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“We WILL NOT BE SLAVES, Bitcoin Will FREE US” - John McAfee Explains Why BTC Is KEY TO OUR FREEDOM

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Text Comments (29)
Ivan Ramirez (6 months ago)
Hey, I liked your video and subscribed to your YouTube channel! Can you do the same? Thanks!
leebog31 (6 months ago)
How can bitcoin save you if fiat crashes? Hyperinflation and devaluation of fiat will change the bitcoins worth. It's not backed by nothing.
Nick Name (6 months ago)
MAC' uh fee
Government IS Slavery (6 months ago)
Converting to BTC alone won't get us Freedom. The idea of "authority" coming from pieces of paper signed perhaps hundreds of years ago by people you never knew needs to recognized as the lie that it is. No one has valid "authority" over us. We must learn to interact with each other without trying to control others with violence.
Patrik Lind (6 months ago)
If you could only learn how to prounonce McAfee. Given how much you talk about him I think it would be worth your time.
Bitcoin Guru (6 months ago)
Join and get 10 USD worth of Bitcoin for free: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5bb358ba5956d20870d5194a
Chanel Evo (6 months ago)
4 mining BTC and Dollar Producers are very legit even though without a deposit we are still being paid for damn the list of links below while still paying 1.bit.ly/2QOpobv 2.bit.ly/2DiAkeM 3.bit.ly/2OkjSiA 4.bit.ly/2O0WDd3
Vanessa Nunes (6 months ago)
Steve Smith (6 months ago)
Yes, we will be free... until the Government bureaucrats decide otherwise... They make us their slaves whenever they want because they have bigger guns than you and me.
Keem winning (6 months ago)
The whole bit coin movement seems so pretentious whos actually using this stuff besides people who already have alot of money, how is this improving the quality of life for the 99% now... but yall want somebody to believe this junk
Pharaoh Bondz (6 months ago)
Nobody is using it. But you better be smart and get as much as you can because one day the world will be using it... if you can't see the future of crypto, ya crazy!! 🤣🤣
D DIVS (6 months ago)
You have a lot to learn about bitcoin brother your comment says it all
nicknorris229 (6 months ago)
Jacob Wolfman (6 months ago)
Ironically bitcoin will enslave most. Only the early adopters will rise. When 90% of bitcoin is owned by 4% of its holders, it’s not quite as decentralized as its supposed to be. In the future, bitcoin trillionaires will rule the world while the late adopters will have nothing.
Jacob Wolfman (6 months ago)
I don't disagree. People buying in today are early adopters. I'm talking about the 99% of everyday people who are going to come later until the only liquidity left in BTC is just a small fraction set at astronaumatical prices... meanwhile the earlier you got it, the more you hold, the better off you are. This Bitcoin thing is really a massive game of FOMO - first come, best served. And despite the fact that today people are still early adopters, the "earlier" adopters are literally exponentially better off.
D DIVS (6 months ago)
Early adaptors? If you buy a bitcoin right now for $6500 you will still be considered an early adaptor Bitcoin will reach 6 figures then 1 million for 1 bitcoin very soon yall need to do some research. I bet when btc was $10 ppl was saying it will never reach $100 lmao
Mike M (6 months ago)
The late adopters can work earning bitcoin from the early adopters unless you wanna make them slaves and crack out the whip if ya know what i'm sayin. ay ay? wink wink 😉​
Jimmy Beans (6 months ago)
Dude! I told you it’s Mac-a-fee!
crypto sproket (6 months ago)
That's Annoying!
Jimmy Beans (6 months ago)
And it’s pronounced Monero!
eye b.m. (6 months ago)
The Scarface Al Pacino of blockchain
The Jazz Monastery (6 months ago)
Questions McAfee asks himself: "Do I smoke the killer green bud joint with or without cocaine in it?".
Capttainn (6 months ago)
Hey, this is a very important question. Requires some real thought. You can't just jump onto a decision like that. But if you can't make up your mind then one of each'll do
The Jazz Monastery (6 months ago)
John "I'm so high right now" McAfee
The Jazz Monastery (6 months ago)
Trump, Kim Jung Un & Dennis Rodman are Satoshi.
Investors Of Crypto (6 months ago)
What editing software to you use?
Trevor Hare (6 months ago)
Thanks buddy for your share saves me looking up all this and reading it thanks Again!
B Ruck (6 months ago)
With that being said, great video.
Mike Meezy (6 months ago)
How about John joining Apollo by becoming chairman?

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