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Grammar - Articles - When to use A, AN, or no article

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http://www.engvid.com/ In this grammar lesson, I teach about one of the most common problems that new English speakers have. There are a couple of very basic grammar rules you can follow to help you know when to use "a," "an," or no article. Don't forget to take the quiz at http://www.engVid.com/
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HUGE MESS (23 days ago)
When we use "the"
Hasaan Akram (2 months ago)
Good. Where is the
Galaxy (2 months ago)
me is a new pearson whas it good??
Galaxy (2 months ago)
I'm kidding, i know English alot. My dog also eats seagulls.
Silvia Corvi (3 months ago)
But you can say "I've got a headache"... but headache can't be one or two or three... why do we use the article?
You can count headaches. "I've had 3 headaches this week." :)
Sharjeel Khan (4 months ago)
Why not, I enjoy eating the apples.
Sharjeel Khan (4 months ago)
Thanks to clarify my doubt.
Unless you are talking about a specific group of apples, the general sentence is "I enjoy eating apples." The entire category is just "apples."
Kendall Jenner (5 months ago)
You can count both suggestions and advice. But why give me some suggestions, but I jeed advice? Why we dont use articles before the word Advice?
oOGonzaOo7 (7 months ago)
Hi teacher! I have 2 questions. Why is it correct to say "We'll go to the beach in half an hour" but not "We'll go to the beach in a half hour". Also " He won a thousand dollars" if we are talking about a plural noun (dollars). Thanks a lot.
Lena (8 months ago)
I heard that an article "a" (not "an") have to be written before the word "year". But pronounciation of "year" seems to be with a vowel in the beginning.
HUGE MESS (23 days ago)
same with unicorn, right
"Year" has a consonant beginning, the same as "yes." "Y" is a vowel sometimes, often in names like Bryan, Yvonne, and Lynne, or words like baby, may, and my. I definitely say "a year" and not "an year." :)
Der Andere (8 months ago)
Thanks a lot:)
You're very welcome.
lovely english (9 months ago)
Hi there .thank you .all of your lessons are perferct.do you have another you tube channel .?
lovely english (9 months ago)
Learn English with Alex [engVid] thank you im oblidge to you
Just this one. :)
Jyoeru Zaberu (9 months ago)
Use "a" when it precedes a consonant sound. Use "an" when it precedes a vowel sound. A dog an apple an orchard an honorary a historical a meaning an itinerary a cow a peach an accomplishment a yawn a you a university an understanding
Yep! You got it.
Jyoeru Zaberu (9 months ago)
Sorry, wrong video. I thought you'd clarify their usage as I was discussing.
Carlos Andres Galindo (9 months ago)
Gracias por la explicación, muy bueno
Thanks, Carlos. Good luck with your studies.
thx man <3
You're welcome. Thanks for clicking.
Neha Singh (11 months ago)
I don't like an apple ( does it mean " i don't like any apple(in general) or one apple )
Neha Singh (11 months ago)
Learn English with Alex [engVid] Thank you so much You have almost clarified my all doubts
They're both possible, but again, they're not common phrases.
Neha Singh (11 months ago)
Learn English with Alex [engVid] Is this sentence correct ?? #I will make you be beaten Does it mean " i will get you beaten "
You're probably trying to say one of these two sentences: "I like an apple with my breakfast." "I'd like an apple with my breakfast." You could say "one" in these cases, but the usage is weird/uncommon.
Neha Singh (11 months ago)
Learn English with Alex [engVid] Would it be ok if i say " i like an apple in my breakfast " instead of " i like one apple in my breakfast"
Ralda Dafi (11 months ago)
Hello alex
Hello, Ralda!
cant we say 'apple is red' and 'i enjoy eating apple' or can it be possible that 'mobile is used to talk others.' i didnt use article before apple and mobile.. Does it mean? help me sir please.
You must use articles or plurals in these cases. "I enjoy eating apples." (in general) "Mobiles are used to talk to others." "A mobile is used to talk to others." The other ways are grammatically incorrect and would sound incomplete and incorrect to a native English speaker.
Ekaterina Davydenko (1 year ago)
Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the video!
No problem! I'm glad you liked it.
Enos Mota (1 year ago)
Perfect!!!! Thanks for your explanation.
No problem! Thanks for watching.
E. Varga (1 year ago)
Clear and confusing.
Sounds like grammar!
can you count electron...but also there is an electron.why?
Sure, you can count electrons, but not the concept of electricity.
Leah Mokry (1 year ago)
Even though I know when to use these, I would like to know more about English. Thank you!
Parul Garg (1 year ago)
lol with constants use a...with vowels use an....and enjoy...what to watch 8 minutes long video
Abohamad12 (1 year ago)
This is very important lesson Thank you
Aziz Alzabn (1 year ago)
Thank you . This was helpful
Shiv Raj (2 years ago)
Anime is gay (2 years ago)
it's so fucking sad that I'm 14 and I forgot how to use these.
Thank you very much!
Plínio Cassimiro (2 years ago)
Alex, why do you use "an MBA"? For example: I did an MBA in Columbia.
Jyoeru Zaberu (9 months ago)
That is correct Dang. When the starting sound is that of a vowel, we use an. When it is that of a consonant, we use a. Compare: A university (consonant Y sound) to an understanding (vowel uh sound)
Plínio Cassimiro (2 years ago)
Thanks, Dang! ;)
Dang Tran (2 years ago)
MBA, when u spell that " M ", ''B", " A", but when u speak.... " em", "bi" "ay".... so the first wold that is "em" not " M" now. "EM".... "e" is a vocal sound.. so u should use An. i think so!.
Tum Elim (2 years ago)
I want to learn English
A. Mariela (2 years ago)
Alex es un camaleón // Alex is a chameleon
Sichen Liu (2 years ago)
Thanks alot
9garr (2 years ago)
Why did I watch this entire thing?
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bellaknish (2 years ago)
Thank you so much for posting these videos, they have been very helpful to me. I'm taking a grammar and composition course in University and my professor has a fairly unstructured teaching style. I find it makes it harder to grasp the sort of dull nature of learning grammar. On that note, thank you again for making your videos clear and simple.
easier manner for articles lessen.. thnx Alex
SocialBlues (3 years ago)
question     a important message or an important message?
Darwin Racedo (1 year ago)
nutzzz09 1qqq
SocialBlues (3 years ago)
muchas gracias
Sandy (3 years ago)
+nutzzz09 An
Larisa Jääskeläinen (3 years ago)
Thank you Alex. I love your lessons very much!
Wanted Adventure (3 years ago)
Thanks for this great, informative video! Just the other day someone asked me about this topic and so I've passed your video along to them. So thanks for it!
matushkomax (3 years ago)
ok! question: we cannot count LIGHT, but still it is correct to say, "I see the light". Explain please.
Ivan Lk (4 months ago)
so, some visual substance constrained or limited in space can be counted. what about sound/music - can you give examples of countable and uncountable cases.
Joseph Willis (6 months ago)
(I'm replying 3 years later, but whatever.) You cannot count light as a substance, but if you see dots of light in the darkness, or a lightbulb turn on, you can count the dots or the light fixture (which we also refer to as "lights"), and you can thus say , "I saw a light turn on" or "I see a light in the darkness".
Gopal Baniya (1 year ago)
Crafty Come Lately
Crafty Come Lately (3 years ago)
But you can't see "I see a light". You can say "I see a light beam". The has different rules.
Larisa Jääskeläinen (4 years ago)
You are the best teacher.
Mary Fernandez (4 years ago)
A very useful video.. A very common mistake that all of us make using a/an in the wrong places, very well explained. .. (clap) (clap)
Shiva Raj (4 years ago)
help! you can say sarah is a theist sarah is an atheist but why cant you say sarah is an agnostic but sarah is agnostic
Gaby V (4 years ago)
that was great thank you Alex!
Fosu Pls (4 years ago)
Buen video, Ufa viene, PreparaTe
vvv 0 (4 years ago)
bien prepara te marica
Boogie Man (4 years ago)
But what if you've only ever eaten one apple
Brielarosen (4 years ago)
Great example, I gave a demo class about this topic on my course of methodoloy for Efl, your video was useful. Thanks!
DrSoft Drsoft (4 years ago)
Thank you very much! You are very best teacher of the world!
baranchak baranchak (4 years ago)
Thank you very much, Alex. Your videos are very interesting, but can you produce more frequently your videos. Your pronounce is very good.
Rajendra Kadel (5 years ago)
i always see your videos it will refresh my mind 
Sandy Lo (5 years ago)
Can I change example 4 to " I enjoy eating an apple"?
Suhas Patole (5 years ago)
great explaination Alex 
jose rivas (4 years ago)
Marina Omelchenko (5 years ago)
Thank you for the explanation but is it correct to say I'd like to drink SOME water ? Water is uncounable .
Jung Min Haynes (5 years ago)
Thanks for the lesson. It was very helpful.
lilac lover (5 years ago)
Great! Thanks :D
Ghdeer Abdalla (5 years ago)
Thank you very much.
xumar mikayilova (5 years ago)
hello I am from azerbaijan.I want to know 1 thing.can i say I like a sweet?or its wrong?
MollyTheBlackCat (16 days ago)
You say : I like sweets.
Kevin Semones (5 years ago)
new speakers of English? did English all my life and I don't know the answer :P
Ngoc Anh Vi (5 years ago)
thank you very much
Omar Alrawi (5 years ago)
really it is very useful , thank you very much
Binu Chacko (5 years ago)
thank you very much for meaning full class.
Diallo Mamadou Lamine (5 years ago)
thank you so much Molly stone i live evryting waching cours you are a good teacher
Jack Sully (5 years ago)
Sorry sir! I'm still have ambiguity about 'generalization' what you have mentioned me at the above. As I have read about English Grammar (Third Edition) by Betty Schrampfer Azar, it stated me that when we are talking about something is 'generalization', we gonna use zero article. Can you vindicate me about this point? Thnx in advance!
Carlos Tobón (5 years ago)
Thank you!!!
JAN HAVEL (6 years ago)
the second summary should better start with no-use
valdrin kryeziu (6 years ago)
when you spell honest -h sounds like vowel
Marcela Lambdance (6 years ago)
why is '' an honest man" and no ''a honest man"?
MollyTheBlackCat (16 days ago)
It’s an honest mean because you don’t pronounce the H at the start. The word is pronounced as onest .
Marcela Lambdance (6 years ago)
I like this lesson thanks Alex thank you very much for this lesson
G Ram (6 years ago)
lol. you made my day. thanks
Simon András Péter (6 years ago)
So this is what grammar Nazis masturbate to...
Casco (6 years ago)
Perfect. I like to eat apples, but I don't have any apples.. Do you have an apple? I want to drink some water or water. I got it heheeh.
raz tastic (6 years ago)
very useful video. thank you very much
AndyB9 (6 years ago)
So, the "correction" I applied a few months ago to my comments, was actually incorrect. What was I thinking?!
ACADE MIA (6 years ago)
very good
Azzyreen (6 years ago)
Hassan Almansoori (6 years ago)
Thanks It was helpful ! I was always confuse how to use A , AN on the right way . Go ahead teacher :) !
Alexander Abramkin (6 years ago)
thank you, Alex!
Farah Salem (6 years ago)
really thanx Sr.Alex
danimartins88 (6 years ago)
thank u so much Alex, u are a very good teacher... :)
vincent palazzo (6 years ago)
this was so boring :}
Hiba Missy (6 years ago)
thank you sir u r the best <3
yassine b (6 years ago)
thank you alex, now I learnt the difference
TheOlololga (7 years ago)
Thank you, Alex, very much)
Dmitry Zheleznyakov (7 years ago)
And also, "an umbrella" vs "a university" since 'umbrella' starts with sound [u] and 'university' with sound [j].
Iamsure4 (7 years ago)
can you please tell me then when it comes to writting - ice-cream, do we use an or a? Thank you!
Bishnu Rana (7 years ago)
love it. really clear teaching technique .thumps up .
tanks you very much
tektools (7 years ago)
Just a note about: "An apple is red." You'd probably never say that. Practically and generally, nouns preceding general information are pluralized. i.e. "Apples are red" "Sharks have sharp teeth." would be used... So when describing general attributes... go plural!
Ramlis Nababan (7 years ago)
that's is help me much. thanks broo
Islami2011 (7 years ago)
شكرا لكم على المجهودات المقطع رائع تم التقييم
寶 寶 (7 years ago)
I like to learn English.
mark jerald (7 years ago)
i got it simple and verry applicable :)
Ochbileggg (7 years ago)
Aezie1337 :Р (7 years ago)
Alex, thank you soooo much for your lessons
thanks for the class
Tri tran (7 years ago)
I like this lesson, because it help me to use arciles. You taught easy to understand. I thank you so much. I hope you continue to teach for everybody. God bess you.
poklar (7 years ago)
One person has no grammar skills...
MCOTIB (7 years ago)
@azy111 "I like to drink..." or "I like drinking..." would be correct, but seem awkward. "I would like..." indicates a desire."I like drinking water." or "I like to drink water." may be better (drinking the water is sufficient information--a glass is implied). Gerunds--verbs used as nouns--form by adding "to" before the infinitive verb or by changing the verb's ending to "-ing," the present progressive, often following some form of "be," such as "am" or "are." Example: "We are studying English."
Hassaan Waheed (7 years ago)
article44 . com

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