapp.com/invite/pBjNaju
Neocaron (9 months ago)
50% down. That is not the Chinese New year. However it doesn't change the fact you all have to hold or buy more.
J jude (9 months ago)
Best talk I'v heard all day . !!!!
John Dough (9 months ago)
*I am not worried. I only invested what I am willing to lose.*
Jonny crack user (9 months ago)
871 shares of tron at .05¢ in it to kill it
malcolm ironmonger (9 months ago)
I just want to say that you are 100% correct. Thank you for making this video so we can check ourselves! I thanking you three months in advance; TODAY  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arturo Gómez Tagle (9 months ago)
Very true on the HODL and buy on the dip. Hope it hits 8k!
connor Headlee (9 months ago)
took a loss on chainlink to buy more tron
roberto garcia (9 months ago)
Long term HODL. Life time opportunity to buy. Chance to plant some seeds for altcoins to grow like oak trees.
Albert Wessling (9 months ago)
To everyone with concerns and doubts about what to do or what to expect. I also think holding at this point is one of the best strategies, but I wanted to leave another perspective on things here. Considering the 2000 dotCOM bubble which I believe is really similar to the current bitcoin bubble (I know no one likes the comparison, but is is just true), you may in moments like this take it as a lesson to invest smart. At the top of the dotCOM bubble there were as they are now in the cryptocurrency space, a lot of IPOs (Initial Public Offering, you should look that up and compare the IPOs from then to the ICOs from now), also a lot of them were total B.S with no actual technology developed, shitty team and only high promises. But, there were also a lot of great IPOs with excellent technologies and a good product for the mass market, this IPOs that we now know as AMAZON, EBAY, ADOBE,.... (there are some more big companies that are just the most known ones), people who were invested in these companies now adays hold huge parts of them in share which are now worth a fortune. The point is, in order to survive in the long term try to invest or at least change your portfolio to companies with a long term value proposition. With 1400 different coins (companies) and thousands of ICOs this is not a easy task, but if you focus on some really essential facts you will see that there are only few companies that are working on viable technologies which can make it in the long run. To make it even more easy for you! Always ask your self this questions "Would YOU use it? Will this or that tech add any significant value to what you are doing in your every day? Will other people benefit in some form from this tech?" An example for a technology (digital currency) which is really likely to getting used is KIN, KIN will be implemented in the kik messenger (a messenger with over a 100 million users), the development team behind it is the same working on the kik messenger so there is no doubt that they are messing around with their capital (this "I think" is also the reason they dont want kin to be listed on the big exchanges, in order to not blow up). Cryptocurrency will not vanish! as dotCOM pages did not vanish after the crash 2000. But from the 1400 coins and so many more ICOs will in the near future not much be left (Bunnycoin, Doge coin, FAPcoin, I could put here names of "tech" companies or coins which I believe are scam or B.S but I dont want to dive into this topic). Keep calm Invest Smart!
Alvaro Allegre (9 months ago)
Just waiting on my fiat to clear in Coinbase so I can buy more!
ryan burns (9 months ago)
Hоt ICOO for adu1ts. Livе Broadсast Wеb сam Entеrtainment рlatform. The рrоjеct will mаkе Х10-Х20 in the nеxt three mоnths. Lооk https://goo.gl/mFpNz4 Оnlу first two days bоunty of 5О% of tоkens. The рrоtotурe of thе plаtform is alrеady rеаdу

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