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Ron Paul - BitCoin Could Destroy US Dollar

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Former Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on the future of Bitcoins and the Federal Reserve. THUMB 👍 UP & SUBSCRIBE :) *** SUPPORT OUR WORK AND THE NEW DOCUMENTARY www.controversyradioshow.net https://www.patreon.com/controversyradio Twitter: @controversyshow http://www.controversyradioshow.net/shop.html
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Text Comments (415)
Kajal Verma (5 months ago)
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Lawrence Ndigwe (8 months ago)
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DotCom Payworthiest (8 months ago)
wutopm (8 months ago)
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Peter Meissnitzer (11 months ago)
BITCOIN is a new way to do business , it has a bright future think when the internet was invented it is as BIG as that it is a game changer . Now we have WHALES like SOROS buying in , I would recommend for everyone to jump on board this great train expect it to peak around 100k US or so is a realistic number within a few years or less .
Jason Anselmo (1 year ago)
Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a scam. Its a high tech Ponzi scheme just like the Bernard Maddoff scam. Another form of 'get rich quick schemes' in the digital age. Its a ticking time bomb. Tic tac tic tac...
Willem Groen (1 year ago)
rp fals misleading men
Brevet Howe (1 year ago)
The U.S Dollar is going to destroy the U.S Dollar. Bitcoin will be there to pick up the pieces.
russ burton (1 year ago)
i like how the woman says she wouldnt buy it?= cause she cant afford it,,they both dont know
Berly Weaver (8 months ago)
russ burton button how are you?have you heard of 1% profit everyday
michael.perry (1 year ago)
Ron Paul is a simpleton
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
Bitcoin... is not... a company... It's an decentralized distributed network of computers validating transfers of encrypted value to addressed accounts on a giant ledger on the internet called the blockchain... learn one damn thing about this new technology AND no CEO's behind it unlike the rest of the crypto market , it's unique , it's the future , it's BITCOIN . Remember the rest are PUMP and DUMP plays abandon ship while you can .
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
mrdave2112 (1 year ago)
Bitcoin is a centralize currency owned, operated, and manipulated by a board of directors. Do you really believe there is a currency being used where there is not a creator and owner of that currency?
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
I would encourage EVERYONE to buy at least 1 BITCOIN , this will slowly bankrupt the BIG BANKS and their INSATIABLE GREED ...... it's time for a new financial system it's time for the MIGHTY BITCOIN ....
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
Bitcoin terrifies Big Banks, because it threatens their centuries-long monopoly over the world. Because Bitcoin makes it possible for ANYONE, who has some brain and knows how to use the technology, to become rich and be part of the money elite. That is what terrifies them, because they DON'T want that. The Big Banks rather want us all to remain poor and in debt for the rest of our lives while they SUCK away everyone's money like BLOOD LEECHES . There is a war between them and us. We want to become well off and truly independent. They want to prevent us from becoming well off and independent , the elite want to stay in power so they can do their EVIL deeds , depopulation , vaccines , all the EVIL stuff . IT'S TIME FOR THE MIGHTY BITCOIN TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.
Salita Wongrid (1 year ago)
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Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
Let's get out of speculation and supposition and talk what is and has already happened: 1) WTO's already has a 'back up' global currency in case the US dollar implodes - SDR. 2) India already banned the importation of gold and went cashless! 3) UBS and CitiBank in Australia went cashless at their bank branches! 4)Its illegal in Belgium to buy anything more than 3k in cash! 5)Ecuador is cashless nation! It has no fiat currency, but relys on the USD. 6)Singapore most shops have signs 'sorry no cash', only about 15% of transactions involve cash! 7)South Korea central bank will withdraw cash and become a cashless state by 2020! 8) Sweden and most of the UK you cannot purchase tickets on public transport w./ cash! Cash is already finished, its only a matter of time before fiat currencies implode. The only countries with currency back by gold that I am aware of is Switzerland where 25% of its reserves are backed by gold. And so in conclusion BITCOIN is the FUTURE . Get on board before it's too late ( too expensive ) . As always even micro BITS will serve you well in the future , AND only invest in what you can afford to lose , everything in life has a risk even the MIGHTY BITCOIN , small but it's there .
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
Bitcoin has the BRAND NAME to overcome ALL the negatives. It is the FERRARI of crypto currencies , NEVER FORGET THAT . That's is exactly why it will keep on going up in price. I fully expect BTC to pass the 100k by this time next year and reach a million in 3 to 5 years. Do not be left behind join the RESISTANCE , even micro bits of BITCOIN will serve you well in the future . As always ONLY invest in what you can afford to lose , even the MIGHTY BITCOIN has some risk , small but some , I say GO....BITCOIN.....GO .
NoPlanB (1 year ago)
Hello? Heloow..... Crickets
NoPlanB (1 year ago)
Hashing is stupid, the whole thing will have to be originated by the government soon or the government has failed to issue the country's money, even though they don't anyway, but people think they do, and that little bit of faith is what makes our country's currency usable by the populace, otherwise everyone would have to barter because the money is just paper or digits. Nobody will explain how this works, that's why congressmen don't have a clue. These so-called problem solving computers that supposedly earn a bit coin have their roots in hacking. Can you guess what they are really doing? If the US doesn't co-opt this thing pretty quickly, we're going to be ruled by the criminals that dreamed this scheme up because they don't see any difference between what they're doing and what the government does. Here's a clue: If you want to construct a block chain (before the Governments of the world wake up), you have to go pretty damn fast and keep pitching it as good while you haul in all the data you can, legitimately or otherwise; process it into this new holy block chain to keep on feeding the monster and keep it alive; staying way ahead and looking superior, hoping that no one stops you while you're getting "rich." No, they may not want you to know what's going on because this could be the biggest heist in history. It is the value that the populace generates that they are going to suck from you. If they have the blessings of everyone and the authorities, and every other country, A.I. takes over, no control. Do you really want that?
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
Here is my take on BITCOIN...... It's about trust and confidence. Bitcoin have been running smoothly for roughly 9 years without any hiccup . Even if other more recent coins have more modern technology architecture, people will go with the one which is proven most stable and has the largest user base. Think I phone ( best operating system / first smart phone ) vs other smart phones ... Levis jeans ( best quality / first jeans ) vs copy cats.... There's going to be some serious altcoin fatique in the next 10 years . MOST will die and the value comes BACK to BITCOIN / FACT. Lighting Network ( LN ) will finish off the competition much improved speed and cost for transactions . Think BITCOIN 2.0 the new and improved version , ALT coins are after all just copy cats .... Also I hate how people say it takes so much electric power to create BITCOINS , well how much energy does it take to mine GOLD ??? is the question I ask .... A LOT , yeah that's right use your GOD given brain once in a while..... In it's inception it was 15c or so now roughly 10.000 US pretty damn good investment I would say and remember BITCOIN is just in it's infancy . If you invested 100 dollars in 2010 into BITCOIN your net worth would be over 100 million dollars US now , insane but true... never before in history has something created such EXTREME wealth , and this is just the beginning. Now let's look at the US dollar FIAT currency , roughly 250 TRILLION in debt with future obligations they LIE it's not 20 TRILLION , who the HELL is going to pay for this NO ONE , devalued daily , printed endlessly , backed by ??? , I think BITCOIN is a much better investment long term think RARE like GOLD limited in supply only 21 million or so can ever be mined , NOT devalued daily doing the opposite going up daily , sure dips and valleys but going up and up .... profit taking in between to be expected but in the end going up.....and up .... BTW BITCOIN is now the 6th largest currency in the WORLD , you read that right .... and remember it's just in it's INFANCY .... even micro bits will server you well in the future. And in conclusion I think out of the ashes of BITCOIN will arise a one world currency .... eventually , a NEW start think BITCOIN 3.0 that's my take on BITCOIN .
Ghost In The Mirror (1 year ago)
what happened to a push for a tax on high frequency trading on the exchange markets? that flash crash of 2015 was kind of a big deal
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
$300 "It's a bubble, it's going to pop" $1000 "Trust me, it'll burst, just wait a few more months" $2500 "Give it a few more days" $2000 "Ha, told you all" $4000 "It's still a bubble" $5500 "Ohh boy, that’s gonna hurt when it bursts" $7000 " This is the end , we are close ..." $9000 " We all knew it wouldn't last " $11000 " Within a month it's toast " $13000 " It should have never made it this far " 9 years later ..... and counting ..... see where this is going..... the only BUBBLE BURST will eventually be FIAT currency . Join the RESISTANCE join the REVOLT join BITCOIN .
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
There's going to be some serious altcoin fatique in the next 10 years . MOST will die and the value comes BACK to BITCOIN / FACT.
Crypto Jack (1 year ago)
Ron Paul 2020 Decentralize the World!
RONMAYS71 (1 year ago)
I like Silver Coin / Coins
Thoth Mark (1 year ago)
I hope Bitcoin eliminates all Fiat currency
parkerbohnn (1 year ago)
I shall now coin a brand new word that by definition encompasses all the cryptocurrencies. That word henceforth shall now be known as "cryptocrap". Please take note Webster's dictionary. I take no credit.
N STAR (1 year ago)
Everything will be consolidated to our devices and alot already has. Currency is next.
Pașca Alexandru (1 year ago)
Title related: How can someone/something destroy something already broken?
Limitless tire (1 year ago)
buy dmb coin less market cap more chance to make fast money!!!
Rob Bryce (1 year ago)
This fucking moron Ron Paul talked me out of Bitcoin back in 2011!
Top of top (1 year ago)
Controversy Radio (1 year ago)
Leo Foster Dr. Paul has our vote ❎ from Canada 🍁
Top of top (1 year ago)
bit coin is supposed to take over the dollor. obviously launched secretly by the gov in 09 on deep web.
Michael Anderson (1 year ago)
a youtube or google search and a little time and you will know a lot about bitcoin
Michael Anderson (1 year ago)
Money News should know what they are talking about
Eyeslo 420 (1 year ago)
Bitcoin has the potential to be a great thing but the greedy people who are treating it as a market for profit will ruin it for everyone.
Nick (1 year ago)
Ron Paul the goat. Not saying he's spot on about Crypto currencies but he's a good man and a smart man. I'm not American but I was following him with his presidential bid. I'm sure he would have been a great president. Not that it makes much difference, but still, great guy.
SIncere Muzic (1 year ago)
Bitcoin is the next biggest carrot for the jackasses to try to catch it's out on the end of that string then they're going to put a bullet in the back of your head Hee-Haw
The only way that Bitcoin or any other crypto currency whatever destroy the Petro US dollar is if those who control the Petro US dollar have created bitcoin and they're going to let it run grow like it is now today ridiculous then when enough idiots join in they're going to pull the rug out from under everyone... they will then watch as people scramble to save their money and so will be selling their Bitcoins for 1/10 of price that is advertised a day before... Kind of reminds you of hundred years ago or so when they did that with the Great Depression I know there was at the end of the 20s The Roaring Twenties became the devastating 30s... And they brought War World War II into existence... If they are not killing you through the banks, and economic despair, they the bankers will be killing you or someone you love through profiting at War. And you dumb asses are never going to get the idea they did exactly the same crap last 80 years or so ago whatever who's counting... You're like a bunch of fools that keep falling for the same gag... again and again and again and again...
nukestrom (1 year ago)
Gold has value because its rare and needs energy to mine, refine and store. Bitcoin has a value as it has a limited supply and needs energy to mine by solving complex algorithms and store. US dollar has no value as its an unlimited supply created by debt and backed by nothing. That's why we have an inflation with fiat currencies and deflation with gold and bitcoin.
Petr petersons (1 year ago)
this dude is full loaded with bitcoins :] he knows whats comming
Timothy Campbell (1 year ago)
Sorry Ron, you're out of your element
olan levan (1 year ago)
Heard its gonna be ftc regulated soon!
Johan Zahri (1 year ago)
At 2:40 Could it be because Bernanke knows that they have 97% of the bitcoin?
Atlanta Bill (1 year ago)
Help bitcoin bring the dollar down and then you'll have to be trading in the Chinese yuan.
Maya Legrand (1 year ago)
BitCoin is a fraud. BitCoin will destroy, not only the dollar, but all the other world currencies to impose the NWO. Once BitCoin reaches its ceiling, i.e., all of them have been bought, its value will fall to zero to allow the NWO's currency to take over.
hotdog (1 year ago)
The value of a countries Fiat currency is derived by the value that the people of that country has created through hardwork. The value of Bitcoin has been created by ???????????????????????????????. Keep away from folks. The crash is imminent.
Nic Wow (1 year ago)
Tangible Money? Ever heard of debit/credit cards?
IJen Yang (1 year ago)
stop watching fox news dude
Dejure Private Law (1 year ago)
No...the dollar was killed by the international banking cabal long ago.
Phil King (1 year ago)
$15 000 Baby, fuck the federal reserve!!!
work done (1 year ago)
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von jon (1 year ago)
Fuck the U.S. dollar.
Nig Tau (1 year ago)
Bitcoin is the digital dollar perfected.
Fuzzypants Berserker (1 year ago)
What's the hype about Ron Paul opinion on the matter i wonder if the creators of this video really took their time to listen the senator.
Rocky MCMXXLIII (1 year ago)
Bitcoin could destroy all fiat currencies if they devalue to the point where people panic buy bitcoin because they have lost faith in fiat currencies.
Steve Young (1 year ago)
Bitcoin fits the bill.
Sri Ni (1 year ago)
Just common sense is enough to know that we don't need money to live but sadly everyone are brainwashed and want to achieve individuality through money.
Tuck Buckford (1 year ago)
The Bitcoin crash is just around the corner and thousands of millennials will loose hard...Here's why... 1.Bitcoin is not an asset, it has no underlying value..except the hope that you will sell it to someone for more than you paid for it 2. It's utterly, utterly useless as a currency 3. Endless forks are debasing Bitcoin 4. So called "trusted third parties" (New Banksters) are increasingly required for Bitcoin transactions 5. The majority of people who "invest" in Bitcoin are like sheep will be easily panicked into selling 6. It's now very centralised...Bitcoin is effectively controlled by a few Chinese miners
jason boyles (1 year ago)
That was a fantastic interview actually. Say what you will about Ron Paul, the dude is an economic genius who, in 2005, predicted every major thing that was going to happen in our economy from 2008 to now. He understands economic principles better than 99% of people alive today. He is retired though, so I cut him some slack on not fully understanding bitcoin's value, but the interviewer knew her shit and asked really interesting questions. I would give Ron Paul as much gold as I could carry to have a discussion with him about this shit 😂
Jonny B (1 year ago)
I truely hope it does destroy the dollar. It would be awesome
Seid Kampfer (1 year ago)
King Mener (1 year ago)
Bitcoin will be the ans for the rest of the world to rid itself off imf and world bank imperialism
Elizabeth Tolan (1 year ago)
I love Ron Paul, He stands behind the Constitution and so do I ! He's so damn smart too! God bless u Ron!
Richard West (1 year ago)
Unfortunately he doesn't understand Cryptocurrency very well yet though.
Controversy Radio (1 year ago)
Elizabeth Tolan Ron Paul for president :)
luisssmo (1 year ago)
Roy boy (1 year ago)
This guy is a doush bag like his son.....fuck gold
brady nields (1 year ago)
Old dog, meet new trick, sorry, the best trick.
Cigarview (1 year ago)
Bitcoin is worse then fiat currency
G L (1 year ago)
Ron Paul is awesome
Faisal Ladak (1 year ago)
Let the man speak, damn it.
Amrish Kelkar (1 year ago)
I have respect for Dr. Paul's opinions in general (on gold, fiat monetary system etc) but he seriously needs to read up or have someone tutor him about Bitcoin.
Jermain Van De Riet (1 year ago)
But if the dollar dies how much bitcoin does it cost in electricity to mine a bitcoin ? Paradox
Swanzo (1 year ago)
My fiat USD loses at least 3% in value per year. Tell me how does that compare to bitcoin? Which one is unstable exactly?
John Everett (1 year ago)
That was our intention.
TheRealChubDaddy (1 year ago)
Mr Paul admits a bit of ignorance and that he could be wrong about Bitcoin's future. Also, there is a generational gap. My generation could not see buying music without a record, tape, or CD in your hand... At least a damn paper inset! Yet, my children had no problem buying an mp3 with pics and credits only viewable on a computer screen. Now, here I sit and haven't bought more than a few CDs in a decade, listening to digital music albums and only using fiat for purchasing liquidity until some crypto achieves mass adoption. I have $25 in a credit union savings because I can't have the checking account to pay bills and receive dollars without that minimum balance - $25 which is digital by the way. Hell, I just bought my first actual check book in years because my landlord is older and likes paper in the hand and I got tired of getting cashier's checks. How many of us have "checking" accounts and no "checks"? People no longer need their money to be tangible. We even get paid on direct deposit. Overall Mr Paul was positive (given his relative ignorance) and honest about that ignorance. I think this was well done and will only encourage people to investigate crypro currency. The first time I heard about Bitcoin I thought it was a gimmick. I also thought "What a pain I the ass to have to convert every dollar into hundreds of bitcoin to make a purchase!" Since I wasn't buying on the dark web I had no use. (Or so I thought!) In my ignorance I also thought Bitcoin was a company like PayPal. Choosing ignorance literally cost me tens of millions of dollars based on holding just $10 in Bitcoin from the time I heard about it. Cryptos are the future and I am glad Mr Paul is open-minded and aware that he lacks knowledge; his conservative opinion on Bitcoin's future notwithstanding.
Christopher Strunk (1 year ago)
ALL PART of CIA CONTROLLED AGITPROP FOR COLLAPSING THE FRN and TRUMP BY DECEMBER... The CIA appear to use BTC (Bitcoin) and related schemes singly and together are a PYRAMID scheme!! That "Block Chain" we believe is developed by Darpa for the Pentagon (the martial occupation since March 9, 1933 under Title 10, 12 use of the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA) Title 50 Chapter 53 under the Hague Treaty for Land and Sea martial occupation) to cover circumvention as the non Internet key member war fighting capability (developed in the 1960s for the Pentagon turned over for Public use as a beard for war) and by using the larger portion of the $21 trillion of un-appropriated funds spoken of by Catherine Austin Fitts and her forensic accounting specialist Professor Skidmore of Michigan State University to launder through BTC etc. upon a Market collapse later this year; and there is sufficient cause to suspect that since the Clinton 1999 elimination of Glass Steagall Act accumulated $250 Trillion MTN Special Commercial Banking Trust surety funds for the National Debt repayment were commingled with the Exchange Stabilization Funds of Investment banking, together are funds sent by the Pentagon and related agents into the Stock market(s) among other special operations extra-Constitutionally without disclosure to Congress (perhaps)!! As such per http://associationforsovereignhomerulewithin.org/index.html applies to the needed significance of https://www.docdroid.net/OXOEgpU/strunk-c-e-verified-complaint.pdf . Oh yes, standby London has the complaint. And therefore NOTWITHSTANDING the Seagrave angle to collapse the FRN reserve global currency and Ron Paul rants, the FRN is NOT a FIAT currency in that it is guaranteed by surety indenture names registered in commerce after birth according to the FBI; and therefore, as for the FRN "Legal Tender" that all Interested Parties: H.E. Pres. Robert Zoellick, The World Bank Group; HM, Queen Elizabeth Windsor II, The British Royal Family; H.E. Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-Moon, The United Nation Organization; H.E. Pres. Sang-Hyun Song, The International Criminal Court; H.E. Man. Dir. Christine Lagarde, The International Monetary Funds; H.E. Sec. Gen. Peter Dittus, The Bank for International Settlement; H.E. Pres. Hisashi Owada, The International Court of Justice; H.E. Pres. Giancarlo Del Bufalo, The Financial Action Task Force; HH, Pope Benedict XVI, The Vatican; H.E. Pres. Barack Obama, The White House; H.E. Chairman Ben Bernanke, The US Federal Reserve Board; H.E. Sec. Timothy Geithner, The US Department of Treasury; HE Pres. Richard Haass, The Council on Foreign Relation; HE Dir. Gen. Francis Gurry, The World Intellectual Property Organization; and current Host Governments are Disallowed to Use funding originated from FRB and related Accounts to Extend and Source Tool for Military Power Platforms and/or to Harm Innocent People and other kinds of vices and other related external and internal inhuman, extortion, terror and criminal activities but to Use for Development Program for the People. Gold as money requires an accurate weight in exchange be enforced BTC is not related to that.
James C (1 year ago)
Most people are certain that dollar is becoming worthless. I too believe it is because the fed is printing usd even while you sleep. What I like to know is, why would all bitcoin investors/holders get so excited when the value of bitcoin goes up in dollars? Isnt the dollar worthless? If the dollar is worthless, why does it even matter wether 1 btc is 6k or 60k and why would you even bother to cash out in usd? Also, many say that bitcoin is backed by the collective computational power. Would it be possible for bitcoin to be backed by gold & silver? Wouldnt that recover the price of the PMs?
Is he a communist?
jjenson2006 (1 year ago)
Could you possibly make a more ridiculous statement?
divinegrace92 (1 year ago)
2020 4% worldwide m2 money supply flows into crypto market. Bitcoin? 127,000USD MY FRIEND
Chase Simpson (1 year ago)
Bitcoin is way ahead of its time. That's the problem. it hasn't grabbed large portions of the population yet. It's hard for the average person to really come to terms of what bitcoin is and how superior it is to fiat... give it time
Marco Maltese (1 year ago)
Could -> will. Another poor old chap who did his time... "what it looks like..." how does your bank account look? Just a number on a server. Like Bitcoin, exactly (similarly).
Troy Anonymous (1 year ago)
this man wants everyone to vote for him
Troy Anonymous (1 year ago)
like him for what reason . i dont know
Troy Anonymous (1 year ago)
aha you know what i mean. he wants everyone to like him or something. people with bitcoin like him easily now, and now he just has to convince the non-bitcoin people to like him
jjenson2006 (1 year ago)
Well that would be quite silly being that he no longer is in politics.
Elmer Cuaton (1 year ago)
People still so naive everything behind this is gov't. believe me.
alexbk44 (1 year ago)
Maybe he would like bitcoin more, if you can print more of it🤔
F Sulka (1 year ago)
When Starbuck's scans my app and the money goes from the app to them I'm not holding anything tangible nor are they. He is old and doesn't understand the future.
Dewey Bueno (1 year ago)
The first sentence is all one needs to listen to _ he says he has no clue. He has done no research nor understands the Blockchain nor Bitcoin. End of Story. Irresponsible comments from ignorance.
Vishal Patel (1 year ago)
Bitcoin is getting less volatile as volumes increase. Look at the history of it, the price fluctuations were wild when it started. At this point, it can move 10/20% in a day but in 5 more years I expect it be more around 1/2%, similar to the fiat currency movements you see now.
School of ROCKwell (1 year ago)
BitCoin gained 529% this year and USD has been losing it's buying power since 1913
Peter Meissnitzer (1 year ago)
Cali Santiago (1 year ago)
J Oox what is a reliable website to purchase bitcoin
Arsalan Zaman (1 year ago)
This 'old dude' is the father of the modern day Libertarian movement. He has given his entire laugh to the cause of free markets, sound money, free speech. But out movement gets on keeping getting hijacked by the likes of the Tea Party and Trumpsters sadly
anita8midol (1 year ago)
Oh fuck. He's on to us. :/
Expert Jack (1 year ago)
Government may destroy bitcoin but they can't destroy decentralized financial system which will come one after another. Governments can destroy bitcoin for nay sayers if they burn the confiscated bitcoin from dark market or through force. But decentralized cryptocurrency can't be undone until Quantum computing comes.
aleet (1 year ago)
Expert Jack even is quantum computer exist, they can just increase the difficulty or the encryption to be quantum resistant.... It will not stop it.
L E Carter (1 year ago)
Pointless....He said he is not familiar with it.  End of discussion.  He favors gold which is a limited commodity.  All the feds want to do is regulate wealth out of the hand of the common citizen who can invest little in accumulating wealth through crypto currency.
chess747 (1 year ago)
Ron Paul, is just lobbying for the powers that be. America is the worst example of Democracy, where Government officials, get paid to lobby for corporations. The best Democracy was from the British Westminster system. And Bitcoin was designed to counter the Chinese Yuan, with their money backed by oil and gold, as the Chinese hate the Petro-$$ as we have all the power. Fuck the Chinese, no good will ever come from Chinese being a superpower.
Thelion (1 year ago)
Ron Paul is often onto something, but more often not clued into reality. He just doesn't fully understand.
aStrayforMyTime (1 year ago)
she is totally invested bitcoin
havikshorst120 (1 year ago)
Can they print unlimited money forever ??? When will this house off cards collapse ??? All the good gold/silver channel comments are getting disabled , WHY ????
Xenomoly Bloom (1 year ago)
I hope it destroys all fiat currency
prazertv (1 year ago)
Roger Ver is the epitome of greed. If greed were to be depicted in human form, his picture would be one of the ones listed next to the definition. As much power and money as this man has, he still wants more. He wants the ultimate power, which is to centralize and control Bitcoin by propping up Bitcoin Cash and he will use any means available to him to achieve this goal. That includes trying to push for another fork to weaken Bitcoin. If you want a Bitcoin alternative, look no further than Bitcore (BTX). Bitcore BTX Specs: __________________________________________________ - BitCore BTX - 21 Million Coin - 10 min Blocktime later 2,5 min - DefaultPort = 8555 - RPC 40332 - Halving from BTC Block 462987 = BTX Block 1 - Segwit and Bloom online ...https://bitcoin.org/en/version-history ...https://bitcoin.org/en/release/v0.14.1 - Core 0.14 - 20 MB Blocksize (10 MB + 10 MB Segwit) - Algo Timetravel10 - Diff Retarget: Bitcore 64_15 - halving interval like BTC 1:1 BTX start with 12.5 BTC per block Tell me, why exactly would be need 8 MB Blocksize from Bitcoin Cash when Bitcore BTX has 20 MB? Why exactly do we need another fork, when we could simply start using Bitcore BTX? This is probably the fastest coin I've ever used. Let's join together and put an end to Roger Ver's attempt to dominate and control the Bitcoin and put a push behind Bitcore BTX. In addition, if you have at least 10 Bitcore BTX in your wallet, every Monday between now and November 2nd, you will get a 3% airdrop deposited directly in your wallet. Come on everyone, give Ver the middle finger and force him to "Bend the Knee" to the will of the people. Bitcore BTX over Bitcoin Cash. Spread the word by sharing this post. Long live Bitcoin (BTC) and long live Bitcore (BTX). Don't forget to claim your 3% airdrops every Monday until November 2nd.
Bernard Macarius (1 year ago)
Politicians and elites will be responsible for the dollars destruction! Sorry Mr. Paul. Technology is fine as long as the few can profit and control it! Too bad, so sad! Out with the old.
Alex P (1 year ago)
Ron Paul is disconnected from technology and doesn't seem to understand the fundamentals of BTC.

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